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  • Earning money legally? Boooring. It's not just in the movies that you find dishonest people who will do anything to line their pockets. These crooks you're about to hear about have been making money by ripping off the world for years. Worthy of the greatest Hollywood scenarios!Bold and manipulative, they fooled even the smartest people.But these dreams can't last forever; the truth always comes out. In our podcast Legendary Crooks, you'll discover the incredible but true stories of Charles Ponzi, Bernard Madoff, or the story of Victor Lustig, the man who sold the Eiffel Tower.

  • The Republic is a narrative podcast series exploring pivotal Nigerian and broader African historical events and figures. In the first season, host Wale Lawal traces the significance of the June 12 1993 election, 30 years on. June 12, which marked the political rise of Moshood Kashimawo Olawale ‘M. K. O.’ Abiola and culminated in his arrest and death, no longer feels inanimate. Why was it such a pivotal moment? What did it feel like to experience it? And why has it remained engrained in Nigeria’s political consciousness?

  • The aim of The Aspiring Polymath is to provide a casual, but engaging environment for listeners to explore topics in fields such as history, music, politics, finance, and so much more. To create discussions on stimulating topics and inspire us all to continuously learn new things - to aspire to polymathy.

  • DW’s Shadows of German Colonialism podcast explores how Germany’s imperial ambitions in Africa met fierce resistance, and descended into exploitation and violence. The series follows on from the African Roots podcast, which portrays the men and women who shaped Africa's past, present and future. We meets big names, and tell the story of others who have stayed out of the spotlight. But what binds them together, is their African Roots.

  • Gallo Vault Sessions is a 6-part podcast series brought to you by Gallo in collaboration with KONJO. We delve into the story of Gallo Music, Africa’s largest and oldest recording company, and reflect on the ways music shapes culture, and how our culture has been shaped by music…both at the centre and periphery of Africa’s music history. We bridge 95 years of Gallo’s music history with KONJO’s passion for cultural storytelling and chat with artists, label execs, radio veterans and music thinkers as we explore the undercurrents, backstories and overlooked tapes from the Gallo Vault…from mbaqanga to soul, and of course, provide you with a curated playlist to soundtrack your month.

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  • The Modern Royalty podcast, hosted by Princess Sarah Culberson of Sierra Leone, is here to explore and learn about royal families and their country's cultures.

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  • Almanya tarihindeki queer insanlar hakkında bir podcast. Çoğu insan Stonewall'u duymuştur ya da yılda bir kez CSD'ye gider. Buna rağmen queer bireyler tarih kitaplarında nadiren yer almıştır. Almanya'da politikada queer görünürlüğü için mücadele eden insanlar kimlerdi? Kimler gey ve lezbiyen aktör ve aktrislerle film çekmeye cesaret etti? Hangi queer sporcular kamera önünde konuştular? Hangi queer müzisyenler ve hangi motivasyonla açıldılar? Onlara nasıl tepki verildi?
    Bu podcast'te üç queer sunucumuz Phenix, Meili Scheidemann ve Florian Prokop, Alman tarihinin nihayet anlatılması gereken kısmını araştırıyor.
    Queer Story - auf Türkisch - in türkischer Sprache - in Turkish
    Bu podcast, ana dilinizde dinleyebilmeniz için yapay zeka yardımıyla çevrilmiştir. İlk olarak 2021 yılında, o zamanlar sadece Almanca olarak kaydettik. Sesimizle başka bir dilde konuşma olasılığı muhtemelen size olduğu kadar bize de çılgınca geliyordu, ancak düşündük ki: bir deneyelim! Çünkü nereden gelirlerse gelsinler, hangi dili konuşurlarsa konuşsunlar, herkesin bu podcast'i dinleyebilmesini istiyoruz.
    Bu nedenle, bazen hala garip bir konuşma tarzımız varsa bize tahammül edin. Ne düşündüğünüzü duymak bizi çok ilgilendiriyor. Bize [email protected] yazmaktan çekinmeyin.
    Almanya tarihi boyunca Queer Story, Bose Park Productions tarafından hazırlanan bir podcasttir. Sunucular Phenix Kühnert, Meili Scheidemann ve Florian Prokop. Editörler Ilona Toller ve Karolin Köhler. Ses tasarımı Mats Leubner, Fabio Lautenschläger, Nick Käseberg ve Luca Kaduk tarafından yapılmıştır. Yapımcı: Su Holder ve Chris Guse. Hazır metin kontrolü: Büşra Taşdemir
    Queer Story - auf Türkisch - in türkischer Sprache - in Turkish

  • AgriTalk originated on August 1, 1994 when Ken Root keyed the microphone and introduced a rural affairs show that was not afraid of controversy. He hosted the daily hour at 10:00 am with colorful guests and callers that drove the content of the program. At times, Root was more of a referee than a conductor.Over the next seven years, AgriTalk dealt with many issues that faced Rural America. Some still resonate today.Ken has been given the opportunity to highlight shows that are exemplary of the issues of the 1990's. He has linked several of the topics of the last century with today. Listen in to remember how it was and how it is.

  • The Real Wakandas of Africa brings together an academic discussion of African history with spoken word and hip-hop music. Professor and author Maurice Miles Martinez (MC Brotha Miles) engages his listeners with his impressions of voices of famous Black people, a discussion of African history and an original spoken word or hip-hop track at the end of each episode. Support this podcast:

  • Vikings is an immersive podcast series that delves into the fascinating world of Vikings, the legendary explorers, warriors, and settlers of the Norse period. Each episode of this richly detailed podcast brings to life a different aspect of Viking culture, history, and mythology, narrated with captivating storytelling and backed by meticulous research.

    Whether you're a history buff, a fan of Norse mythology, or just curious about the world of the Vikings, "Voyages of the Northmen" promises to be an enlightening and engaging journey through the fjords, battlefields, and longhouses of Viking history. Join us as we set sail into the past, uncovering the mysteries and the legacy of the Northmen.

  • I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Landmark Speech
    On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his iconic "I Have a Dream" speech at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. In this speech, King called for an end to racism and segregation in America, and he envisioned a future where all people would be treated equal.In this podcast episode, we will listen to King's entire speech and reflect on its significance. In this series we will discuss the historical context of the speech, as well as its impact on the Civil Rights Movement and American culture. We will also consider the relevance of King's message today.This podcast is for anyone who wants to learn more about Martin Luther King Jr., the Civil Rights Movement, or American history. It is also for anyone who is inspired by King's message of hope and equality. Some of the topics we will cover in this series:
    Historical context of the "I Have a Dream" speechListening to the speechDiscussion of the speech's significanceRelevance of King's message today

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    Welcome to Strange Encounters, the YouTube channel that delves deep into the strange and unknown encounters that people have experienced with extraterrestrial and mysterious entities. Our goal is to bring you the most spine-tingling stories that will leave you questioning the very fabric of reality.

    On this channel, we explore firsthand accounts of encounters with strange beings, from aliens to cryptids and everything in between. We'll be bringing you stories from all around the world, and some of these encounters are so unbelievable, they will leave you wondering what else could be out there.

    If you're fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and the unknown, then this is the channel for you. We promise to bring you the most intriguing and unsettling stories from people who have experienced the unexplainable firsthand.

  • The Fearless and Proud podcast is hosted by FOX Business' Gerri Willis. The series looks at acts of bravery and strength by women. March is 'Women's History Month' and in this first season we look at women who played important roles in the 'Civil War' as soldiers, spies and nurses.

  • Uncultured is a show that uses stories and conversations with cultural connoisseurs to deep dive into Nigeria’s history and bring you interesting answers to our most random and relevant questions, like – What is Afrobeats? What started Nigeria and Ghana’s beef ? And why the nostalgia for old Nollywood all of a sudden? Listen as we explore the who, what, why and where’s of some of the richest subjects in Nigerian culture.

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  • History has taken up a lot of time already so Brush Up gives you the rundown on what stands out. The past doesn’t need to be daunting. History enthusiasts, Judy Riviere and Roberto Lopez, serve you the big picture with a sprinkle of fun facts. Fearing history is a thing of the past. On Brush Up, history is fun, digestible and very much alive. #history #quickhistory #learning

  • News headlines have shaped Nigeria since the early 1900s. Not only do these headlines document events, they help shape the narrative through which we see ourselves and others around us. Every part of our lives from the words we use to the beliefs we share can be traced back to headlines. But how well do we really know the stories that make Nigeria? In this series, we take you through the events, the times and the people that have influenced and are still influencing our national identify. Nigerian Headlines Past and Present is copyright © 2022 Triple-E Media Production. All rights reserved.

  • DirtypediA, è un podcast che racconta la storia in modo ironico e divertente, ogni episodio presenta un personaggio in maniera scanzonata e inusuale, rendendo la storia più accessibile e piacevole per tutti, cercando di non cadere nella superficialità.

    Parto sempre leggendo le pagine di Wikipedia, per poi approfondire su diverse fonti anche dell'epoca e chiudere con una personale visione del personaggio raccontato.
    Non sono uno storico, e anche se ogni informazione trovata su Wikipedia la ricerco anche su più fonti riguardanti cronisti dell'epoca, questo podcast non dev'essere inteso come uno strumento di divulgazione storica, bensì un modo per farvi sorridere e incuriosire.
    Tutte le musiche e gli effetti, se non prodotti dal produttore del podcast, sono stati regolarmente acquistati con licenza commerciale da

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