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  • Leadership media podcast brings you 360 news, sports, business, arts and entertainment talk shows and podcasts in English, Pidgin and Hausa languages from our state-of-the-art studio in Abuja, Nigeria.

  • Welcome to the eighty-seventh podcast where we talk about literally everything,raging from lifestyle,entertainment,love,mental health and everything that doesn’t go beyond the 87th sense of humans. Home of pure vibes.

    My name is omoladeori Tijan. And I’m glad I have your audience.

  • Relationships, self worth, beaty hacks, interviews, sex, manifestation tips and many more of this you need to know of you're in your 20s๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • 2023 Nigerian Presidential election is around the corner and this podcast is bringing to you in-depth analysis of the forthcoming elections. Different stakeholders of the Nigerian political and civil society will be brought on the show to give their analysis on the show with predictions of their winner of the elections. Don’t miss an episode as we are promising a thrilling show as we predict the winner of the presidential elections in Nigeria 2023.

  • About The 1HOOD Podcast:
    This Week In White Supremacy is The 1Hood Podcast discussing the cultural effects and weekly injustices surrounding white supremacy; through intelligent, insightful commentary and often comedic conversations this podcast is geared towards adults who want to digest the latest news and events with humor and Hip-Hop.
    DISCLAIMERS: The views and opinions expressed during this presentation are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 1Hood Media, 1Hood Power, and or its affiliates.
    We do not own the copyrights to the selected songs, audios and/or videos shared in this broadcast.
    This Week In White Supremacy is brought to you by the 1HOOD Media Network

  • Inspire FM’s current affairs show seeking to dig past the headlines and discussing issues affecting Muslims around the globe.

    Inspire FM – Positively Inspiring the Community.

  • Entertainment, Current Affairs, Politics, Sports et al

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  • Welcome to Debola’s Lounge,In this podcast I will be having unfiltered conversations with people in the media space, tech space, entrepreneurs and basically anyone I think can bring vibe to the podcast. I will also be doing movie reviews on the last episode of the month with my movie freak friends.

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  • A compendium of original podcasts and radio shows produced and distributed by fast-growing radio station, Agidigbo 88.7 FM.

  • Iam Talking about the Information Security & Hacking in upcoming episodes. Im a Cyber Security Trainer

  • This podcast will inform, provoke, and elucidate your thoughts surrounding political affairs. You can expect nothing but hard-hitting truths and a microscope view of all political dilutions.

  • In-depth analysis and critical discussion on important issues, how they affect people, their potential to change lives, and what needs to be done to influence outcomes.

  • Have you ever woken up to a WhatsApp message and said - Arre yaar? Or dreaded chai pe charcha because who will argue with that door-ke-mamaji over a news update he forwarded? Agar haan, then this podcast is made especially for you. Join, Radio ki Hiroini, Rohini from Radio Nasha and Executive Editor, Hindustan Times, Sachin Kalbag as they come together to verify if the information that has come through the week on WhatsApp University is Jhakaas ya Bakwaas! 

    This is a Radio Nasha production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

  • Welcome to Tea Central, where 3 girls gossip on things that doesn't concern us. Join, Reki, Nizia and Nicole on this podcast where nobody can keep their mouth shut.

  • How do nice people end up in a militia, or attacking peaceful protestors?

    How does someone go from Youtube viewer to violent agitator?

    So many of us may be asking these same questions.

    Leading academics are grappling with them, but right now, the ivory tower isn’t what we need.

    Glitterpill believes these are grassroots problems with community solutions. The Glitterpill community wants to give every day people the tools they need to help their friends, family, and coworkers from falling down a dangerous rabbit hole.

    As much as social media can be a treacherous landscape of fake news and echo chambers, Glitterpill believes it also has the potential to revive healthy debate and foster powerful transformational discussions.

    In Glitterpill you will receive important data, analyzed by a professional researcher and trained academic in the field of countering violent extremism so that you can stay up to date without the fatigue of parsing through each and every piece of news yourself.

  • City Cast Portland captures the one-of-a-kind creative spirit of this place and tackles who we are and where we’re going — from big deals, like equity and livability, to tiny delights, like the city's most wonderful doughnut. Our home is teeming with creativity and controversy, natural beauty and impossibly good food and drink.
    Host Claudia Meza is so over the notion that ‘Portland is over.’ On the show, she’ll revive your civic pride and stir you to help create local change — through conversations with neighbors, newsmakers, artists and entrepreneurs about our ever-changing city. 

  • Hey guys! Started my podcast and it’s all about lifestyle, music criticism and my point of view on various subjects. You can drop your own opinions and I will talk about them too. It will be fun relating with y’all ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

  • The latest crypto and blockchain news from around the world.

  • Der gemeinnützige, überparteiliche Verein KlagePATEN wurde im Jahr 2016 gegründet. Hierbei war die Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe von Beginn an ein wichtiges Element unserer Arbeit.

    Mit dem Einsetzen der Lockdown-Maßnahmen im Rahmen der Verbreitung des SARS-CoV-2 Virus und der damit einhergehenden Grundrechtseinschränkungen liegt der Schwerpunkt unserer Vereinstätigkeit darin, Informationen in Hinblick auf unsere Grund- und Bürgerrechte zu vermitteln. Wir klären Dich über Deine Rechte auf, so dass Du diese selbstbewusst einfordern kannst!

    Mithilfe unserer individuell anpassbaren juristisch fundierten Informationsschreiben nimmst Du Deine Recht in Deine Hand!
    Warum ist das wichtig?

    Der Staat muss in Krisensituationen immer das Verhältnismäßigkeitsprinzip beachten. Die getroffenen Maßnahmen müssen zweckmäßig, geeignet, erforderlich und angemessen sein. Sie müssen der tatsächlichen Gefahrenlage entsprechen.

    Es entspricht unserem Rechtsverständnis eines Staatswesens, die Entscheidungen des Staates jederzeit durch Gerichtsverfahren einer Rechtmäßigkeitskontrolle zu unterziehen.

    Das pauschale Tätigkeitsverbot für viele Berufsgruppen bedroht konkret Existenzen und den sozialen Zusammenhalt unserer Gesellschaft.
    Wir möchten dabei unterstützen, dass alle Menschen ihre Anliegen friedlich in Versammlungen und Aufzügen auf die Straße bringen dürfen. Das öffentliche Einfordern von demokratischen, freiheitlichen und sozialen Rechten, ist ein wesentliches Element jedes Rechtsstaats.

    Wir geben Menschen Hilfestellungen an die Hand, wie sie Anträge bei Behörden stellen können, wie sie behördliche Maßnahmen überprüfen (lassen) können und unterstützen im Einzelfall Rechtsverfahren, um Präzedenzfälle zu schaffen. Hierüber werden unsere demokratischen, freiheitlichen und sozialen Rechte gesichert.