• SECRET SERVICE DELAYED WARNING PELOSI OF 1/6 THREATS AGAINST HER. A BLOCK: (1:07) The simple question is: has The Secret Service become politically corrupted, a threat to the nation, a CELL loyal to Trump? (1:24) Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has emails proving Secret Service waited until after the coup attempt to warn Speaker Pelosi of tangible threats against her (2:10) and sat on "Biden will die" message from same Parler account (3:56) It's either extraordinary incompetence by elements in Secret Service, or collaboration in the coup by those elements (4:18) Secret Service was also warned of plans involving guns and the occupation of the Capitol "to change election results" and did nothing (6:30) The story of Tony Ornato, who went from Secret Service agent to Trump's hand-picked choice as Special Assistant and Deputy Chief of Staff protecting the White House, and impossibly, is now BACK AT SECRET SERVICE running training of agents and other employees (8:49) and no one is acting to protect the president or the democracy because while one side continues to plot and scheme and undermine, the side in power refuses to use it and remains convinced the system will heal itself. B BLOCK: (12:00) Every Dog Has Its Day: Bluestone (13:17) Postscripts To The News: How can Trump release the surveillance video from the Mar-a-Lago search if he told Fox News on Monday that the FBI told them to turn off the surveillance camera? (13:56) Eric "Brains" Trump wants to re-name the Republican Party (14:49) Tremendous poll numbers for Democrats in California, Wisconsin, and nationally (15:45) Trump "assumes" Liz Cheney's defeat means dissolution of the January 6th Commission - and you know what they say about ASSuming (16:50) Sports: oh good LeBron gets a raise (17:16) Tiger Woods leads PGA players' solidarity meeting. Bob Slurm reports (18:02) Chuck Howley leads NFL HOF nominees (18:02) Elvis cut on the anniversary of the week Elvis died (18:42) In 1st MLB game, (18:48) Mets rookie Brett Baty masters his domain. (19:23) Mehmet Oz, Nikki Haley, and Jared Kushner compete for Worst Persons In The World honors. C BLOCK: (23:28) Things I Promised Not To Tell: Friday is the 14th anniversary of the day that a year of badgering paid off and I finally bullied my MSNBC bosses into giving Rachel Maddow her own show. This intertwines neatly with the Alex Wagner opening night teleprompter disaster (TOLD YOU SO) and the unlikely story of Paul Harvey's deepest fear: that somebody would figure out he only got to start his 58-year run on ABC Radio because they fired the guy he was filling in for. It's quite a story and it underscores that you have to control your origin story.See for privacy information.

  • FIRE THE INSPECTOR GENERAL AT DHS TODAY! A BLOCK (0:00) President Biden and all of us are at risk as long as Joseph Cuffari is in government (1:00) Trump is not trying to "bring down the temperature" - he's raising it through proxies like Cuffari (1:33) Cuffari has again refused to provide documents about the DHS/Social Security text purges from 1/6/21 (2:10) and now claims he cannot be removed from his job (3:17) Removing a Trump loyalist from Homeland Security is not political vengeance when Trump is the biggest threat TO Homeland Security (4:00) Trump lawyer Alina Habba insisted names from the Mar-A-Lago affidavit must be released because they'll leak anyway (4:22) Hours later Maggie Haberman of the New York Times leaked the names of two Trump lawyers the FBI interviewed about the documents Trump stole (5:17) The Trump premise is: his crap don't stink (5:40) This part of the Trump coup poisoned DHS, Secret Service, and the Pentagon (8:10) President Biden must stop walking on eggshells about this scandal: it's a massive cover-up and prosecuting it will probably reveal widespread obstruction of justice (9:13) No temperatures are being lowered; to the contrary we are the frogs staying in the pot as Trump turns the temperature up. B BLOCK (11:19) Good news about Sweetheart in Every Dog Has Its Day (12:47) Postscripts To The News: Liz Cheney loses, hints at presidential run (14:55) Trump reportedly seeks big-name attorneys but none will work for him. But Alina Habba is still there and she literally can't tell the difference between Judge Reinhold and Judge Reinhart (17:19) Florida poll: Demings leads Marco Rubio (18:11) After 70 games they give him 72 million (18:36) Rodolfo "Flying Phone" Castro gets his punishment (19:02) and it's way more than the 2017 Astros got for their unauthorized electronic devices (19:21) Which league had higher regular season TV ratings: women's pro basketball or men's soccer? (21:06) Senator John Kennedy and Mehmet Oz vie for Worst Persons honors as John Fetterman writes the book for Democratic candidates everywhere. C BLOCK (25:02) Things I Promised Not To Tell: When I nearly hired Monica Lewinsky's lawyer to get me out having to do the Monica Lewinsky show (31:18) The story Bill Ginsburg thought explained the whole scandal (33:38) and the story he made me promise not to tell for 20 years: what she first thought when she saw...the dress.See for privacy information.

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  • WHY HASN'T TRUMP BEEN ON CAMERA? A BLOCK: (0:00) Where IS Trump? (1:30) His disappearance left a void so large a six-year old clip of him promising to "enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information" (LOL) went viral (2:09) Confess: when you heard Trump say agents had "stolen his passports" you had a brief moment of hope that turned into the realization Trump had just played the self-martyrdom card again, this time inside a passport he didn't even know was missing (4:41) He did do an off-camera, completely nuts, Organized-Crime-Demands-Protection-Money interview with Fox Nudes (6:55) in which he even contradicted one of his attorneys (8:07) The Guardian inaccurately suggested he can avoid indictment if he announces his candidacy quickly (8:55) The Wall Street Journal described weeks of debate by Merrick Garland about signing off on the warrant (10:47) Georgia prosecutors tell Rudy he's a target. Is he running scared? Is his mascara running scared? (12:22) Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts confirms the GOP could defund the FBI (12:52) and hard as it is to believe, Laura Ingraham says maybe America wants to turn the page from Trump. B BLOCK: (15:23) Larry David does his Bob Sheppard impression (16:06) Every Dog Has Its Day (17:29) Iran blames the attack on Salman Rushdie...on Salman Rushdie. And remember Republicans think like Iran (18:17) Primary Day may be the end of Liz Cheney in Wyoming, and the chance for Sarah Palin to lose twice in Alaska (19:27) and if Palin is in the news, I am REQUIRED to re-read the Rich Lowry 2008 'Palin Starbursts' heavy-breathing article. (21:17) Sports, and why I don't trust the college polls (they once made me vote in them) (22:17) Pete Carril is dead (22:52) Billy Bob Thornton is no longer manager of the Texas Rangers (23:40) Marjorie Trailer Park Greene, Mehmet Oz, and Kari Lake fight it out for Worst Persons In The World. C BLOCK: (29:12) It may not sound like it, but as Alex Wagner premieres in the MSNBC Maddow time slot tonight, I hope she does really, really well. And I'll tell you the story of when we wanted to make her the guest host for Countdown after Maddow and O'Donnell were spun off onto their own shows. FINISSee for privacy information.

  • MONTHS MORE OF TRUMP'S NUCLEAR DOCUMENTS A BLOCK: (0:00) Of Roy Cohn, The Rosenberg Executions, and Donald Trump (2:45) Officials predict "many months" before the Trump Theft story "plays out" (5:30) Every possible angle of "Classification/Declassification" is hyped, except Charlie Savage's note that none of the laws Trump may have broken "turn on whether information was deemed to be unclassified" (6:01) In one week Trump's Cover-Up Team produced 31 DIFFERENT excuses why Trump did nothing wrong, and I review them (11:10) This obscures the only real debate: do you pursue Trump for a 10-year sentence per count, or a 20-year sentence, because we can't do to him what Cohn did to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. B BLOCK (13:12) Every Dog Has Its Day: Cheer Bear (14:49) Postscripts To The News: The IRS coming to kill you nonsense; The Boeberts (Again).(16:50) When I met Salman Rushdie and wondered if he had enough security (19:25) How come nobody's talking about baseball's new steroid scandal? If the man the game attempted to market as the new face of the sport, who was "here to change the game" is suspended until next year, it's more than Fernando Tatis who is in trouble (23:55) The Norwegian Government, Ted Cruz and Kevin McCarthy vie for honors as The Worst Persons In The World. C BLOCK (29:31) Things I Promised Not To Tell: 45 years ago Tuesday, Elvis Presley died. It is little remembered, but the day he shuffled off, he was due to start a concert tour in the Northeast. For his scheduled appearance in Syracuse, Elvis's promoters bought commercial time on every radio station within an hour of the arena. That included the Cornell radio station I was running at the time, and I did the commercial! (35:33) The actual Elvis concert commercial I did, from WVBR-FM, Ithaca, New York, from August 1977 - when I was 18 years old (37:17) What happened on our station's main newscast the moment Elvis died (39:20) ELVIS OWES ME MONEY. Fin.See for privacy information.

  • TRUMP IS SUSPECTED OF STEALING NUCLEAR WEAPON DOCUMENTS. A BLOCK (00:00) Stealing nuclear documents has previously been prosecuted in this country as a Capital crime (2:10) Washington Post's scoop on FBI seeking "classified documents relating to nuclear weapons" at Mar-A-Lago (2:42) Another report: FBI found dozens of Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented documents (3:52) Attorney General wants to unseal warrant; in late announcement Trump says he acquiesces (4:14) The Assistant Attorney General for National Security attended Garland's announcement (4:25) What changed in June that made authorities act? (8:38) Republicans respond. Have you no sense of decency, at long last? B BLOCK (13:57) Every Dog Has Its Day (15:50) Postscripts To The News: Attack on Cincinnati FBI, more Herschel Walker nonsense, USPS screw-ups, first glimmer of hope for the return of Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan (19:08) Sports: Bill Russell's number retired by NBA (19:54) I was the first TV reporter to do a story on the book that became the movie "Field of Dreams" and the Field of Dreams Game is everything the book and movie criticized (24:00) The Worst Persons In The World: Scott Adams, The Lincoln Project, Charlie Kirk. C BLOCK (26:54) The weekly reading from the immortal humorist James Thurber. In this episode, from his book "My Life And Hard Times," his most famous short story: The Night The Bed Fell.See for privacy information.

  • A BLOCK: (00:00) Donald Trump has his own Deep Throat! (3:05) There's a Trump Flipped Snitch Mole Rat Informant who tipped off the FBI and it has Trump asking if somebody's wearing a WIRE (5:08) Lordy there are TAPES: the FBI has Mar-A-Lago Surveillance video - but how much? (6:35) Like we need more: somebody snitched on the snitch! (7:41) I suspect all this is why Trump is so quiet, and why he hasn't even cherry-picked the self-serving parts of the Search Warrant and released them, as he has every right to do (8:40) Shamelessly he invokes the 5th Amendment more than 400 times in a 'Question And Non-Answer Session' with the NY AG breaking his record of 97 in the Ivana Divorce deposition AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER. B BLOCK: (14:26) Postscripts To The News: Historians tell Biden it's like 1860 or 1940 and Democracy is imperiled (I could've told him that. YOU could've told him that (15:33) They're going to give Herschel Walker WHAT before his Senate debate? (18:15) Seen the video of the baseball player sliding into 3rd Base and his phone flying out of his pocket? Baseball has a long history of pockets full of stuff that didn't belong there: a lit cigar, a vial of cocaine, and sandpaper and emery boards! (22:17) The Worst Persons In The World! Competing: Senator Tim Scott, The Trump Non-Campaign Campaign, and The Washington Post. C BLOCK: (25:44) Things I Promised Not To Tell is about the day of my final showdown with Chuck Todd (27:40) We were original participants in a DC-based Fantasy Football League founded in 2008 (28:54) I was the victim when Chuck violated a key rule of the secret league and the league actually took away one of his draft choices! (30:30) He tries to get me to tell my ex, Katy Tur, some bad NBC news so he didn't have to (32:21) Chuck claims on-air that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez referred to "Nazi Concentration Camps" even though she never referenced Nazis, Hitler, or Germany. I protest to him and he doesn't know the British started Concentration Camps (35:15) On the eve of the 12th Fantasy Football season I decide I just can't stand another year dealing with him and I leave the league (36:00) Chuck finds out I've quit and barrages me with emails ending with "Don't make me care about you." (39:45) I'll talk to you Friday!See for privacy information.

  • Why did Trump's immediately allege the FBI planted evidence IF NOBODY HAS YET SEEN THE EVIDENCE? (00:00) THE A BLOCK: It's obvious: you don't say "anything damning they find was planted" unless you know they're going to find stuff that's damning! (02:12) Why hasn't anybody just said "Trump's innocent"? (03:51) Sean Hannity with an unexpected update on the pee tape (05:12) Trump is suspiciously quiet! (7:15) Democrats have a chance to campaign on the GOP wanting to "Defund The Police" (8:11) And what's this about the FBI grabbing Rep. Scott Perry's phone? (10:54) THE B BLOCK: Every Dog Has Its Day: Please meet Ox (12:45) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Primary results, Facebook helps prosecute a 17-year old for having an abortion, Rudy loses again. (16:31) WORLD OF WIDE SPORTS: Serena! and (18:28) Marshawn Lynch reaches the Mugshot Hall of Fame. (19:45) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: Alex Jones, Me, and Mrs. Jones and Dave Barstool Portnoy and Andrew Cuomo vie for the title. (23:14) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL (26:45) 10 years since Aaron Sorkin put a quote of my Dad's into the mouth of Jeff Daniels' character on "Newsroom" and every woman I ever dated contacted me (28:44) I meet Josh Charles, who played me in Sorkin's "Sports Night" and we swap tales of woe (30:25) At Stephen Colbert's Comedy Central finale I meet Jeff Daniels and we swap the truth - and take a selfie!See for privacy information.

  • Cheese it! It's the Feds! When Trump is quoted as asking why "his" generals aren't more like Hitler's generals were and that calls up his 32 years of publicly praising the Nazis, and that's NOT the TOP Trump story that day, it's been a big day! The full implications of the raid at Mar-A-Lago, the possibility the DOJ is going for an 18 USC Code 2071(b) case against Trump, the chances of getting him disqualified from again holding federal office, the dismissal of the charge that the investigation is unprecedented, and the hilarious reaction from the right threatening "war." We'll also review The New Yorker story about Trump and Hitler, and why reporters keep burying important stories to save them for books years later. Plus Sports, Worst Persons In The World, and in Things I Promised Not To Tell: The day I did absolutely no work and broke the greatest story of my career - the trade of hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky.See for privacy information.

  • While you were (completely justifiably) celebrating the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, the racists of CPAC were telling us who they are - literally announcing "We are all domestic terrorists." And Trump was simply promising a personal takeover of the National Guard, detention camps, and a military dictatorship. We also saw three retiring Republican Senators who could've capped the price of Insulin fail to muster the 1% courage required to do so. Also in this episode: Pete Rose reappears and tips off three separate baseball controversies in one day, the L.A. Times butchers the details of the career of the late Vin Scully, Marco Rubio uses the most modern obvious Antisemitic dog whistle, and I celebrate the 17th anniversary of the day I nearly had to call the police because yet another soon-to-be-ex-president of MSNBC chased me around the studios, threatening to kill me. On that happy note: enjoy our second week on Countdown!See for privacy information.

  • TOLD YOU SO! "The Jones Phone" goes to the 1/6 Committee. Alex Jones' attorney was unable to convince the judge in the Sandy Hook trial to walk back the legal team's dramatic dunderheadedness in sending a copy of all of Jones' texts since 2019 to the opposing counsel. Thus, he said, he would turn over that copy to the House January 6th Committee "Immediately." We know there are "intimate messages" between Jones and Roger Stone, but how else will Jones incriminate himself after having taken the 5th nearly 100 times during his testimony before it? But the man who may be covering up missing texts from Secret Service and Homeland Security is being inexplicably protected by President Biden. And more inexplicable still, Dick Cheney, who once called me out by name at a Washington Correspondents' Dinner, issued a two-minute video blasting Trump - and he and I are now completely synched. Meantime my ex-date Kyrsten Sinema has finally consented to the Climate/Inflation bill, and the Cretins of CPAC have roared at the antisemitic dog whistles from their keynote speaker, the strongman of Hungary - and Tucker Carlson just echoed them. There's an extraordinary story from Washington as a city says goodbye to its "Good Morning Man," and another DC question from sports: if the Russians are going to hold Brittney Greiner hostage, why are we letting Putin's buddy and propagandist Alex Ovechkin play for hockey's Washington Capitals? The oddest of couples, Sarah Palin and I, reappear in Worst Persons. And resurrecting a Friday tradition from TV as part of the Friday/Weekend edition of the podcast, I'll read you some of the timeless works of America's greatest humorist, James Thurber. And I'll let the brilliance of musical directors Brian Ray and John Phillip Shenale shine without me talking over it, all on this edition of the Countdown podcast.See for privacy information.

  • "The Jones Phone" could become as famous in the language of American Presidential Scandal as "Watergate" or "Teapot Dome." His lawyer's gaffe in the Alex Jones Sandy Hook Defamation obviously impacts that lawsuit. But wait: you're saying ALL of Alex Jones' texts since 2019 are now legally in the hands of a lawyer suing him? So, ALL of any texts Alex Jones sent Trump or Roger Stone or The Oath Keepers or the rest of Trump's January 6th mob are AVAILABLE? If you didn't notice, the House January 6th Committee sure did and reportedly reached out to the Sandy Hook parents' attorney with a simple request: SEND US THE JONES PHONE! Also in this episode: the post-Kansas Vote outlook for Choice and for November, the latest  paper trail of John Eastman's hallucinatory legal advice, 'So what if I finished fourth, I'm not conceding,' and the only moron in America who would defend Alex Jones after the day he had - Joe Rogan - competes for Worst Persons Dishonors. More on the passing of the legendary Vin Scully, and I'll look back on the amazing day in 2005 when MSNBC fired Rachel Maddow. And that's not a typo.See for privacy information.

  • My friend of 34 years, the voice of baseball, Vin Scully, has died at the age of 94. He has often been depicted as a saint, but he was better than that: warm, funny, sometimes profane and uncertain and even almost another team's announcer. I'll tell you what I can of a man who didn't know he was a legend, and was always happy to see YOU. In news, we have the Kansas Abortion Vote, the Alex Jones "Guilty By Reason Of Insanity" trial, a "whoops" in the Arizona Fake Electors Scheme, Bill O'Reilly trying to make a TV comeback and Alan Dershowitz getting "cancelled" for the fourth time in four years. Plus, Postscripts to the News, Worst Persons in the World, Every Dog Has Its Day, other sports news, and Things I Promised Not To Tell: My TV career started 42 years ago Wednesday because...Lou Dobbs was rumored to be stepping out on his wife!See for privacy information.

  • Even 10 years ago, Republicans ran on a simple platform: Vote For Us Or Al-Qaeda Will Kill You; Discount Terrorism And Your Career Is Over! Yet when we learned Monday night that under President Biden's direction, the architect of 9/11 and successor to Bin Laden had been killed, some Republicans MOCKED IT. The Democrats need to crush the Republicans on this and a dozen other controversies: look what Jon Stewart's public shaming did: the GOP just reversed itself and will support Health Insurance for Veterans exposed to Burn Pits. That's today's commentary. There's also news and sports and why if teams consider dealing stars like Shohei Ohtani and Juan Soto, the Baseball Trade Deadline may be damaging the game itself. Worst Persons features Herschel Walker and Kim Guilfoyle, and in Things I Promised Not To Tell, it's the 43rd anniversary of one of the most shocking tragedies in sports history and I'll tell you what it was like to have to cover it on a 1000-station radio network on your 7th day on the job!See for privacy information.

  • IT'S ALIVE! The premiere episode of Countdown With Keith Olbermann steals from a) all his other programs b) Beethoven and Bach and c) Peter Finch as Howard Beale in the film "Network" - only with Olber-Beale screaming "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take Trump any more! Searing political commentary in Segment One, the news of the day and the Worst Persons In The World in Segment Two including the passing of basketball immortal Bill Russell AND the story of the man who spent years impersonating him. Then in "Things I Promised Not To Tell" in the final segment, the whole history of the Countdown franchise and what really happened at MSNBC all those years ago. Welcome and enjoy: we're starting off with a super-sized premiere edition! Good night and good luck!See for privacy information.