• In episode 4 of The Adaptive Edge Podcast, I interview developmental psychologist Brendan Fereday about his doctoral research at Stanford that focuses on the development of purpose and how having a strong purpose in life is key for having optimal levels of motivation and improving one's ability to handle stress. We also breakdown concepts like affect, mood, and emotion and discuss the different processes involved when we make a moral decision.  To jump to specific topics, click below:   

    3:44 - What is purpose?  How does it affirm your self-worth?  What is the relationship between purpose and responsibility?  

    6:52 – How does purpose organize your sense of self?    

    9:30 – The connection between purpose, motivation, and stress.   

    13:10 – How can a sense of purpose help us escape rumination?     

    16:00 How does one define their purpose?  What is the difference between having purpose and having dreams?   

    21:30  Is purpose malleable or concrete? When does it arise in people’s lives?  What kickstarts the purpose development process?     

    25:10  Why is agency important in developing purpose and motivation?  

    27:35 How much of moral decision making is based on emotion?  How much is based on reason?   

    29:00 – What is emotion and how does it differ from similar concepts like affect, mood, and attitudes?   

    33:50 –What are the processes that take place when making a moral decision?   

    40:35 – How rational are we? Do we reason our way through life or act on subconscious instincts?   

    46:28  - How do children learn concepts like love? Can this happen in isolation?    

    50:55 How is technology affecting psychology, and how can AI improve our learning processes?  

    54:30 – Brendan’s research project on the college experience and developing purpose    

    The Adaptive Edge Podcast was started by developmental psychologist Greg Murray to bring the latest research in psychology and neuroscience to improve your everyday life. 

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  • In episode 3 of The Adaptive Edge Podcast I interview certified consultant coach, Dominique Pucelle-Legendre, about her experiences helping companies conduct business in intercultural contexts.  We discuss the common barriers to communication that organizations experience in these intercultural settings and how to overcome them, pulling from Erin Meyer's research and Dominique's extensive experience.    

    To jump to specific topics, click below.    

    2:00 - Erin Meyer's 8 Dimensions of Intercultural Communication  

    3:56 - Examples of differences in Communicating and Evaluating in French and American companies.   

    9:25 - How the education system acts as a source of culture   

    12:00 - Why cultures clash and how to be aware of it   20:05 - How coaches help overcome barriers to organizational change   

    25:00 - Immunity to Change Coaching at the individual level   

    33:06 - The expat and immigration experience in France  The Adaptive Edge Podcast was started by developmental psychologist Greg Murray to bring the latest research in psychology and neuroscience to improve your everyday life.  

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  • On this episode of the Adaptive Edge Podcast, developmental psychologist and host Greg Murray interviews award winning author, educator, and social science researcher Karla McLaren.  Her work reveals how we can experience life more deeply and authentically by coming to a new understanding of our emotions.  We discuss many important topics like emotional intelligence, emotions at work, trauma and dissociation, as well as the gifts of individual emotions like anger, anxiety, jealousy, and grief.  We also made sure to talk about concrete exercises that you can start practicing to improve your emotional intelligence right away.  If you enjoy this video, don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel!   

    Here is a breakdown by topic:

    4:14 - The 4 keys to emotional genius  

    13:59 - How to recognize emotional nuance and social control   

    20:29 - All about anxiety   

    24:59 - The gifts of jealousy   

    27:26 - When positivity and avoiding conflict becomes toxic  

    32:09  - Karla's new book, The Power of Emotions at Work  

    45:21 - 4 Exercises that help in building emotional awareness  

    59:46 - Dissociation, trauma, and emotion

  • On this episode of the Adaptive Edge Podcast I interviewed my good friend, brain researcher and education specialist Evgeniya Efremova.  We discuss how the latest research in psychology and neuroscience applies to motivation and learning.  These topics are helpful for parents, educators, and anyone working in developmental contexts.  I hope you enjoy the talk.  Don't forget to subscribe and share!

    4:43 - Emotions and learning - The affective neuroscience of motivation  

    9:40 - Emotional home base and the zone of proximal development  

    11:50 - Prefrontal cortex, stress, and learning   

    14:30 - Self-determination theory, identity, and motivation  

    16:52 - Math anxiety across cultures  

    19:30 - Lisa Feldman Barrett's Theory of Constructed Emotion   

    23:40 - Unconscious biases and your identity   

    28:00 - Anxiety, trauma, and mood disorders   

    29:31 - The next thing on the horizon for education is motivation  

    33:15 - Giving feedback and disagreeing across cultures


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