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  • This is a collection of a few of my personal favorite stories by Hans Christian Andersen that I most loved as a child and still enjoy as an adult. The Emperor's New Clothes was funny from my earliest years because even then I could see that it poked fun at adults and their silly pretensions; The Ugly Duckling I think, was enjoyable because the bullied little one turned out so well and it had a happy ending although I thought even as a child that the protagonist should have gone back and brought those mean barnyard fowl down a peg or two. Little Tiny or Thumbellina is just a sweet story with adventure thrown in and The Brave Little Tin Soldier was and is a tribute to bravery and steadfastness. The last story, There Is No Doubt About It ! was so obviously silly and fun even to a young child and frankly, I just love the way the animals talk in this story. (summary by the reader)

  • Cada día voy a leer un fragmento de un libro cualquiera

  • "After We Wrap" is a podcast hosted by actresses Jaina Lee Ortiz and Gabriella Ortiz. They have candid conversations about life, love, the entertainment industry, occasionally inviting special guests to join in on the conversation. It’s the end of the day, let your hair down, drink some wine, and join Jaina and Gabriella for an authentic and engaging look into their lives and the world around them.

  • Just a couple of middle aged women who have read way too much smut since they were way too young, talking about the crazy books we read. Not for the faint of heart.....or those with a lack of humor.

  • A series of talks exploring writing mediums, methods, interests, and approaches.

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  • The three words that have always been used to describe my personality are, “Mischief, Music, and Merriment.” With this podcast, we will explore, and combine, two of my favorite things – music and bartending. Join me, The Mischievous Maestro, as we travel the world, one opera and a few drinks at a time.

  • このチャンネルは、食を生業にしているくせに、自身は三度の食事よりも考えごとに没頭し、答えを探してお散歩に出かけてしまうフードアーティストの小山嶺子が、お散歩を経て気づいた料理やアート、人生の学びをお話します。あなたのお散歩のお供にご視聴いただける、“考える人”のための番組です。


    配信内容を文章と写真で振り返りたい方は、noteマガジン『はらぺこ散歩。』からもご覧いただくことができます。 https://note.com/minekokoyama/m/medaf10e3f309



    About me: __________________

    小山 嶺子 (こやま みねこ)/フードアーティスト
    1989年静岡県沼津市生まれ。武蔵野大学住環境専攻に進学し、住宅・インテリア設計や本づくりを学ぶ。その後、レコールバンタン・カフェ&バリスタ専攻に進学し、カフェ業界に特化した食のスキルを習得。卒業後はD&DEPARTMENT DINING TOKYOでバリスタとして従事後、神奈川県の個人経営ダイニングにて店舗責任者兼シェフとして勤める。この店舗では、料理、ドリンクのメニュー開発から担当。その経験が基盤となって2015年、地元である静岡に拠点を移し「映画から連想する料理のcinemanma!(シネマンマ)」というプロジェクトを始める。2018年からフードアーティストとして活動を開始し、“心の栄養”をテーマにした食体験を提供している。


  • Schwebende Bücher on Air - Mitschnitt unserer Literaturempfehlungs-Reihe mit vielen Lesetipps.
    Bibliothekarinnen stellen alle sechs Wochen in gemütlicher Runde die Bücher vor, die sie in dieser Zeit gelesen haben und für empfehlenswert halten. Es wird gelobt und auch heftig kritisiert.
    Wer möchte, kann in diesem Kreis auch gerne seine Leseerlebnisse mitteilen. In diesem Fall bitte vorher eine kurze Nachricht an [email protected]

    Detailinformationen zur Veranstaltung und der erforderlichen Anmeldung finden Sie auf unserer Webseite: https://www.berlin.de/bibliotheken-mh/angebote/schwebende-buecher/

    Die nächste Folge) wird am 14. Juni 2023 um 18 Uhr stattfinden und hier anschließend veröffentlicht.

    Besuchen Sie auch gerne unsere beiden anderen Podcasts
    "Mittwochs in der Bibliothek":

    und den besonders für Eltern geeigneten Podcast "Medien @ Familie / Mit Kinderbetreuung!":

  • Urdu Service will bring to you the classical and modern, humorous prose pieces, poetry, biographies, character sketches, travelogues, anecdotes from the history and cultural heritage of the subcontinent, and music of all sorts, especially Urdu ghazals and Bollywood songs relevant to the subject matter. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/afsheen-afzal/support

  • Hola! Bienvenido a podcast "Skyrim"!

    En esta serie pensamos retalr cuentos e historias del videojuego " Skyrim" hecho y dirigido por tomm howard,presidente de betheshda games studios

    ¡Espero que te guste y nos sigas!

  • I m David Simms and my podcast is about my love life and more if you want to know about love this it Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/david-my-story/support

  • This podcast is designed to help you fall sleep. I read the words, you fall asleep. Send in your requests to [email protected] let me know where you’re from and what you’d like to me to read next.

  • My audio book of my original anime book series “P.I.N.K:Diary Of The Destroyer Of Worlds”

  • Welcome to Snoozecast's complete series from the classic children's book “Peter Pan”. It is read in a manner to help you fall asleep by the end of the episode. We will read a brief recap of the previous episode at the start of the next episode. Be sure to check out our primary podcast feed for Snoozecast, where we release three episodes per week in a variety of genres.

  • Performer and social commentator Clifton Duncan engages in penetrating discussion with dynamic artist-philosophers, delving into major issues of our modern era at the tumultuous intersection of Art, Culture, and Society.

  • This is not your normal lash podcast! Join Grete & Sophie, two lash artists, covering all the important topics whilst making you laugh, cry and everything in between!