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  • You know that guy that reads all the time, and always has a book recommendation for you?

    Well, I read and/or produce hundreds of audiobooks a year, and when I read one that has good material, I feature it here. This is my Recommended Listening list. These choices are not influenced by authors or sponsors, just books worthy of your consideration.

  • Despite so many studies being done on improving ourselves, it can be hard to find specific, actionable steps to make our lives better.

    Bestselling authors cut out the jargon and pop psychology to give insight and tips to be a better you.

    If you want proven ways and applicable tips to live a better life, listen in weekly and improve your life from the inside out!

  • Saied Ashour and Zaid K. Dahhaj dive into every topic imaginable. We value common sense, connecting with interesting characters, and priceless moments of laughter. We strongly believe the best work feels like play, and this podcast is a testament of that. If you enjoy the show, make sure to give our show a FIVE star rating on Spotify & Apple Podcasts!

  • The Relaxed Male is a podcast that helps men find their purpose and learn to breathe. We offer solutions for when life gets tough. Whether it’s divorce or just the stress of everyday life, we can help you get back on your feet and be the man you want to be.

    You deserve more than what society tells us we should do as men. Be the father your children need, be the partner your spouse needs, and most importantly - be yourself! This all starts with you getting out of your own way and deciding how you are going to live life.

  • We believe that all thoughts and ideas are beautifully connected - woven together in this tapestry called life. So, in every episode, we hop on our thought glide. Traveling between, and through the thoughts of young men seeking definition and truth, we chat about the things that have shaped our world view. Our understanding, or misunderstanding of manhood.

  • Black Moms Chat hosted by Schnelle Acevedo and Adanna Dill, two NYC moms with six kids between them. Schnelle and Adanna are friends and parenting lifestyle bloggers/influencers. This podcast will discuss Black motherhood and interview guests on topics that will inspire, encourage, and support their community.

  • Welcome into the lives of ordinary Arewa Women represented by Northern Nigerian women with different societal roles and viewpoints, discussing (in Hausa and English) about their day to day lives and all current issues revolving around Marriage, Relationships, Parenting, Health, Politics, Religion, Women empowerment and lots more, for the sole purpose of enlightenment and entertainment. Lock yourselves away (from kids, partners, pets or any other distraction), grab a cup of tea, and join us for some sisterhood therapy!

  • Three school friends Joey, Temz & Conz weekly deliver nostalgic memories of growing up in south london! Heavily concentrating on School, College, University and just throwback memories we can all relate to!

  • I started this podcast to document my life and record my progress and put my growth in your hands. I am inviting you to do the same and document your life as well.

    Without further ado, Welcome to the THE JOURNEY, I know where I was, this is where I am, and together, we are about to find out where I'm going to be.

  • IPSERIES features talks on recent intellectual property cases and trends globally.Intellectual Property (IP) is an intangible work that involves human creativity and innovation used in commerce. This podcast makes emphasis on how intellectual property(IP) is all around us and the value of these IP assets by turning intangible assets into exclusive property rights even if its for a limited period of time.IP would include copyright, trademark,patent, industrial design, trade secret, plant variety, geographical indication etc.IP owners can also exploit and commercialize them. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rita-chindah/support

  • Formerly The Freedom Moms Podcast — Become your own parenting expert. Connection-based parenting can come naturally and simply- through learning helpful mindset and emotion tools. Join the radical shift from mainstream ideas on parenting philosophies and learn to step into your own inner power.

  • This podcast hosted by Joba Adewumi, We will be talking about life from the philosophical, theological and general perspective while getting the opinions of the people. We'll be having fun while also talking about the major life problems facing our society of today.

  • Because, we the youth of nowadays no longer fancy our yoruba language, This podcast page will be about bringing the swag back into YORUBA language, we will be reading out yoruba adage,going into the deep meanings of this adages and translating to English language, so people that doesn’t understand yoruba can catch up

  • Deep Realm podcast is to sensitize, educate, entertain & influence everyone and most especially the youths by sharing quality information that helps builds mental, physical & emotional health, so that you can understand the way your brain, body, and heart work together because when you know yourself, it makes it much easier to make a plan to change and succeed.If you are willing to take your life to the next level, searching for more purpose, or just need extra inspiration or motivation, tune in to Deep Realm podcast...

  • A podcast for teenagers to come and express themselves without being judged or feel unwanted and have fun at the same time.

  • Do you feel you’ve achieved something in your life, but you find it challenging to balance your faith, fitness and family? Rushdhi Ismail, a computer engineer turned nutrition and life coach uses his experience of over 25 years in the personal and spiritual development field to provide you with practical tools to move from average to excellence. These tools are based on Islam and science so that you can unlock your fullest potential to achieve your best versions in the most important areas of your life. Find tons of free resources, tools and blogs on www.bestversions.me

  • Fred Wilson has done it again. Author of the Third Law of Success, creator of The ProductionModel, and achievement coach to thousands, Fred now brings his wisdom and insight on success to anyone who wants to get more of what they want (and less of what they just get)! Fred dives deeply into the mechanics of how opportunity actually works, giving you the tools to tap into your full potential.

    Make Today Pay is not just about making more money, although that will most certainly be a by-product, but more about turning your capacity into ability so you can upgrade your tomorrow. Join Fred each week and explore first-hand how success and achievement really work as he explores key concepts and checks in with industry leaders on these universal principles!

  • Talking about avengers and justice league characters and the background stories and the teams

  • The Female Discipline is a podcast dedicated to pushing boundaries and smashing goals. I come at you raw and unedited as a female leader to help you achieve greatness. Connect with us at The Female Discipline Facebook and Instagram.