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  • Hang out with Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster, the lesbians you'd want at your potluck! Covering topics on lesbian experiences, representation, culture, life, love, etc. for some sapphic socialization!

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  • Alice Caldwell-Kelly, Abi Thorn and Devon watch a different Bond film each fortnight in an attempt to give 007 the socialist, feminist upcoming he so richly deserves.

  • 'Vad sjutton gör vi?' utbrast hon och rättade till sin klänning, medan Justin försökte dra henne till sig igen. 'Nej, detta är inte okej. Någon kan komma på oss.' Justin drog sig upp från bänken och drog henne till sig. 'Och om det skulle ske? Vore det så hemskt?' sa han hest i hennes öra. Tania såg sig tveksamt om. Allt hade varit så underbart skönt och ljudet som nått henne hade fått henne tillbaka till verkligheten och all kontroll hon hade släppt. Hjärtat dunkade ännu dubbla slag.

    Längtan är en novellsamling fylld av passionerad vällust och är den första skriven av svenska Shailene Craig.

    Uppläsare: Mari Götesdotter, Johan Svensson, Åsa Widéen

    Boken är utgiven av Word Audio Publishing – Sveriges största digitala förlag. (9789175238470)

  • Einer von uns fährt Tesla, einer Lamborghini. Einer isst regelmäßig bei Metzger Lesser, der andere lebt vegan. Den einen hat es nach Madeira gezogen, der andere liebt Buxtehude. Aus diesen Unterschieden ergeben sich Diskussionen und überraschende Gemeinsamkeiten, über die wir hier im Podcast sprechen. Willkommen zu Chatgeflüster mit MontanaBlack und Unge.

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  • Ready Cassette Go! is a Disney fan podcast that follows Bre, Ben and Kat as they watch their favorite Disney Movies again as adults!

  • La voce di Aldo Rock e i suoni di Dj Aladyn, la notte tra domenica e lunedì (dalle 00.00 alle 00.30), ci raccontano una storia legata a un libro.

  • Episode reviews and discussion for various TV Shows from Mild Fuzz TV.

  • Anthology is a podcast exploring science fiction anthology television from TV's first golden age beginning with The Twilight Zone. Each week, join host Matt Hurt (The Obsessive Viewer podcast) as he discusses the plot, themes, and trivia of an episode of The Twilight Zone as well as how he felt as a first time viewer of the show.

    Classic TV shows planned for future seasons of the podcast include The Outer Limits, Tales of Tomorrow, Science Fiction Theatre, Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond, The Ray Bradbury Theater, and more. Bonus episodes are also planned for modern sci-fi anthology shows like Black Mirror, Dimension 404, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, and Jordan Peele's 2019 reboot of The Twilight Zone.

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  • Founded in 2017, The Losers’ Club® is a weekly series that chronologically digs through the work of Stephen King with humor, irreverence, and a critical eye. Each episode, the Losers gather together to read between the iconic pages and share the latest in King’s Dominion, whether it’s the author’s oft-controversial tweets, the boldest Hollywood headlines, or his endless forthcoming projects. The series also regularly features special guests. In the past, the Losers have spoken to Mike Flanagan, Thomas Jane, Tananarive Due, Owen Teague, Mick Garris, Mary Lambert, Jerry O’Connell, Wil Wheaton, Joe Bob Briggs, and many, many more.

    Suitable for readers both Constant and casual.

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  • Girls On Film is a film review podcast from a female perspective, hosted by film critic and broadcaster Anna Smith

  • Investigative journalist Elizabeth Vargas teams up with former members of controversial organizations to tell the stories of believers and leaders of cults in CULTS AND EXTREME BELIEFS PODCAST. In our after show, we’re teaming up to explain the unbelievable stories revealed from those who’ve seen the other side of cult life. Tune in here for reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes, as well as the insider scoop from cast and crew members on the show.

  • The show is all about the hit TV Show Moonlighting that aired from 1985 to 1989 starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.

    Grace Chivell and Shawna Saari take a look at each episode in chronological order from the Pilot to the end of the fifth and final season.

    They discuss the direction, the production, the outfits, the lighting, the car chases, and the tumultuous relationship between Maddie Hayes and David Addison.

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  • En podcast av Hannes Björkqvist, Totte Esselström och Roy Mäki-Fränti.

    Tre Vasakillar som tänkte prata om film men tappade spåret och pratar om allt mellan himmel och jord.

  • Join Joe Betance and a rotating panel of co-hosts as they recap the latest episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race. Irreverent, smart and hilarious, Drag Race Recap will satisfy your craving to eavesdrop on gay friends as they critique their favorite reality show.

  • The Handmaid's Tale takes place in a version of the United States that’s ruled by a religious authoritarian regime obsessed with making as many babies as possible. And now it's been adapted to a TV show that critics are literally raving about.

    The Red Center is a podcast from The Outline about that show. Each week, hosts Laura June and Rose Eveleth discuss the most recent episode of The Handmaid's Tale through the lens of a specific topic, like motherhood, race, politics, crime, or the book the show is based on.

    Under his eye.

  • On Skillset, every guest is an expert, and every week they teach you and me a new way to look at the movies. MTV Chief Film Critic Amy Nicholson talks to behind-the-scenes specialists who make movie magic and actors about the obsessions that shaped them. Season two is about high school movies, which means it’s actually about dozens of things like, the lost “Breakfast Club” footage you’ve never seen, what a principal thinks about “Ferris Bueller” and how Laney Boggs got her makeover in “She’s All That.” Skillset is a proud member of the MTV Podcast Network. You can check out other great shows including Speed Dial, Lady Problems, The Stakes, and Happy Sad Confused at

  • A light-hearted comedic spoiler free movie podcast focusing on the week's new cinema releases. Darren Hayes and Anthony Armentano spend their hard earned (or borrowed) cash to see the latest film releases and tell you what they thought. Because they don't get in for free, their opinions are honest. Honestly! May contain funny bits (they're both Groundlings trained improvisers) and strange non sequiturs (Anthony has a degree in film and Darren has an Olympic medal in rambling). Maybe some naughty words too.

  • Series creator Ricky Gervais (The Office, Extras) and actor Warwick Davis (Return of the Jedi, Harry Potter, Willow) discuss their new TV series. Life's Too Short is a fake documentary about a talent agency for small people, 'Dwarves For Hire', that is run by an actor (Davis) who takes the best jobs for himself. Moderated by Boyd Hilton at the Apple Store Regent Street in London.