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  • Leading Las Vegas is a podcast produced by the Emergency and Crisis Management Program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Each season, students in a Leadership, Innovation and Adaptability class interview prominent leaders, who discuss their leadership approaches, and how they prepare for, respond to, and recover from shocks and stresses faced by the community.

    Las Vegas is known for being the entertainment capital of the world. However, it is also a complex environment, with a highly diverse community living in densely populated urban and suburban areas. It is situated near rugged and desolate land, with an arid climate and extreme temperatures in summer months. This unique nature of the city and its location create dynamic challenges for leaders.

    Each season, the Leading Las Vegas podcast will focus on specific issues relevant to emergencies and crises, as well as community resilience. It’s a must-listen for emergency managers, leaders, community members, and students interested in the field of emergency crisis management.


    Season 1 of Leading Las Vegas focuses on Tourist Safety. Tourism is an integral part of Las Vegas, with over 42 million people visiting the city every year. Large-scale events from shows at hotel properties, to music festivals, to high-profile sporting events, occur on a nightly basis, along with conventions that can draw well over 100,000 attendees. Different agencies work together in the community to plan for these events, and respond when safety threats occur.

    In this season, we discuss issues of event planning, current and future threats, as well as community resilience. Las Vegas was also the site of the October 1, 2017 Route 91 Music Festival shooting, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. The season contains an episode focused on the shooting, and conversations with the leaders involved with the security planning and response to the attack, and an interview with Las Vegas mayor, Carolyn Goodman, who discusses the city’s resilience.

  • Ben Schmidt from the Manawatu Tenants' Union presents a weekly programme looking at flatting and renting issues. Ben talks to renters, landlords, property managers, and representatives from other organisations that work in housing.

  • Here on The Ahiu Ranch we believe in family, fun and a bunch of freedom. We cover everything with no filter and give it to you strait with a little comedy mixed in. Eeuuuuuu

  • "You'll stay in the will if you don't discuss the bill"
    A Politics podcast for young kiwis.

    Episodes Bi-weekly.

    Wednesdays - Chats With Lan Pham - Hosts Sam and Lan Pham (LGNZ, ECan councillor) sit down and discuss an issue facing local governments in New Zealand.

    Fridays - The Main Show - Sam and Jen tackle political issues facing New Zealand youth and give you the details that you wont be able to discuss at the dinner table

  • Writer. Reader. Parent of adults. Author of PARENT HACKS and other books.

  • A USC Price student-produced podcast that talks about the hidden and explicit consequences of public policy decisions in Los Angeles. Join us for in-depth conversations with faculty, policy makers, community members, activists, and more.

  • On The NZIIA podcast, we talk all things international. From trade to geopolitics to diplomacy, the NZIIA seeks to encourage an understanding of the importance of global affairs to the political and economic well-being of New Zealand as in this interconnected age, what happens beyond these shores affects us all at home.

  • The life, times and cynical opinions of a retired and broken Detective Sergeant.

  • Local Aotearoa is New Zealandโ€™s first podcast dedicated to the world of local government.

  • What does it mean to be a consumer in 2021? And when did 'consumer' become a dirty word. Consume This is a podcast designed to pick apart our habits, our impact on the environment, marketingโ€™s impact on us and all the good and bad aspects of being a modern consumer.

    All the views & opinions expressed in the programme are the hosts own and do not represent those of any employers, institutions or organisations they are affiliated with unless explicitly stated. At least for Sophie, Jon's the Consumer CEO so... All views and opinions are expressed in good faith.

    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Looking to get a non-biased opinion about political issues in New Zealand? Steve talks to kiwis about political issues on both sides of the political aisle.

    We avoid the BS and focus on one issue an episode.

    Episodes are released monthly - we hope you enjoy it!

  • 'Peace Witness' features those who stand up to be counted as advocating for non violent ways of resolving conflict.

  • Monthly information on issues for blind and vision impaired people. Produced by the Association of Blind Citizens of NZ – Southland Branch (ABC), a blind consumer organization established by blind people in 1945. Sponsored by South City Pharmacy.

  • New Zealand's national security is rarely discussed in detail outside a small group of government officials and academics. The Indefensible New Zealand podcast is designed to change that with a wide ranging and ongoing conversation that everyone can understand. Free of the constraints of word limits and sound bites, the host, Simon Ewing-Jarvie, presents a fascinating, 'whole of government' view of what needs to be done to keep Kiwis safe - now and in the future. And by future, we mean this series looks out to 2050 and beyond. Many guests will appear on this show - some whose names you'll recognise and others you will never have heard of. Together, they help to bring this important topic to life.

  • Join Jiong fortnightly as she discusses the differences and commonalities between China (her homeland) and Southland, NZ! Immersive story telling, great music, and learning Mandarin are just some of the awesome things to look forward to!

  • Join John McDonnell, expert historians and activists to analyse and debate the key working class struggles of the last thousand years of UK history. A Claim the Future project, supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

  • Dairy Stream focuses on policy, sustainability, market trends, new technology and farmer involvement. This podcast is co-produced by the Dairy Business Association and Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, sister organizations that fight for effective dairy policy in Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.

  • This programme aims to build resilience in the community post COVID-19 across three sectors – public, profit, and not-for-profit - through
    interviews and conversation.