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  • Unpopular Opinions is a podcast discussing culture, current events, politics and everything in between. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/unpopular-opinions-pod/support

  • Hold On to Your Wagons...

    Comedians Peru Flores and Nick Rosenthal are blazing a new trail, and doing what no one else has done before: a podcast! Each week, these brave pioneer women will discuss topics that are so intense and dangerous for the common townsperson's ears, you may be influenced to follow their loose lifestyle and contract dysentery...and die :/

    Are you brave enough to hitch a ride?

    Pioneers and Trailblazers. Every Monday.

  • Buckets on Black and Gold brings you Steelers nostalgia, previews, recaps, and general awesomeness from the mind of a super fan, Joey Buckets.

  • Welcome to FlyOnTheWall, where amazing things happen.

    At Flyonthewall, we have created a space to unify people under the different ideas on which we share common ground. Hosted by Q. Vessel and Newk, our thoughtfully irreverent and often funny breakdown of weekly topics in politics, pop-culture, and society aims to reduce the usual rhetorical bullshit and bring about peace, love, and accountability. We intend to leave our listeners with thought-provoking perspectives that last long after the podcast ends.
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    IG @newkjuice & @q.vessel

  • After nearly 30 years in the business, Jack Mihoover and Clay Montgomery, both professional tattooers and studio owners, have embarked on a new journey to explore some of the overlooked aspects in the world of tattooing. The “I Love Tattooing” podcast is an inside glimpse at the side of tattooing many people often take for granted. The topics are sometimes controversial in the industry and the opinions on the issues discussed are as varied as the very people who get tattoos. One thing is for sure their love of tattooing is the main focus when delving into the subjects.

  • This Podcast is all about the brave and the youngest ever to win the prestigious Nobel peace prize Malala Yousafzai.

  • Несложно и увлекательно о мировом искусстве от искусствоведа Карины Литвинко. Здесь шедевры, художники, музеи, технологические экспертизы и фальсификации.

    Канал об искусстве: https://t.me/artisnthard

    Для связи: [email protected]

  • Описание эпизода: «В те времена в США были разные проблемы, но все вели себя так, будто существует только одна угроза – большой медведь, которого завернули в железный занавес. Каким-то образом от него изо дня в день доносился запах красной угрозы».

    Подкаст «Анатомия пропаганды» – часть одноименного проекта о российской и мировой пропаганде. 10 эпизодов этого подкаста расскажут вам о тонкостях пропаганды в разных странах.

    Наряду с этим подкастом мы создали одноименный документальный сериал, который расскажет вам о тайнах российской пропаганды на протяжении последних ста лет.

    Посмотреть сериал «Анатомия пропаганды» можно на нашем YouTube-канале: https://cutt.ly/W8t0Ebj

  • Napoleon Bonaparte, born on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, Corsica, emerged as a prominent figure during the French Revolution. His family, of modest means, ensured he received a good education. At nine, he was sent to study in France, where he excelled in military studies. By 1785, he was a second lieutenant in artillery.Napoleon's career advanced rapidly during the Revolution. He was promoted to captain in 1792 and earned fame by recapturing Toulon from the British in 1793, leading to his promotion to brigadier general.In 1795, his decisive action against royalist insurgents in Paris catapulted him to prominence. The following year, he married Joséphine de Beauharnais and took command of the French army in Italy, achieving remarkable victories.Napoleon's success continued in Egypt from 1798 to 1799, enhancing his reputation. Returning to France, he overthrew the government in a coup d'état in 1799 and established himself as First Consul. In 1804, he crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I, marking a new era in European history.He initiated significant reforms, including the Napoleonic Code, reshaping civil law. His military campaigns, known as the Napoleonic Wars, dramatically altered European borders and global history. However, his ambition ultimately led to his downfall.The disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812 marked a turning point. By 1814, after successive defeats, Napoleon was exiled to Elba. He escaped in 1815, briefly returning to power before his ultimate defeat at Waterloo.Exiled again, this time to Saint Helena in the Atlantic, he died on May 5, 1821. The cause of his death has been a subject of debate, ranging from stomach cancer to possible poisoning. Napoleon's legacy is complex, characterized by his military genius, the spread of the ideals of the French Revolution, and the controversies his conquests brought.

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  • ما اینجا داستان زنان رو روایت میکنیم بعضی وقتا هم باهاشون مصاحبه میکنیم و داستانشونو از زبون خودشون میشنویم از تابوشکن ها و زنان سازنده و کارافرینا میگیم تا ورزش کاران و هنرمندان.

  • Are you ready to create a life on your own terms? For the career-driven, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between, A Life By You podcast shows you how to harness the power of being yourself to streamline your journey to a life you want to lead. Join hosts MJ (Mallory Hank-Johnson/@LifebyMJ) - a project manager by day and wife, mother and influencer all the time - and Jennifer Sawyer - yoga studio owner, mother, wife and founder of GreyandGlowing.com - as they share their journeys to build a life worth living.

  • Connect with me and let's talk about life! I believe that we all have a story, a good story at that. I allow anyone with a positive message, and the brave opportunity to speak their full story, whether we decide to be vulnerable or not. All these episodes are full of great conversation, information and tools for a mindful life :)Love you ALL Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/kttalkshow/support

  • This is a start up podcast under the supervision of Lock Haven University communications classes.

  • Hear from reporters and editors at the Times Union, the oldest and largest newspaper in New York's Capital Region, about the week's top stories.

  • A podcast by a horror lover for horror lovers. Sidney, otherwise known as horror_chronicles from TikTok, discusses all things horror.

  • Automating the Chain is the communication bridge that will span the learning gap between business executives and their technical counterparts. We’ll learn from CTOs and experts in industrial automation as they explain their technology in a clear and accessible way.

    We’re focused on empowering technical leaders of organizations by providing them with a platform to educate their team, their community, and the wider population about the latest automation technology providers (both software and hardware) in their industry and why automation is beneficial to businesses and society.

    We’ll also cover the wider positive and negative implications of industrial automation.

    Sponsored by Gulf Relay and SVT Robotics.

  • We talk about what is going on in the automotive world
    Hosts JR Damato and John Paul

  • «Лекарь и Пекарь» - содружество юнгианского аналитика и шеф-повара, родившегося из 6 лет терапии. Обсуждаем витальность жизни, еду, сложные чувства, патриархальность, сны, влияние звезд, вино и гормоны. Не ограничиваем себя, не сдерживаем. Откровенно?


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