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    We create short, audio porn stories for women and couples. Bringing your most intimate fantasies to life.

    Audio porn stories allow you to explore your deepest desires in a way that is fun and effortless. Instead of watching someone else experience pleasure, you (and your partner) can enjoy steamy, audio porn porn stories that bring your wildest fantasies to life.

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  • A weekly breakdown of The Joe Rogan Experience and all the week’s guests. Leave your one-star reviews below. Let the hate flow!

  • Listen to your favourite authors' books as audiobooks narrated by India's leading Tamil Audiobook Narrator - Deepika Arun. Donate & Support us at www.kadhaiosai.com

  • A Marathi podcast about Audiobooks and books. Where every once in a while, we will be talking about everything that is Audiobooks. It will feature author interviews, voice artist interviews, book lovers and more. The podcast is powered by Storytel.

    स्टोरीटेल कट्टा आहे एक आगळं-वेगळं गप्पांचं ठिकाण. इथं रंगतात गप्पा पुस्तकांविषयी, ऑडिओबुक्स विषयी. इथं उलगडतं लेखक-कलाकारांचं अंतरंग...त्यांचं रसिकांशी असणारं नातं. शिवाय, स्टोरीटेल घेऊन येत असलेल्या अनेक बोलक्या पुस्तकांची थेट ओळखही इथं होईल.

  • Just two demigods who love Percy Jackson. Join Erin and Manasa as we dive into the canon of the Percy Jackson universe, a few chapters at a time. We'll be going through not only Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but also Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, and the companion books. Get ready for lots of speculating and dorky jokes! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/camp-half-pod/support

  • Mirza Ghalib, full name Mirza Asadullah Khan Beig, pen name ‘Ghalib’ (1797-1869) was a famous Urdu- and Persian-language poet of India. He is best known for his lyrical and spiritual ghazals. Ghazal is a form of poetry in couplets. In a ghazal, each couplet is self-contained and generally unconnected with the next.Ghalib was born in Agra, in northern India, and was raised by his uncle. Ghalib had no formal education, but was tutored in Persian by Muhammad Mu’azzam, a noted scholar of the time. It got married in 1810 to Umrao Begum, the niece of Nawab Ahmad Baksh Khan who was the ruler of Ferozepur and Loharu at that time. Ghalib was introduced to the elite circle of intellectuals and artists that surrounded the Indian royal family in Delhi because of his father in law. In 1821 he compiled his first collection of Urdu verse. Deewan e Ghalib, Nuskha e Hamida was Published in 1828. soon after the publication of his Urdu poetry collection Ghalib switched to writing entirely in Persian, also known as Farsi. In 1826, on the death of Ghalib’s uncle, the British government began providing Ghalib and his family with a small pension for the military services of his uncle. Despite this income, Ghalib remained nearly destitute for most of his life.Ghalib was also a poetry teacher of the King, Bahadur Sha Zafar, who himself was a very nice poet.Ghalib led a miserable life for he started taking wine at a very young age when he was just a boy whereas his financial condition was not good moreover he had no children of his own. All of his kids died during their infancy. He then adopted his nephew called ‘Arif’ who also died at the age of 16. He was emotionally collapsed because of the death of his adopted son.

  • In today's world being a talented interior designer isn't enough to ensure that you have a profitable and successful business. Design school curricula doesn't always equip you with the business skills to have your interior design business be everything you imagined it would be! A Well-Designed Business® is here to fill in the gaps and give you real live business skills from some of the top interior designers. Your host, LuAnn Nigara shares her 40 years of success in the interior design industry, and she finds the most successful guests to share their interior design business best practices. This podcast is sponsored by Kravet Inc and Mydoma Studio.

  • This channel is about books reviews and talks in tamil. You will find different topics in english as well.புத்தக மதிப்புரைகளைக் கேட்பது உங்கள் வாழ்க்கையை மேம்படுத்தும்.ஒரு புத்தகத்தைப் படிக்க அதிக நேரம் எடுக்கும், ஆனால் நீங்கள் podcast கேட்பதன் மூலம் எல்லா தகவல்களையும் பெற முடியும். தவறவிடாதீர்கள்...Like my podcasts?? say hi on instagram @booksintamil https://www.instagram.com/booksintamil/ Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/booksintamil/support

  • Expand your horizons with this collection of hand-picked classic short stories and tales by writers like Jack London, Guy de Maupassant, Edith Wharton, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Bradbury, Hans Christian Anderson, Ambrose Bierce, and many others. These fast-paced stories and captivating tales are chosen for their unique flavor, are suitable for all ages and tastes, and provide a window to a time when writers knew how to tell great stories using descriptive words and phrases.. We now offer new episodes twice weekly, Wednesdays at 5pm ET and Sundays at noon ET. Plus watch for "Best Of" Fridays 1am.

  • Yandamuri Veerendranath gaari Nallanchu Tella cheera Audio Book చీరలు... చీరలు.... పిఠాపురం, ధర్మవరం చీరలు. నారాయణపేట నేత చీరలు... అంటూ వీధుల వెంట తిరుగుతూ చీరలమ్ముకునే ఆ కుర్రవాడు బడా వస్త్రవ్యాపారుల వెన్నులో చలిపుట్టించాడు. వస్త్రవ్యాపార ప్రపంచంలో ఎదురులేకుండా దూసుకుపోయాడు. కానీ రవంత జీవన మాధుర్యం కోసం అర్రులు సాచి ప్రత్యర్ధుల వలలో చిక్కుకుపోయాడు. అతివల అందాన్ని ఇనుమడింపజేసే పట్టు - సిల్కు, జార్జెట్‌ - షిఫాన్‌ - కాటన్‌ చీరల వస్త్ర ప్రపంచంలో విహరింపజేసే యండమూరి వీరేంద్రనాథ్‌ శారీ థ్రిల్లర్‌ 'నల్లంచు తెల్లచీర' 106 రోజుల పాటు ఆంధ్రజ్యోతి డైలీ సీరియల్‌గా వచ్చి హిట్‌ అయిన నవల ఇది.

    Read by V Kameshwara Rao.

    Produced by TeluguOne.

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  • हिन्दी भाषा की सर्वश्रेष्ठ कहानियाँ सुनें मेरी आवाज़ में, सही एवं साफ़ उच्चारण के साथ।

  • A podcast that is unique in its own way. Live the stories I create and enjoy the music I recreate.

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  • Tales from Godric’s Hollow is a Harry Potter podcast hosted by Marissa Dorado (A Ravenclaw who has read the books hundreds of times since childhood) and Joe Slionski (A Hufflepuff who has read the books only a handful of times since getting into it as an adult). TFGH originally started out as a book club style podcast introducing a Muggle to the Harry Potter series for the first time. After bringing original host "The Muggle" Josh Brown through his re-read of the series, The Platinum Duo, with their own unique perspectives, now plan to transfigure the show and tackle all things Wizarding World related including News, Side Stories, Fan Theories, Fanfic, Fantastic Beasts, new Wizarding World content and everything in between! Joe's creativity, humor and desire for controversy mixed with Marissa's knowledge and sass make this a show that any Witch, Wizard, Squib, Muggle or No-Maj will enjoy! So grab a butterbeer, and enjoy the banter!

  • About Us:

    “Payanangal Mudivathillai” takes you on a journey through
    | History | Philosophy | Music | Books |

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    பெரும் இலக்கை மனதில் சுமந்து, இவ்வாழ்வை பயணப்படுத்தும் சாதாரணன் உங்கள் ராகுல்!

  • Ce podcast se propose de revenir sur les origines d'histoires qui ont bercé notre enfance, comme celles de La Belle et la Bête, Blanche-Neige, Cendrillon, etc. On parlera aussi de mythes littéraires comme ceux de Satan et Don Juan, par exemple :)

  • A story of a couple, Balu and Sowdhamini.

    Yandamuri Veerendranath is an Indian novelist and screenwriter known for his works in the Telugu language.

    Read by Vempati Kameswara Rao

  • We explore family-friendly audio drama through news, reviews, and interviews with cast and crew.

    Audio drama critic, J.D. Sutter, and a rotating cast of co-hosts discuss new releases from series such as Lamplighter Theatre, Adventures in Odyssey, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, Heirloom Audio, and Jonathan Park. They will also introduce you to the work of other producers that the team thinks you'll enjoy and address industry topics that are of interest to the fanbase.

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  • Coffee stories with an extra shot of history and science.

    Filter Stories is a podcast revealing coffee’s hidden microscopic secrets, its powerful past, and how your choice of beans impacts tens of millions of people.

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