• Dive into the realms of intuitive magic with Melissa Blynn on Awakening the Feminine. In this enlightening episode, we're joined by Hannah Christensen, a Soul Medicine Woman, Certified Astrologer, and Hypnosis Therapist.

    Hannah opens up about her personal path to discovering her inner witch, shedding light on how this spiritual awakening has transformed her life. From understanding the true essence of a witch beyond societal norms to real-life experiences of channelling cosmic energies, this conversation promises to be a profound exploration of feminine power and intuitive magic. Highlights:- Debunking myths surrounding the concept of a witch.- Hannah's transformative journey to unearthing her inner magic.- The significance and impact of the "witch wound" in our modern times.- Practical insights for those seeking to embark on their own spiritual awakening.If this dialogue resonates with you, do hit the thumbs up, share your insights in the comments, and make sure to subscribe for more soul-stirring discussions!Hashtags:#HannahChristensen, #AwakeningFeminine, #InnerWitchJourney, #SoulMedicine, #IntuitiveMagic, #FemininePower, #CosmicConnections, #ModernWitch, #SpiritualAwakening, #AstrologyInsights, #HypnosisTherapy, #WitchWoundHealing, #MelissaBlynnPodcast, #ReclaimYourMagicConnect with me:Website: https://www.epicluv.comMelissa Blynn: to be a guest?

  • In this empowering episode of Awakening the Feminine, join us as Melissa Blynn talks with renowned money coach Lisa Chastain. As a woman who has empowered many to retake control of their financial lives, Lisa shares her wisdom on breaking financial boundaries and retuning our relationship with money. The conversation sheds light on Lisa's acclaimed book 'Girl, Get Your $h*t Together' and explores how it has aided many in reshaping their financial landscape.In this engaging chat, we discuss the power of financial awareness, from Melissa's personal journey overcoming debt to Lisa's decision to transition from a financial advisor to a money coach. Discover Lisa's unique insights into why women often hit a 'glass ceiling' in their financial lives, and how a change in mindset can lead to breaking through this self-imposed barrier. Whether you're navigating personal or professional financial challenges, this conversation is a must-watch. Don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe to our channel for more insightful discussions. Let's awaken the feminine power together and become the architects of our financial future!Lisa ChastainWebsite: https://lisachastain.comHashtags: #MoneyCoach, #LisaChastain, #FinancialEmpowermentConnect with meWebsite: https://www.epicluv.comMelissa Blynn: to be a guest?

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  • In this episode of Awakening the Feminine, we dive deep into the world of unconventional and untraditional ways of awakening the feminine energy. Our special guest is Maria Camila, a modern-day Medicine Woman and student of the divine feminine. Get ready to open your hearts and minds to new possibilities of healing and embracing ancient wisdom.In this thought-provoking discussion, Melissa Blynn and Maria Camila explore various topics, including The Red Tent, a space where women traditionally gathered to connect with their cycles and share their stories. They also delve into the intriguing concept of a Triad marriage in Peru, highlighting the significance of alternative relationship structures.Maria shares her personal journey of awakening, starting with her divorce and the realization that she had been living in her masculine energy. Through transformative experiences like Ayahuasca ceremonies and travels, she discovered the power of reconnecting with her feminine essence, finding healing, and embracing her purpose.Join us as we celebrate the strength and resilience of the feminine spirit and explore the profound impact it can have on personal growth and collective transformation. Discover how to tap into your own feminine energy and navigate the path of self-discovery and empowerment.Don't miss this empowering episode filled with wisdom, insights, and inspiration. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more enlightening conversations. Let's create a ripple effect of awakening and support our sisters on their unique journeys.#AwakeningTheFeminine #RedTentWisdom #AlternativeRelationships #DivineFeminine #HealingJourney #AyahuascaCeremony #Empowerment #SelfDiscovery #CollectiveTransformationConnect with meWebsite: https://www.epicluv.comMelissa Blynn: to be a guest?

  • Welcome to the Awakening Feminine Podcast, the space where we delve into unconventional paths towards personal development and empowerment. In this episode, we feature the remarkable Adrienne Jeznick, co-founder of Morozko Forge and architect of the Morozko Method.

    Join us on a journey as we probe into the sphere of embracing unconventional and uncomfortable practices for personal transformation.

    Adrienne narrates her personal triumph over three supposedly incurable autoimmune disorders, and how she found her cure through the practice of Cold Exposure Therapy. Uncover the life-altering force of the Morozko Method and understand how welcoming discomfort through practices such as ice baths can pave the way to significant transformation. Don't let go of the chance to be a part of this empowering discourse!

    #ColdExposureTherapy #AutoimmuneHealing #UnconventionalLiving #morozkoforge #EmbracingDiscomfort #PersonalGrowth #Transformation #EmpowermentWebsite: Melissa Blynn:—------------------------------------------If you like to be a guest on the Awakening the Feminine Podcast, send your information to:—-----------------------------------Follow Morozko Forge: Instagram: Website: Subscribe to Awakening the Feminine Podcast: Podcast:—-----------------------------------------Upcoming Offers by EpicLuvEpic Self Care Challenge:

  • Join Melissa Blynn, host of Awakening the Feminine podcast, as she interviews Brittany Boersma, founder of BZen Wellness, about her transformative health journey.From vocal cord nodules to heartburn, Brittany shares how she healed herself by making small changes to her lifestyle, focusing on gut health, and implementing self-care practices like yoga.Learn how Brittany's journey led her to start BZen Wellness, a company dedicated to helping leaders transform through coaching, retreats, and energy medicine. Don't miss this inspiring conversation about the power of coming back to self and awakening the feminine within. EpicLuv is a wellness company founded by Melissa Blynn, which focuses on cultivating self-love, freedom, and purpose around mental, physical, and emotional well-being.EpicLuv offers services such as signature programs, somatic therapy, mindset transformation, and body support, customized and confidential to individual needs.

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