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  • How can we accelerate and optimise innovation to improve peopleโ€™s lives? This podcast series, supported by Philip Morris International, invites guests from across the global innovation ecosystem to discuss the data-driven findings and insights from The Innovation Quotient, a new research initiative from Economist Impact.

    Economist Impact, an arm of the Economist Group, aims to inform and inspire people as they seek to apply innovation for socioeconomic progress.

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  • How do laws actually get better? Learn with two lobbyists as they go deep with a legislator on each issue on a particular policy they have changed. Dan Johnson and Tom Suffredin have both been elected politicians and work as lobbyists, drafting bills, negotiating with opponents and finding a path to make things better. Each guest shares how they got started and one policy they are proud of changing, offering an example for listeners to improve the laws in a similar way in their government.

  • Wie unterscheidet sich die Generation Z tatsächlich vom Rest der Bevölkerung? Wendet sich die Politik von den Menschen ab, oder die Menschen sich von der Politik? Und tickt die Bevölkerung in Ost- und Westdeutschland immer noch unterschiedlich?

    In "Das denkt Deutschland" sprechen Thorsten Thierhoff, Geschäftsführer des Meinungsforschungsinstitutes forsa, und WELT-Chefredakteur Ulf Poschardt jede Woche über das Auseinanderdriften von öffentlicher und veröffentlichter Meinung. Anhand von konkreten Themen und auf Basis von empirischen Befragungsdaten widmen sie sich in jeder Folge den aktuellen Debatten.

    "Das denkt Deutschland - Über Meinung und Medien" erscheint jeden Mittwoch um 16 Uhr – überall da, wo es Podcast gibt und auf welt.de/dasdenktdeutschland.

    Ein Podcast von forsa und WELT.

  • In a world first, Unspoken Giants brings together major international financial institutions to discuss the global fight against corruption. Each episode focuses on a different institution and shines a light on their anti-corruption work, their different sanctions and debarment systems, and their approaches to tackling corruption. This series will give you a unique insight into the world of international financial institutions like never before.  

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  • The lang cat‘s Tom McPhail talks with industry experts and insiders about pensions and investments, regulation, technology, politics and policy-making .
    Grown-up financial services insights for people who work here.
    Tom is one of the industry‘s leading experts on pensions and retirement for over 20 years and former Head of Policy for the FTSE100 firm Hargreaves Lansdown. You can also find him on Twitter as @pensionsmonkey

  • Seriously Balkans - The BiEPAG Talks is a podcast series that offers an in-depth analysis and background information to current events in the Balkans, as well as discussions with leading policy analysts on important new studies.

    Seriously Balkans is your regular update on what matters in the region, produced by the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group. 

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  • A podcast on the experience of the partners of the URBACT Transfer Network promoting games for inclusive, healthy and sustainable cities

  • Mock IT is your expert guide to the back-of-napkin ideas that impact people worldwide. Ever find yourself asking questions like "How did this person go from working at a restaurant to owning a Fortune 500 company?" or "How can I take my scribbles and turn them into the next AI/ML solution?" - If so, then this podcast is for you. Hosts Liz and Rachel dig for the stories of innovators in action, so you don't have to. Tune in bi-monthly whenever you listen to podcasts.

  • REVOLT presents unfiltered conversation about current events with the leaders of Black culture including artists, activists, politicians, experts and more. “I always wanted to develop a platform to report the news from our perspective, from our lens, from our people, so I decided to launch REVOLT Black News,” said Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. “We’re here with solutions. We’ve already heard about what we can’t do, but this is what we can do.”

  • Insyn är en podcast av Vetlanda kommun. Podden innehåller aktuella ämnen för att ge dig som medborgare ökad insyn och möjlighet att vara delaktig i våra kommunala verksamheter.

  • Nuclear Explained takes an in-depth look at nuclear technology and how it impacts modern life. The podcast features experts and scientists from around the world discussing the safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear technology.

  • Mitä politiikan valkakunnassa tapahtuu? Miksi? Kansanedustajat Bella Forsgrén (vihreät, Jyväskylä), Matias Mäkynen (SDP, Vaasa) ja Pihla Keto-Huovinen (kokoomus, Mäntsälä) pohtivat ajakohtaisia asioita ja tarvittaessa nostavat kissan pöydälle. Keskustelua vetää Jan Erola.

  • Luis Madrigal y May comentan los acontecimientos más relevantes e irrelevantes de la Asamblea Legislativa.

  • Echte Demokratie statt Ausverkauf der Politik. Gemeinwohl für alle statt Profitlobbyismus!

    โž” Ein Podcast aus dem Politikbetrieb: unmittelbar, ungeschminkt und unnachgiebig.
    โž” Mittwochs, alle 14 Tage.

    Schöne Worte, ritualisierte Talkshows gibt es genug. Der ehemalige Bundestagsabgeordnete Marco Bülow und die Demokratie-Aktivistin Sabrina Hofmann nehmen den politischen Betrieb und das System in die Mangel:
    Wie funktioniert der ungleiche Kampf zwischen Konzerninteressen und dem Gemeinwohl?
    Wem nützen diese Entscheidungen gegen unsere Zukunft? Was hat das Ganze mit unserem System zu tun?
    Und die wichtigste Frage: Wie sieht ein Gegenmodell für echte Demokratie aus?

    Marco Bülow ist ein Insider, berichtet aus seinen 18 Jahren Erfahrungen im Deutschen Bundestag und seinen Kampf gegen Profitlobbyismus.

  • Ever wondered how we can beat the climate crisis? 'Resilience' brings you inspiring stories from people all over the world who are adapting to climate change in practical, creative and innovative ways. Each episode explores a different theme in building climate resilience - from cities to coasts and small islands, nature-based solutions, recovering from the Covid pandemic, and the race for climate-proof food.

    The views expressed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of the UN Environment Programme.

  • Is the United States Postal Service a government entity held by the highest standards showing early signs of our country's financial problems or is it a problem of incompetency. If you are or know a USPS employee who has worked and wasn't paid for the job performed. We want to hear from you.

  • Voices from the SBS Summit is a monthly podcast brought to you by The Threat Lab, DoD’s Counter-Insider Threat Program, and the National Insider Threat Task Force. This podcast features conversations with Threat Lab team members and presenters from The Threat Lab’s annual Counter-Insider Threat Social and Behavioral Science Summit.

  • Go behind the scenes of some of the most interesting topics at the intersection of finance, law, and public policy. Hosted by Lee Reiners.