Geschiedenis – Nieuwe podcasts

  • Retelling forgotten stories from San Francisco's golden past, 1849 - 1906, based on newspapers, books, and personal accounts, of the time. San Francisco enthusiasts, California gold rush fans, and garden variety history geeks can discover this boom and bust city, built on the discovery of gold. Ho boys ho! For Californio! *I do my best to accurately reflect the facts, and sources, in my episodes.*

  • Look Both Ways is a podcast about the unsung failures of the past and the unsolved challenges of the present. Stories are told. Experimentation is celebrated. Streets are safely crossed en route to new perspectives on what it means to get things wrong. 

  • What happens when two historians interested in the paranormal meet up? They start a podcast, of course! Join Samantha and Aaron as they discuss legends and lore of the Great Lakes Region. Expect lots of conversation, thorough research, and plenty of sarcasm (when justified). From ghosts to ghost towns and from mythical creatures to UFOs, Great Lakes Lore looks at it all with a scholarly, yet affectionate eye.

  • Join writer and historian Dr Eliza Filby as she speaks to two different generations from the same family to discuss their contrasting lives. 'It's All Relative' is a light hearted look at the generation gap, where we will be rejoicing in our differences and uncovering our similarities and discovering that ultimately, no matter what the media headlines say, we have more in common than divides us. Because whether you grew up with just three TV channels, or your own YouTube channel, we are all just a product of our time. 

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  • The Really Useful Podcast from the Family History Federation. In each episode, Joe Saunders introduces a topic from the family history world, to discuss with some experts in that field.

  • Anglo-Saxon England is a podcast looking at the history of Anglo-Saxon England, beginning with the end of Roman Britain and ending with the Norman Conquest. We will not only talk about the history but also the literature, culture, and historiography of the Anglo-Saxon period. This show strives to offer an accessible but scholarly rigorous overview that will appeal both to beginners and to experts.

  • The Creepy Wee Podcast is a history show that focuses on the dark stories, myths and lore surrounding Scotland. Hosted by Rebecca McAllister and Liam Neilson.

  • story story is a four part audio history series brought to you by lanaire aderemi productions and Loopify Media. Using dramatisation and immersive soundscaping, this podcast explores important events in Nigeria’s history. from culture to politics to folklore, story story pulls forgotten nigerian histories from the margin to the centre. get involved using the hashtag #storystorypod and follow us on: and

    we recommend you use headphones to enjoy the immersive soundscapes.

  • Was Earth really visited by mysterious extraterrestrial travelers thousands of years ago as many proponents of ”ancient astronaut theory” believe? What are the hidden secrets and mysteries behind ancient monuments and forgotten civilizations?

    Every week, historian Tristan Johnson and regular human person Scott Niswander dive through the archives to learn about the fascinating histories of ancient civilizations while also debunking the myths and straight-up lies presented in History Channel‘s massively popular tv show Ancient Aliens that has sparked a new generation of conspiracy theorists. We hope through this show, you can gain an appreciation for just how cool ancient societies were, and not simply credit their impressive advancements to alien visitors.

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  • Shield of the Republic is a Bulwark podcast co-sponsored by the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia. We probe beyond the hive mind of Washington conventional wisdom on national security and foreign affairs.

  • A Black British oral history podcast featuring interviews with an array of activists, campaigners, allies and witnesses (This podcast is a spin-off of Tell A Friend podcast).

  • This podcast looks back at the pop culture of Generation X, from an African-American perspective. (Years covered: 1960-2000)

  • The history of Taiwan (1600 C.E. - 2000) told through interesting stories in a non-chronological order. John Ross is an author and publisher of works on Taiwan and China, while Eryk Michael Smith has worked as a writer and journalist for several media outlets in Taiwan. Both hosts have lived in Taiwan for well over 20 years and call the island home. Email:

  • This podcast is excellent for all ages and every episode is a short story, fast and simple, perfect for enthusiasts. New episodes out 2 times a week with bonus episodes sometimes!

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    Hosts: Eric Qi (Writer), Shane the Robot (Also Eric Actually)

  • In 2011, veteran and journalist Elliott Woods embedded with the twelve Marines of Third Squad in one of the most violent parts of Afghanistan at the height of the war against the Taliban. Only eleven of the twelve would make it home. A decade later—with America’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan looming—Elliott goes on a cross-country road trip to track down the Third Squad survivors, to talk about the war and coming home, and to ask: What was it all for? And where do we go from here? 
    Third Squad is a 12-part documentary podcast hosted by Woods and produced by Airloom Media. New episodes every Thursday starting October 21, 2021.

  • Comedian Shane Todd and author and director Hazel Hayes are on a mission to understand the colourful past of the island they call home. From the Bronze Age to Bono, Paganism to St. Patrick, every Tuesday they share a new tale from Ireland's history and have plenty of craic while theyโ€™re at it. So pull up a chair, pin back your ears, and get ready for an education in life on the Emerald Isle. 

  • Extraordinary Stories of Britain is a podcast packed with fun and informative tales from our island’s long and storied past.

    Visiting little-known corners of history, shedding new light on familiar faces, uncovering unusual - and sometimes bizarre - facts along the way, this is the podcast for anglophiles, history buffs, and anyone interested in finding out more about the UK.

    From killer queens to grime and punishment, from medieval medicine to celebrity cats, from secret sewers to pickled philosophers, we leave no historic stone unturned.

    The pod is brought to you from the British Guild of Tourist Guides - the UK’s only national organisation for history and tourist guides.