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    Find a nice place to sit or lie down and listen.

    This is for you to take time to explore thoughts and opportunities for finding your purpose.

    Allow yourself to take a break from the news and relax your mind and expand your horizons.

  • If you feel like making a donation for this track or anything that I have helped you with, I am appreciative.
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    Find a nice place to sit or lie down and listen.

    This is for you to take your mind off of worrying about life and the coronavirus Covid-19.
    Allow yourself to take a break from the news and relax your mind.

    Covid-19, the Coronavirus has brought our world into collective uncertainty - which can bring up anxiety.

    You are not alone in this feeling.
    I have created this track for anyone who could use this time to slow things down.
    Repeated listening has benefits of strengthening your response to anxiety.

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  • From Teaching Tolerance:
    "White privilege is—perhaps most notably in this era of uncivil discourse—a concept that has fallen victim to its own connotations. The two-word term packs a double whammy that inspires pushback. 1) The word white creates discomfort among those who are not used to being defined or described by their race. And 2) the word privilege, especially for poor and rural white people, sounds like a word that doesn’t belong to them—like a word that suggests they have never struggled.
    This defensiveness derails the conversation, which means, unfortunately, that defining white privilege must often begin with defining what it’s not. Otherwise, only the choir listens; the people you actually want to reach check out. White privilege is not the suggestion that white people have never struggled. Many white people do not enjoy the privileges that come with relative affluence, such as food security. Many do not experience the privileges that come with access, such as nearby hospitals.
    And white privilege is not the assumption that everything a white person has accomplished is unearned; most white people who have reached a high level of success worked extremely hard to get there. Instead, white privilege should be viewed as a built-in advantage, separate from one’s level of income or effort."
    "Systemic Racism includes the policies and practices entrenched in established institutions, which result in the exclusion or promotion of designated groups. It differs from overt discrimination in that no individual intent is necessary.
    It manifests itself in two ways:
    institutional racism: racial discrimination that derives from individuals carrying out the dictates of others who are prejudiced or of a prejudiced society
    structural racism: inequalities rooted in the system-wide operation of a society that excludes substantial numbers of members of particular groups from significant participation in major social institutions."
    Jess Garland is a Dallas based singer/songwriter, recording and performing artist.

    Jess co-produced the film and composed music for Their Lives Mattered: A Dialogue Honoring Stolen Lives by Dallas law enforcement on September 5th at Texas Theatre, the project funded by the City of Dallas’ Office of Cultural Affairs.
    Jess most recently received a grant from The Nasher Sculpture Center to record her single "Live Again" and create a music video on Fair Park grounds. Jess performed in Austin on July 5th for New Media Art and Sound Summit
sponsored by Church of The Friendly Ghost.
    Jess received a grant from the City of Dallas' Office of Cultural Affairs for her performance "Take Me Oya" in April 2019 for Dallas Arts Month at South Dallas Cultural Center. Jess received a grant for Aurora’s 2018 Future Worlds theme for her performance "Resurrecting Gaia" in October at Kettle Art Gallery.
    Resurrecting Gaia was featured in New York’s Vulture Magazine and also listed as a top pick of events to see by KERA’s Art and Seek and D Magazine.
    Jess opened for The Academy member, Gingger Shankar for Fortress Fest Presents Modern Music Series at The Modern Museum of Ft. Worth. She has composed music for Art Pena’s play, “Nameless/Endless” where she also performed at The Reading Room Gallery.
    Jess is also the harpist with Sunshine Village Band.
Jess is an educator and has a non-profit free music education program, Swan Strings that has been recently featured in Advocate Magazine and D Magazine.

  • There is one person that knows you the best. You.
    What do you do when you health issues and you aren't getting the right answers?
    What do you do when you think there is more to health than where you are?
    Have you ever wondered if you could feel better?

    My guest struggled with chronic illness until she found a solution that worked for her. Not only did she change her physical health, she transformed her mental health and her life.

    Her inspiring story and infectious personality is just the inspiration we all need during this time of Covid-19.

    Amy Cattaneo was boorn and raised in the Bronx, New York, Amy had a typical NYC childhood. After falling in love with accounting in high school, she decided to get her MBA in Accounting. Amy went to work for one of the Big Four accounting firms right after graduating and life was good.

    Until she noticed that she was always getting sick, stressed out of her mind and was just simply miserable, despite having a great life on paper.

    So she decided to change EVERYTHING about what she was doing. She became a raw vegan, started exercising regularly and devoured information on health. Slowly but surely, she started to feel better, her skin cleared up and she noticed she wasn't getting sick anymore.

    This change also led Amy to realize her true passion was helping people. She and her husband eventually went on to own a personal training studio in Allen, TX which they now have owned and operated for 10 years.

    Amy is a certified personal trainer, a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, a certified Robbins Madanes Life Coach, and a certified Essential Oil Coach.

    Today, Amy helps people become happier and healthier through the power of essential oils and runs the Nutrition Department at her training studio.

    Connect with her at

  • Change comes whether you like it or not.
    The question is, are you choosing to change, being forced to change or adapting to change.
    Back in the studio social distance style.
    My guest Sean Beiersdorfer has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2015 and music percussion for over 20...”each moment I get to clash my passions and meditate in music whether listening or playing and keeping focus and attention on one point (time or groove) I find new ways to open my mind as well as ways of reaching others to bypass there own barriers”
    Sean teaches all over Dallas Breathe-Uptown -Dallas Yoga Center, v12, Formerly the refuge and a few others as and school of rock and private lessons for kids.
    Primarily practicing ashtanga Sean travels to New York City (my hometown) to practice and learn from/with many different teachers to help hone his craft.
    We’ll explore his journey and tips and trades for staying calm and growing in this pandemic .
    Find Sean on Instagram @Sean_yogibeiers

  • Thank you for all of your support over the past two years.
    In this time of the social distancing and shutting down due to the Covid 19 pandemic.
    We are in uncertain and changing times.

    The good new -- in uncertainty there is possibility.
    In this episode, I speak of how to view this time of uncertainty and highlight little bits of all my 99 past podcasts.

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  • Right now we are in unprecedented times with the Covid-19 pandemic.
    Uncertainty is everywhere and uncertainty is unsettling.
    However, we are never stuck in one place and this moment right now will not be forever.
    Everyone has a blind spot and many of us are operating under subconscious beliefs that are not helping us.
    My guest is going to give you some tools that you can use right now to change limiting beliefs - so that you can become your best self.
    Caroline Nixon is a modern day life coach who loves to help clients see themselves more clearly with her business, Caroline Nixon International, LLC. She does this work by serving as client's Accountability Guide where she emboldens successful women to achieve their goals by holding them responsible for their action steps. From helping an entrepreneur successfully launch a personal rebrand to assisting a stay at home mom in increasing her paid writing portfolio by 75%, her joy comes from working alongside and motivating my clients to reach their full potential. One of the new and exciting aspects of her coaching business has been creating destination workshops. She will host destination workshops in Dallas and St. Petersburg in the Spring and then off to the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket for summer.

    Adapted from Heather Dominick, A Course in Business Miracles,"

    You can find her

  • We cannot predict what happens to us in life, however we can control how we react to things.
    Sometimes, things happen and it changes the course of our lives forever. Which direction depends on what we are told, the help we get and the ability to choose for ourselves.
    Trauma informed care has a long way to go!
    My guest had her life shaken up in college when #MeToo became her reality.
    As anyone that goes through something so horrific, there are mental health consequences.
    This bright, intelligent and vivacious women soon found herself on a plethora of medications, taking her weight up to 290 pounds. She had tremors and seemed like a shadow of her former self.
    After years of living this way — something within her changed. With the help of a caring trauma informed psychiatrist - and imperfect bravery, her life dramatically changed for the better.
    Mitzi Orkus —- After spending her first professional decade working as an asset manager in the Oil and Gas industry, Mitzi Orkus chose to allow her life’s most challenging experiences to define her purpose.
    She is now a Certified Peer Support Specialist and small business owner who develops grit, resilience and a growth mindset in adolescents. Mitzi’s passion lies in empowering others to have confidence in the tough choices they have to make for themselves.

    Follow Mitzi on Instagram at @imperfectbravery

  • First off, the term jerk is genderless.
    This book should be required reading for all people that are of dating age and reread again after any unsatisfactory relationship.

    The world would be a healthier place indeed.

    I’ve listened to this book and chapters of this book 5 different times on @audible.

    I’ve recommended this book to countless friends that have loved it!

    No one is taught relationship skills. Maybe your parents talked about it. Maybe they didn’t?

    You definitely watched your parents relationship behavior and those around and drew knowledge and behavior from that.

    Not all of us had good examples and bad examples tend to put us in danger for falling in love with jerks.

    On the other side of that coin, if you don’t know what to look for, you can be fooled!

    John Van Epp, therapist, former adjunct professor, author and lecturer, is the President and Founder of LoveThinks, LCC, an organization dedicated to the development of resources that promote healthy individuals and relationships.

    Dr. Van Epp’s evidence-based relationship programs were developed from the combination of his twenty-five years of clinical counseling in his private practice, of his previous position as founding pastor of a nondenominational church, and of his extensive reviews of research in premarital, marital and family relations from teaching graduate marriage and family coursework as an adjunct professor.

    You can reach John at and and buy his book on amazon here

  • Do you feel stuck?
    Is life not going the way you want to?
    Do you think there is more than what you are experiencing now?
    Are you suffering from illness or loss?
    Life isn’t a spectator sport.

    "The twelve stages of healing offers fascinating insights into the complex relationship between mind, emotions, and body, and show how to promote greater health in our bodies, and harmony in our relationships.” — from the book, The 12 Stages of Healing by Donald Epstein and Nathaniel Altman.

    My guest are going to talk about how the 12 stages of healing are a road map of the rhythms of consciousness that we go through in our way toward wholeness and true healing.
    Dr. Amy Gunderson-Lewis
    Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Amy always had a love for nature, life, adventure, and the outdoors. Knowing good health was the gateway for being able to experience all the magic life had to offer, she pursued a career in bodywork directly out of highschool. While working in various Chiropractic offices she was exposed to the philosophy and science of Chiropractic and it gripped her soul as a familiar calling. She then went to Parker University in Dallas, Texas where she obtained her Doctor of Chiropractice degree. While in Chiropractic school, Amy’s adrenals went into exhaustion creating many debilitating symptoms. She tried many different avenues with no success. A friend then told her about a Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractor. She figured she had nothing to lose and gave it a shot. The results were life changing! There was no doubt that this was the reason she was led down the Chiropractic path. After that, Amy went all in to learn this technique so she could pass this gift along. She now serves in Dallas, Texas at Self Ubound and is grateful to get to witness miracle after miracle everyday in the lives of their practice members.

    Dr. Tyler Lewis
    An Arkansas native, Dr. Tyler Lewis graduated from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Inspired by the body’s innate wisdom to heal, Tyler attended Parker University in Dallas, Texas where he graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic in April 2016. At Parker, Tyler refined his attention to studying Consciousness and its effects on an individual’s total well-being. He first engrossed himself in the hardware of the brain, studying Functional Neurology through the Carrick Institute for two and a half years. He then found Network Spinal Analysis, which radically shifted his perceptions of Self, the Human Connection, and the nature of Purpose and Reality. This inspired Tyler to dedicate his life to practicing NSA. Today, Tyler serves the Dallas, Texas community at Self Unbound where he pours his soul into sharing the same revolutionary shift in well-being with everyone he contacts.

  • Change always sounds easy.
    Stop drinking.
    Stop smoking.
    Eat better.
    Go to sleep earlier.
    Leave that bad marriage.

    You get the point. However, ask anyone who has tried any of the above and they will tell you that change is anything but easy.

    Why do some people change and others don’t?
    What brings change?
    The truth is....nothing changes, unless something changes.

    Eric Fry is an entrepreneur and detox specialist who, almost out of necessity, became interested in health and wellness after a career in the liquor industry.

    After getting sober, Eric quickly followed his desire to help others and began studying under world-renown Naturopathic Doctor, Robert Morse. Like Dr. Morse, Fry supports a homeopathic approach to health, and includes fasting, fruitarianism and herbs as key tenants his practice.

    Eric supports yoga, meditation, breath-work, sounds bath; and all other vibrational enhancements.
    Keeping inspired by other souls aiding in the asintion process, Eric has plans of doing his part by opening a donation-based Detoxification center. A private health club and healing center, Donation Detox will double as a tea house and herbal tincture bar by-night. This is because

    Eric trusts the recent literature that suggests addiction is most easily overcome by community. As the Donation Detox motto suggests ‘there’s nothing more intoxicating than a great conversation.’

  • The media shows what it wants to show. It’s directed by many factors. You’ve heard the phrase, “if it bleeds, it leads.”

    This is not by accident. No one would tune in if the world was just fine.

    There is also the element of one sided reporting. Or the quick report — and then no one sees the retraction.

    You’d be white if you thought there was no racism in America.

    A black man is thirteen times more likely to be murdered in this country than a white person. (Washington post)

    21% of black victims were UNARMED compared to 14% of white victims.

    WHERE you live matters - Black people are 6x more likely to be killed by police in Oklahoma than Georgia.

    13 of the 100 largest US city police departments kill black men at higher rates than the US murder rate.

    In Buffalo NY
    Population is 258,959
    50% non white
    Violent crime 12 per 100K
    0 people shot and killed from buffalo police 2013-2016

    Orlando FL
    Population is 255,483
    42% non white
    Violent crime 9 per 100K
    15 people shot and killed by Orlando police in 2013-2016
    My guest grew up in South Louisiana and was there for the Alton Sterling protests.
    She’s hear to tell her truth.
    The truth you might not have seen from the comfort of your home.
    Vianne’ Hall She is a 26 woman born and raised in South Louisiana (Baton Rouge/New Orleans). She is a lover of sports, food, tech, and politics. She has been working in the tech space for about 2 years now. She loves talking to people, hearing their thoughts on different situations, and hearing their life experiences; She feels it helps her grow as a person.

  • You’ve heard the antiquated and misogynistic phrase, “A woman’s place is in the kitchen.”

    Why then are only 19% of chefs women?
    There’s a history that goes back to the 17th century on that. (Link in first comment)

    What about toxic restaurant kitchen environments? Gordon Ramsey anyone?

    Today with all the poisonous chemicals leaching into foods, overuse of antibiotics in livestock, oil and radioactive material in the ocean, etc. It’s even more important to know where your food is coming from.

    Busy schedules and the ease of cheap and bad for you food make it easy to get caught in a trap.

    “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” This famous quote is often attributed to Hippocrates.

    All food is not created equal.

    There is one woman doing things Another Way!

    We’re going to talk about all this and more!

    Franchescha Nor is the owner and creative director at Dive Coastal Cuisine in Dallas.

    Born and raised in Southern California, Franchesca is part Brazilian and Texan – but she's inspired by the world around her. She's lived in Colorado, Lake Tahoe, California, Italy, and Florida.

    Graduating at the top of her class at Johnson & Wales University, Franchesca was then schooled by different culinary masters, including Chef Alan Susser (founder of the Mango Gang in Florida), Chef David Bouley (Evolution), Chef Andrea Curto-Randazzo (winner of Food and Wine Magazine's Best New Chef award), Franchesca plays homage to her training with full, flavorful, and entertaining dishes.

    Dive's menu is heavily influenced by Franchesca's childhood, travels, and culinary education.

    You can also find her newest venture at Artichoke Mama

  • This episode is sponsored by ✨ Salon Pompeo ✨
    THE BEST BLOWOUTS in Dallas! much more.
    All of your hair and beauty needs, plus beautiful affordable clothing, accessories, coffee and more!

    Children are to be seen and not heard.
    Who in the world made this statement up?

    The disservice begins here and only moves forward. Many people struggle with speaking up and asking for what they want, as well as setting boundaries.

    We are going to talk about all this!
    From Laleh:

    Avoiding confrontation. Dreading consequences. Trying not to offend or hurt someone. Naturally shy. Culturally sensitive. Or, just afraid to rock the boat. There are many reasons we may ‘bite our tongue’ and studies show just how often we choose to stay silent when we have something important to say:

    69% of workplace managers resist communicating with their staff.
    72% of employees say they don’t speak up at work when they feel they should.
    74% of people are afraid of public speaking.
    65% of therapists say breakdown in communication is the top cause of divorce.

    My guest has lived an amazing life. Extraordinarily resilient, intelligent and definitely a women who knows how to speak up!

    Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock is a leadership and entrepreneurial coach, professional services consultant, personal wellness mentor, and founder and CEO of global professional services company, Belapemo. Laleh boasts 30 years’ experience in operational excellence, change management and business consulting, and has inspired and empowered thousands of individuals including Fortune 500 executives, government agencies, non-profit organizations, athletes and veterans. A highly respected executive and leadership coach, Laleh has a particular interest in supporting and encouraging the leadership capabilities of women – in business, in the workplace, at home and in the wider community. She is featured alongside luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates, and Ginni Rometty in the 2019 publication, America’s Leading Ladies: Stories of courage, challenge and triumph.

    Follow Laleh here -->
    Find her here -->

  • A great business is a top down venture.

    My client opened her first salon at 24. Her talent, tenacity and hard work have taken her to where she is today — 25 years later.

    I can walk into Salon Pompeo at any time and book a blow out with any stylist — and it’s perfect. Where else can you do that?

    That’s just the tiny tip of greatness that is the hallmark of Deanna.

    You’ll learn how she excels, pushes herself and strives to do better all the time.

    We’ll talk about how she went from dream to reality and what’s coming next for this fierce female.

    You’ll be inspired to be the best you can be.

    You can turn your dreams into reality.

    Don’t miss this exciting episode.
    Be sure to subscribe to ALLWays Another Way Podcast on your podcast app.

    There is a reason clients return again and again to Salon Pompeo, Dallas’ premier full-service salon – creator and founder, Deanna DiPizio-Johnson. Her artistic vision, a shrewd business sense, and a unique idea for honest client relations, is what drove the Buffalo, NY native to open her first salon location on Dallas’ McKinney Avenue in 1995. At the age of 21, Deanna moved to New York City for advanced training at the world renowned Jingles Institute. It was there that she began to form her vision for what she felt would be the ideal salon experience.

    After kissing the Big Apple goodbye, Deanna moved to Dallas to begin her career. She started working for someone else but quickly realized that was not for her. So at the age of 24, with nothing more than sheer resolve, confidence, and a personal guarantee that convinced everyone she was going to make it, Deanna opened her first location. But what to name it? Deanna’s grandfather was always someone she looked up to for his courage and hard work. So she paid him homage by naming her salon after him, Pompeo DiPizio.

    The success of Salon Pompeo can be attributed to Deanna’s eye for talent and her knack for instructing new stylists. Assistants who have trained under her have gone on to have their own successful careers.

    They credit her ‘tough as nails’ approach as something that drives them to be the best. DiPizio-Johnson is well known for her charity involvement.

    One of the events closest to her heart is the annual Children’s Cancer Fashion Show. She says, “My staff and I truly believe this is one of the greatest events we are involved in each year. I’ve always believed in ‘paying it forward,’ and I’m proud that I can mentor my staff to share in this belief.”

    Along with being a successful businesswoman, DiPizio-Johnson shares her busy life with her husband Jarrod and their two young children. In fact, no business endeavor has challenged or rewarded her like being a mom. She says, “Becoming a mother has been the single most amazing thing I’ve ever done.”

  • You’ve heard the saying, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

    Bianca is making things happen. Her story will inspire you to reach for the stars!

    Bianca Rochell is an Oklahoma native who began her yoga journey at a point in her life where she simply wanted to get back to being her.

    With the challenge of being the heaviest she's ever weighed at 237 lbs., she made the decision to choose 3 different workout programs: Boxing, Orange Theory Fitness, and Yoga.

    With an immediate love and connection to yoga, she immediately researched yoga certifications and made a plan to become an instructor.

    She is a 200-HR RYT, is Yoga Sculpt certified, and has been teaching since December 2017. Now having lost over 80 lbs, she has found joy in sharing her journey with others.

  • Do not listen to this recording while driving.
    If you are human, you have probably experienced pain...both physical and emotional.

    This track is designed to help you connect with your pain in a different way and begin to find relief.

    More tracks at ANother Way Hypnosis on YouTube. Custom recordings can be ordered here

  • Sadly, it seems that everywhere you turn in the news, there’s somebody scamming somebody, stealing or misappropriating something.

    As a woman, statistically, you’re more likely to be killed by your domestic partner than anyone else. 

    Up until my 20’s, if you would’ve asked me how many really good men I knew, it would be under five. 

    What you don’t see and what the world needs to see more of, is people like TJ Frank.

    TJ is not only a game changer and savvy entrepreneur, he’s a truly great man!!
    A guy with values and integrity and a wonderful family man! 

    You can be successful and do it right!

    I can’t wait to talk to TJ today! 

    “TJ Frank was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He was class of ‘93 at The Lamplighter School and graduated from Southern Methodist University. After college, he was involved in music production and land development, but always had a passion for the service industry. In 2007, TJ and a lifelong friend opened Southpaws Grill, a healthy fast-casual eatery.

    TJ decided to get into real estate in 2017 because he wanted to create opportunities that were beyond his current endeavors. Architecture has always been a huge interest of his, and the potential creative use of spaces has recently become a passion. Moreover, having a natural love for interacting and helping others, real estate made perfect sense for his next career choice.

    A quote he lives by is “never let good enough be good enough.” There is always room for improvement and growth. In his mind, there isn’t anything more valuable in business than giving memorable and consistent service. Life is a process and business is no different.

    Life away from work is spent with his beautiful wife and two amazing kids. If he gets any spare time you can find him on the golf course, on the lake, or Southern California relaxing.”

    Find TJ here -

  • ✨ALLWays Another Way Podcast✨
    ✨Ep: 88 - Vanity, Cancer and Purpose with Lisa Applewhite Kimbell✨
    ✨Dec 5 at 1pCST✨

    What do you do when your beauty is a moneymaker and it's taken away?
    What do you do when you are faced with addiction?
    What do you do when you are faced with cancer?
    What do you do when you are faced with infertility?
    What do you do when you are faced with bullying?

    My guest has overcome all of these obstacles and her story of triumph over obstacles and her spirit of joy will inspire you.

    My guest is Lisa Applewhite Kimbell
    Her aspirations as a young child were to be a model like her mother. Her mother was a beautiful, tall, 5’10 long legged red head siren. She was mistaken for Ava Gardner on many occasions. Lisa was only standing at 5 ft 7inches and had trouble getting runway work, so she did show room modeling mostly and did some print-work modeling for featured in various magazines.

    She had always had a small beauty mark on her right cheek a couple of inches below her eye. She used to hate it until her mother pointed out that Marilyn Monroe had a beauty mark…as did Elizabeth Taylor. So she wore it proudly after that. As she grew older she felt like her modeling days were over and no roles were really coming in…and if they did…she thought she wasn’t right for the role. So, she became an esthetician….what better way to nurture and pamper people than to give them facials, enhance their skin and beauty and give makeovers.

    Her story unfolds as she set out on the most self destructive journey of her life. Drugs, alcohol fueled rages and an arrest for possession landed her in treatment. She is now the owner of the Lisa Kimbell agency and her amazing story of triumph through trouble will inspire you.
    Here is the Go Fund Me she mentioned

  • There are hundreds of diets, exercise programs, gimmicks, tricks and traps to the “well balanced life.”

    Eat this. Don’t eat that.
    Do this. Don’t do that.
    Too much. Too little.

    Wait. Everyone is different.

    What do you do?

    How do you know which path is right?

    My guest discovered the way to finding balance and is changing lives!

    Don’t miss this exciting episode and learn how you can be the best you can be!

    About Alix:
    My “work” is getting to lead people in living better and feeling their best, and better yet, I teach people how to sustain the new lifestyles they find through this process! I get people off the diet rollercoaster and truly teach them how to LIVE—how to establish lifelong habits, practice moderation, and find true health within their balance, boundaries, and reality.

    I am passionate about what I do! Thanks to a battle with anorexia, I started gaining experience in nutrition at an early age. Through that, I developed an absolute passion for sharing my story and educating others about the truths of food and the body, not what society or diet-culture tells us. Not one body is the same, so how can we treat each person the same and expect the same results?

    My passion is to educate and pour my heart into each and every person who calls on me for help. Society screams extremes! My goal as a nutritionist is for anyone I have the privilege of working with to be a healthier, more balanced individual who is where they want to be, inside and out!