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  • Elsevier's Surgical Oncology Clinics podcast is hosted by Consulting Editor Dr. Timothy M. Pawlik and features in-depth discussions and commentary on the articles in each issue by the Guest Editors themselves. Each issue of Surgical Oncology Clinics features clinical review articles focused on a central topic. Articles can be accessed within the following platforms:,, and For subscription info visit: Twitter: @SurgicalClinics

  • The Jiu-Jitsu Motivation show covers all things Jiu Jitsu! We talk to some of the most influential people shaping the Jiu Jitsu community.

  • Wil je alles weten over vasten (Intermittent Fasting en Time Restricted Eating) en het verbeteren van je leefstijl? Volg dan deze podcast. Ik ben in 2012 begonnen als Gewichtsconsulent en ik merkte al snel dat de standaard adviezen niet voor iedereen voldoende zijn om af te vallen dus ik heb vasten toegevoegd als 1 van de vele adviezen. Zelf vast ik vooral voor de gezondheidsvoordelen en het maakt het als parttime rolstoeler natuurlijk ook een stuk makkelijker om op gewicht te blijven. Op kan je alle extra informatie vinden. Muziek door Pixabay.

  • Helping new therapists, health and wellness practitioners and new parents nurture their own self care and personal growth to continue shining their light bright onto the world. Offering practical and doable tips on creating a positive growth mindset and daily self care rituals for therapists, counselors, health and wellness practitioners, and new parents. Self care for your personal and professional life. This first episode launches the self care today tomorrow podcast. In it, you will find information about what self care is, mindset and personal growth coaching, tips and strategies. There is also a call to action to learn from you on what self care topics you'd like to listen to on the self care today tomorrow podcast

  • Martin Figueroa interviews and examines the day to day lives of extraordinary people who are passionate and successful in life without the hunger of material rewards or gains.

  • A topic that is left unspoken. Personally been struggling for 5 years.
    Cover art photo provided by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash:

  • Hi I’m lavender and I’m here to help you sleep and understand important things. I hope that you enjoy my videos and have a great day. Love you!

  • Insightful conversations with host Rachel Jay and some of the most inspiring people in health, wellness, fitness and personal development to help you live an active and inspired life. For more find Rach on IG @rachactive_ & | Rach is a coach, the founder of Core 30 and was named a ‘health guru’ by The New Daily.

  • DOPA (The Department of Pro-Activeness). Fuelling conversations around creative wellness and turning negative barriers into positive tools for mental success. Founded, Created and Hosted by Alex Normanton. Music by Keelan Doyle.

  • Fall asleep to the very source of all peace, the words of God. Life can be stressful. Bible Sleep provides the listeners with a peaceful narration of the Biblical text with music to aid in drifting off to a restful nights sleep. If you have any prayer requests, please contact us at 401-47-BIBLE. Check out our other podcasts, Bible Kids, Bible Light, Bible Detox, and Bible Academy.

  • Schools in the Texas area are temporarily closed because two teachers died of Covid within a week. Schools are planned to be closed until there are no more COVID-19 cases. The learning process will be carried out remotely. the teachers who died named natalia who was 41 years old and mc.cormick who was 59 years old. When the new school academic year came,this covid case haven't known by teachers,but on Sunday 51 students was recorded as new possitive cases of covid .The governments have planned to help the students by give them vaccine services for students,parents and for all staff that work in that school.
    After reading the news, I came to know information about the spread of covid 19 in the world. Evidently, that it is not only Indonesia which applies distance learning. We need to know that, we must to work together to stop the spread of covid 19. We can do keep our distance and vaccinate to keep our immunity.
    According to the news I find the important vocabulary :

    Expert of public health action in prevent and give solution about healthy cases.

    Technological advances allow us to communicate remotelly.

    Spread of population affect the level of health in a community.

    After practice this sentences in my daily life, I feel esier to do assigment because the important vocabulary are used a lot in college assignment.

  • The Congress Report podcast covers the latest evidence based medical news from cardiology, hematology, oncology, diabetology, pulmonology, dermatology, urology and more. Made for healthcare professionals and researchers, we are an independent, open-access platform. portal enables HCPs to get acquainted with new clinical trial results, medical diagnostic and treatment guidelines. Our non-promotional website collects and stores the relevant scientific information, KOL insights, key lectures, poster presentations in a user-friendly format.

  • Get the inside scoop of nursing school from someone who is going through it. Join nursing student, Melanie, each week for tips on everything from acing your Foundations class to getting your very first job as a nurse.

  • The Mouth Of Manliness with Nick, Worgie and guestsTalking mental health, well being and everything under the sun.Expect tears and laughter as we share real stories with real people.

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  • The Visible Voices podcast amplifies voices that are Visible and those that may be Invisible. We speak on topics related to healthcare, equity, and current trends. Based in Philadelphia, and hosted by physician Resa E. Lewiss, we really like speaking with people like you. 

  • Hi, welcome to the Morning Blend Podcast! I'm Kayla Pomponio, intergrative/holistic health coach, entrepreneur, lover of all things lifestyle & student. You may know me as Be Well with Kayla (@bewellwithkayla) on Instagram where I share all of my health & nutrition tips. Howevever, I have so much more to offer, which is why I've decided to launch the Morning Blend podcast. On this podcast, I'll be speaking about health, wellness, business and lifestyle but also highlighting a community apsect. I'll be hosting guests on the podcast as well as sharing my own personal experiences. I'll be taking the podcast to Instagram as well (@themorningblendpodcast) where I'll be highlighting other women and their amazing work. Most importantly, I'll be giving you all of the tools necessary to becoming your best self and to BE whoever you wish to be. Be well, Kayla

  • An extended version of the hit YouTube show, the dope ladies from Fix Productions get down on the funny things in life, and serious on some real talk topics, all while enjoying the usual alcoholic beverage.

  • The Eat, Girl, Eat Podcast is the place where we share the real behind the scenes of what it takes to unlearn everything the diet industry has taught us about being “healthy” and where we share what it means to listen to our bodies. We normalize food as food, ditching the concept of “healthy” vs. “bad” foods, and discuss our personal journeys to reconnecting to our internal wisdom.

    Founder, Maria Brigantino and her guests share their experiences candidly and authentically. A combination of funny, raw and insightful information, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking Food FREEDOM in their own life.