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  • Read Best Romance Books and Discover the Best Romance Novels.

  • In this podcast, every episode will include a conversation with hosts, Cat Walton and Natalie Pedersen, speaking about things to do in Thailand! Our first episode will be about Bangkok and all the events, places, and activities that are available!

  • Benvenute e benvenuti a “Bla Bla Blush”, un podcast prodotto da Show Reel Studios, dove l’universo beauty si trasforma in una chiacchiera tra due migliori amiche. Unisciti a Eleonora Tani e Debora Fulli mentre esplorano il vasto mondo della bellezza raccontando le loro avventure in campo makeup e svelando i propri aneddoti. Preparati per una dose di chiacchiere frizzanti, risate contagiose, ma anche riflessioni importanti.
    Con un mix di umorismo e consigli pratici, questo podcast è il tuo compagno perfetto per scoprire i “trucchi” del mestiere!

  • The Brothers Hollis present: A wondrous journey through the literary “high” arts. Join us as we discover and discuss worlds beyond time and space. Follow, as we dive deep into the depths of the imagination only the human mind could shape!
    And what we find, in those hidden nooks and crannies? Only YOU can find out!
    Novels, comics, films and...cannabis!!??

    All and more, welcome to Get Literature

    X: @get_literature

  • Host Jordan Lloyd Bookey speaks with authors and reading enthusiasts to explore ways to build a stronger culture of reading in our communities. They'll dive into their personal experiences, inspirations, and why their stories and ideas are connecting so well with kids.

  • In this podcast we will share the most important insights that we have gathered from several decades of working closely with some of the world's most disruptive brands. We will show how every business, start-up to enterprise, can design its brand using disruptive thought and action. From how-to sessions with members of our executive team, to conversations with our clients, learn first hand how to position your brand to compete with disruptive challengers - and to challenge and disrupt yourself.

  • "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" is a classic detective novel written by Agatha Christie and published in 1920. It is notable for being the first novel to feature Christie's iconic fictional detective, Hercule Poirot. The story is set in England during World War I and revolves around the wealthy Inglethorp family, who reside in the country estate of Styles. When the family matriarch, Emily Inglethorp, dies under suspicious circumstances, Poirot is called upon to investigate.The novel is a classic example of a "locked-room mystery," where the crime occurs in a closed environment with a limited number of suspects, making it a challenging puzzle for both Poirot and the reader. As Poirot meticulously examines clues and interrogates the residents of Styles, he uncovers hidden motives, secrets, and a complex web of relationships. The novel is known for its intricate plotting, memorable characters, and cleverly concealed solution, which is revealed in a dramatic denouement."The Mysterious Affair at Styles" is a must-read for fans of classic detective fiction and Agatha Christie's work, as it marks the beginning of a long and successful career for her famous detective, Hercule Poirot.

  • Join Greta and Toby as they attempt to sail their way through the vast oceans of the Arts! In each episode, we delve into different areas of the industry. From chatting to various guests to tackling topical debates, all with a healthy dose of banter in between. So, come and join us on this wild ride choc-full of comedy, drama, and obscure references on our journey with The Next Stage!


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    Email: [email protected]

  • Short and sweet summaries of fundamental feminist texts from the past 500+ years. She Speaks Volumes provides a primer for critical moments in the history, theory, and philosophy of feminism. Each episode explores a writer, and their contribution to modern feminism.

  • The Only Way is Reading is a podcast brought to you by Essex Library Services. We are dedicated to bringing you great book recommendations and interesting stories with a library twist.

  • 20 seconds of peace and quiet listening to a small portion of the bible

  • Charlie reads memoirs and talks about what she learned, so she can write her own.

  • Published in 1886, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a novella about a London legal practitioner named Gabriel John Utterson who investigates strange occurrences between his old friend, Dr Henry Jekyll, and the evil Edward Hyde. The GSMC Audiobook Series presents some of the greatest classic novels, audiobooks, and theatrical presentations from a bygone era. Let Golden State Media Concepts take you on a ride through classic audiobooks read by some of the top audiobook performers of all time. This compiled collection of classic audiobooks contains a wide variety of classic Novels. ***PLEASE NOTE*** GSMC Podcast Network presents these shows and audiobooks as historical content and have brought them to you unedited. Remember that times have changed, and some Audiobooks might not reflect the standards of todayโ€™s politically correct society. The shows do not necessarily reflect the views, standards, or beliefs of Golden State Media Concepts or the GSMC Podcast Network. Our goal is to entertain, educate, and give you a glimpse into the past.

  • A reading of all your favourite classic poems. A gathering of all the dark, and poetic, and melancholy.

  • ุชุณุนูŠู†ุงุช ู…ูŠุฏูŠุง ุจุฑูˆุฏูƒุดู† ... ุงุฌู…ู„ ุงู„ุฐูƒุฑูŠุงุช
    ุฅุฐุงุนุฉ ุฌูŠู„ ุนุงุด ุงุฌู…ู„ ุชูุงุตูŠู„ ุงู„ู…ุงุถูŠ ูˆุงู„ุญุงุถุฑ ูˆุงู„ู…ุณุชู‚ุจู„
    Radio 90s FM

  • The Call of the Wild is a novel by American writer Jack London. The plot concerns a previously domesticated happy dog named Buck, whose primordial instincts return after a series of events leads to his serving as a sled dog in the Yukon during the 19th-century Klondike Gold Rush, in which sled dogs were bought at generous prices. Published in 1903, The Call of the Wild is London's most-read book, and it is generally considered his best, the masterpiece of his so-called "early period". Because the protagonist is a dog, it is sometimes classified as a juvenile novel, suitable for children, but it is dark in tone and contains numerous scenes of cruelty and violence. London followed the book in 1906 with White Fang, a companion novel with many similar plot elements and themes as Call of the Wild, although following a mirror image plot in which a wild wolf becomes civilized by a mining expert from San Francisco named Weedon Scott.

  • Author and holistic writing coach Nadine Kenney Johnstone shares interviews with today's top women writers and wellness experts about how to navigate life when things don't go according to plan. Guests include beloved and bestselling authors like Maggie Smith, Abigail Thomas, Emily P. Freeman, Laura Tremaine, Jenna Blum, and Linda Sivertsen; meditation instructor Susan Piver; renowned astrologist Heidi Rose Robbins; and publishing industry expert Jane Friedman, just to name a few. Nadine also shares her own stories of healing, hope, and following her heart. Tune in every Sunday for these soul-nourishing mini-retreats.

  • Informal conversation about life in general, and art and creativity in particular, with Isobel Moore and Gina Ferrari.

  • Fast Forward is a research project concerned with women in photography based at University for the Creative Arts. Started in 2014 with a panel discussion at Tate Modern, the project has established a significance within the world of photography for highlighting the work of women photographers and for questioning the way that the established canons have been formed.

    Fast Forward is designed to promote and engage with women and non-binary people in photography across the globe. There are millions of women in the world of photography and now is the time to arrest the process of forgetting that so frequently erases women from the burgeoning histories of photography and shed light on new ways of thinking, showing, discussing and distributing our work.

    Fast Forward have started a discussion that will be on going and that many different people can continue to contribute to. Fast Forward is the foundation for an emerging international network of women in photography. Contributions that add to this discussion are welcome from any gender, race or class.