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  • Understanding yourself is the start; converting awareness into action is what matters. That is the focus of the Awareness to Action Enneagram—taking the deep insights of the Enneagram, refining them into a language that is simple-yet-profound, and developing practical applications for growth and development in all aspects of our lives. In this podcast, Awareness to Action International’s partners, Mario Sikora (US), Maria Jose Munita (Chile), and Tamer Zanaty (Egypt) discuss various elements and applications of the ATA Enneagram and share how it can enrich the listener’s life.

    - Season 1 - The Enneagram in a Movie: Mario, Maria Jose, and Tamer teach the Nine Enneagram Strategies and Three Instinctual Biases Through the Lens of Movies. A good movie captures realistic depictions of human nature, so movies can be an excellent introduction to the Enneagram. Great films often accurately illustrate the Ennea-type strategies and instinctual biases. Season One of The Awareness to Action Podcast is called, “The Enneagram in a Movie.” Rather than simply focus on the Ennea-types of specific characters, each episode will focus on one movie that illustrates the broader theme of one of the strategies or instinctual biases.

  • Nowadays everything is going digital, and technology changes at breakneck speed, and in a blink of an eye, strategies and communications means become outdated, and you need to be on the same wavelength with this development.

  • Let's talk about Ankh
    Is where we discuss life and success as seen by teenagers in Egypt.
    Every two weeks on Saturdays will be getting a new episode featuring a new topic so stay tuned.

  • Myanmarလူငယ်များအတွက် စာပေဟောပြောပွဲ

  • Join Dr. Hanan El Basha - The Business Doctor in conversations with empowered women who woke up one day and consciously claimed - I am more than enough, I am worthy, I am empowered to grow! Along with their empowering journey towards realising their own potential and their quest for growth, they became a beacon of hope and guidance for others - may you also find your power to grow.

  • Presenting Banking Tips under a show named: Banknolgy .Presenting some other things you may find interesting. Don't forget to search for me on Instagram/Twitter/YouTube & Facebook

  • My goal is to share real-life experience and lessons learned based on my 22 years of living as an Egyptian in the USA. Including conversations with friends, I'm hoping you will find some interesting ideas and understand different perspectives than your own. هدفى إنى أشاركك بتجربتى فى الحياه والدروس اللى إتعلمتها خلال ٢٢ سنه من العيشه فى أمريكا، حسمّعك رأيى ورأى ضيوفى، أتمنى وجهة النظر المختلفه تكون مفيده ليك، شاركنى برأيك

  • This podcast will help you reprogram your mind and take you in the direction of success by believing in your self and your ability.An ordinary is an always extraordinary which you will know and create yourself by reprogramming your belief system

  • A podcast exclusively for teen girls, You inside out, aka UIO, features 20–25 minutes of straight talk about real issues that teenage girls are grappling with today.

    From principles to personality, as well as physical to psychological stuff, UIO covers a range of hot topics to help girls make sense of the space they are in now, but that also have reference and relevance for the future.

  • تشارككم الدكتورة وفاء بنت محمد الطجل خبرتها كباحثة ومختصة في التعليم المبكروكمستشارة ودارسة لعلم النفس التعليمي، نتحدث عن الطرق والفلسفات والفنون والأفكارالخارطة والخطوات، لنصنع معاً التجربة التعليمية الأميز

    هذا البودكاست من مؤسسة التربويون للنشر والتوزيع https://twitter.com/ALTarbaweyoon

  • Targeted to Teenagers and those who are still in college.Discussing topics that many of you have questions about..Make sure you share with a friend who needs to hear this and send me your questions on my instagram's DM

  • This podcast series will highlight some of the most important aspects of linguistics. Over the span of numerous episodes, we’ll discuss topics such as the definition of linguistics, history of the English language, word structure, speech sounds, grammar, meaning, sentence structure, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about language but don’t have oodles of free time, this series will introduce you to the beauty of linguistics in short and sweet light-hearted episodes.

  • Join lifelong friends Raneem and Mo as they dive headfirst into their curiosity. Time to have fun chats about everything from culture to fashion. Young & Curious is a podcast show about two teens who have lots of questions and even more storytimes.

  • J'essaye d'apprendre le français et de te l'apprendre avec moi

    احاول تعلم الفرنسية واعلمها لكم معي

  • Join Maddie, a 15 year old freshman, in The Flowering Compass: A Teen’s Journey to Self Discovery as she tackles the big questions of life by talking to other teens (and adults) about their journeys to self discovery in deep, meaningful, and sometimes hilarious conversations.✨

  • Making travel more accessible to young people ages 21-35. Travel tips and travel hacks for solo travelers, who love authentic camping, hiking, and cultural experiences.

    Some of our travel community's favorite destinations: US National Parks, Costa Rica, Belize, Peru & Machu Picchu, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Thailand, & Bali!

    Hosted by Matt Wilson, digital nomad, CEO of Under30Experiences, and author of The Millennial Travel Guidebook: Escape More, Spend Less, & Make Travel a Priority in Your Life.

  • Hosted by Chief Scientist at Notiontheory Kristian Bouw, featuring special guests each week from leading universities around the world, this bite-sized 30 minute audio podcast digs into the findings behind some of the most innovative 3D, AR, and VR research happening today.

  • Bienvenue sur le podcast Faguoren | 法国人 ! Sur ce podcast, tu pourras apprendre les bases du chinois et obtenir de nombreuses astuces pour progresser dans cette langue. Je parle également beaucoup de la culture chinoise. Abonne-toi pour t'améliorer en chinois :)

  • The 5 Minute Basketball Coaching Podcast will share, tips, drills and much more
    Published Mon-Friday at 7:00 am