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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Martin Malone, AKA The Teachers’ PT, is here with a brand new podcast for every teacher around the country (and world).

    We are going to tackle the biggest problems in teaching while having a laugh along the way.

    So hit that subscribe button and put on an episode the next time you’re setting up your classroom or driving home from school. I can promise you won’t regret it.

  • Riotous chat from a couple of middle-aged matrons who swear too much & have no fucks left to give. They’ll be banging on about body parts, sharing entirely inappropriate anecdotes, and exploring all that life has thrown at them. Breasts, dating, periods, exercise, housework, cooking, being fat, getting naked and everything in between. Brace yourselves, listeners…

  • You're Never The Only One is a new weekly show hosted by Cat Sims. It's a cross between a coffee with your mate, a fairly average stand up comedy show and the drunken conversation with a stranger in the loo.

  • The UCL Institute for Global Health Symposium, ‘Global Health Governance: Who is accountable to whom?’, took place on 13 May 2008.

    The symposium explored some of the questions of governance underlying the global health agenda, including:
    * what is governance and how does it differ from government?
    * should democracy be an important component of any global governance structure, and if so what sort of democracy is desirable or plausible?
    * do major philanthropists create a democratic deficit within the global governance of health, given that they provide a large proportion of the global health budget?

    The symposium took the form of a brief presentation by Professor Richard Bellamy (UCL Political Sciences), setting out some key questions, arguments and themes, followed by a brief presentation by Mike Rowson (UCL Institute of Child Health), summarising what the global-governance arrangements are within health. Panel members discussing the broader implications of global health governance issues were Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws) and Professor David Napier (UCL Anthropology).

  • A medical humanities podcast for bibliophile health care professionals where we explore themes from fiction, memoir and other non traditional non-textbooks which help to make us better at what we do. Hosted by Dr Tara George, a GP and medical educator in each episode a different guest explores a book that has changed their practice. Follow us on Twitter @bedsidepodcast or instagram @bedsidereadingpodcast. If you'd like to recommend a book or to come on the podcast as a guest please email: [email protected] Episodes hosted by Tara George, edited by Lewi Gee

  • Welcome to 'It's Your Hormones!' - the podcast where each week we delve deep into how hormones affect every area of your life. I'm Dr Sohere Roked, a GP and hormone expert, and each week I'll be interviewing a friend or patient about how hormones have affected their lives, and most importantly, what you can do about it!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • The Fellowship Of The Range is comprised of three expert coaches in the art of range of motion, Jeffery Wolf aka The Flexibull, Lukas Aaron aka The Limberjack and Emmet Louis aka The Splits Wizard. They seek to provide contextual analysis and application of current trends in the Fitness Industry regarding all aspects of flexibility development.

  • Penn Medicine Physician Interviews podcast highlights conversations with Penn physicians as they share recent advances in the field of medicine, clinical research updates, new medical technology and best practices in patient care.

  • Shelf Healing is UCL's bibliotherapy and wellbeing podcast. Interviews with authors, editors, academics, and more discussing the therapeutic effect of books and reading as well as Work & Life discussions focusing on workplace wellbeing and wellbeing issues encountered in daily life @Shelf_Healing on twitter

  • Welcome to the WellMedic AKT podcast. I am your host Dr Sham Mahmood. Join me in this podcast series as we go through a number of MRCGP AKT scenarios that will focus on the application of your knowledge.

    Our AKT podcast has been a massive success amongst GP trainees in the U.K. and as far as Australia! Our AKT podcast has had over 13,000 listeners in its very first year!

    After working closely with 2,000 GP trainees I have found that trainees focus very heavily on consuming content that is topic-based. It would be a real waste of my time and yours if I was to talk you through each guideline.

    My aim is to talk you through a more complex scenario within each AKT podcast episode, where you will have to look at the application of your knowledge, but also some of the finer details covered within the guidelines. Which is the best way to revise for your MRCGP AKT.

    This AKT podcast is hosted by, WellMedic is a platform that supports future and newly qualified GPs. As a founder of WellMedic, I have supported GPs in pursuit of the MRCGP.

    If you'd like me to cover a specific condition or symptom taken from the RCGP curriculum guide, please get in touch via our contact form. I will endeavour to create content that is specific to your needs as a GP trainee taking the MRCGP AKT.

  • This podcast is for women who are stepping into a whole new and exciting chapter! Midlife years! Midlife years are about much more than empty nests and menopause! Lindsay de Swart shares guest interview insights on health, awakening, relationships, money, family and happiness, mixed with healing and shamanic life coaching wisdom. Be inspired by other women just like you, to help you get your spark back after years of focussing on your family and career! Lindsay debunks the myth that midlife is a crisis and instead sheds light on why this amazing time in life is such a gift. It really is magical. Download your FREE gift at Join the Magical Midlife community FB Group at Find out more at

  • The podcast that helps you avoid some of the ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ’ฉ the fitness industry flings your way.

  • Are you a doctor mum who feels tired, fed up and unhappy with your body? Do you have a desire to start feeling strong, confident and energetic so you can be active with your children, dress in the clothes you want to wear and lead a healthy lifestyle?

    Look no further - this is the podcast for you!

    Each week, I will be bringing you episodes packed full of advice, resources and tools to help you overcome the barriers stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals.

    Through this podcast you will learn:

    - How to rewire your thinking patterns to make better choices around food to enable you to see the permanent weight loss you are seeking.

    - How to put yourself back in the drivers seat so you can have time, energy and mental clarity to start looking after yourself.

    - Techniques to support you to manage your stress and overwhelm which will in turn help stop overeating.

    - How to start enjoying life right here, right now!

    Dr Aishah Iqbal is a paediatric doctor, personal trainer and weight loss coach. Alongside her medical training, Aishah has been coaching and training women through a weight loss journey for over 5 years. This podcast brings together her wealth of knowledge and experience from both the fitness and medical field to give easy to follow guidance to attain your weight loss goals.

    Learn more about Aishah's work:

  • Space of mind is a place for candid conversations and reflection in a world full of distraction. By attaching a face to issues faced by millions of people around the world, it seeks clarity on how to become a better version of ourselves, digging deeper into what it is that breaks us, makes us, keeps us motivated and able to follow through on all our promises we make to ourselves, one personal story at a time.

  • Exploring some of the lesser-known (and occasionally bonkers) methods of self-care, self-love and ways to make you feel good. Gwen and Kate talk to people about what's right up their street, then try it out themselves to see if it works. Released fortnightly. Contains bad language and inappropriate laughter. Editor - Andy Turvey. Music - Andrew Grimes. Artwork - Erica Frances George. Support Right Up My Podcast here: Find us on Instagram and Twitter @rightupmy

  • Past, Present and Future is a series of Podcasts for the EMDR UK Association where Dr. Russell Hurn, Counselling Psychologist interviews some of the most influential figures in the EMDR International Community. The programme looks at their journey into EMDR, what they are currently doing and what they hope to be doing in the future and their hopes for the development of EMDR.

  • Hey fella! The Over 40 Freakin Awesome podcast helps fed-up, out-of-shape men over 40 just like you - Fathers, Husbands, Guys with demanding jobs - to get a body you're proud of, EVEN IF you feel it's 'too late'. I talk about Mens Fitness After 40, Mens Healthy Habits, Men's Fat Loss, Strength & Muscle Building and Boosting Testosterone. Check out for the FREE DadBod Overhaul Workout Program - to help you get in shape without turning life upside down. Email me at [email protected] or DM me on Twitter @OFFAcoach - if you'd like to be a Beta Tester for my 1:1 Online Coaching Program or if you've any questions or ideas for podcast episodes!

  • The podcast that brings you fitness information with real-life application to help you reach your goals and learn at the same time!Join me as I talk all things health and fitness, from muscle building to fat loss to mindset, making the process both simple and enjoyable.

  • Are you intrigued by the array of alternative therapies, spiritual practices and holistic wellbeing approaches out there, but baffled by quite what they are and if they actually work?! In this podcast, yoga teacher Becky Taylor chats to leading experts and thought leaders about things often considered ‘a bit woo woo’ to get some clarity on the what, how, and why of spiritual, holistic, and alternative therapies. Connect with Becky @soundsabitwoowootome /

  • The Quiet Living Room is hosted by Quiet Social Club, bringing you impulses and ideas for more wellbeing in a digital world. Join us for a series of conversations, meditations, readings, and interviews on topics like Mindfulness, Digital Wellbeing, Neuroscience, and Psychology among many more.