• In this episode, hear from Peter Birch - CEO & Founder of Talking HealthTech who work behind the scenes to power the Medicubes podcast.  

    Learn about Pete’s background in healthcare management including his first job phoning GP clinics chasing up medical reports for life insurance applicants, his own experience running GP clinics across the country including the technical and people challenges he faced and how he overcame them, as well as the power of podcasting and what’s next for Talking HealthTech.

  • Stacy Kambouris General Manager, Education and Innovation and QIP Consulting LinkedIn Profile 

    Accreditation tips: 

    Relax! This is not a pass/fail process.  Take your time - start preparing early (recommend 8 months from due date to start regularly working on accreditation preparation)Use a team-based approach and share the workloadUse the resources available to you via your accreditation providerEnsure the team understands their role & responsibilitiesTailor templates to practice-specific processes. Avoid [insert your details here] text in your Policy & Procedure ManualBuild a strong practice ‘quality’ culture - create buy-in to the process at all levels of the practiceImplement a Review/Audit/Train cycle. Accreditation is an opportunity to identify improvements, even where no ‘non-compliances’ exist. Surveyors are not ‘looking’ for non-compliances! Use the survey visit as a learning opportunity. Understand the notion of ‘meeting the intent of the Standards’ to provide flexibility in how evidence is provided. For example - staff meeting notes or minutes structure

    Why do practices undertake accreditation? To ensure patient safety & quality care measures are embedded in everyday actions and activities. It is a pathway to high performance primary care. It also provides funding access Practice Incentives Payment Program PIP, Workforce Incentives Payment Program WIP, and participation as teaching practices 

    RACGP 5th edition standards 

    The Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare Advisory kit GP18/04 notification of sig risk. 1. Pt identification 2. Reusable instruments (inv proc) 3. Medicines storage 4. Management of temperature sensitive medicines 5. Follow up of significant tests.

    NSQHS Standards Primary & Community Health Care Services

    RACGP Accreditation Resources

    For experienced practices - consider looking at other Standards for elevating performance such as the NSQHS Primary Health Care Standards.

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  • Today’s podcast is brought to you from the Medicubes team, a panel discussion on tackling the primary care workforce challenges, optimising team based care and ensuring financial viability. We discuss the right person to provide the right role, scopes of practice and diversification of roles to enhance streamlined care and improve our patient experiences and outcomes.


    Episode Details

    Nurse Led Clinics APNA clinic budget toolAPNA Nurse led clinicsCase conferencing Allied Health MBS itemsWomen wellness cervical screening servicee-Learning Medical Business services - Nurse Led Clinics - Use coupon code aapm for 15% discount until 15 October 2022Exercise is Medicine group example - Springs MedicalExercise is Medicine group example - MullumbimbyHuddles in Primary CareMBS item 10997Quality Improvement frameworkTeen Clinics


    Questions from the Audience

    Jenny from SA asks :- How do we set up a wound care clinic in our practice?David from NT asks:- How do we set up a Satellite site, putting a team or a clinic offsite due to infrastructure limitations?
  • Today’s podcast is bought to you from Mount Beauty Medical Centre/Falls Creek Medical Centre with Practice Manager Pat Ryder and Rural GP Laura Zagorski.

    Pat obtained her Certificate of Health Economics, Monash University in 1998 followed by her Diploma in Practice Management, University of New England in 2002. Pat gained her Fellowship of the Australian Association of Practice Managers in 2014.

    Pat commenced work at the Mount Beauty Medical Centre in 1986

    Pat has expertly guided the accreditation of both practices with General Practice Accreditation. She has also completed Management, University of New England in 2002. Pat gained her Fellowship of the Australian Association of Practice Managers in 2014.

    Pat commenced work at the Mount Beauty Medical Centre in 1986

    Pat has expertly guided the accreditation of both practices with General Practice Accreditation. She has also completed accreditation of both practices with the HDAA as Radiology Service Providers.

    Laura is a GP with 11 years experience working in Falls Creek and Mount Beauty. She completed MBBS at UWA in Perth, graduating in 2007. She received her fellowship of the RACGP in 2013 and has completed various other postgraduate studies.

    She enjoys all aspects of rural GP particularly women’s health, mental health, lifestyle medicine and attending to sports injuries. She spends a large portion of each winter working at Falls Creek Medical Centre where she combines her interest in managing snowsports trauma with her love of downhill skiing.

    Episode Details:

    ●     An overview of the Falls Creek Medical Centre, location & services & relationship to MBMC

    ●     A typical day in snow season look like

    ●     Specialist equipment do you us and  training do GPs and staff require

    ●     Similarities & differences to traditional GP services (relationship to hospital services)

    ●     Billing structure (& notion of 'unique' service development)

    ●     Attracting staff to work in quite remote locations.

    ●     The best/most challenging aspect of this work?

    Key Messages:

    Diversity in practice keeps doctors ‘interested’

    General practice training can take you anywhere you want it to. 

  • George Sotiris has almost 15 years of health industry experience as a Workplace Relations Specialist helping thousands of private practices in Australia. As the Director of Health Industry Employment Services (HIES), he is passionate about working closely with medical practices, allied health practices and dentists across Australia to reduce employment risk.

    We discuss:

    Some of the HR trends you have seen in the past few years? (Stress, Burnout & Bullying claims, increase in difficult patients and pay/wage disputes)Fair Work is talking a lot about salaried arrangements and the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT)Practical tips that will assist practices with managing Award compliance and staff pays and tools that may help?Recruitment and retention - What are the hot tips?


    We answer Audience Questions:

    Barb from Western Queensland had a HR Question - “Do you see anything different in HR between city practices and regional and remote practices - both from a legal and payroll sense but also practice culture” 

    Jamie from Sydney asked “Where do I go to find out what I need to do and how to stay up to date with everything HR?”


    Free Staff Review Template

    Better Off Overall Test (BOOT)

  • This episode was recorded life at the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine conference in Cairns on the 30th July 2022. 

    The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) is an interdisciplinary society working towards improved prevention, management, and treatment of chronic, complex and lifestyle-related conditions.  ‘Lifestyle-related’ includes environmental, societal, behavioural and other factors. ASLM members include GPs and medical specialists, allied health practitioners, public health physicians, educators, scientists, researchers and healthcare executives.

    Hear Chris, Riwka and Kim reflect on all things advocacy, policy and prevention in primary care.


    1.    Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

    2.    RACGP Healthy Habits App

    3.    10997

    4.    10987

    5.    Behaviour change training Wellcoaches and research

    6.    APNA

    7.    Healthily

    8.    Weight & Lifestyle management – Murrumbidgee PHN program

    9.    CDM in Covid times

    10. Workforce

    11. Shared medical appointments & yarn ups

    12. Aboriginal round table discussions | Waminda

    13. Optimising workforce

    14. MBS for shared medical appointments (Normal consultation items apply with existing item descriptors and requirements)

    15. Case conferencing

    16. Learn more about Case Conferencing – eLearning module

    17. Heart health check (HHC) item 699

    18. Heart foundation Heart Health Check Toolkit

    19. Team roles

    20. QCI & accreditation overlap with prevention activities

    21. Attendances & Heart Health Check

    22. Measuring outcomes for policy change

    23. PDSAs (Plan-Do-Study-Act)

    24. PREMS,

  • Medicubes is a monthly podcast presented by:Chris SmeedRiwka HagenKim Poyner
    With their combined extensive experience in primary care, the team behind Medicubes aim to bring detailed content to the community. In today’s episode, we will connect you into our origin story. How we met, passions, debrief ad connections. What cultivated these host relationships with each other. We will also respond to two listener questions that they are grappling with at the moment. Mary from Sydney - What does MBS indexation mean to me and what do I need to do?Recap of essentially no indexation. Ie - fees are not keeping up with CPI increases 20 year history, reducing practice viability etc.Many practices - private billingStart with your practice’s intention - how are you trackingSoftware updatesUnderstand what this means for YOUR practice & plan accordingly
    John from Perth - Why are practices moving to private/mixed billing? Any tips on how to manage this transition.How will you manage still low Medicare rebates if not moving to private billingBenchmarksReality pill of a businessMarketing to your clients - managing the transition
    Key takeaways:With their combined extensive experience in primary care, the team behind Medicubes aim to bring detailed content to the community.The aim of the podcast is to provide robust panel discussion with industry experts. Engaging and empowering the audience to bring about paradigm change in the Australian healthcare landscape.The reach of the podcast will be amplified via the hosts of Medicubes. Through Cubiko’s diverse customer base, through the Facebook ‘Practice Managers Network’ and connections with PHNs across Australia.Listen to other episodes of Medicubes on: Apple: : This show is produced in collaboration with Talking HealthTech. Visit for more information.

  • The Medicubes team bring you a monthly panel conversation of exciting and challenging topics in primary health care, answering listener questions and invited guests to the discussions.


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