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  • Oxford Humanities explores approaches to Kafka and his most famous story "The Metamorphosis": how the text has itself been transformed into new forms like ballet, theatre and comic books; how Kafka’s work has been read, from ecological insights to questions of illness, humour, feminism or race; how writers from across the world have responded to him from J. M. Coetzee to the 'Brazilian Kafka' Clarice Lispector or Marie NDiaye; and finally how artists have 'written back' to Kafka from their own time and place from the Czech Republic, Spain or even a viral Facebook novel in Russia.

    For the curious a reading list associated with this series is available on ORLO (see Related Links).

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  • Loovusvool on kakskeelne (EST/ENG) taskuhääling loovusest ja loomingulisusest. Saates kohtume erinevate looverialade inimestega ning räägime sellest kust nad alustasid, kuidas nad on jõudnud sinna, kus nad hetkel on ning kuidas nad tunnetavad loovust ning seda igapäevaselt enda ellu toovad.

    Loovusvool is a bi-lingual podcast about creativity and the people behind it. You'll be introduced to people from different creative fields with whom we'll talk about their beginnings, how they've got to the point where they are now and how they generate and bring creativity into their everyday life.

  • Stressed Students Socialize about why School Stresses Students So

  • Not too long ago in a galaxy not so far away the nerdy knights of the Bohemian Geek Squad brought you an absurd level of detail and dorkiness in some of their favorite books, shows, and movies. Now join them as they team up with fellow Nerd Daniel and jump into hyperspace to explore the films of the Star Wars universe.

    Each episode they'll explore one film in the current Star Wars Canon.

    So calibrate your kyber crystals, get your power converters from Tosche Station, and sit down with your younglings for Yet Another Star Wars Podcast.

  • Myth Making, Spell Breaking.It’s about knowing our psyche as a treasure chest and using story as a map.Not for children. Fuck.


  • They say a story is written twice: first when the words are put down on paper, and second when the reader reads those words. After eight years of writing Timecrest, we're excited to share our insights into crafting compelling and emotional narratives.

    Grab a cup of coffee and join our casual chat with hosts Justin, Cai, and Bennett. We'll offer a behind-the-scenes look at our approach to writing Timecrest. If you're a writer who wants to get in touch with what readers think, or a reader who wants to know how writers think, tune in here!

  • Подкаст от группы Areplan о самом важном и не важном.

  • What secrets hide behind closed doors in Techburg? Join Shareef Jackson as he lead Xu Mason, Kailey Bray, Markeia McCarty, and Noir Enigma on their journey. Get ready for intrigue and larger-than-life drama in the collaborative world-building rpg Kids on Bikes! Young Adults, Small Towns... BIG ADVENTURE!

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  • Hepinize merhabalar, bu kanalda seslendirdiğim şiirleri, kitapları ve benzer hikayeleri bulabilirsiniz.

  • Inspiration for writers to share their gifts with the world.

  • Roberto Cavalli, born on November 15, 1940, in Florence, Italy, is a renowned fashion designer known for his exotic prints and a flamboyant style that is synonymous with a sense of glamour and luxury. His work has often been marked by technological innovation and a strong artistic flair, which has significantly influenced contemporary fashion.
    Early Life and Education Roberto Cavalli was born into an artistic family—his grandfather, Giuseppe Rossi, was a member of the Macchiaioli Movement, an Italian impressionist school that influenced his own artistic inclinations. Cavalli studied at the Academy of Art in Florence, where he specialized in textile print. This background in art and textiles laid the foundation for his innovative approaches to fashion design, particularly his pioneering work with leather printing.
    Career Beginnings Cavalli's career began in the 1960s when he started creating patchworks of different materials. These he sold to high-end hosiery factories, which was a unique concept at the time. His breakthrough came in the early 1970s when he patented a revolutionary printing procedure on leather. This technique allowed him to create unique floral blouses and patchwork materials, which caught the eye of major Italian hosiery factories.
    Rise to Fame His debut at the Salon for Prêt-à-Porter in Paris was a significant success, leading to the opening of his own boutique in Saint-Tropez. Cavalli became popular for his exotic prints, which often featured wild animal motifs, a theme that would become a signature of his brand. His designs were particularly favored for their sexy cuts and wild prints, which resonated with the disco culture of the 1970s.
    Brand Expansion Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Cavalli expanded his offerings to include not just clothing but a lifestyle brand that encompassed accessories, eyewear, watches, perfumes, and even a line of premium vodka. His flamboyant style continued to evolve, incorporating baroque and animal prints, and he became particularly noted for his sand-blasted look for jeans, which was a major trend in the late 1990s.
    Celebrity Following Cavalli's designs have been worn by high-profile celebrities, including Madonna, who wore his creations for her 2004 Re-Invention World Tour, and Beyoncé, who was the face of his brand in 2007. His ability to blend high glamour with rock-n-roll attitude made his clothes a favorite among celebrities.
    Personal Life and Legacy Cavalli has been married twice and has five children. His personal life, much like his fashion, has been colorful and filled with artistic and bohemian influences. In 1994, he married Eva Duringer, who has been an integral part of his life and work, serving as a muse and sometimes as a business partner.
    Roberto Cavalli's contribution to fashion is not just in his bold prints and sensual designs but also in his pioneering techniques in textile production. His work with leather and his development of printing techniques have been innovative in the fashion industry. He officially stepped down from his position in 2015, selling his brand to an Italian private equity firm, though he remains an active figure in the world of fashion.
    These days, the Roberto Cavalli brand stands as a symbol of luxurious excess and dramatic flair, enduring as a major influence in the world of fashion design. His legacy is one of innovation, passion, and an unyielding commitment to beauty and artistry in fashion. Fashion Innovations Roberto Cavalli is credited with introducing the world to sand-blasted jeans, a technique that gives denim a worn, faded look that became hugely popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. His approach to leather and textile printing was revolutionary; he developed a method for printing on lightweight leather, which was previously thought impossible. This innovation allowed for more elaborate and detailed designs on leather garments, expanding the possibilities within leather fashion. Design Philosophy Cavalli's design philosophy often merged the artistic with the hedonistic. He was known for his thematic collections that took inspiration from various cultures and eras, infusing them with a modern sensuality that appealed to a bold and confident clientele. His work often featured ornate detailing, metallic elements, and a strong focus on feminine forms. He is widely recognized for his detailed animal prints, which have become synonymous with his name. These prints are not just simple patterns but are often highly artistic reinterpretations of animal skins rendered through complex fabric treatments. Influence and Cultural Impact Cavalli's designs reflected and influenced the glamorous lifestyle of his customers. His clothes appeared frequently on red carpets and in fashion editorials, celebrated for their flamboyant spirit and unapologetic glamour. Beyond the disco-infused 1970s, his work in the 2000s resonated with the pop and celebrity culture, aligning with the era's fascination with status and display. Business Expansion and Challenges Under Roberto Cavalli's creative direction, the brand expanded into interiors with the Roberto Cavalli Home collection, offering a range of furniture, wallpaper, and home accessories that reflected his ornate design sensibilities. However, the expansion was not without its challenges. The early 2000s were a tumultuous time for the brand, with financial instabilities and shifts in consumer behavior affecting its performance. Despite these challenges, Cavalli's brand remained a staple on the fashion scene, symbolizing luxury and excess. Later Years and Retirement As Cavalli grew older, he began to take a step back from the day-to-day operations of his brand. In 2014, he sold 90% of his company to Clessidra SGR, an Italian private equity firm. This was part of a broader trend where many independent luxury brands sought financial backing to expand and stabilize in a rapidly changing global market. Cavalli continued to influence the brand until his formal departure in 2015, which marked a significant end of an era for the label. Legacy Roberto Cavalli's legacy is characterized by his transformative impact on both textile technology and high fashion. He democratized certain aspects of luxury fashion, making bold and glamorous styles accessible and desirable to a broader audience. His commitment to innovation not only in patterns and designs but also in production techniques has left a lasting mark on the fashion industry. His personal and professional life exemplified a blend of artistic creativity and savvy business acumen, making him a pivotal figure in the world of luxury fashion. His retirement did not mark the end of his influence; instead, it solidified his status as a pioneering designer whose work continues to inspire and resonate within the fashion community.

    Sadly, Roberto Cavalli has died. Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. remember to like and share wherever you get your podcast.

  • من یک مقدار ادم ساکتیم... اما وقتی شروع میکنم به حرف زدن پرش فکری عنصر اصلی حرفامه...از این شاخه به اون شاخه
    اینجا تنهایی یا با مهمانم راجع به همه چی حرف میزنیم
    سینما. هنر. موسیقی.عشق.زندگی.اندوه.علم و تخیل. جامعه و خلاصه همه چی...

  • Conduce Luca Scarlini

    Mai così a Settentrione erano stati installati i ripetitori di Radio Festivaletteratura. Con la scelta di Helsinki come città in libri 2021, la trasmissione curata da Luca Scarlini si sposta nell’estremo nord dell’Europa per condurci nelle strade - reali e immaginarie - della capitale finlandese. Sferzate dai gelidi venti del Baltico, le puntate di Radio Helsinki proveranno a restituire la polifonia letteraria di una città sospesa tra Oriente e Occidente, grazie alla partecipazione di numerosi scrittori e artisti “portavoce” delle due diverse comunità linguistiche (finlandese e svedese), nonché di studiosi e letterati italiani che – a vario titolo – hanno incrociato le lontane rotte scandinave.

  • This is a podcast with two friends, who live miles apart. We decided to kick off 2022 with two best things, reading and books! We are launching a humble bookcast this month, since we are so far apart a book club just won't work. For the first book we are reading New York Times Bestseller Where the Crawdads Sing.