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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • The podcast that celebrates and explores the words written about America's band, The Beach Boys

  • Vintage and Archive fashion collectors are disrupting the fashion industry and are more present than ever before.
    In this podcast I will be speaking to the people behind these shops from cities all over the world.
    Follow me on Instagram @cant__not for a live curation of pieces from these shops.

  • Escape Studios is all about training the new generation of talent and so we have many amazing guests passing through our doors. Every so often we manage to take some of our industry guests from the worlds of VFX, games and animation into a quiet corner and spend five minutes quizzing them with five questions.

  • FUTURE-PROOF is an open series of talks focusing on accessibility and the sustainability of innovation. We highlight the resources and innovations already in the works that can help our surroundings and communities thrive. Believing that the implementation of care is a matter of future-proofing, one innovation per session, we explore prototypes still in development, emerging and successful artistic practices and businesses.Host: Sylwia SerafinowiczEditor & Sound Design: Iman MuhammadArtwork: Joshua WoolfordProduced by Blessed FoundationCopyrights: Blessed Foundation

  • We are just 3 craft beer drinkers on a journey into some of the best and most interesting breweries have to offer. From sours to stouts, lagers to DIPAs, we cover them all. Join us each week as we delve into the hot topics and new trends in the beer world! IG: @threeweissemen

  • Fictional monologues exploring the idea that we're all a little lost from time to time. Beautiful new writing, performed by an impressive cast including Maggie Wheeler (‘Friends’, ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’), Tamla Kari (‘The Inbetweeners Movie’, ‘The Musketeers’) and voiceover superstar Rupert Degas (‘Red Dwarf X’, ‘Pope Joan’).

  • Give Me A Break: Dynamisk “In Conversation with…” is a podcast hosted by Angeliki Kim Perfetti, the founder of Dynamisk Independent Curating and Art advisory.

    Angeliki travels around the world to discover, acquire, support, and promote art and artists. This has in turn allowed her to develop unique relationships with galleries, museums, institutions, auction houses, collectors, art advisors and curators alike.

    Give Me A Break: Dynamisk "In Conversation with..." is an ever growing series of vibrant and unique conversations with pioneering individuals from the Art world, ranging from curators to artists, museum directors, art dealers, entrepreneurs and everything in between!

  • What inspires the work of contemporary and modern artists? Listen in on conversations with exhibiting artists at the New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park. Generously funded by the RSA Catalyst Award, which is committed to resolving the challenges of our time and supported by Arts Society Wessex.

  • The BP2 Podcast comes from the Black Presence in British Portraiture network of scholars, museum professionals and collectors with a passion for discovering, understanding and presenting the black African presence in British portraiture from 1500 to 1800, in each episode a portrait is discussed by members from the network

  • AMPED ASIA is Asian America UNCENSORED! Where we get interviews with "outside of the box" Asian Americans.Asian content has always been tame & boring.There are so many podcasts, websites, and magazines that continuously release the most PC and unoriginal content.It’s as if Asians have decided unanimously that we want to fit that “model minority” mold and not take a risk, even when it comes to creating media.Amped Asia was created to break from that mold. We created the world’s first Asian American podcast that will delve deep into the topics that few outlets dare to discuss.

  • Art Talks discusses ways in which artists are pioneering a new era of creativity, experimentation, and artistic expression. Hosted in collaboration with leading contemporary art gallery HOFA , we bring tech innovation and critically-acclaimed digital artists together to explore themes of identity, cultural heritage, creative process, digital and CryptoArt.

  • Welcome to enjoy the collective... A celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the rich stories of those often behind the scenes.

    Join Marssaié, award-winning Creative Director, Design Lecturer and Industry Awards Judge, as she sits down with the creatives making an impact in the scene right now, as together they uncover the realities of the creative industry, celebrate their wins and reflect on the lessons learned along the way.

  • Fen Ditton Gallery interviews artists and makers across a range of disciplines, opening up the conversation of contemporary art and design and delves into their inspiration and processes. Hosted by gallery manager, Hannah Munby.

  • Sharing images with each other was supposed to make us feel more connected. Yet trust—in government, media, each other— is at an all time low, and to have faith in no one is to feel completely alone. That's where this series intervenes. Think of it like a relationship advice column. Except, instead of learning to be a better lover or a family member or a friend, this five-episode series is about becoming a better viewer - of images, yes, but also of the ways that images shape how we see and relate to each other. You'll hear from filmmakers, photographers, writers, activists, and even a broker for ISIS videos that were smuggled across the Syrian border, talking about how we are connected to and alienated from each other through images, and how they can help build new forms of trust, support, and solidarity.

  • Chats with Artists in Lockdown, is a Podcast of artists talking together. Discussing how the virus has impacted them and their work; what's been lost and what's been discovered. The conversation wanders between artist’s making and thinking and they share their strategies and experiences through this weird time. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/emma-cousin/support

  • Welcome to the Wella Professionals podcast, The Knowledge! 

    Are you looking to prioritise your education, but find yourself short on time? Do you wish you could learn on the go, whether it’s during a walk or drive? If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. 

    Our goal is to equip hairdressing professionals with the latest knowledge and inspiration needed to build their business and stay at the forefront of the industry.

    Each episode will cover a wide range of topics, and bring you insights, interviews, and captivating stories to inspire, educate, and help your business grow. Whether you’re a salon owner, a passionate stylist, or front-of-house, this podcast will offer something for everyone.  

    Make sure to like, follow and subscribe to The Knowledge on your favourite podcast platform, so that you never miss an episode. 

    Find us on Instagram at @wellaprofessionalsuki, Facebook at @wellaUKI or to find out more visit our website: www.wella.com/professional/en-UK  

  • Cover Meeting is the book cover design podcast. Hosted by Steve Leard, each episode features a discussion with a different cover designer about their work, the industry, publishing and everything else in between.

    Cover Meeting appeals to book cover designers, graphic designers, illustrators and anyone working in publishing. Covering a wide range of topics around creativity, the highs and lows of being a freelance designer, advice for students and a look at the process behind book jackets – Cover Meeting is a place for honest conversations and interviews with designers giving their unique perspectives on the job we all love doing.

  • Bienvenue sur la Madeleine le podcast des émotions sucrées

    Je suis Marion Thillou et je suis fan de pâtisserie. Bec sucré depuis toute petite j’adore en manger et en faire, pour les émotions que ça me procure.

    J’ai d’ailleurs créé Honoré, une société qui propose des food tours de pâtisseries. J’adore observer la réaction des gens quand ils les dégustent et voir les émotions et les souvenirs apparaître sur leur visage

    Alors avec ce podcast, j’ai décidé de vous montrer cette facette cachée de mes invités : leur rapport à la gastronomie, leur souvenir sucré d’enfance , quel gourmand ils sont devenus…

    Et comme j’aime bien me compliquer la vie, mes épisodes sont toujours enregistrés en présentiel car il y a une petite surprise à chaque fois pour mes invités. Je vous laisse découvrir de quoi il s’agit mais vous pourrez en savoir plus et accéder à des contenus exclusifs en vous abonnant à ma newsletter, en bas de page du site honorevousguide.fr

    Bonne écoute !

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