• 🌟 Join us for an enlightening journey as we delve into the mysteries of the cosmos on "The Shift of the Ages."

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    Our upcoming episode titled "Quantum Leap: From Physical to Multi-Dimensional" invites you to explore the profound transformation from the limitations of the physical realm to the boundless expanses of multi-dimensional existence.

    Discover how our perception of reality is shifting, opening new gateways to higher consciousness and expanded awareness. Listen in as we unravel the secrets of quantum physics, consciousness exploration, and the power of intention to transcend the boundaries of space and time.

    Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd's remarkable journey spans over 36 years in the field of holistic health and metaphysical exploration. As a licensed Avatar Master and Wizard, Master Herbalist, Kinesiologist, and creator of the Biofield Clearing technique, Dr. Jane has dedicated her life to helping individuals unlock their true potential and achieve holistic well-being.

    Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation!

    Contact Jane directly:  |  ph: 828-777-JANE (5263) |

  • Join us in July "Conversations with the Sword of Truth: Emotional Energy and the Human Condition" with Siobhan Nicolaou, CHLC, CHT. Siobhan, a master alchemist, published author, and medium for spirit, will delve into the profound reflection and energetic dynamics of negative emotions and their boundless manifestations in our personal and collective reality.

    Call (805) 830-8344 or Shortlink:

    Siobhan'll explore thought-provoking questions that can lead to greater clarity and inspire you to become a conscious part of the solution:

    - What would be the emotional condition of humanity if everyone simply loved themselves instead of projected their pain?

    - How do our negative emotions influence others?

    - How does negative emotion hurt our health?

    - Would there be pollution in the sea if there were no negative emotion?

    - Do all the dramas in life stem from negative emotion?

    - Is darkness merely a reflection of our negative emotion?

    Siobhan's extensive expertise in Energy Management, Energy Transformation, and Sovereign Development spans over three decades. She offers profound insights and practical tools for harmonious spiritual and creative unfolding, tailored for individuals from all walks of life. With her natural clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairaudient abilities, Siobhan has been consciously evolving and sharing her gifts since 1988.

    This interactive podcast invites you to engage with Siobhan directly. She welcomes your questions and offers one lucky guest a live, 15-minute aura reading, where she will interpret the colors of your aura and explain their significance.

    Tune in to gain deeper insights into the human condition and discover how to harness your emotions for spiritual growth and personal transformation.

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  • Join host Sati on the first Friday of every month at 12pm ET for "Seeking Divinity," a captivating show where she uses her extraordinary skills to deliver messages from the spirit world. BE PREPARED for a special episode featuring a brand new, channeled message from the guides! This morning, Sati received profound insights on the theme "Illusion VS Reality," offering fresh perspectives and guidance.

    Sati connects with the other side to provide insight, guidance, and comfort to listeners. With a long list of eager callers, "Seeking Divinity" promises to be an enlightening experience for all.

    Want to ensure your message gets through?

    Use our "takemycall" feature to jump the line with a minimum payment of $15 via PayPal at
    Call in at (805) 830-8344 and press 1 to talk to the host.

    Sati also offers a range of other services, including personal readings, spiritual coaching, energy healing, and past life regressions. She is dedicated to helping individuals find clarity, healing, and empowerment on their spiritual journeys.

    The guides have let Sati know that today's information will be pivotal for her show in September, and much will make sense then. Prepare to be enlightened and transformed on "Seeking Divinity with Sati!"

    Tune in, call in, and discover the divine on "Seeking Divinity with Sati." -

  • Welcome to the Ann Carter Psychic Medium Show: Tarot Card Readings! Join us as we embark on a journey to find the clear answers you are looking for. Many of Ann clients seek direction in their careers and relationships, as well as clarity on family issues. During the show, when your guides share messages with me, I will pass them on to you.

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    It's important to know that your guides and higher self may have unexpected news to share. As a committed communicator between the spirit world and ours, Ann promises to relay any information she receives from the spirit world.

    On this show, you can expect:
    Mediumship: Connect with your guides, angels, and loved ones.Past Life Regression: Discover your past to begin healing and moving forward.Tarot Card Readings: Receive clear answers to your questions.Future Readings: Gain insights into what you need to know and get help with direction and decisions.

    Tune in and let’s uncover the messages that will guide you on your path to clarity and fulfillment.

    SUMMER 2024 Psychic Development Classes with Ann:

    Book outside the show:

  •  Join Sati Chappelle on Seeking Divinity for an enlightening discussion on current global trends and their energetic impacts!

     In this episode, airing on June 21st at 12 pm ET, we'll explore the rise of right-wing politicians and governments across the globe. We'll delve into what this means for our world and the future, offering a clear and compassionate energetic perspective. Of course we are doing readigns too!!

     Call in live at (805) 830-8344 or use #TAKEMYCALL for a chance to jump the queue and receive personalized insights.

     This discussion will not be a bashing session or filled with doom and gloom. Instead, Sati aims to provide an understanding of these trends through her unique psychic gifts, helping you see the bigger picture with clarity and ease.

     Key Highlights:

    - Energetic Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of why these political shifts are happening and what they signify.

    - Balanced Perspective: Explore these trends with an open heart, free from negativity and fear.

    - Future Outlook: Discover how these changes might shape our collective future and your personal path.

    Explore more of Sati's transformative offerings and stay connected at

    Tune in for compassionate cosmic insights and continue your spiritual journey with Sati beyond the show!

  • Embark on a transformative journey with "Sacred Geometry: The Universal Language of Divine Alignment," featuring guest hosts Gregory and Gail Hoag. Delve into the profound realm of Sacred Geometry and unlock its secrets to unveil a world of wonder and alignment.
    call (805) 830-8344Shortlink:
    Discover the profound impact of remarkable shapes encoded with divine significance, capable of reshaping lives. Unveil the astonishing order of the universe, where numbers, angles, and patterns reverberate endlessly. But what renders Sacred Geometry truly sacred? How does it intricately weave into human existence? Explore these questions and more as the Hoags unravel the wisdom preserved by ancient civilizations like the Druids, Mayans, and Ancient Egyptians, offering insights that could revolutionize personal and collective destinies.

    Sacred Geometry is an enlightening masterpiece by Gregory and Gail Hoag, luminaries in the field for over four decades. Delving into the depths of consciousness, numbers, atoms, and planetary alignment, the book reveals harmonic resonances shaping our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. As we attune to this resonance, life flows effortlessly, and transformation unfolds.

    From the simplicity of numbers to intricate geometric forms like dodecahedrons and icosahedrons, the Hoags elucidate how each shape influences our energetic fields, underpinning the fabric of reality. Witness the interplay of geometry, space, and time, recognizing nature's intricate designs echoing these sacred patterns.

    The Hoags will talk about practical applications of Sacred Geometry for personal transformation. Utilizing their renowned 3-D geometric forms, they guide listeners in harnessing energy flow, clearing interference, reducing stress, and elevating consciousness.

    For more information, visit Metaforms at

  • Join us for **Revolutionary Optimism with Dr. Paul Zeitz**, a compelling series dedicated to igniting a transformative movement in America. Drawing from over 35 years of advocacy, campaigning, and political leadership, Dr. Paul Zeitz spearheads a groundbreaking initiative—#unify movements. This movement-building platform is committed to creating new, love-centered social, economic, and political systems aimed at our collective repair, justice, and peace.
    call (805)830-8344
    In 2023, the peaceful revolutionary political movement #unifyUSA was launched, marking the beginning of a concerted effort to co-create a United States 2.0 through urgent constitutional renewal. #Unify Movements stands as a beacon for a New Interpartisan Social and Political Movement, calling for constitutional renewal and fostering a love-centered future for America.

    Through **Revolutionary Optimism**, Dr. Zeitz shares his mission and offers a guiding light for collective action. This series is a rallying cry for unifying people-powered movements, mobilizing individuals from all walks of life to rise in peaceful resistance against the status quo. Dr. Zeitz extends an open invitation to people of all faiths, ages, races, genders, classes, and political affiliations to envision and create a love-centered U.S. 2.0. order book

    Tune in to explore how you can be part of this dynamic and hopeful movement. Together, we can co-create a just and peaceful future for all.

    **To learn more and join the movement, visit:**  |

  • C View Quantum Network is pleased to welcome back Stefanie Finn for an enlightening and transformative episode. Join us as Stefanie delves into the profound concept of "The Eye of the Needle," a crucial transition in the journey of spiritual awakening.

    In this episode, Stefanie will discuss the deep and rare stage of realizing the "Christed Being." This stage is not a test but a call to discard all the mind’s crutches and enter the unknown with true surrender to God. She will share her insights on transcending the ego and what lies beyond all spiritual concepts and dualities.

    Stefanie will also share her personal journey and experiences with channeling, providing a unique perspective on the Eye of the Needle.

    We invite listeners to call in with their questions and thoughts at 805-830-8344. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with Stefanie and explore this transformative topic.

    Listen live or catch the replay at

    Join us for an episode filled with wisdom, inspiration, and profound spiritual insights!

    Stefanie Finn - has experienced the Eye of the Needle and offer some tips to help you get through.  During this interview, she explains what the eye of the needle is in more detail, and why it's so challenging.  Together we will shine some light on your journey through this rare stage,  and bring some relief and healing.

    Contact Stefanie -  | Book your Personal Channeling

  • Join us on WEDNESDAY May 15th at 12pm ET for an insightful episode of "Conversations with Siobhan Nicolaou." Our esteemed guest, Siobhan Nicolaou, CHLC, CHT, is not just an energy transformation expert but also an Emissary of Truth cultivated through 33 years of profound personal experience and transformation.

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    In this thought-provoking episode, Siobhan invites us to explore the intriguing topic, "Do You Believe in Evil, and how do you believe that serves?" Drawing from her extensive expertise and guidance from higher consciousness, Siobhan sheds light on the complex nature of belief systems surrounding the concept of evil and its role in our lives.

    Siobhan's mission is to empower individuals to overcome the divided perspectives within their minds and hearts, facilitating a journey towards living the truth of who they are. Whether transforming homes or teaching the consciousness of Love through readings, speaking engagements, courses, and mentorships, Siobhan embodies a sustainable path of wholeness and peace.

    Don't miss this opportunity to delve into deep discussions and gain valuable insights into the nature of belief, evil, and their significance in our spiritual and personal growth journey. For inquiries about Siobhan's offerings or to make an appointment, please reach out to her at .

    See you there!

  • 🎙️ Join us for a transformative episode of "The Secret Power of You!" with Terrie Christine airing live on May 10th at 12 PM ET, exclusively on C View Network. This week, Terrie delves into the empowering topic of "Cash Confidence: Unlock Your Money Manifestation Power." Are you ready to break free from limiting beliefs surrounding money and step into your true abundance potential? Terrie Christine, renowned intuitive energy healer, will guide listeners through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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    🌟 But that's not all! In addition to Terrie's insightful discussion, we invite callers to join the show LIVE and receive a one-on-one block clearing session around the topic of money manifestation. Whether you're facing financial challenges, struggling with self-worth issues related to money, or simply seeking to enhance your money mindset, this is your opportunity to receive personalized guidance from Terrie.

    Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your relationship with money and unleash your innate manifestation power. Tune in live on May 10th at 12 PM ET and call in to participate in this empowering episode of "The Secret Power of You!" with Terrie Christine.

    contact Terrie:

  • Welcome back to the C View Quantum Network, where we explore the frontiers of consciousness and spirituality. I'm excited to announce the return of Ann Carter and her acclaimed show to our network! Join us on Friday, May 3rd, at 12pm ET as Ann Carter returns to the airwaves with her captivating Psychic Medium Show.
    call (805) 830-8344shortlink: “Pay what you can” – and JUMP the LONG line of the callers -
    During this special episode, Ann will be offering live readings, sharing insights on psychic development and mediumship training, and delving into the mysteries of the spiritual realm. Whether you're seeking guidance, connection, or simply a deeper understanding of the universe, Ann's show is sure to enlighten and inspire.

    Listeners are encouraged to participate by calling in with their questions and experiences. Use #TAKEMYCALL to JUMP THE LONG LINE of CALLERS and connect with Ann live on air for a MINI-READING

    Don't miss this exciting return to the C View Quantum Network! Tune in on Friday, May 3rd, at 12pm ET for Ann Carter's Psychic Medium Show, and let's embark on a journey of spiritual discovery together.

  • Join us for an enlightening episode with guest host Ross Bishop, acclaimed author of "Healing The Shadow." In this special episode, we celebrate the upcoming release of the Third Edition of this seminal work, which integrates ancient shamanic wisdom with modern spiritual understanding to guide seekers on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing.

    call (805) 830-8344 | Shortlink:

    "Healing The Shadow" stands as a beacon of hope and guidance for those navigating the complexities of emotional wounds and limiting beliefs. Ross Bishop, drawing from a lineage of traditional shamans spanning thousands of years, offers practical insights and transformative exercises to empower individuals in their quest for spiritual peace and fulfillment.

    Dive into this discussion to uncover the essence of Ross Bishop's teachings, exploring why we harbor beliefs of unworthiness and unlovability, and how these beliefs shape our reality. Discover the mechanism of LIFE, designed to bring our conflicts to light and propel us towards growth and healing, even amidst discomfort and pain.

    Ross Bishop invites you to embark on a journey of self-liberation and empowerment. Gain insights into confronting limiting beliefs, embracing truth, and reclaiming your essential passion and wholeness.

    Ross Bishop's journey from corporate executive to renowned healer and author embodies a profound transformation rooted in ancient wisdom. With over 35 years of healing practice in Santa Fe, Ross combines his extensive training with a natural gift for healing, offering a unique blend of spirituality and practical guidance.

    Whether you're seeking answers, guidance, or simply inspiration, "Healing The Shadow" holds the keys to unlocking your true potential.

    Ross Bishop's website: | [email protected]

  • Welcome to "Unleash Your Inner Magick: Activating the Quantum Self," a podcast dedicated to guiding you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and living authentically in alignment with your true essence. Hosted by Sabrina R. Rojek-Levoit, this podcast is your roadmap to unlocking your inner potential, activating your highest self, and creating the life you signed up for.

    call (805) 830-8344 or use link:

    Join us as we delve into the transformative process of self-discovery and empowerment. Through practical insights, empowering teachings, and transformative tools, we'll explore how to unlock the dormant aspects of yourself, activate your innate power, and align authentically with your true purpose and passions.

    Discover how to navigate the journey of remembering Who You Really Are and embodying your divine essence. Learn powerful techniques for tapping into your intuition, decoding the messages of your experiences and interests, and manifesting your deepest desires.

    In "Unleash Your Inner Magick: Activating the Quantum Self," we recognize that you are the creator of your reality and the architect of your destiny. By harnessing the power of self-discovery and authentic alignment, you'll unlock the doors to abundance, joy, and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

    Join our tribe of seekers, visionaries, and change-makers as we support each other on the journey of self-actualization and collective evolution. Together, we'll create a harmonious community where authenticity thrives, and each individual shines their unique light.

    Tune in, activate your authentic self, and embark on a journey of empowerment, connection, and living the life you were destined to live. Join Sabrina R. Rojek-Levoit 

  • Join us for an enlightening episode with guest host Dina Marais, airing on Friday, April 5th at 12pm ET (6pm South Africa time). Dina Marais, a renowned Bestselling Author, Publisher, Soul-Alignment Coach, and Human Design expert from South Africa, will present "I'm So Glad You Left Me" - 111 Stories of Courage and Personal Growth**

    call (805) 830-8344
    Tune in Live or Replay Free:
    Are you ready to be inspired by tales of resilience and transformation?

    Have you ever experienced a seemingly insurmountable challenge that, upon reflection, propelled you toward profound growth? Perhaps it was the end of a romantic relationship, a friendship, or even a family bond. Maybe it was overcoming a chronic illness, battling postpartum depression, or breaking free from the grip of addiction or a dead-end job. Where can they sign up:

    As the founder of Soul Purpose Publishing and Coaching, Dina brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. Certified as a Quantum Leap Transformation Coach, she has developed a unique all-in-one course designed to guide individuals in creating successful online coaching or expert businesses. Her approach blends mindset mastery with proven business strategies, enabling her clients to establish thriving enterprises with unwavering confidence.

    Join us as we explore the power of resilience and the beauty of personal evolution.

    Don't miss this opportunity to gain invaluable wisdom and inspiration from Dina Marais. Tune in to the Dina Marais Show for an enriching discussion that promises to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and propel you toward limitless success.


  • 🌟 Embark on the Quantum Journey: Cultivating the Infinite Universe Within! 🌟

    Join the insightful Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd on her empowering show, "The Shift of The Ages," within The C View Network. In this episode airing on March 22 at 12 pm ET, Dr. Jane invites you to explore the wonders of the quantum mind.

    Did you know that within your mind lies the entire universe's worth of information?

    🌟QUANTUM MIND: Discovering the Infinite Universe Within🌟

    Unraveling the mysteries within isn't as simple as flipping a switch; it's a journey, a practice. Dr. Jane will share practical techniques and insights to guide you on this transformative path. Discover keys to accessing the cosmic knowledge stored within and learn how consistent practice can lead to profound shifts in your life.

    📞 Call in live at (805) 830-8344 or tune in for the replay through the convenient shortlink:

    Jane will share some ways one might embark on this journey of self-discovery and exploration: from Minduflness Meditation, Journaling, Self-Observation Practices to Innovative techniques like Biofield Clearing, as advocated by Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd listeners will explore the ongoing journey of unraveling the vast universe within our minds.

    . Don't miss this opportunity to engage with Dr. Jane, acknowledge the power of practice, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.. It's time to unravel the mysteries and step into a new dimension!

    Contact Jane directly:  |  ph: 828-777-JANE (5263) |

  • C View 2024 presents the next episode of Siobhan Nicolaou's show Conversations with the Sword of Truth, titled: Sovereignty, The Emerging Path of the Golden Age
    call in at 805-830-8344

    In this profound exploration, Siobhan delves into the essence of sovereignty, a word derived from the Latin roots "Super," meaning above, and "Regum," signifying rulership or control. Sovereignty is the rulership of the Kingdom of Self, where thoughts, emotions, and actions exist in a state of self-love, self-healing, self-transformation, and self. Sign up for Sovereignty workshop this month

    Siobhan's mantra, "Lead yourself lest you be Led," resonates with the idea of reclaiming the totality of being through the Sovereign way of self-love and transformation. This path, characterized by resilience, transparency, authenticity, and truth, is a beacon guiding us towards higher consciousness.

    In this episode, Siobhan shares insights into the Sovereign Way and how it leads to reclaiming the self. Her holistic mentorship and coaching in life, business, and spiritual development employ a variety of empowering tools to awaken higher consciousness and establish, maintain, and evolve within the presence of one's being.

    Discover the Sovereign within through a simple meditation Siobhan email her and receive a complimentary Mp4 of The Sovereign Experience.

    Let's embark together on this transformative exploration of Sovereignty, The Emerging Path of the Golden Age. The time is now, and we eagerly await this dynamic conversation with all of you! | [email protected]

  • C View proudly welcomes back best-selling true paranormal author and medium Rob Gutro. In his latest book, "Ghosts of Ireland on a Medium’s Vacation," Gutro shares his captivating experiences encountering ghosts in various locations across Ireland. Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, the book takes readers on a paranormal tour through haunted places, including prisons, castles, churches, and even a shopping mall with a tragic past.

    call (805)830-8344 or Link:

    The show delves into Gutro's encounters, providing insights into the history of each haunted location, accompanied by his own sketches of ghosts and photographs. Organized alphabetically by County, the book serves as an intriguing travel guide, allowing readers to explore Ireland while learning about its rich history and the lingering spirits that inhabit its landscapes.

    Gutro, known for his "Ghosts on a Medium’s Vacation" series, distinguishes between earthbound ghosts and spirits who have crossed over, sharing his personal experiences with both in his other popular series, "Pets and the Afterlife" and "Ghosts and Spirits." The Rob Gutro Show not only offers a glimpse into the supernatural but also provides a platform for sharing paranormal stories and resources.

    Listeners can connect with Rob Gutro on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where he shares insights, live videos, and engages with the paranormal community. Gutro offers readings for pets who have passed on through his website,

    With a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on the paranormal, Rob Gutro brings his expertise to the airwaves, captivating audiences with ghostly tales, historical insights, and a deep understanding of the spirit world.

  • C View proudly presents our next interview: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Mind: A Quantum Conversation with Jeff Tarrant on "Becoming Psychic"

    call (805) 830-8344 Shortlink:

    Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the mind and tap into your untapped psychic abilities? Join Psychologist, Neurofeedback Practitioner and author, Dr. Jeff Tarrant, on a mind-bending journey with his groundbreaking book, "Becoming Psychic: Lessons from the Minds of Mediums, Healers, and Psychics."

    Discover a scientific, brain-based approach that demystifies psychic phenomena, spirit communication, and energy healing. Dr. Tarrant's transformation from hardcore skeptic to an advocate for the extraordinary will captivate and inspire you. Through in-depth studies, expert interviews, and practical exercises, "Becoming Psychic" empowers you to explore and develop your own psi abilities.

    This isn't just another book on psychics; it's a bridge between science and the mystical, offering you a comprehensive guide that combines stories of gifted individuals, scientific evidence, and hands-on techniques for personal development. Dive into the uncharted waters of your own mind, supported by brain-hacking technologies like neurofeedback and audiovisual entrainment.

    If you've ever wondered about the limitless potential of the human mind and spirit, "Becoming Psychic" is your roadmap to self-discovery and transformation. Don't miss the chance to embark on this extraordinary journey—get your copy now and unleash the psychic within!

    Guest: Jeff Tarrant, PhD – Author of "Becoming Psychic: Lessons from the Minds of Mediums, Healers, and Psychics"   |   FB: PsychicMindScience

  • Welcome to another episode on The Secret Power of You! The topic this month is "Love Vibes 101: Radiate Love, Attract Love" with the radiant Terrie Christine! Join us for an enlightening journey into the realm of love, where Terrie will guide you on how to radiate love and effortlessly attract it into your life.

    call (805) 830-8344


    #TAKEMYCALL JUMP the LONG line of callers – and add the amount you want

    In this heartwarming episode, Terrie, an acclaimed Intuitive Energy Healer, will share powerful insights on the energetic principles of love. Discover how your own vibration influences the love you receive and explore transformative techniques to elevate your love vibes.

    Terrie Christine's unique approach combines intuitive wisdom and practical strategies to help you cultivate a magnetic energy that draws love towards you. Whether you're seeking romantic love, deepening existing connections, or fostering self-love, this episode is your roadmap to a love-filled life.

    Tune in and let Terrie Christine - - be your guide to unlocking the secrets of Love Vibes 101. Get ready to radiate love, attract love, and embrace the transformative power of love in every aspect of your life. Don't miss this heart-expanding episode!

  • 🌟✨ Embark on a journey of cosmic wisdom and personal revelations as C View 2024 presents our special monthly show, "Seeking Divinity: The Year of the Dragon and Personal Readings with Sati." Join us on this captivating episode where the ethereal energies of the Year of the Dragon will be explored and harnessed.

    Friday 2/2 12pm ET
    call (805) 830-8344

     In Chinese astrology, the Year of the Dragon is associated with power, vitality, and transformation. This majestic creature symbolizes good fortune and intense spiritual energy. As we delve into the celestial influences of this auspicious year, our gifted host, Sati, will unravel the threads of destiny and provide profound insights into the unique energies shaping your path.

    🔮 But that's not all - this episode is not just about the cosmic forces at play; it's about you. Sati will be conducting personalized readings, offering you the opportunity to gain clarity, guidance, and a deeper understanding of your own journey. Whether you're seeking answers about love, career, or personal growth, Sati's intuitive gifts are here to illuminate your path.

    🌌 Don't miss the chance to connect with the cosmic currents, understand the dynamics of the Year of the Dragon, and receive a personal reading tailored to your unique essence. Tune in, call in live, and let the wisdom of the dragon guide you through the realms of Seeking Divinity.

    Remember, the cosmic journey is ongoing, and Sati is here not just for this episode but as a constant companion on your spiritual quest.