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  • Rasja His style is a mixture of Tech House,melodic house, melodic techno
    and Retro and wherever you hear him play you'll know just how much he loves spinning as
    he takes you to the floor.

  • Promotion des artistes en herbe 

    A leurs demandes et apres sélection, L'ODJ Média ouvre cette espace de partage et de diffusion pour faire mieux connaitre principalement les jeunes musicien(e)s et leutrs donner plus de visibilité.

    L'ODJ diffuse aussi ces artistes en herbe sur sa Web Radio et son portail mais aussi sa Web TV Live afin de maximiser leurs audiences et faire connaitre leurs créations.

    Vous aussi , soyez parmi nous en proposant vos créations musicales à partir de ce formulaire en lgne   ( 

    “L’ODJ” c'est quoi ?: « L’opinion des jeunes » de 7 à 77 ans / L'information à l'ordre du jour (  

  • L'Podcast, le nouveau RDV mensuel avec les créateurs de contenu qui inspirent !

    Un podcast animé par Younes Lazrak, proposé par JAWJAB et soutenu par Studio Code 30 by CIH Bank.

  • Norient is a platform for the sound of the world: for contemporary music, quality journalism, cutting-edge research, and events. Norient conceives music, sound, and noise as seismographs of our time. This podcast channel mixes music, sound and speech, and approaches the world through the ear. It runs the gamut of formats and content, from straight journalism to experimental and documentary approaches, ethnography and fiction, sound art and improvisation.

    Visit and become a member. Norient’s aim is to empower thinkers and artists from across the globe to produce new stories of our fast-changing world.

  • Voici les "Chroniques de David" dans l'émission de Fabrice "Citylights" sur #meuseFm

  • Sharing to you only good music coming from my very own playlist 💜 Side note: music can be played in full only when you link your Spotify Premium Account to Anchor. Also, it's a plus if you enjoy Korean music 😉

  • WaxFiend Di Champion Yuh See! For the past 15 years this DJ has made a mark for himself: Golden Plaque and award winning mixtapes, gigs all over Europe and regular tours in Asia and the Caribbean and a weekly show on Holland’s leading urban radiostation are just a few things that keep this man busy. Besides his activity as a dj he is also responsible for some of most respected nightlife concepts Jamrock & Encore. Everything he does bleeds music, so trust him with your ears and enjoy the mixtapes!

  • A platform made for passionate musicians to express themselves through music

  • Fayssal known as Mister toto seems to be a name taking the mix scene by thunder. Mr toto is becoming the best most successful Tribal House, Afro, Moombathon, dancehall and Tech House DJ to rise out of Algeria.
    Born in 1991 Toto exhibited his true love and pleasure for Tribal music at an early age of 14 with influences from names like Hernán Cattáneo, Danny Tenaglia, and Steve Lawler.

    he had played in big clubs in Algeria (Timgad , Meridia / Oran , Zenit ...) and Tunisia like ( Latino El Hammamat...and many more)

    He had a great experience with the american's Company called 'Next Level' and in the final He was rewarded as best scratch DJ & and the award was submitted by US ambassador's himself in Algeria

  • المقاطع الصوتية للقارئ خالد بن فهد الجليل - امام جامع الملك خالد بن عبدالعزيز رحمه الله

  • Eminem's entire catalogue reviewed by comedians with no filter.

  • Web radio indépendante basée à Marrakech dédiée aux musiques électroniques, sélection quotidienne de 18h à 6h du matin(UTC+1)
    — Retrouvez ici les podcasts des invités La Confiserie

    Independent web radio based in Marrakech dedicated to electronic music, daily selection from 6 pm to 6 am (UTC + 1).
    Find here the radio show dedicated to Moroccan talents, broadcast every Wednesday on the radio.

  • American Rap Magazine is truly the culture for your ears. It’s a podcast dedicated to exploring the different facets of music and how everything from relationships to politics shape our perspective of our society, our story. Tune in it’s everything you wanted hear.Follow Us: IG: Support this podcast:

  • Les portraits de « la Bande Passante », une série de feuilletons divisés en plusieurs épisodes sur la vie et l’œuvre d’artistes africains francophones et français également, dont la musique nous berce depuis plus de quatre décennies. De Manu Dibango à Youssou N’Dour en passant par Jane Birkin et Salif Keïta, découvrez la biographie sonore de ces groupes et chanteurs à travers des archives, souvent exclusives, de leurs débuts à aujourd’hui. Collaborations, combats, engagements, vie extra-musicale, cinématographique voire politique. Le tout commenté par le musicien mis à l’honneur, qui revient sur ses plus beaux moments, ses éventuels regrets et ses projets. Un grand merci à la sonothèque de RFI et à l’INA. Réalisation : Cécile Bonici.

  • All About K-Pop News, Kpop Commentary Videos, What happened to Series, How Kpop Groups Have Formed Series , Discussions about What's going on Kpop world along with Theories and explanations about Kpop music videos., Etc..

  • An episodic deep dive into hand picked music, films, and the twist and turns of life between two friends. Life is short, so why not talk about it?
    Hosted by Jesus Sanchez and Kaleb Slack

  • الدعاة والدعوة في بوركينا فاسو : الإسلام في بوركينا فاسو أهل السنة والجماعة. ومن كبار الدعاة في بوركينا فاسو / الشيخ أبو بكر ميغا الأول/ الشيخ الحاج يعقوب ويوغيا / الشيخ جابر كوغورسيغي/ الشيخ لول يانغدي/الشيخ علي كيلا/الشيخ التجاني دوري/ الشيخ إبراهيم تسليم/ الشيخ عبد الرحمن بولغيارغو/ الشيخ مختار كايا /الشيخ تنسالغا/ ومن المعاصرين /الشيخ أبو بكر ثاني/الدكتور أبوبكر دوكوري /الشيخ محمود باندي/ الشيخ أبو بكر سانا/ الدكتور خالد سانا/ الدكتور محمد إسحاق كندو/ الدكتور أحمد سوادغو /الشيخ إبراهيم سوادغو الواعظي/ وغيرهم كثيرون

  • Ritmo Latino is a Radio Show/Podcast spearheaded by Dj Dirty Dave & Dj Steve C. Bringing you the hottest music & best dj’s worldwide! Listen to our mixshow on Latino 106.3fm Friday - Sunday (7pm-12am) Check out our podcast on iTunes and Mixcloud!