• Join us as we dive into the vibrant world of Cooper Medearis, known professionally as Oolacile, a multifaceted talent from Las Vegas, US. As a label owner, bass music producer, DJ, and digital artist, Oolacile has made significant waves in the music industry. He is renowned for his eclectic mix of dubstep, trench, future trench, house, and drum & bass. Beyond his personal creations, Medearis is the driving force behind the multigenre label Halcyon, which he manages and owns.

    In a bold move on August 24, 2020, Medearis transitioned from his solo label, Havel Records, to focus entirely on Halcyon. His influence in the music scene is especially notable in the promotion and development of the future riddim/trench subgenre. Through his strategic formation and curation of Halcyon, Medearis has become a pivotal figure in shaping the sound and culture of this unique music style.

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  • His name is Jeremy, also known as Red Means Recording. It's a pleasure for him to make your acquaintance.

    He is perhaps most renowned for creating music and videos using the Teenage Engineering OP-1 digital synthesizer. It's likely that you are also quite renowned for something quite impressive.

    Jeremy crafts music using a diverse array of equipment, including Ableton and several hardware synthesizers. He also produces videos using After Effects, Premiere, and various other tools.

    His Patreon serves as a creative space where music, videos, and other valuable content are generated. In this space, there will be an exchange of ideas and emotions and the sharing of stems and samples, among other beneficial things.

    Occasionally, there might even be an appearance from a dog.

    He is delighted that you are here.

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  • Benn Jordan’s career began in the late 1990’s as a recording artist, most widely released under the moniker “The Flashbulb”. A decade later, Benn would become synonymous with artist advocacy after he purchased his music rights back from record labels,formed a non-profit publisher, and challenged the early models of digital music distribution by using peer-to-peer file transfers instead of iTunes. This led to Benn being a consultant for Bandcamp before the service launched in 2007.

    After expanding his non-profit to carry a music education school and community center in Chicago, Benn moved to the Atlanta area in 2017 and started what has now become one of the most popular YouTube channels in the pro-audio and audio technology space. The channel now exists under Benn’s non-profit umbrella and funds data-science and the never ending challenge of finding ethical business models that can make the music business easier to navigate for artists and creators. During this time his unique relationship with audio-related businesses and organizations expanded as fast as his amount of viewers and public reach.

    Benn Jordan doesn’t exactly keep it a secret that he’s discontent with the way independent artists have been treated by the tech industry, and he is very proactive about getting ahead of the curve and attempting to help write and set ethical standards for AI audio technology.

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  • Multi-platinum, GRAMMY nominated artist/producers Grey – comprised of brothers Kyle and Michael Trewartha – are known for their chart-topping style of pop music, blending crisp electronic production and infectious vocal melodies. Each amassing over 2 billion global streams, Grey’s viral hit singles “The Middle” and “Starving” introduced Grey to virtually every corner of the world. In 2016, RIAA Quadruple-Platinum song “Starving” with Hailee Steinfeld and Zedd reached #5 at the US Top 40 and was nominated for an AMA. In 2018, “The Middle” – in collaboration with Zedd and Maren Morris– became a certified RIAA Triple-Platinum record, held the #1 spot on the US Top 40 charts for five consecutive weeks, and accumulated three GRAMMY nominations, two iHeart MusicAwards, a Billboard Music Award, and an AMA nomination. Grey has performed “The Middle” with collaborators Zedd and Marren Morris on The Billboard Music Awards and Ellen.

    Other notable releases include Camila Cabello collaboration “Crown” for Netflix’s Bright Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, and “Grey Area” featuring Disney starlet Sofia Carson.

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  • "I'm a music producer and a private investigator. My experiences in both music and investigation illustrate the limitless potential of embracing duality."- Merrickk

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    Merrickk News: 2 track EP titled "Digital Errands" out now on Soundz Organic collective

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  • Bob Macciochi (aka 'Macc') has been mastering professionally for 10 years.

    Bob enjoys working with music across all genres, from large hip hop labels to independent ambient, dubstep and drum n bass artists. He's also mastered electrosynthpoppunk bands, extreme death metal albums, J-pop, commercial and local bands, the odd jazz band and all manner of other things.

    A keen engineering geek with a passion for good sound and degree-level physics education, Bob regularly helps out engineers and producers of all levels, to help them improve their own production.

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  • From the American Midwest, Mikrodot blends high-energy dubstep with chill, dub vibes. Mixing world instruments and a positive message, he's created a unique sound that's both edgy and zen. With a background in music production, Mikrodot focuses on authentic music and community vibes over fame. He's dropped tracks on top platforms like DUPLOC and has his own label, High Vibration Audio. As a DJ, he's all about the 140 sound, rocking crowds in the US and beyond. But for Mikrodot, DJing isn't just about the party—it's about healing and uplifting people through music.

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  • Dive into the next episode featuring the unstoppable force in the bass genre: Whales. With a distinct blend of atmospheric basslines, hard-hitting synths, and eclectic melodies, he's crafted a soundscape that continually captivates. From a musical prodigy at age 7 to teaching himself the intricacies of electronic production, Whales turned life’s challenges into anthems of resilience and inspiration. With collaborations spanning from Excision to Shaquille O’Neal and features in top-tier outlets like Forbes and BBC, he's an artist refusing to be boxed in. Boasting over a billion plays and tracks like ‘Dead To Me’ hitting major global charts, this episode unveils the journey and genius of a music maverick pushing boundaries. Don't miss the chance to hear from an artist whose passion and innovation knows no limits.

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  • Steve Roland is a career music producer, serial entrepreneur, as well as a communication and relationship expert. In addition to his experience as a coach and workshop facilitator, he is also Chief Business Officer of the sample label Black Octopus Sound. He is known for his proficiency in Emotional Intelligence.

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  • Since 2006, Freedom Fighters, aka Shahaf Efrat, has been a dominant force in the world of Progressive Psytrance. Starting from humble beginnings in Tel Aviv, Israel, he has risen to perform on some of the biggest festival stages worldwide, from Electric Daisy Carnival (United States) to Hadra Festival (France), Maitreya Festival (Australia), Playground Festival (Brazil), The Gathering (Japan), Ommix’s Atmosphere Festival (Mexico), and Groove Attack (Israel).

    Beyond psytrance, Freedom Fighters draws influence from various genres, creating a unique sound of his own. He has collaborated with renowned artists like Astrix, Simon Patterson, Ace Ventura, and Skazi, producing remarkable remixes. One of his notable achievements is the anthem "Marshmallows," a collaboration with Captain Hook, which has surpassed 1.5 million views on YouTube.

    His impact extends to the traditional trance scene, with a groundbreaking remix of Simon Patterson's Beatport #1 hit "Dissolve." This earned him recognition from fellow trance artists and a spot on Armin Van Buuren's esteemed radio show, "A State Of Trance."

    In 2015, Freedom Fighters released his highly anticipated album "Rebel" on HOMmega, which secured the top spot on Beatport for several consecutive weeks, solidifying his status as an unforgettable artist.

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  • Infected Mushroom is an Israeli musical duo formed in Haifa in 1996 by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. They produce and perform psytrance, electronica, dream trance and psychedelic music. They are one of the best-selling groups in Israeli music history in terms of both domestic and international sales.

    They employ a variety of musical sources, including acoustic guitars and complex synthesized basses. Their compositions often contain changes of drum beat and tempo. Infected Mushroom's live shows feature vocals and analogue instruments in performances that are set against a multimedia backdrop.


  • Sound designer / musician / content creator person, mostly known for my work in sound design (partial list on my website) and my youtube channel where I mostly focus these days on the philosophical and psychological aspects of creativity/artistry. Most of my music work focuses on composition and commissioned music/sound work for things like trailer production houses, music for apps, some media composition stuff, as well as a ton of demo tracks for products and software (the demo song that comes with cubase and stuff like that). 29 years old, from the VERY rural midwest (town of like 800 people), and currently located outside Nashville, TN. Wife, two dogs, some recently acquired cowboy boots, an obscene amount of coffee paraphernalia, and a glorious selection of local bourbon and whiskey.

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    GARDNSOUND (aka. No Effort, and Whitey McWhiterson) is a literal jack-of-all-trades from Atlanta, GA. He’s held positions as a Chef, Accountant, Prop Builder, Studio Builder, and SQL Admin in addition to his life-long passion for writing electronic music. GARDNSOUND writes a variety of music, most recently focused on ambient, textural, modular driven composition - which can be found on all major streaming platforms. GARDNSOUND also moonlights as the lofi artist “No Effort”, as well as the hip hop artist known as “Whitey McWhiterson”. In addition to popular music venues, Gardner has performed as an orchestral musician in various concert halls across the United States and Europe. As GARDNSOUND he has released a total of 6 studio albums, with at least 2 more to be released this year. He has been credited as a studio musician, recording engineer, performer, remix artist, or composer on over 27 albums and releases to date outside of his own work.


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  • Striking a balance between the experimental and the accessible, Smigonaut aka Josh Kipersztok produces low-down, left-field neuro bass, but couches it in familiar jazzy frameworks. Today he’s a mainstay on lineups at major music festivals and curated club nights throughout the US. He’s released with prolific labels like The Rust Music, Street Ritual, and VALE, and collaborated with kindred spirits like Jade Cicada and DeeZ.

    In addition, Josh has spent the past several years working as a professional sound designer, first in the music tech space at companies such as iZotope, and is currently working in automotive sound design at the electric car company Fisker.


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  • Keota (Tom) is a producer from Vernon, NJ (living in Denver, CO). He’s performed at recognized venues and events across the USA including Mission Ballroom, Kings Theatre, Sound Haven, Sol Fest, Nocturnal Funktion, and many others. Keota specializes in spunky, laid back basslines, schizophrenic percussion, and shuffley rhythms, taking heavy inspiration from the sounds being cultivated in and pushed out of Bristol, UK. He also runs a Patreon and has had over 200 students over the last 5+ years.


    Bookings: [email protected]

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  • This is Thys (Thijs de Vlieger): DJ, producer and composer
    from the north of the Netherlands. His DJ sets are a
    reflection of a two-decade-long musical course. With razor-
    sharp and unexpected mixing, he seamlessly blends a
    multitude of bass heavy genres. Creating energetic waves,
    not afraid to make bold leaps, but never losing sight of the
    When producing club music De Vlieger loves to mix up
    BPMS and moods. His recent “Shoulder To Shoulder” EP is a
    clear statement of intent in that regard: a love letter to
    club music and the intuitive feeling of togetherness that
    loud music in a dark room can unlock for us.
    But when writing music in a more “composer” role, the
    range stretches even wider:
    Repeated collaborations with Amon Tobin, a short film for
    Iris Van Herpen with renowned harpist Lavinia Meijer
    (Biomimicry), a feature film with Salvador Breed (Mycelia;
    unreleased at the time of writing), three scores for
    contemporary dance performances, writing for full
    symphonic orchestra and classical ensembles, and an
    album composed for church organ, cello and viola, with the
    organ recorded by De Vlieger himself (unreleased): Thys
    will not be tied down to one sound or genre.
    As a member of widely recognised electronic music trio
    Noisia, Thys has toured the world for decades, has
    collaborated with and remixed a range of top tier artists
    like The Prodigy and Skrillex, and scored for AAA
    videogames such as DMC: Devil May Cry and Motorstorm:

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  • Beyond being in a constant release cycle this year (shout outs Chase Atlantic, Mersiv, Luzcid, LSDream, Clozee, A Hundred Drums, & Ravenscoon) My biggest news is the launch of my non-profit educational institute dedicated to helping people learn audio engineering with almost no barrier to entry. You can find more info here

  • Ben Cantil (a.k.a. Encanti) is a music producer, synthesist, sound designer, performer, DJ, VJ, and electronic music teacher.
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    Rob Clouth is an electronic musician, sound designer and new media artist based in Barcelona.

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    AI death metal band. Emulating musicians dead or alive with neural networks. We're a couple of weirdo metalhead noise musicians who met at Berklee College doing machine learning research, building raw audio neural networks to generate music in genres like death metal, mathcore, breakcore.

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  • Paper Skies is a producer and graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada known for his uplifting melodic style. Complexity meets simplicity in an electronic setting to create tracks such as Celestial and Comet, which would reach over 100,000 streams in 2018. Known widely in the EDM community for his releases with Killabite Media and Rushdown, he continues to build a name for himself while spreading positivity and engaging with as many fans as possible. He states, "Paper Skies is everything I want to be known for as a person. I do my best to make everyone who supports my music feel important to me, because they really are! If someone leaves a comment on my music, the least I can do is let them know how appreciative I am."

    His attitude, passion for his craft and inspiring tunes have helped him grow speedily since he began in 2016 on Soundcloud. He claims his journey as Paper Skies has only begun, and he shows no signs of slowing down.


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  • Opiuo is a genre-bending plethora of auditory and visual masterclasses. Born in 1984 in rural New Zealand, his parents provided the land upon which music festivals were held. This extremely formative growth surrounded by the early incarnations of Aotearoa’s electronic music scene exposed him to the celebration of life through self-expression, dance, and giant sound systems. These experiences shaped so much of who he is & what he stands for today. Positivity and movement at the core of the project, his music is an infectious electronic based blend of funk, soul, psychedelia, and booty-shaking bass. 
 Now calling Australia home, Oscar tours his party-starting music throughout the globe. Having spent more than a decade performing at some of the world's most renowned festivals and venues including Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, and Coachella, as well as selling out Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre, he’s performed his music in an unimaginably large array of formats. From the self-built SYZYGY Orchestras, to symphony choirs, touring his own Opiuo Band, and most recently as an immersive solo audio & visual show, his live creativity is limitless. 
 Taking home the New Zealand Music Award for Best Electronic Album in 2014, his catalogue is vast. Having released 4 full-length albums, 10 EPs, and a myriad of singles and remixes over the last 12 years. His 5th studio album is titled “A Shape Of Sound” and is on the way this August. His most diverse, expansive, and detailed yet.

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  • ^^photo credit goes to Evan Glicker @sattadondada (IG) for @isometricmag ^^

    An interstellar cyber-funk bass champion, Freddy Todd has no time to waste in this galaxy. Born & raised in metro-Detroit, he found his way into the matrix at age 14, slowly understanding the intricacies of glitch found within Windows XP. After being bestowed a keytar from his main homie (his dad) at 22, he has continued to shred not only the minds of his fans but the evil vibes throughout the world. Freddy Todd is a psychedelic hyper throw down party for the people, and something to be witnessed and enjoyed at full volume… but also medium volume works (protect your ears).

    For the past decade, Freddy has played all over the realm from Australia to Canada to his main circuit in the United States. Notable performances include Red Rocks, Coachella, EDC Chicago, Okeechobee, Electric Forest, Shambala, Burning Man, on an airplane wing at a rave in the forest outside Portland, the Detroit Masonic Temple, and many others. Catch him at Electric Forest 2023 this summer along with many more soon to be announced festivities.

    “Freddy Todd, EDM producer, musician, and probable shapeshifter who has visited the golden idols of the moon…” -Duncan Trussell, 2019

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    Twitter, IG, FB, & tik tok: @freddytoddmusic




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