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  • The Violet Hour presents - RED RIDING HOODS.
    A team of “Final Girls” – sole survivors of horrific mass murders – join forces to hunt malevolent entities while uncovering the apocalyptic conspiracy uniting them.
    Starring Hayley Pullos (General Hospital), Sam Doumit (The Hot Chick), Gina Kim, Mikayla Bartholomew (King Richard) and Carolyn Hennesy (Terminator 3, True Blood, Cougar Town)
    Directed by Sarah Joy Brown (General Hospital)
    Original Score by MikelParis (O.A.R.)
    Listen weekly, on Mondays, beginning October 11th.

  • What happens when you’re the oldest daughter in a *very* large family, and you want to date? Let’s just say...things can get complicated.

    Fall in love with Meet Cute’s newest rom-com series, “Belle Makes Twelve,” featuring music from Ellie Goulding’s album “Brightest Blue.”

    In this new rom-com series, you’ll meet Belle, the overworked, eldest daughter in a family of twelve…who’s trying to take care of her family while also taking care of herself. Will she be able to make time for her beau, or will they call it quits?

    “Belle Makes Twelve” premieres on October 5th.

  • From the producer of THE SOCIAL NETWORK, CAPTAIN PHILLIPS and HOUSE OF CARDS comes a new 10-part scripted crime podcast. 

    VERDICT centers on a federal investigator Abigail Kaplan, who must unravel the mystery behind the murder of a star high school athlete in small town Texas. When the victim’s best friend confesses to the brutal crime that could land him on death row, Abigail must navigate small-town politics, the local police and the awesome power of the local Mega Church in order to uncover the shocking truth.

    Presented by Cavalry Audio and iHeartRadio.

    Featuring voiceover performances by Steph Tolev, Spencer Garrett, Brandon Breault, Samuel Elijah Parker, Artie Baxter, Clay Wilcox, and Sarah Rich.

    Created and written by Sam Scott.

    Directed by Kc Wayland.

    Produced by Branden Morgan and Kc Wayland. 

    Executive Produced by Dana Brunetti and Keegan Rosenberger.

  • A podcast about the history of anaesthesia, the gases we use to put people to sleep, and how the safety of patients became central to a modern speciality.

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    Harun Rabbani is a spiritual teacher, author and a researcher. He has been exploring the synergy between science and consciousness since 2007, interviewing and working with some of the world's leading experts. To learn more, visit his blog

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  • Reading researcher and author Dr. Mark Seidenberg is joined by Dr. Molly Farry-Thorn and a variety of guests to discuss how to bridge the gaps between researchers and educators—with each meeting focusing on a specific topic. These meetings provide an opportunity for a deeper dive into topics that are complicated and require nuance. Another goal is to model how people who disagree about important issues can communicate and learn from each other. Visit our website ( and check out @SeidenbergRead on twitter to see what else we are thinking about and to connect with us!

  • Stories from the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, Tīkapa Moana, Te Moananui-ā-Toi. Hosted by Qiane Matata-Sipu.

  • Journey deep into the heart of the world’s most remote jungles, savannas, tundras, mountains, and deserts with wildlife biologist Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant as she studies wild animals in their natural habitats. Rae and her teams spend years studying these animals – in order to protect their futures. Going Wild with Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant takes you inside their hidden worlds – and the action-packed, suspense-filled adventures of the wildlife conservationists who track them. Hear what it takes to find and save some of the world’s most intriguing and endangered creatures. 
    Explore more at

  • Vixen Temple is a feminist sex worker from Aotearoa. Your local friendly witch here to explore the sex work industry and social issues through a feminist lens. So grab a cup of tea, and let's burn the patriarchy!

  • Spy Craft is a podcast that tells gripping life-and-death spy stories and the amazing devices and operations that made them possible. Now let’s get started

  • It’s been 25 years since Anne Champion’s friend was killed, but the case was never solved. When Anne, now a prominent Manhattan attorney, gets an unexpected phone call from an old friend, it compels her to return to Iowa, her childhood home, to try and piece together the events around Laura Van Wyhe’s mysterious death.

  • The Millennial Real Estate Investor Podcast was started because we love awesome stories of Millennials taking big action in real estate and taking control of their financial future. We interview guests who have taken the leap into the game of real estate and prove that you can do it at any age. Whether you want to earn a little extra money on the side or make investing your full time career, we bring you guests who will show you the road map to your goals.

  • Grab a coffee, pull up a deck chair and settle in for a weekly catch up on local Mangawhai news, events and a chat with the locals. Available on all good podcasting apps and at

  • Emily for Fraser FM brings you her fortnightly feature of favourite tunes and fun commentary, from the perspective of a feisty gal living life to the full whilst showing disability who's boss!

  • Digital Mafia Talkies a.k.a DMT is a platform where we analyze Movies and Television Series to examine why they are so good at Telling their Story.

  • This is Afterwatch! Join us each week as we talk our way through Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba!

  • A movie podcast inspired by a Werner Herzog quote, “We have to articulate ourselves, otherwise we would be cows in the field.” Hosted by Justin Khoo (professor of philosophy at MIT) and Laura Khoo (art historian turned fundraiser).

  • NCR Culture is a conversation on books, TV, films and more. Every month, NCR opinion editor Olga Segura — along with other NCR staff — will interview writers, authors, poets, activists, directors, and more.

  • A Podcast for the old movie lover and those who want to fall in love with classic cinema. Hi, I'm Brian. I am a millennial old movie nerd who loves to look at classic cinema through the lens of a modern eye. Each episode myself and a guest of any age will get together, watch a film made anywhere between the silent era and the year 1980, and then my guest and I discuss the facts of the movie, the movie, and then decide why or why not said movie holds up. If you love old movies and love hearing a non binary feminine millennial express their love for old movies, you will love this podcast too.