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  • This project is to showcase Africa in a very real capacity, providing insights into Africa from the perspectives of those who love the continent: its residents; wildlife heroes; conservationists; photographers; rangers; guides; and tourists; who all share their experiences and love of this beautiful continent.

  • Information, Trends & Inspiration for restaurant, cafe & foodservice operators - helping to create a strong, dynamic industry in a fast-changing world

  • The Practice Power-Up Podcast by Power Diary is your go-to resource for the management of your health practice. Damien Adler, the co-founder of Power Diary and a clinical psychologist, will bring proven strategies on how to run and grow your practice, interviews with industry leaders, and everything you need to know about Power Diary including platform updates and insider tips & tricks.

  • This podcast is a show for Leaders who are redefining how they view wellbeing in the workplace by putting people first.

    A catalyst for driving change, inspiring you and your teams to implement a proactive wellbeing culture that improves lives in and beyond the workplace.

    Be the one that makes a difference

  • A pioneering global law practice, we provide high quality legal advice and innovation worldwide.

    We deliver high quality, innovative solutions to complex business issues for a range of diverse range of clients.

    Our global teams operate seamlessly to deliver the commercial know-how and strategic alignment that clients need from their advisers to help further their business interests. We shape our advice to the unique circumstances and challenges of each project, and ensure the right people are in the right places to offer insight and certainty every time – from the day-to-day to the most complex, multi-jurisdictional transactions.

    What unites us is our commitment to service excellence through a people-focused approach. We know our clients’ businesses, the industries and markets they operate in, and most of all, we understand that great relationships yield the best outcomes.

  • Do you enjoy talking business? Do you enjoy reading about business? Do you geek out over the entrepreneurial journey? If so then you are in the RIGHT SPOT!

    The Business Samurai podcast brings you the stories told by the people themselves. You’ll be emersed in a wide variety of industries, from venture capital, to gourmet popcorn, learn how to be a better leader, or the personalities behind solving the broadband crisis.

    At the Business Samurai we believe it takes a wide variety of skill sets and experiences to be successful in business and life. Our aim is to not only entertain, but educate. For you to recognize how successful tactics and motivations in one industry can help propel you forward in your own unique business.

    Our host John Barker will speak with industry leaders in all facets of business. Our goal at the Business Samurai is to help you become a more well-rounded leader, trained in multiple disciplines, to bring all the puzzle pieces of your business together. Making you more efficient, productive, technically enhanced, and cyber secure.

    Sit back, enjoy, and welcome to the Business Samurai podcast.

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  • Evolved Radio Podcast: Interviews with technology experts, industry thought leaders, business leaders and other interesting minds. Exploring the evolution of business and technology.

  • Do you believe that ‘to lead is to serve’? Then the Joy of Leadership podcast is for you.
    Join the author of "To Lead is to Serve" Shar McBee as she dives into topics that will help YOU succeed as a leader.

    Shar McBee had never received leadership training when she was suddenly put in charge of supervising over 500 people. It was hard. Very challending. Then a great mentor taught her a secret that made it easy. In this podcast, Shar will teach her leadership secrets to you.

    Shar McBee has been quoted by the President of the United States.

    When Shar was at the peak of her career as a broadcast journalist, she was offered her own television show plus a column in the New York Times Syndicate. It was going to go to 212 newspapers.

    Instead, she went to a village in India and became a dishwasher in an ashram. It was a bold move. But she learned yoga and meditation, which led her to her life work.

    From India, Shar did volunteer work all over the world, organized gigantic events, supervised up to 1000 people at a time (volunteers and paid workers.)

    Today Shar McBee’s company teaches leadership training at law firms and at tech companies. Her method is unique because she combines leadership with yoga that you can do at your desk.

    Shar McBee’s latest book: Leadership with a Twist of Yoga.

  • Podcastul Teamology Institute este susศ›inut de OTP Bank si are ca scop principal diseminarea conceptelor validate ศ™tiinศ›ific si al bunelor practici din domeniul construirii ศ™i conducerii echipelor performante. Credem ca e mare nevoie în Romania de profesionalizarea subiectului ศ™i speram sฤƒ putem ajuta cu aceste conversaศ›ii. Ele sunt izvorâte atât din experienศ›a noastrฤƒ directa de lucru în echipฤƒ, cât ศ™i din cea de lucru cu echipele clienศ›ilor noศ™tri.

  • A new podcast focusing on reviewing a classic emo record for each episode. What do we define as "emo," you may ask? Who cares. Everything. Nothing is off limits. Support this podcast:

  • We are a group of friends from across the globe, and every week we discuss, review, and generally chat about the latest and greatest in music. Every Monday we discuss the latest news and records we've been spinning, on Wednesday we review two new albums, and on Friday we discuss a famous (or 'infamous') album in our Record Club series.

  • Ideas, techniques and processes to elevate your conducting and empower your ensemble, hosted by Ingrid Martin.

  • Join your hosts Adam Sheppard and Natasha Price every fortnight as they take a long hard look at the world through the eyes of two people who believe in grabbing life by the balls and squeezing tighter then Borat into a Mankini, who between them have close to 60 years lived experience as people with disabilities. The good, the bad, the often cringeworthy but most importantly the hilarity that can and often does ensue.

    If you're looking for fluffy sunshine and rainbows, My Little Pony meets Care Bears type of purity, you've probably come to the wrong place. If you're after good conversation, warped humour, quick wit, a touch of sarcasm and two proud people with disabilities with a no holds barred, leave no stump unturned outlook on life, you're in the right place.

    Produced Media8.

  • Path of Love with David Youngren is a podcast about the transformational work of love. Join your hosts, Marcus Noel and Catherine Rodriguez, as they speak with David Youngren about moving beyond "correct beliefs" to awakening within to our deepest and truest self that instinctively loves — extends compassion, empathy, forgiveness, generosity, and an open and non-judgmental heart to all.

  • Discussing all things Pagan parenting, from birth to adulthood, and everything in between. Support this podcast:

  • Two soul sisters on the front lines of growth and transformation, getting real about it all. Sometimes they’re walking on light. Other times they lose their footing and end up tripping over those very same rays of sunshine. That’s Woo Woo In The Real World, a constant weave of integrating our inner experiences of spirit with the mundane drill of everyday life. Like having the most zen Monday morning meditation followed by a manic Monday or following your bliss and then getting stuck following a slow driver!

    In between running kids around, running businesses, and running to the grocery store, Tami McCarthy & Becki Fleischer offer an inside look at their experiences with various healing practices and how those experiences inform their lives. They talk to interesting people, explore things that make them go “hmmm,” and share a ton of laughs along the way. Listen wherever you stream podcasts or watch them woo it up on YouTube.

  • A podcast where we explore topics and modalities to help raise your vibration, strengthen your internal guidance system, and your connection with self. We're here to awaken the lightworker inside of you by discussing topics you may have previously thought out of reach. Welcome to your woo woo 101, a down to earth approach to spirituality.

  • Kara-Leah brings deep listening, curiosity and inquiry into conversations with all kinds of people as she explores spirituality, sexuality, power , awakening and how they all intersect.

  • Welcome Queens and Kings to an authentic yet no holds barred podcast about life and relationships. Radesha Dixon, also known as Desh Dixon, is an Author, Model, Poet, Certified Life Coach and Pageant Titleholder. She was featured in the 'Secret Mirror' with Dr. Joe Vitale. Her writing has been published in Essence Magazine, Bustle, Entrepreneur, and the Huffington Post. Connect with her at Support this podcast: