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  • Comedians Sam Morril and Stavros Halkias bring much needed confidence and passion to the world of basketball commentary

  • Broadcasting through the week with a rotating panel of guests, Cyrus Says is the definitive show on life in urban India, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids, food, and everything that matters. Mostly.

  • O futebol é o epicentro dos acontecimentos desportivos em Portugal, e a Antena 3 atira-se para o olho do furacão com as últimas notícias do desporto.

  • The Chatalytics team regularly dive into a wide array of football topics.

  • Running and coaching tips for beginner and advanced runners with Coach Jason Fitzgerald. Featuring guests like Nick Symmonds and Shalane Flanagan, listeners will learn how to race faster, stay healthy, prevent running injuries, and get stronger in this informative and fun podcast.

  • The Athletic Football Podcast is our flagship show, running four times a week throughout the Premier League season.
    Hosted by Mark Chapman and Dan Bardell, featuring the likes of David Ornstein, Adam Crafton, and many others, they'll take you inside the biggest stories and bring you exclusive news from behind the scenes at your club.

  • A sports psychology, mental toughness, and mental training radio show that seeks to help athletes, coaches and sports parents reach peak performance. Learn the latest mental training strategies to identify ineffective mindsets, improve sports confidence, and boost your performance. Get free mental game tips from sports psychology expert Dr. Patrick Cohn.

  • Hansons Marathon Method / Personal Coaching / Training Plans / Boston Qualifying Plans / Hanson's Marathon Method / Where science meets the road. More than a Coach.

  • A weekly cricket podcast presented by commentator Ian Bishop, coach Tom Moody and analyst Freddie Wilde.

  • Stacy Westfall teaches people how to understand, enjoy and successfully train their own horses. In her podcast, she shares all of her knowledge in her area of expertise: horses. She offers insights into issues that riders face in their own minds as well as the way they are viewing the challenges and goals they have with horses. She shares tips on becoming a better rider as well as a better leader for your horse.
    Discover how you can understand things from your horses point of view so that you can enjoy the learning process with your horse. When you are able to understand what your horse is experiencing mentally and physically the process of learning new things becomes more enjoyable.
    Your goals may be showing, trail riding or simply enjoying life with horses-all of which Stacy enjoys herself.
    She shares her own struggles and successes to allow listeners to understand that everyone experiences ups and downs.
    Through her podcast, website, YouTube channel and social media Stacy answers questions about: Fear, when to sell a horse, goal setting, safety, ground work, trailer loading, lead changes, reining, spins, stops, western dressage, ranch riding, when to get help, lessons, clinics and improving your safety, success and enjoyment of horses.

  • The American Red Devils Podcast gives you the latest Manchester United News & Updates from this side of the pond. Manchester United is the largest club in the world and we are bringing a unique perspective to covering the team. We will be uploading a new show every week during the regular season to cover the latest Manchester United results, tactics, statistics, injuries, player ratings and transfers. We want to hear from you the Fans, reach out to us via email and social media to ask questions and we will address them on our weekly Q&A - see below for email and social media links:

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  • TV presenter Matt Kabir Floyd chews the fat with some big names from the world of cricket, finding out what they are really like and delving into the ups and downs they have faced over their lives. Light-hearted but not afraid to tackle the big issues like racism or mental health, tune in as they let it 'all out'.

  • CORNISH SOCCER discusses the local football scene - any league, any club and anywhere!

  • Join Codders, Ben Anderson and Mark Gallagher as they lift the lid on the world of Formula 1.

    GP Racing is the world's best-selling F1 magazine, with stunning photography, expert analysis, unrivalled journalism and exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the glamorous and adrenaline-fuelled world of F1.

  • If you are tired of relying on your fickle motivation to get things done, if you are tired of starting because you fail to see things through, The Habit Coach podcast is for you! Ashdin Doctor, the habit coach, takes you through the creation of simple easy to do habits. Habits we can all incorporate into our lives. Habits around, health, sleep, de-stressing, productivity, movement, nutrition and relationships.Each episode is bite-sized and less than five minutes, packed with fun facts and an easy to do habits.So start a habit of listening to The Habit Coach podcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.Ashdin believes that "Awesome lives start with your awesome habits"You can follow Ashdin Doctor on Instagram @ashdindocYou can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcast App on Android: or iOS: can check out our website at

  • Join our hunt camp on the bowhunterplanet podcast. Share stories from top celebrities to your average neighbor. Get the inside info from the team on new gear, industry changes and much more. This podcast has something for everyone. Join the Hunt!

    Est 2009 Bowhunterplanet is the bowhunting worlds top website for archery content. BowHunterPlanet's mission is to continue growing the archery heritage through media content. Much of the BowHunterPlanet success has come from grass roots marketing and appealing to the average consumer. BowHunterPlanet has been written about in publications / radio / TV and has had many fans across all spectrum's of life.

    Bowhunterplanet is home to BHP Podcast, Testlab, Testlab Realtree Edition, Bonedriven, TeamBHP, Hunt Series and BHP LIVE.

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  • The FSR and FS1 personalities provide listeners with a dynamic discussion as the two polar opposites take listeners through the biggest hits in sports. 

  • A Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Podcast with Points and Redraft 9 CAT Leauges. Hosted by M.Starks PowellWebsite • Follow Me and ask any questions: Twitter • @Starks_industryInstagram • mstarkspowell #fantasybasketball #fantasybasketballdynasty #Nbafantasy #ICO #fantasydynasty #nba #Podcast Support this podcast:

  • Traversing the world of football in search of the stories that matter, brought to you by expert journalists and guests. Check out our award-winning print magazine.