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  • Hello and welcome to the Mentors 4 Teens College, Scholarship, & Career Guidance podcast.

    A podcast designed for students, and their parents, who are challenging the modern definition of what it means to be a student. We don’t believe in standardization, being average, or following the status quo! We are the free thinkers, continuous learners, and change-makers of tomorrow. We define your own destiny, create our own luck, and change the world!

    In this podcast, you will learn the latest and best tips, advice, and guidance designed to ensure elite university acceptance, scholarship success, and most importantly helping your teenager discover what gets them fired up to ensure they find a career that brings both happiness and financial stability!

    We will bring in young successful mentors in a variety of industries who will give actionable tips and advice on how they got there and how your teenager can get there faster with less or no student debt!

    In addition, we will bring in College admission officers, College consultants, financial advisors, parenting experts, scholarship experts, current elite College students and more!

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    Together, Let's Spark Bright Futures!

  • Go behind the scenes with Mike Pfeiffer, a tech industry veteran, author of six books, and creator of over thirty-five online courses, as he continues to work towards his highest potential in life and business. Each week Mike shares lessons and coaching tips to help you level up in your life or career, covering a range of topics across personal development and entrepreneurship.

  • Привет! Это подкаст «полный порядок!» и его ведущая очень хочет навести порядок в своей квартире, голове и жизни. Поэтому вместо того, чтобы просто это сделать, она решила записать подкаст и взять с собой всех желающих. Будем вместе пробовать лайфхаки из интернета, избавляться от хлама, налаживать режим и хвалить себя за маленькие достижения.

  • The Iconic truth, behind historical fiction.

  • The extraordinary career of Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) forged intersections between political action, visionary leadership, creative achievement, and romantic self-invention. As a best-selling novelist, flamboyant dandy, notable wit, ethnic outsider, and icon of Conservative politics giving rise to a powerful political myth, his multifaceted public persona has become emblematically associated with various aspects of Victorian literary, political, visual, and material culture. Recent Disraeli scholarship has been instrumental in widening the perspective on his life and career, illuminating the cross-fertilisation between his fiction, political and social thought, Jewish background, celebrity status, and psychology. Disraeli’s breadth and versatility as one of the most conspicuous and prominent nineteenth-century public figures, writers, politicians, and thinkers necessitates a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to his life and work. These papers -- which were delivered at a symposium in Oxford on 24 March 2015 -- facilitate a broad discussion of Disraeli’s many parallel (after)lives, representations, and his intellectual legacy within his Victorian contexts and beyond.

  • Join me (a woman in her 40’s) as I process the ins and outs of seeking, obtaining, and processing an autism diagnosis at the age of 41.

  • A podcast that explores the breadth of environmentalism, and the intersection between various industries, global issues, and the environment.

  • Join the Chakra Sisters as they guide you on a spiritual journey through the mind and spirit. Each episode is a meditation dedicated to a different Chakra, guiding your way through all 7.
    Produced and Designed by Noah Foutz.

  • A podcast that details the happenings around the .NET ecosystem, generally a week at a time. I can neither confirm nor deny that there will be attempts at humor involved.

    For any confusion caused to fishermen thinking they've gotten a new podcast devoted to the tools of fishing, I am sorry. This is about the technology stack. Naming is hard.

  • Musculoskeletal radiology educational content and information.

  • Интервью с российскими комиками с 2014 года

  • The "There It Is" podcast is for comedy fans as well as comedy creators. Here you can get into the minds of the comedians we admire. Listen in as host Jason Farr picks the brains of some comedy greats!
    There It Is also has a comedy lifestyle newsletter devoted to helping you find your inspiration on and off stage! Find more at ThereItIsPod.com!

  • Dylan Johnson, Scott McGill, and Adam Saban, collectively known as The Bonk Bros, bring you a weekly fresh take on all the latest happenings in the world of bike racing. We banter on all the latest recent and breaking news in the bike racing scene during this fun, low-key conversational show that is sure to bring the heat.

  • Each week on The VC Show, 8-time NBA All-Star Vince Carter and co-host Ros Gold-Onwude talk all things basketball with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. Vince will give his unfiltered thoughts on the NBA and share stories from his illustrious 22-year career.

  • Dabas miers un nemiers, atklājēju gars un dāsnums iedvesmo Valmieras novada iedzīvotājus. Un arī viņi ir tādi paši – vienlaikus darbīgi, bet arī mieru prot, pragmatiski, bet reizē brīnumiem tic. Viņi ļaujas iedvesmoties, bet nelidinās mākoņos – kas iedomāts, to izdarīs. Valmieras novadā mēdz teikt – ja varam to iztēloties, tad varam to īstenot. VALMIERĪGĀS SARUNĀS runāsim par mieru un nemieru, par iedvesmu un sapņiem, par iedomāto un izdarīto. Ieklausies!

  • Jake Paul and his celeb friends take fans on a journey through the world of sports and sports betting through the eyes of an A-list athlete. Each episode will feature Jake, his sidekick co-hosts, athlete guests, and occasional guest call-ins as they discuss the hottest stories around the world of sports.

  • We’re two music producers making a living by producing low-fidelity music while dreaming about Hi-Fi gear. Join us in discussing the struggles and obstacles we run into on our… aural adventures.