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  • The key to a sustainable future lies in our ability to coordinate global efforts built on the foundation of local expertise.

    So how can those of us passionate about protecting planet and people harness this knowledge and turn it into practical solutions on a worldwide scale?

    On this podcast, we’ll traverse the globe to unearth the stories of EHS and sustainability communities making an impact on the ground.

    We’ll share compelling stories from biodiversity and energy transition to workplace safety and more; expert insights, on topics such as PFAS and CSRD, and diverse perspectives to highlight tangible solutions and share innovative strategies to drive change.

    Whether you’re an EHS practitioner, a sustainability specialist, or a leader striving to improve your organization, join us, as we explore the path forward and Rethink EHS.

    Brought to you by Inogen Alliance.

  • Welcome to Explain that Stuff... in podcast form! Yes, by popular request, an audio version of the easy-to-understand science website you can listen to round the house or on the move.

    We cover the basics of how things work, cutting-edge science, cool gadgets, and computers. Unlike other websites, the emphasis is on explaining things simply and clearly so you can actually understand them. Not masses of facts and unnecessary details. Just clear, simple explanation. We teach stuff the way a teacher would, by building out from what you know already.

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  • New podcast weblogWelcome to ”Minority Insight for Majority Action” a podcast and article series dedicated to understanding the polycrisis and accelerating social tipping points.

    This project aims to translate minority insights into majority actions. Because when experts stop speaking only to other experts and smart people learn to communicate beyond their peers, real change begins.This shift hinges on our ability to make complex ideas accessible and actionable for everyone. True transformation lies in the translation from minority insight to majority action.

    Join us as we try to bridge the gap between complex ideas and practical solutions. Let’s turn insight into action together. Hope you enjoy the series.

  • On State of Seed, you’ll find out how seeds feed and sustain the planet. Though more than half of what we eat comes from seeds, most of us know very little about them—and how the sector contributes to our world and the future of food security. In this four-part series, host Laura Rosbrow-Telem talks to the innovative players advancing this vital resource, including leaders of multinational companies and NGOs, UN and government officials, entrepreneurs, national seed associations, scientists, and of course, farmers. Plus, you’ll hear about the key concerns keeping them up at night. State of Seed is brought to you by the International Seed Federation, with production services from FP Studios.

  • This podcast is dedicated to all you ex-JWs out there looking for guidance on navigating life after leaving the Jehovah's Witness

    Its host, Dr Ryan Lee, is a former JW with a doctorate in clinical psychology and a practicing therapist, specializing in helping former JWs and other cult survivors move through the process of waking up, walking out and moving on from life in a high control religion.

    Dr Lee covers a range of topics relating to coming to terms and healing from religious trauma and rebuilding a life after leaving a cult

  • Welcome to the Force of Nature Podcast, your destination for insightful discussions on agriculture, sustainability, and harnessing the power of nature. Each episode, I’ll bring you conversations with experts, farmers, and thought leaders who are shaping the future of our industry. From innovative farming techniques to environmental stewardship, we’ll explore the latest trends and uncover actionable insights. So, grab your headphones and join us as we journey into the agriculture industry.

  • Helping coaches and leaders to apply the principles and process of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy within their coaching conversations. Hazel & Rachael bring Acceptance & Commitment Coaching to life by sharing how they use it within their coaching, training and their own lives.

  • Hello and welcome to Creation Conversations with Joe Hubbard and John Mackay. This is the weekly show where we tackle Science, Evolution and issues facing the world today from a Biblical perspective. Join us as we answer your questions and common objections to the Bible, Creation and Noah’s flood. We hope you enjoy the shows!

  • South Pole is the Podcast that explores all things Antarctica. Whether youโ€™re a polar enthusiast or simply curious about the icy expanse, South Pole has something for you. 

    Throughout the series, frozen landscapes are brought to life by discussing a broad range of topics. From the towering glaciers and sprawling ice sheets to the unique wildlife like elephant seals and penguins, each episode unpacks the science behind this frigid frontier. But that's not allโ€”prepare to dive into episodes dedicated to Antarctica's impact on global climate, conservation efforts, and the complex phenomena of ice melt and sea level rise.

    South Pole isn't just about the natural world; it also covers human interactions with the icy continent. Listen for episodes covering historic expeditions, the role of female explorers, indigenous connections, and the geopolitical intrigue of the Cold War era. The podcast also explores modern human activities such as the global treaty system that governs the continent, tourism, and even extreme sports.

    From scientific research to storytelling, South Pole is your go-to source for all things Antarctic. So, make sure to follow and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, and join us on this chilly but fascinating adventure.

    South Pole is part of the Pine Forest Media network and you can find more information at pineforestpods.com

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  • I talked about the basic elements of life and how we can't do without them.

  • We all eat food and drink water - it keeps us alive but does it make us thrive?
    Come with me on a journey of discovery on how we can grow the cleanest, healthiest, most nutritious food in an environment that encourages nature to show us its beauty every day.
    You are what you eat!

  • We’re not equipped with life manuals we just sort of figure it out as we go! Join us as we share our experiences as we live, love , laugh and banter though it all!

  • I’m Dr. Adam Forbes a forest and restoration ecologist. Join me as I capture knowledge and insights from remarkable people and profile important issues for ecology and nature conservation. Follow this podcast to hear unique content on our natural world, straight from the mouths of the experts.

  • Tackling climate change is a serious business.

    This is the story of a startup that wants to remove carbon from the atmosphere and help reshape our relationship with the planet. Ideally without burning to the ground in the process.

    It was a good few years back when Tom Previte stumbled across biochar. That was during the first season of a podcast he co-hosts - โ€˜The Carbon Removal Showโ€™. And it turns out that this biochar stuffโ€ฆ it's not just an ancient technology but also a cutting-edge solution for todayโ€™s climate problems. 

    Grounded: A Climate Startup Journey captures the highs and lows of a green startup - from sharp learning curves to unlikely breakthroughs. Listen in as Tom digs deep into the realities and complexities of setting up a carbon removal project, and gets to grips with the science, the money, and everything it takes to build an environmentally (and financially) sustainable business.

    Because if weโ€™re going to save the planet, weโ€™re going to need a lot more businesses like this one.

    Restord is grateful for financial support for this podcast from UKRI's Greenhouse Gas Removal Hub (grant ref: NE/V013106/1)

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  • https://www.livingconnection1st.net

    We feature voices from around the world, sharing stories of working intentionally with deep nature connection in ways that transform lives, families, projects, and communities. We are excited and honored to lift up the voices of people working toward the best for all beings and the future generations.

    Topics we plan to include:

    โ€ข Designing with Natural Cycles & the 8 Shields Model

    โ€ข Cultural Elements of Connection & the 512 Project

    โ€ข Naturalist Training & the Natural Mind Journey

    โ€ข Holistic Tracking

    โ€ข Art of Mentoring

    โ€ข Village Builders

    โ€ข Ancestral Skills

    โ€ข Bird & Animal Language & Concentric Rings

    โ€ข Forest Schools

    โ€ข Community Helpers

    โ€ข Elders

    โ€ข More Topics Emerging...

  • Ready, set, science is a podcast for science educators who want to take their science teaching to the next level. Each episode, Beth will give you tips that you can implement in your class the next day. From "minds on" activities to engaging classroom strategies, making your class a place for student driven learning has never been easier. So get ready, get set, let's do science!

  • An engineering/comedy podcast where a mechanical engineer explains engineering feats (or disasters) to a biologist.

  • Welcome to the Listening Lounge, the podcast where sound meets story. 

    Join us every month as we sit down with fascinating guests from all walks of life. From seasoned seniors whoโ€™ve witnessed the marvels of history firsthand, to the pioneers changing the very way we hear the world, they all have one thing in common: captivating stories that are not just heard, but felt. 

    Whether you're an industry professional or just someone who loves a good story, the Listening Lounge is your destination for the stories behind the sound. 

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