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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • The Macfarlanes podcast features expert discussions on the changing legal world around us and the challenges posed by recent developments. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet the needs of our clients with our unique approach. Disclaimer: Information in this podcast should not be taken as legal advice. Please seek specific legal advice when taking legal action.

  • Hey guys, it’s Mia Baker here, and welcome to my podcast “Unsussed”. Firstly why did I call it Unsussed? Because my life is everything opposite of "sussed out". I'm pretty much just winging it as we go...I'm here to make your week that bit better (hopefully not worse) by chatting in your ear about my world, my golf life, and basically just me figuring stuff out with you. We'll also get some awesome guests on the pod to delve into their lives and how they got there. It's basically our chance to get real with them, to speak openly and honestly - no highlight reels involved. I'll also be asking you guys questions over on insta @miaellax and sharing your thoughts, opinions and stories...with a few laughs thrown in as well.Hopefully this little podcast is something you can look forward to every week... :) if you want to get involved make sure to send me a dm on insta @miaellax if you’d like me to chat about or discuss anything specific in upcoming episodes.Oh, and don't forget to follow, subscribe and you know... maybe give me a 5 star rating if you're feeling in a good mood... :)))Chat soon xx

  • Dave, Duncan and Kyle discuss and review the big and small releases in the worlds of Metal, Hardcore, Death Metal, Prog, Doom, Rock and more.

    With links to the albums reviewed and an ever growing playlist of what they recommend, this is the first stop for any genre music fan.

  • Menopause, it’s always been around, as long as they’re been women on this earth and they’ve lived long enough, there’s been the menopause. Yet we still have outdated mindset and too little awareness, education and support.
    Today, we’re in a different time - we’re living for longer, working for longer, and too many of us are struggling through this life transition. We all experience menopause differently but you are not alone.
    This podcast brings you up-to-date, expert information and top tips to help empower you to make informed decisions that are right for you: how you experience menopause, manage symptoms and long-term health. It’s time for change.
    Your menopause, your choice.

  • The Live On Form podcast is a journey through conversation with people we have met along the way, who have and still are inspiring us with their unique journeys and restless pursuit to fulfil their human potential. Strivers, experts, creators, legacy builders and everyday performers, we take a look into how their mind works, what fuels their pursuit of purpose and how they use ingrained daily habits to ensure that structure defeats chaos. We share insights with them as we unpack the lessons they have learnt down the often broken road of personal growth, accountability and development as they share their stories and expertise with us.

  • Premiered at the latest edition of the digital festival Around the World by renowned Tomorrowland, DJ MAG Top 100 DJ (ranked #38) Danny Avila introduces a fresh and new sound that has never been heard before: Mainstage Techno. Having spent over a year working on this advanced, unprecedented style, its innovative, dynamic and powerful tonality is essentially distinguished by the unique combination of state-of-the-art elements of techno music paired with full-on, cutting-edge progressive features, which together create an insanely energetic mix. No wonder Armada Music immediately signed all the first singles.

  • Facebook has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms on the planet. It’s the third most visited website globally. The average Facebook user clicks on 11 adverts per month. There has never been a better time to place adverts in front of your target audiences. Nick and James share their knowledge on how to create ads and funnels that will grow your business and share the marketing tactics he still uses to grow all of their clients accounts. Click here to join our Lets Run Facebook Ads Facebook group: Ready to explode your ad campaign results but don't know how? Whether you are running ads for your own business, or for your clients' we can help! Visit -

  • ‘That’s just woo-woo!’

    Reiki Healing, Past-Life Regression, Mindful Walking… tools to find ‘the real you’ or just spirituality bullsh*t!?

    Becca the Believer and Sophie the Skeptic share their experience of an alternative therapy in each short episode.

    If you’ve ever questioned the efficacy of the Wim Hoff method or wondered if the embarrassment of Ecstatic Dance is worth the pay off… you don’t need to try for yourself just yet! These two have done the work for you.

  • The RapCaviar Podcast is a weekly video show and your new home to watch the most spirited discussions in rap. Every week, host Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins will be joined by artists, producers, tastemakers and executives for lively convos that'll settle old debates and spark new ones. Watch every Thursday, exclusively on Spotify.

  • Chris Kamara is back alongside Ben Shephard in this new podcast. Expect laughs, insight and plenty of stories from some of the biggest names in football and entertainment.

  • They were adulterers, murderers, mistresses, religious zealots, thieves, and traitors. They were queens, wives, mothers, young, and old. What binds the women together in this podcast is their legacies. These are women who were known during their lifetimes or reinvented after their deaths as wicked women. The lenses of history are often gendered, damning women for some of the same actions that men have been lauded for. The nuances surrounding the women in this podcast were removed in exchange for a one-sided portrayal. Within Wicked Women: The Podcast, I do not attempt to excuse or condone the wrongs committed by these women, instead, the podcast looks at their overarching story and examines the origin of their negative legacy. Alongside a brief biographical overview of the woman, I will be incorporating interviews I have held with experts on the subject to provide multiple and diverse perspectives.

  • Join Owen Staton and Bethan Briggs-Miller as they journey along the coast collecting and sharing tales of legend and folklore. Board their boat the Hiraeth and journey to some inlet or cove, then gather around the fire as they transport you to a land of magic...

  • Every week, ReiRei, Olabisi & Queen Sally chat about the pleasures and pitfalls they experience while seeking healthy and fulfilling sex lives as hot babes in Nigeria. Send them questions & feedback:

  • Welcome to Tranquility ASMR Garden podcast.

    Our Garden is now open to the public once every two weeks, providing nature sounds, calming sounds, relaxing background noise and general ambiance. Something is comforting about silence. Soft sounds are a comforting way to bypass the critical mind and drop into the safe space within. You can let go and feel free.

    Support us:
    For enquiries contact: [email protected]

  • Welcome to Ventur Further. The podcast that brings you compelling insights from inspirational people in the world of travel and far beyond. Discover stories of growth, resilience and curiosity as our guests chat to entrepreneur, author and Ventur’s board advisor Peter Wilcock about their lives, learnings and more. Plus, we’ll be taking on those hot topics we’re facing in today’s world. Brought to you by Ventur – The Travel Partner. Sponsored by Dakota Hotels.

  • Curious about what developer experience is and why it is important? Join Chris Weichel and Pauline Narvas with special guests as they deep dive into the ins and outs of developer experience.

  • Welcome to Ethiqs Legal a podcast where we educate the business community in issues relating to tech and the law.

  • This is a weekly podcast on cyber security domains. We discuss, dissect and demystify the world of security by providing an in-depth coverage on the cybersecurity topics that matter most. All these in plain easy to understand language. Like it, share it, and most importantly enjoy it!

  • Award-winning broadcaster, Mark Somers talks to valued voices from Egypt and beyond. From movie stars and directors, to influencers and journalists. From the world of movies, music, sport, business and much more. Mark talks topical news and culture and also interviews fascinating characters about their life and careers.