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  • The Malcontent News Russia-Ukraine War Report provides comprehensive, fact-based news coverage about the war in Ukraine. Our team of journalists, researchers, and analysts are from Georgia, Israel, Canada, Finland, Poland, Ukraine, the US, and UK. We go beyond content aggregation and provide analysis and assessments on how today's stories shape the war's future. Our coverage includes the battlefront, geopolitics, economics, and the human impact.

  • The Daily California w/ Steve Hilton is the non-partisan home for everyone who wants a California Revolution! We’ll bring you expert insight on what’s going wrong and how to put it right...the people fighting for change, from political leaders to artists to neighborhood heroes. If you're frustrated by homelessness, high housing costs, red tape, the state of our public schools, and want a viewpoint you won't find in the rest of the media - join us!

  • Taiwan Salon is a podcast produced by the Global Taiwan Institute (GTI), a 501(c)3 policy think tank in Washington, DC.
    Hosted by members of GTI’s staff, Taiwan Salon examines Taiwan’s cultural policy and approach to soft power from perspectives both inside and outside the government. Through interviews, the series illuminates how Taiwan’s unique history and culture interacts with policy and pinpoints opportunities and challenges for future “soft” engagement between Taiwan and the United States.

    Intro and outro music for the series is by I’mdifficult 我是機車少女.

  • This podcast is for anyone interested in modern British political history from 1945-2010. The focus is generally going to be looking at the different governments that have come and gone during this period and I plan to typically use a book, documentary or other piece of material as a prompt each episode for discussion. My personal interest in this comes from being a longstanding modern British history enthusiast and having consumed numerous books, documentaries and newspaper articles on the subject over the years! Also my day job is working as a civil servant in government, so I have quite a keen interest in the history of modern policy-making and recent governments.

  • Nikki Johnson-Huston’s journey of overcoming poverty and homelessness to become a successful attorney has shaped her view of the world and her commitment to making sure that others have the same opportunities to pursue their own dreams, but in today’s world that seems to be more and more complex and we seem to be more divided than ever. This podcast is about having the sometimes difficult conversations with people who may have widely differing worldviews and values but to do so honestly and respectfully. Nikki hopes to listen, learn and open up the lines of communication, and she hopes that you will join her on that journey.

  • A political podcast where we discuss both American History and Current Events. We also review a beverage each episode.

  • A podcast from reporter.london focused on Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa, discussing illicit finance, crime and corruption and their effects on democracy, security and geopolitics, with remarkable guests who deserve more recognition.

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  • Stratcom, stratejik iletişim konusunda alanında en iyileri bir araya getirmeyi hedefleyen Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Cumhurbaşkanlığı İletişim Başkanlığının uluslararası bir markasıdır. Stratcom markasının ana etkinliğini ilki 2021 yılında İstanbul’da düzenlenen Uluslararası Stratejik İletişim Zirvesi oluşturmaktadır. Stratcom markasının yan etkinliklerinden biri olan Stratcom Konuşmaları, alanında uzman isimlerin katılımıyla tematik konuların ele alındığı kısa konuşma ve mülakatları içeren bir podcast serisidir.

    Stratcom is an international brand of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Directorate of Communications, with the goal of bringing together the bests in strategic communication. The main event of the Stratcom brand is the International Strategic Communication Summit, the first of which was held in Istanbul in 2021. Stratcom Talks,among one of the side events of Stratcom brand, is a podcast series that includes short talks and interviews on thematic topics with the participation of experts in the various fields.

  • Redistributing wealth in the United States by placing matters back into the hands of The People-- the Freedom Ain't Free Podcast is the resource for ACTIVE allies. Here's where you'll find out how to stop wishing you could make a difference, and BE the change we're all waiting for.

    You're wanting to learn, stretch, grow, and be a proactive change maker! YOU want to make a difference. YOU want to be the change. You're here because you know that takes work-- and you're unafraid of the effort it takes to be on the RIGHT side of history.

    Start today, subscribe, share, and take the pledge!

  • This is GILTI Conscience: Casual Discussions on Transfer Pricing, Tax Treaties, and Related Topics, a podcast from Skadden that invites thought leaders and industry experts to discuss pressing transfer pricing issues, international tax reform efforts, and tax administration trends. We also dig into the innovative approaches companies are using to navigate the international tax environment and address the obligation everyone loves to hate.

    If you like what you’re hearing, be sure to subscribe in your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss any future conversations. Skadden's tax team is recognized globally for providing clients with creative and innovative solutions to their most pressing transactional, planning, and controversy challenges. Additional information about Skadden can be found at skadden.com.

    GILTI Conscience is a podcast by Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, and Affiliates. Skadden’s tax team is recognized globally for providing clients with creative and innovative solutions to their most pressing transactional, planning, and controversy challenges. This podcast is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended and should not be construed as legal advice. This podcast is considered advertising under applicable state laws.

  • TerraTrue's The Privacy Beat, featuring host Angelique Carson and guests, is a quick-hit rundown of the important privacy news-you-can use of the week. Listen to sound smart at Happy Hour, informed at strategy meetings, or just to enjoy a conversation between people who speak your language and understand your pain.

  • The Grey Dynamics Podcast offers an insight into the often murky and hidden world of intelligence. Brought to you by current and former intelligence practitioners that know the routes through the "Grey Zone".

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  • Welcome to @CanBorder, a podcast offering an inside look at the ways the Canada Border Services Agency works towards protecting and bettering the lives of Canadians and travellers crossing the country's border.

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  • Each podcast episode, Pat Eckler and Dan Cotter will cover several oral arguments and decisions in civil matters at the Illinois Appellate Court and Illinois Supreme Court, with the occasional coverage of SCOTUS and other appellate courts.

    The purpose of the podcast is to inform of developments that may affect business and are not to be considered legal advice. They do not create a lawyer-client relationship. Information on previous case results do not guarantee a similar future result. The opinions are their own and do not reflect those of the firms for which they work or their clients.

  • The most basic element of public policy is the public. Yet, most public policy podcasts seem to ignore this.

    This podcast fills that void by democratising public policy discussions through conversations with policy experts and intellectuals on specific issues. It will break these issues down into their most basic elements and engage in a comprehensive analysis of the same. It will do all this by using simple language free of jargon.

  • To many Americans, the name Kash Patel has become legendary after he uncovered key aspects of one of the biggest scandals in American history—surveillance of a presidential campaign and then sitting president on the basis of unverified and suspect research by the opposing campaign.

    After two decades working in key roles in America’s national security apparatus, Kash Patel now joins Epoch Times senior editor Jan Jekielek in this exclusive Epoch Times production looking at the most pressing issues of our time, from terrorist threats to corruption in the highest seats of power.

  • This year, Operation Santa Claus is helping 22 local charities with projects that improve the lives of sick children, the elderly, people with disabilities and many others. Your help can make a real difference to them. Please donate to us now!

  • As they say, democracy doesn't begin and end at the ballot box. On Beyond the Ballot Box, we speak to politicians and analysts and explore burning issues and questions surrounding our fluid and ever-changing political scene.