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  • 歡迎來到 Sex Chat 談性說愛,我是揚。
    這是一個平凡女子為了找個好藉口學習性知識同時探索自我而開的 podcast 節目。


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  • Flow with Me Yoga is a podcast for passionate yogis looking to roll out their mats and get right to it. No long intros, disclaimers, or ads, just a guided Vinyasa yoga flow recorded specifically for listening and flowing along. The podcast offers three types of classes – Classic Flow, Gentle Flow, and Power Flow. Gentle Flow offers a slower pace and longer holds. This is not a euphemism for a watered down asana practice. Gentle flow is a legit flow class. Classic Flow offers a mid-line of intensity and pace. Get ready for chaturanga pushups along with power elements in standing postures. Power Flow kicks the levels of intensity up a notch with core work in high planks, holds at bottoms on chaturanga pushups, and standing series that build on one another. Your legs will feel it the next day. So will your arms and core. Is getting stronger not what you came here for? Come flow with me! For more information, visit
    This podcast is intended for experienced yogis. Please listen to your body and go at your own pace. For your safety, make sure you are healthy enough to practice yoga. By listening to this podcast, you are accepting full responsibility for your practice.

  • Sexual Addiction requires that you know the tools to seek and manage recovery. Learn the strategies to restore your life.

  • A podcast that delivers modern day methods of strength and mobility training.

  • Why and how do I practice NoFap and semen retention? Listen and get the best version of yourself by this sublime method.

    Om Namo Nitai Chandraya

  • A daily show focused on helping you live a fit, nutritious, activist lifestyle. We focus on achieving this through technology, psychology and philosophy while also making the episodes funny and entertaining. Join host Ben Garves every day for a helpful episode that runs five minutes or less.

  • Tune in to deepen your understanding of wellness, coffee, and life! Join our host Jordan River as he sits down with some of the world’s leading experts on natural health and wellness and delves deep into the most cutting edge and high leverage health strategies out there, as well as the hard science behind them- including our favorite strategy: drinking more healthy coffee!

    You’ll hear from world class experts and specialists like Harvard Medical doctors, detoxification specialists, and microbiome experts as they dive deep into subjects like increasing longevity, preventing cancer and disease, detoxification, antioxidants, and a whole host of other hot button wellness topics!

    And of course there will be lots and lots of coffee talk, as we continue to expose the truth about the most antioxidant rich, heavily studied super-food product on the planet! The Coffee Health and Science Podcast serves as one of the world's most cutting edge resources when it comes to information on coffee and health. So brew yourself up a cup, sit down, tune in, and enjoy!

  • The CRUSH Method is all about empowering coaches to build powerful and professional coaching practices so that they can have the impact on clients that coaches often start out wanting to have, but get stuck on the entrepreneurial journey. Join Amanda Kaufman, the creator of The CRUSH Method and Chris Lavelle each week as they share with you inspirations, strategies, and tactics to take your coaching business full-pro!

  • Are you looking at taking your training career to the next level? NASM master instructors Wendy Batts and Marty Miller each week explore and engage in a variety of topics, training techniques and tidbits for fitness professionals and enthusiasts.

  • Want to know more about how to apply and administer natural medicine in your clinic? Or you simply interested in finding out more from the world's top practitioners about how to get better and feel better? Join Naturopath & Director of Education Philip Watkins and INL Founder & Naturopath Graeme Bradshaw as they discuss foundational and innovative approaches to treatment with the help from some of the leading Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners from around the world.

  • Join Lisa Benitz, Space Whisperer™ and Founder of Creating Conscious Spaces™ on her weekly Radio show as she discusses everything from the perspective of how our spaces, affect our bodies, relationships, money, business, and so much more! What are the infinite possibilities with Infinite Energies?! Lisa Benitz

  • Interested is a result of Dona Eder's curiosity to explore our collective wisdom of wellness, and that goes from physical to cognitive to emotional health to spirituality. The aim of this podcast is to bring nourishing conversations to help you live a higher quality, more fulfilling life.

  • As millennials, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with technology and constant information that we overlooked the more valuable things in life. Here we take on a self-discovery journey and explore how we can be our better selves.New podcast weblog

  • Hey beautiful listeners!! What do we do while on the potty? We think, we dump, we flush our waste, sit with me on THIS poddy and hear me dump my thoughts and flush my wasteful thoughts and feelings away. I talk about life experiences, mental health, and relationships, all with a pinch of comedic spice. M, W, & F @ idk...whenever.

  • The ultimate motivator for you!Motivation for your Workout, Gym, Life & Raising your standards and performance level. Support this podcast:

  • Chart your Career is a podcast from Heidi Rose Robbins and Ellen Fondiler.

    Each podcast episode explores a question from two listeners as they try to navigate their dilemmas about career choices and life purpose. Heidi works deeply with the language and guidance of astrology while Ellen offers inspiring, actionable, practical next career steps. They help listeners reimagine how to best design your life and call in renewal, reinvention and a new chapter.

  • What is real health?How can I start a healthy lifestyle?How many times a week should I workout?How do I deal with days I don’t want to workout at all?How can I stay motivated to keep going on my weight loss journey?And most importantly … how can I learn to love the skin I’m in?Welcome to Sweat & Yoga’s Love the Skin You’re In Podcast where we answer ALL of these questions and so much more! Every Sunday, your host Suncana Sonnenburg, aka your realistic health and fitness bestie, brings you the real real and often times unconventional health and fitness tips to help you hit your goals ✌️. Support this podcast:

  • "Save the Date," a dating survival kit from Coffee Meets Bagel.

    Join Dawoon Kang, our host and chief dating officer, as she sits down with guest experts to explore what it takes to go on great dates and ultimately find a serious relationship.

  • Two medical doctors with a holistic approach to healing get together and talk about all things to do with wellness, health, nutrition, lifestyle, disease prevention, functional medicine and alternative therapies.

  • Welcome to the Blog Talk Edition of NEWS FOR THE SOUL: Life Changing Talk Radio from the Uplifting to the Unexplained Since 1997 ..... ....

    ABOUT NICOLE MARIE WHITNEY, NEWS FOR THE SOUL FOUNDER, PRODUCER & HEAD HOSTESS – Nicole Marie Whitney is the only Spirit Driven Broadcaster who uses her own innovation at overcoming adversity to inspire, motivate, educate and connect people in all walks of life around the world who want to step into their full power, purpose and potential in a world inundated with negativity, limitation, overwhelm, anxiety and fear in the mainstream news. Hear amazing speakers over the past two decades include T Harv Eker, David Icke, Uri Geller, Stuart Wilde, David Morehouse, Dannion Brinkley, Deepak Chopra, Dan Millman, JZ Knight, Gregg Braden, Jo Dunning, Kerrie O'Connor, Brad Yates, Joe Vitale, Mark Victor Hansen and many, many more... In the beginning.. Nicole was abandoned at birth, physically emotionally and mentally abused throughout childhood, homeless by 15, on disability by 30, raising 2 young children alone with no family, no money, no resources, no hope…. And then something amazing happened.....
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