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  • A Christian Author’s Transformative Conversations with God

    Are you an aspiring author who finds yourself perpetually stuck at the start line of your writing dreams no matter how many books you read, podcasts you listen to, or courses you take?

    Then welcome to Rise from Stuck with Bonnie Jean Schaefer.

    I understand what it’s like to:

    - Dream big dreams
    - See the possibilities that await me in the distance
    - Feel hope and passion and excitement.

    ***But then let my doubts, fears, and excuses keep me paralyzed when it comes time to take action.***

    I understand what it’s like to ignore God’s call convince myself I can’t succeed because I don’t have:

    - Enough money
    - Enough talent
    - Enough resources
    - A team
    - A network
    - The right credentials
    - A charismatic personality
    - A huge social media following.

    ***But I’m learning to understand that my real problem is that I don’t trust God with my whole heart and thus fail to implement what I know I should do because of my doubt-filled, excuse-riddled mindset.***

    I’m also learning to understand that **seeking God first is the answer**.

    I’ve known this core truth all along. I’ve been a Christian since age four, earned my Bible degree in 1999, and published four novels so far, one as me and three as fantasy author DK Drake.

    But despite decades of devouring books and courses and programs about writing, business, and personal development, I’ve refused to believe I can succeed as an author even though I’ve learned how to tell a pretty darn good story. Which is how I’ve gotten myself stuck in a job.

    My job is not my passion, though. Writing and teaching and training and speaking and leading are my driving passions in life.

    I’m done feeling stuck.

    Which means it’s time to RISE.

    Before I can rise, though, I must first fall. My faulty foundation that is built on my doubt-filled, fear-fueled, excuse-riddled mindset has to crumble so that I can start fresh with a firm foundation and framework that honors God.

    Beginning with episode 14 and beyond, the purpose of this podcast is to document my journey from a stuck dreamer to a strong and courageous action taker.

    My mission is to trust God to rewire my mental game, from my core convictions to my writing dreams and all the roles I play in between.

    The only way I know to do that effectively is to talk to God. I’ll thus be sharing my conversations with God with the expectation that these conversations will transform the fabric of my soul and lead me to vastly different results than I am experiencing right now.

    I hope that by sharing my journey, you’ll be inspired to start your own.

    This rise from stuck journey may be a bumpy ride, but as we learn to trust God, respect our strengths, and do the writing work our dreams require, we are going to build confidence, courage and consistency in the pursuit of God and our writing dreams.

    So snatch your pen. Strap into God’s word. Grab on to my hand. And let’s rise from stuck. Together.

  • Three reformed Christians chat and discuss church issues and topics. We will talk about life, history, politics and whatever else tickles our fancy. All this will be done from a Christian perspective, seeking to apply the 21st century to the Bible and not the other way round. Theologically we differ on several tertiary issues. Yet we are united through Christ and do not see these differences as a hindrance in our service of the Lord.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  • The River Morning Show with Josh, Chad & Hannah is a daily radio show heard each weekday morning in Columbus, Ohio on 104.9 The River. These are some of the funniest, heart-warming, and sometimes bizarre moments from the week! Plus, exclusives that are ONLY for you when listening right here. And don’t forget to rate and subscribe!

    You can also listen to the live recording here

  • 60 seconds of gratitude provided by Terry T 90 to take in plus goods you can enjoy as life goes on. Embrace who you are. Evolve onto the person you're created to be. Enjoy those who enjoy you. Enjoy your day, God bless.

  • "On n'a rien à cacher" tel est le titre du podcast sans tabou réalisé par le collectif ResKP et produit par Trésorsmédia.

    Tour à tour, sous la forme d'une interview, avec simplicité mais aussi beaucoup de courage parfois, chacun se livre pour vous partager ses expériences, parler de ses tentations, de ses combats mais aussi de ses joies, de sa restauration ou de sa délivrance.

    Ainsi vous découvrirez que ces jeunes rescapés sont avant tout des gens comme vous... des jeunes ordinaires secourus d'une manière totalement extraordinaire.

    Hébergé par Acast. Visitez pour plus d'informations.

  • This podcast has Ethiopian and Ethiopian Orthodox Christian contents, Including prayer book and Amharic language basics. Hope it helps !

  • Pastoral Reflections on Family, Friends and the World in which we live

  • Candid Conversations on Today’s Topics, that Connect our Community. Check us out at Support this podcast:

  • هي محطة إذاعية لبنانية مسيحية هدفها نشر رسالة المسيح الخلاصية وإعلان حق كلمته وخلاصه المتاح للبشرية جمعاء من خلال عمل الصليب، بغض النظرعن الخلفية والدين والعرق.في ظل الظروف التي يمر بها بلدنا والمنطقة وكل الأخبار المظلمة والسوداوية، نعلن أن في وسط هذا الظلام "ليكن نور" من مصدر النور والسلام والفرح الحقيقي، وذلك من خلال برامج متنوعة ومميزة وخلاقة.هدفنا أن نشارك ما نمر به من تحديات واختبارات وانتصارات، ونكون إلى جانب كل من هم في ضيق!فهكذا علمنا سيدنا ومخلصنا الرب يسوع المسيح أن نساعد بعضنا البعض ونصلي من أجل بعضنا البعض.نأمل أن تكون هذه المحطة !سبب بركة لحياتكم وتشجيع لكمفي هذا البودكاست سنضع بعض من فقرات برامجنا التي نأمل ان تشجعكم وتكون سبب بركة لكم

  • Sojourn Community Church is a new gospel-centered church in Chattanooga that seeks to love Jesus, cultivate community and be missionaries.

    Also Find our Sermons on iTunes and GooglePlay!

  • هنقدم ليكم بعض من فضائل شهر شعبان وشهر رمضان وبعض من قصص الصالحين

  • Andrew a commencé son ministère en 1972. Il est le président et fondateur de Andrew Wommack Ministries et de l'école biblique Charis basés au Colorado. Depuis plus de quatre décennies, Andrew annonce la Parole de Dieu. Sa révélation est enseignée avec clarté et simplicité, en mettant l'accent sur l'amour et la grâce inconditionnels de Dieu. Ses programmes quotidiens de radio et de télévision sur la vérité de l'Évangile sont diffusés au niveau national et international.

  • The Inner Calm Podcast, hosted by Maddison Vernon shares practical information and invitations to bring meditation, mindfulness and slow living into your life to help you connect to your own inner calm.

  • ¿Quieres conocer y descubrir lo increible y poderoso de Dios? Date una oportunidad siguiendo estos podcast basados en la Biblia reina valera 1960 /También Reinicio Bob Sorge, Una vida con propósito Rick Warren, El Ayuno de Daniel Kristine Feola Canciones Cristianas, Su Princesa, Cartas de Amor de tu Rey Sheri Rose, Los Procesos de tu FE Angélica y vendrán más sorpresas de parte de Dios que te encantarán.
    No dejes de oir ningún libro de la Biblia, porque Dios hará milagros y cumplirá sus planes y propósitos para tu vida que te impactarán.

  • Bienvenue sur ce Podcast sur lequel nous allons partager, parler, discuter de nos expériences en tant que jeunes chrétiens. Nous allons donner notre opinion sur les challenges que peuvent rencontrer les jeunes chrétiens.

    Nous ne sommes pas des prédicateurs, justes des frères qui échangent sur divers sujets et dans le but de faire la promotion de Jésus.

    No Stress and Stay Blessed

  • This is the “classic” text-based shiur, covering the entire Sicha, and geared to those familiar with Likkutei Sichos. Following the learning cycle of Project Likkutei Sichos

  • Sandra est née en Suisse, dans une famille catholique traditionnelle. Elle est touchée particulièrement par Jésus à 7 ans lors de sa première communion. Puis à l’adolescence, elle se lance dans une carrière de mannequin effrénée où elle parcourt le monde de Paris à New York. C’est à Amsterdam, dans une chambre d’hôtel que Jésus vient à nouveau frapper à sa porte. Elle quittera sa vie de paillettes pour LE suivre. Elle se marie avec Julien, poursuit des études de psychologue et, ensemble, ils accueillent 6 garçons. Aujourd’hui, ils sont pasteurs à Annecy ( ).
    Sandra est à l’origine de plusieurs ministères : la guérison intérieure et la délivrance ( esaï ), les femmes ( ), la famille , les pertes de grossesse (Zoah), la louange prophétique ( ) et une chaîne YouTube. Sandra et Julien poursuivent ensemble le même objectif, ils désirent voir l’Église se réveiller à son premier amour, retrouver sa passion et révéler Jésus dans la société, dans tous les domaines, en particulier la famille.

  • Looking to explore stoicism? Enjoy a narrated letter from Seneca's Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium once a week. Also available by mail. Learn to think like a stoic on contemplative walks, your daily commute, or however you choose to enjoy podcast.

    Letters and writings from other famous stoics and philosophers, including Marcus Aurelius, will follow once this series conclude.

  • Welcome to a space where we discuss motherhood mindfulness, simplifying our lives, intuitive health, and spiritual connection…all through the power of God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ…who are so ready and willing to help us in our journeys.

    Luke 1:37 - “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”