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  • Racking your brain for a new bedtime story every night? Look no further! Welcome to Nighty-night Storytime, the podcast that tucks you in with exciting and imaginative bedtime storiessss 🧸🌙 Snuggle up, relax, and let the magic unfold!

    One story for every night 🌠

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  • An 'I'm Third' approach to family, leadership, & spiritual growth.

  • 香港幼兒教育及服務聯會(幼聯)於一九八二年成立(下稱 “幼聯”),是香港政府認可的社會服務慈善團體。

    幼聯的宗旨是: 推廣及提供非形式化的教育活動,透過兒童親身的經歷、體驗,在校本以外發掘及培養兒童的多元智能。幼聯舉辦的課程、教育活動等,包括:多元智能課程、教師培訓、親子工作坊、講座、研討會、實地考察等等,均提倡文化、宗教與生活背景的融合,旨在擴闊新生一代的視野和思考角度。



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  • Tech Weekly is a show that gets released at the end of the week, where I tell you the biggest tech news that has happened in the past week in about 10 minutes. If you want to watch a video version of the podcast, those will be uploaded on the channel as well.

    Jake Brown is an upcoming YouTuber who loves to make videos and talk tech. Make sure to subscribe to the Jake Brown Tech YouTube channel at youtube.com/jakebrowntech

  • Gli errori clamorosi e le cose che nessuno dice sulla pandemia del 2020/2021

  • Hello Everyone,
    I always Give you Fresh News Of world, No need to watch TV just add to favourite me and listen All updated news hourly


  • Somos Fanáticos de One Piece como tu i queremos compartirlo juntos! Te traemos información Interesante y Suculenta de toda la saga de One Piece: Reviews, Teorias, Retos, Discusión, Predicciones...

  • Coverage of all classic adventures of Superman from the World War II era

  • 歡迎來到Jim的露營地,本節目的內容為討論動漫及探討動漫人物。如果喜歡本節目歡迎訂閱!

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  • 從書本 | 學院知識 | 生活 幫助您達成個人成長 &人生解憂 個人成長 | 啟發 | 社會學 | 心態改造星期二系列: 主題/ 小故事 [Podcast ]星期六系列: 我閱讀了什麼 [Podcast]個人成長 (書籍丶電影丶生活和成長分享)*空間*給予可能思考伴行動留言交流區: Youtube / https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddKsZQK-gI4JrHQQMUZ6Ng27IQq8IYnj_6UEZHd9_W3Hc0Zg/viewformYoutube: 你該知道的事try1tryInstagram: try1try321 合作聯絡: [email protected]

  • 喜歡閱讀賽斯書的朋友,歡迎收聽,我會慢慢把12本賽斯書持續導讀起來,不論您手邊有沒有書,都可以用「聽」的方式,讓自己的意識滑入架構二的世界。

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  • 你認識你的生命,知道你的生命,珍惜你的生命,享受你的生命了嗎?你可知道,人可以不用透過困難、苦痛的折磨才學到智慧成長、意識擴張嗎?
    Do you recognize your life, know your life, cherish your life, and enjoy your life? You know, it is not necessary to learn and achieve the wisdom and the expansion of consciousness by suffering from troubles, pain, hardships, torments?
    To learn and apply with New Age Body, Mind and Soul Seth philosophy in your normal life, you will find the way back to know who you are; to perceive what the meaning of your life is; to make clear why your life has been progress such as what you had before. You will regain the peaceful, pleased, and joyful body, mind, and soul. You will have powerful ability to create a balanced body, mind, and soul of life.
    Each person is capable with competency and power to create the desiring life for one’s own. You are so much more than you recognize yourself now, you have a larger self and much more talented abilities waiting for you to discover.
    The wonderful future life will be very much dependent on how much you realize and know yourself, whether your believes are flexible, and what your choose. Are you ready to come for creating the new consummate life? Please join us together to learn and recognize more about yourself.

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  • 小時候的我們急著長大,長大後的我們害怕長大。你是不是也有過想要成為的形狀,但也擔心不小心變成自己最討厭的模樣?

  • The Center of Education Innovation is excited to announce the launch of our new podcast EnLiTe: Education Leadership and Innovative Teaching.

    Our vision is to advance education innovation in every HKUST course, giving our students a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in the ever-changing world. With EnLiTe, we aim to showcase innovative teaching practices and provide a platform for our faculty members to share teaching innovations and insights.

  • 這系列的賽斯思想哲學關的內容,透過陳志成老師的冥想、朱琼英老師的導讀與施莉莉老師的工作坊,我們可以整體性地由不同面向了解賽斯如何引導我們看見自己。

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  • Hi there, I'm Caroline Ellen. I'm a social worker, and parenting coach. In this podcast, we'll explore what it takes to raise safer, stronger children. We'll talk about everything from talking to our kids about their bodies and keeping them safe online, to raising kids with grit. We'll also dig in to what I call safer, stronger parenting - showing up for our kids with courage, compassion, connection and curiosity. Thanks so much for joining me.

  • Transform your spiritual life with The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis! This timeless devotional classic offers practical guidance and inspiration for living a more meaningful and fulfilling life through a closer relationship with God. With its simple and profound wisdom, The Imitation of Christ is a must-listen for anyone seeking spiritual guidance or solace. So why wait? Start listening to The Imitation of Christ today and let its timeless wisdom nourish your soul.

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