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  • Verkjacastið er hljóðvarp þar sem rætt er um verki og verkjasjúkdóma á öðruvísi hátt. Hér er horft á þá nýju sýn sem taugavísindin eru að gefa okkur á króníska verki og þær leiðir sem eru færar til bata.

  • Sálfræðingar spjalla saman um málefni tengd geðheilsu. Þáttastjórnendur eru Katrín Mjöll Halldórsdóttir, Nína Björg Arnarsdóttir og Sturla Brynjólfsson sálfræðingar á Litlu Kvíðameðferðarstöðinni.

  • Karlotta og Fanney tala um lífið eins og það er og allt þess á milli.
    Hlátur, grátur, fliss og glens

  • Kass & Emily are two sisters that want to let everyone be a part of their life. This podcast is stories and lessons they have learned along the way to get here.

  • This is just a loud jackass yelling into a mic. Fuck you

  • A show dedicated to those who think they may be living in or are recovering from domestic abuse /narcissistic abuse. A soft approach that teaches the importance of self worth. You don’t have to hate your ex to move on or carry hatred in your heart. Domestic abuse is defined as any pattern of behavior in a relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner. Abuse is psychological, physical, sexual, and sometimes financial. Behaviors that frighten, intimidate, terrorize, manipulate, hurt, or wound are abusive.
    More supportive content @rn_jenm on Instagram.

  • Brain Health with Dr. Nissen brings you advancements in medicine, neuroscience, psychiatry, & nutrition to help you live a better life. Dr. Nissen's expert interviews reveal new, evidence-based approaches to enhancing mental health, sharpening cognition, & optimizing performance. With topics such as optogenetics, Alzheimer's disease, neuromodulation, depression, the Mediterranean Diet, & psychedelics, this show is sure to expose listeners to new topics on the frontiers of medicine and neuroscience. Join us at www.DrNissen.comDr. Nissen is a medical doctor and cognitive behavioral therapist.

  • If you can sense that you're destined for more and curious about how alcohol might be holding you back, then Present and Sober is the podcast for you! Join your hosts Sam and Ellie for a weekly dose of practical mind and body practices that will elevate your daily life and show you the wonder and potential of living life alcohol-free. Let's make life bigger, together!

  • Welcome to Help 4 HD Live! We are proud to broadcast credible information and education to the Huntington's disease community on a weekly basis. Help 4 HD Live! broadcasts every week providing vital information and inspiration to our Huntington's community. We have been blessed to interview many of our JHD/HD researchers, medical professionals, care providers and the pharmaceutical industry for six years. Join our Hosts, Katie Jackson each week for incredible programming and don’t forget to share this channel with your colleagues, family and friends. **Help 4 HD Live! is made possible through an education grant from Teva Pharmaceuticals and the Griffin Foundation. Thanks for tuning in! Help 4 HD International Inc.
    **Please consult with you own physician for advice about any medical recommendation.

  • A fun, vibrant but intimate space where friends and fitness professionals discuss health, wellness and everyday topics and challenges that connect the Latino & American cultures in a mixed community sharing tips, stories and overall fun with the goal to help our listeners reinvent themselves at any age in an approachable and fun way. Send your Q's or topic ideas to Enjoy! Support this podcast:

  • Το Mindfulness Greece είναι το 1ο Application που δημιουργήθηκε στην Ελλάδα πάνω στην μέθοδο του mindfulness. Έφερε τη μέθοδο του mindfulness (ενσυνειδητότητα) με τον πιο σύγχρονο, αποτελεσματικό και χρήσιμο τρόπο. Η εφαρμογή μας βρίσκεται στις Δημοφιλέστερες Εφαρμογές στο Google Play στην κατηγορία Υγεία και Φυσική Κατάσταση με περισσότερα από 150.000+ downloads και εκατοντάδες φανταστικά reviews από τους χρήστες μας που είδαν την καθημερινότητα τους να αλλάζει σε μια πιο ήρεμη, γαλήνια και θετική στάση απέναντι στη ζωή. Δεν είναι τυχαίο άλλωστε ότι είμαστε η μοναδική εφαρμογή που προσφέρει Εγγύηση Αποτελεσμάτων! Μπορείτε να κατεβάσετε την εφαρμογή μας εδώ:

  • Heal from Infidelity is a podcast dedicated to teaching women how to heal their lives from the inside out after betrayal in their marriages. Life Coach Andrea Giles combines her own personal experience and coaching wisdom to help women move past their biggest hurdles of learning to trust themselves (and others) again. She will teach you how to create a life you never dreamed possible. You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of when you learn how to powerfully help yourself. For more information, visit

  • Η Αριάδνη Λεπτοπούλου είναι κλινική ψυχολόγος και στα επεισόδια αυτά θα εξερευνήσει τα πράγματα που δεν μπορούμε να δούμε· τα οποία όμως διαμορφώνουν τον τρόπο που βλέπουμε. Για όλους αυτούς λοιπόν, που έχουν την περιέργεια να μάθουν κάτι παραπάνω για τον εαυτό τους, για τον τρόπο που φτιάχνουν σχέσεις αλλά και για τον κόσμο γενικότερα.

  • The Burnout Doctor Podcast is designed to help pharmacists and healthcare professionals clear the clutter from their lives & reset burnout.

    Hosted by Dr. Jessica Louie, PharmD, APh, BCCCP, join in for conversations on simplifying, decluttering, well-being and burnout. Jessica combines her pharmacist background and Certified KonMari Coaching to help you get out of overwhelm.

    As a former shopaholic, workaholic and pharmacist struggling with burnout, Dr. Jessica Louie knows how it feels to live a life in overwhelm, surviving instead of thriving. Fortunately, she transformed her life and if she can do it, so can you!

    Together we will feel confident, calm and more energized leading lives with less clutter and a lighter mental load. Let’s reset healthcare burnout.

    Music by Dr. Tony Dao, host of Pharmacy, IT & Me Podcast

    *Note, my views are my own and are not associated or representative of my employer(s).
    **This podcast is for educational purposes only and not medical advice.

  • Certified coaches, successful triathletes and other top-notch guests addressing common questions and concerns for triathletes and those seeking to complete their first triathlon. This show is aimed at men and women who are training for triathlon in addition to having a job and a family (not professional endurance athletes). The host is a 20-year veteran of age-group triathlon competition, a journalist, and owner of BeginnerTriathlete.

  • Lifa og njóta podcastið fjallar um lífið, lifa og njóta. Ekkert málefni er heilagt!

  • Practical EMS topics in about 10 minutes, brought to you by EMS Educator and Certified Emergency Nurse Scott Topiol.

  • A woman who regularly makes headlines, a man who has played rugby league, rugby union and rugby 7s at elite levels and together they make a dream team, living in the south of France, raising their two young sons.

    Always willing to be on the frontlines for families, being a stand for something different, even when uncomfortable and unpopular.

    This is a deeper insight into Frankie and Taylor Winterstein's life, who they truly are and what they actually believe.

  • Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy is a horrible condition affecting athletes and non-athletes alike. If you fall victim to the misguided information that is circulating the internet, symptoms can persist for months, sometimes years and start impacting your everyday life.
    This podcast is for those looking for clear, evidence-based guidance to overcome Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy. Hosted by Brodie Sharpe, an experienced physiotherapist and content creator, this podcast aims to provide you with the clarity & control you desperately need.
    Each episode brings you one step closer to finally overcoming your proximal hamstring tendinopathy. With solo episodes by Brodie, success stories from past sufferers and professional interviews from physiotherapists, coaches, researchers and other health professionals so you get world class content.
    Tune in from episode #1 to reap the full benefits and let's get your rehabilitation back on track!

  • Fold em offers straight talk about dealing with the fall-out from gambling. Whether you are looking at stopping or scaling back your own gambling or helping a family member with a problem, this podcast will help you take back control. Hear from gamblers who have been through it. Tips from counsellors. There is a way out from the hold gambling has on your life.

    Learn more about how to address gambling problems and find resources and support at