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  • Dularfull, spennandi og áhugaverð mál verða tekin fyrir í þessum þætti. Hvort sem það eru staðir, atburðir, fólk eða eitthvað annað.

  • Tilgangur 24/7 er að spyrja spurninga sem gefa okkur innsýn í hvernig áhugavert fólk horfir á heiminn og þeirra lærdóm í lífinu svo að við getum lært af þeim og hagnýtt þá vitneskju í okkar eigið líf.

  • From Billy the Kid to the Kray twins. The Peaky Blinders to Anne Bonny. Real Outlaws is the show that follows in the footsteps of history’s most notorious criminals. Be they charismatic antiheroes or bloodthirsty villains, their names and exploits live on in the popular imagination. But what are the true stories behind the myths? We'll talk to leading experts and travel back in time, to when rogues and bandits followed a code all of their own. This is Real Outlaws.

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  • Mystík er hlaðvarp sem fjallar um skrýtin og dularfull mál. Morð, mannshvörf, myrkraverur, mannrán og aðrar mysteríur. Þættirnir eru allir mismunandi uppsettir eftir því hvaða mál er tekið fyrir hverju sinni en ef þú hefur gaman af true crime og öllu því skrýtna og undarlega sem er að gerast í heiminum þá skaltu prófa að hlusta á þessa þætti. Þeir eru fríir og koma út vikulega á þinni hlaðvarpsveitu.
    Mystík er framelitt af ghost network

  • You may know something of the Adolf Hitler story. But there’s a decent chance you don’t know the half of it. This is a deep dive into the life of the German führer. The Hitler story all the way from cradle to grave.

    As featured on Real Dictators. Brought to you by award-winning podcasters, Noiser. Narrated by Paul McGann with contributions from expert historians.

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  • Wir reisen auf den Spuren der Habsburger. Begleiten Sie uns von Speyer über Genf bis nach Mexiko mit zahlreichen Geschichten und Hinterlassenschaften einer der mächtigsten Dynastien vom tiefsten Mittelalter bis kurz nach dem ersten Weltkrieg.

    Habsburg to go! begleitet den Aufstieg der Habsburger vom sprichwörtlich “armen Grafen” zu einer der mächtigsten Dynastien der Welt. Dabei geht es vor allem um die Orte und die Geschichten, die sich damit verbinden. Chronologie und simple Abhandlung von Jahreszahlen sind hierbei nicht der Fokus.

  • Merry Met virtual traveller and welcome to Stories From Lore. A monthly podcast that invites you to โ€˜Rewild Yourself Through Story,โ€˜ by exploring nature, folklore and the stories it inspires. My name is Dawn Nelson and I am an author and professional storyteller.

  • History class just got hilariously inappropriate.

    Kristin Caruso, co-host of the true crime comedy podcast, Let’s Go To Court (14M+ downloads), and Norman Caruso, creator of the Gaming Historian YouTube channel (1M+ subscribers), team up to deliver a history podcast that is well researched, wide-ranging, and deeply silly.

    In other words, this is a podcast for intellectuals. Intellectuals who make fart jokes.

  • A unique history podcast covering the weird, bizarre, and oft forgotten parts of history. Hosts Joey and Stock are both teachers who are bringing their buffet style history conversations to the podcasting world. Each episode will consist of a "main course" or main story of an odd event in history. One main course from Joey and one from Stock. Each episode will also have "side dishes" where both Joey and Stock will argue, debate, and wax poetic about historical movies, music, books, and the ever-changing nature of history!

  • Launráð er nýtt hlaðvarp sem fjallar um dularfulla og óútskýranlega atburði, óvenjulegar frásagnir fólks og samsæriskenningar.

  • Survive the Jive podcast is about history and ancient religions and folklore. Hosted by historian Thomas Rowsell who is also a documentary film maker, this podcast focuses mainly on Indo-European cultures and most specifically on Germanic/Norse paganism. The podcast takes a holistic approach to programming that informs, educates and improves us. It sometimes covers scientific topics but is mainly concerned with pre-Christian religions of Europe. Sometimes the podcasts are based on videos from the YouTube channel, other times they are exclusive. Guests can include historians, scientists, musicians and religious leaders.

  • Andri Jรณnsson og ร“lafur Hersir Arnaldsson rรฆรฐa sรถgu og sagnfrรฆรฐileg mรกlefni รก lรฉttu nรณtunum. 

  • Samsæri fjallar um samsæriskenningar ofl áhugavert t.d. fólk og staðir

  • The Dead Souls Social Club tackles the dark, gruesome, mysterious, strange and truly horrific — Host Jamie Black and his ‘Social club’ of friends, conduct investigations and research into a multitude of dark subjects - Looking for the truth amongst the myth and disinformation.

    If you want to hear about serial killers, conspiracies, cults or just outright dark history, Dead Souls Social Club will bring you the facts, the truth and some astonishing interviews & investigations.

    Join us on our journey into the darkness….

  • Two nerds-for-Rome that explore the lives and times of lost Roman heroes, from Aeneas to Constantine the XI, the Marble Emperor, and rank them for their cool hero-ness….

  • Ever wonder what crime took place on today's date in true crime history? If so, sit back and grab a cup of coffee as you enjoy your daily dose of True Crime. Your host, Korina Biemesderfer, guides you through a dark history lesson, with tales of murder, abduction, serial killers, cults, and more in this short-form DAILY true crime podcast, that has been downloaded over 30 Million times. Remember, stay safe.

  • Dispatches from the Frontline is a podcast series from the diary entries of Sister Nan Reay (Royal Red Cross), an Australian nurse who served behind the front line during World War 1. Nan Reay's diary takes us to the most tragic aspects of war, but also includes lighthearted moments of camaraderie and humour. Whilst these dispatches celebrate this nurse's personal resilience, courage and persistence, they also reference contemporary experiences of care, servitude, resilience and courage, embodied daily by front line health workers during the COVID pandemic.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Becca has read all of Jane Austen's work. Molly literally does not know who Mrs. Bennet is. Together, they venture into Austen's world of romance, biting satire, and class struggles. Like Austen? Interested in a modern take? This is the podcast for you!

    Produced by Molly Burdick

    Audio production by Graham Cook

    Show art by Torrence Browne

    Transcriptions provided by SpeechDocs

    contact: [email protected]

  • This is a podcast series hosted by actress and producer Lily Collins and comedian and actress Jennifer Saunders. We will be unearthing and exploring the Moomin world and its curious characters to understand how it has become such a vast, worldwide phenomenon. We will be travelling to many Moomin locations around the globe, from a unique treasure trove in the heart of Helsinki, to Tove Jansson's legendary studio, to a celebrated outhouse in the Finnish archipelago, to the homes and workplaces of Moomin-lovers in London. We'll even pop off to Tokyo, Japan!

    The podcast series is produced by Third Ear Creative on behalf of Moomin Characters.