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  • The purpose and objectives of Yogic Secret is to introduce solutions that emphasize the maintenance of healthy living which is more than just the absence of disease. In other words, the focus is to maintain the functional ability which is of the highest importance with the changing lifestyles and day-to-day pressures.

  • The physical benefits of running are well-documented, but how does it aid our mental health and well-being? In each show, host Diane Church talks to a different guest about how running has helped them through a particularly difficult or challenging time. Life feels better after a run. If you are interested in how people overcome adversity and/or are looking for inspiration and motivation to go running, subscribe today. For more information visit: Follow on Instagram at #whyrunpodcast on Facebook @whyrunpodcast

  • Kevin Forey MD seeks to provide an educational resource for everyday individuals who are interested in learning more about food, nutrition, physical exercise, and other strategies for preventing common medical illnesses. Throughout this podcast, you will find an unbiased and evidence-based message that is easy to understand.

  • Welcome to The Secure Love Podcast: Real Time Couples Therapy with Julie Menanno. Julie Menanno is a licensed therapist dedicated to helping couples build secure, lasting connections using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). In each episode, Julie works with a real couple in their 30s, Melissa and Drew, and just like many of us, they are navigating life's challenges, raising kids, managing busy careers, and working on their relationship.

    Join us to explore the depths of attachment theory and its profound impact on our relationships. We'll identify negative communication cycles and learn how to create positive, lasting changes. By sharing Melissa and Drew's journey, you'll gain relatable insights and actionable steps to apply in your own life. Each episode offers practical skills and homework assignments to help you foster a more secure and fulfilling connection with your partner.

    The Secure Love Podcast is your companion for building healthier, happier relationships. Your journey to a more secure love begins now.

  • I help people heal from the heartbreak of infidelity and learn how to love and trust again. If you have been betrayed, this is a safe place to grow and heal together.

  • Welcome to the All-Star Success Codes Podcast, where we dive into the minds of champions. Hosted by Dave Scatchard, former NHL Star turned Entereprenuer and Mindset Coach, this podcast is your gateway to understanding the secrets behind success in everything you do.

    In each episode, Dave will bring you interviews from a diverse range of guests, including famous athletes, entertainers, musicians, and business tycoons. Together, they dissect the habits, mindsets, and strategies that led to their success. You'll hear incredible stories of triumph, resilience, and innovation, providing you with a blueprint to apply in your own life.

    Join Dave as he shares the highs and lows of his journey, the invaluable lessons learned, and the success codes that can transform your life. This podcast is perfect for high achievers, sports enthusiasts, and anyone who loves inspiring stories and practical advice.

    Whether you’re striving for professional success, personal growth, or both, this podcast equips you with practical tools and inspiring insights to achieve your goals. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and equipped to reach new heights. Welcome to the All-Star Success Codes Podcast—your ultimate guide to success.

  • Content Creators Jason and Stephanie Class talk Marriage, Anxiety, Swinging, Sexuality, and Porn! OF:StephanieClass IG:StephanieClassX

  • I'm Leighton and this is the The Synergy Podcast, where I deep dive into all things health, fitness, strength, fads and more. We drop an episode per week designed to help you navigate the sh*tshow that is the modern day fitness industry.

  • Our mission is to empower everyday people to have confidence in their body, to see what they are capable of, to find enjoyment in movement - and in doing so, find good health and happiness.

    At Adaptive Strength one of the things we value most is education. We seek to learn from world class clinicians, coaches and basically anyone who is smarter than us

    Weโ€™re going to be here every two weeks, fortnightly, and will discuss real world science and evidence based strategies from pain and rehab through to general strength and conditioning. 

    Weโ€™ll have deep-dive episodes where weโ€™ll chat with people about their own health and fitness journey. And find tools, tactics and strategies that have worked for them in the real world. 

    And then weโ€™ll have some episodes where it may be me, or one of our other coaches here at Adaptive Strength, sharing bite-sized topics related to your health, fitness and performance. 

  • Host Thomas Rozdzynski 3rd Degree Black Belt, Judo Black Belt, Instructor at RลŒL Academy, Host of The RลŒL Radio, Creator of RลŒL TV - Submit your questions via IG: rozdzynskibjj

  • Feeling Stressed, Overwhelmed, or Simply Lost Your Sparkle?

    Reclaim Your Magick in Just 5 Minutes a Day with 5-Minutes of Magick!

    Rebecca Anuwen, a student of magick and Mental Health advocate, knows the challenges of juggling a busy life (mum to a 10-year-old, a business owner and studying for her MA in Magic and Occult Science!)

    This daily podcast is your secret ally for boosting your mood, reducing stress, finding more fulfilment and reconnecting to the magick of your everyday life.

    Each 5-minute episode delivers powerful yet practical tools you can use right away.

    Learn simple techniques to feel more centred and grounded and discover actionable tips for self-love, resilience, and manifesting your desires.

    Harnessing the power of modern magick by using intention and mindful practices to create positive change in your life, for mental well-being with topics like mindfulness, affirmations, visualisations, gratitude and more!

    Join Rebecca Anuwen on a transformative journey where you'll explore ways to cultivate a more positive, fulfilling, and magickal life one episode at a time.

    Subscribe to Five-Minutes of Magick for your daily dose of enchantment, where you can make every moment count!

    Learn more about Rebecca and her unique perspective on magick and mental health:

  • What if you could tap into the limitless energy within you to feel your best? Welcome to Energy Works, a podcast that seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with modern science to revolutionize your understanding of health, longevity, and the human experience.Join Lauren Walker, author and creator of Energy Medicine Yoga, along with her co-host Blaine Wilkes, as they guide you through the fascinating world of energy medicine. This podcast dives deep into the power of energy and its profound impact on your health, happiness, and overall well-being.In Energy Works, you'll explore: • The foundational principles of energy medicine and its transformative benefits • How energy influences your relationships, career, and health • Practical tools and techniques, such as tapping and yoga, to enhance your energy flow • The intersection of ancient practices like yoga and Chinese Medicine with modern quantum physics and neurobiology • Inspirational stories from individuals who have transformed their lives through energy medicineWhether you're an experienced energy healer or just beginning your journey, Energy Works offers valuable insights and practical advice for everyone. Each episode features engaging conversations with some of the most brilliant minds in the field, as well as personal stories and practical tips to help you harness your own energy to heal, grow, and thrive. Subscribe to Energy Works and join us on an incredible journey to unlock the secrets of energy medicine. Open your mind and heart to the reality that energy impacts every aspect of your life. Let's explore the universe inside of you, starting right here, right now.

  • Welcome to the Simplified Functional Medicine Podcast! When it comes to most approaches to functional medicine, most are DYS-functional. Our mission is to help doctors help more patients through providing them with a simplified, streamlined approach to functional medicine.

  • Welcome to ‘Joy.Yoga.Life’ (JYL), the podcast where we explore the transformative power of yoga as a pathway to joy, mindfulness and wellbeing. I’m Donna, a dedicated practitioner and lifelong student of yoga with over 25years of experience. Through this podcast, I aim to share wisdom and lifestyle practices that foster awareness, connection and inner peace in our daily lives. These episodes offer inspiration, practical insights and guided meditations to help cultivate a deeper sense of joy, presence and fulfilment. Together let’s manifest a joyful vibrant existence.

  • Be open to being vulnerable. That is where you will find your truth and your strength. The Morning Cup is a space where meaningful (and funny) conversations about health, wellness and life happen. This is a place for people to share their stories of adversity and triumph. I believe sharing stories is the path to healing and creating connections with others. 

    I hope you enjoy these inspiring and sometimes off the cuff conversations!!

  • Welcome to How the Wise One Grows โ€“ where we live with intention by connecting to inner wisdom, one another, and the natural world through mindful conversations and meditations. 

    Join me, your host Holly Zajur, and guests for heartful interviews about topics like spirituality, wellness, and anything and everything that aids us in navigating the human experience. 

    Episodes alternate between guest interviews and guided meditations to help you integrate mindfulness into daily life. 

    The intention is to empower you with a deeper sense of awareness and confidence as you cultivate a fulfilling and authentic life. Each episode is an honest exploration of what supports people as they navigate lifeโ€™s twists and turnsโ€“ and a reminder that we are all in this together. 

    Join us every other Wednesday for new episodes!

  • ู‡ู†ุง ู†ู†ุงู‚ุด ุชุญุฏูŠุงุช ุงู„ู…ู…ุงุฑุณ ุงู„ุตุญูŠ ููŠ ุฑุญู„ุชู‡ ุงู„ู…ู‡ู†ูŠุฉ ูˆู†ุณุชุนุฑุถ ุชุฌุงุฑุจู‡ ู„ู†ุซุฑูŠ ู…ุณูŠุฑุชูƒ ุฃูˆ ู†ู…ุชุน ุฐุงุฆู‚ุชูƒ.

  • Tess is an Australian based model, presenter, business woman, influencer and certified health coach.

    Speaking with experts from around the globe, you will take a step into the minds of the greatest in health & wellness, business, self development and so much more! These conversations are deeply thought-provoking, explore personal growth and ignite curiosity.

    The Tess Talks Podcast is broken down into 5 pillars; Tess Talks Business, TT Health and Wellness, TT Lifestyle, TT Motherhood and TT Personal. If you're someone with a growth mindset, always curious and continuously seeking self-improvement, then welcome to your new favourite podcast!

    Catch new episodes weekly.

    Find me on TikTok and Instagram @tessshanahan - I'd love to hear from you! Tess xx

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • "Herb" is a six-part podcast series designed to guide listeners through the fundamentals of growing their own herb gardens. Each episode covers a different aspect of herb gardening, starting with an introduction to the benefits and basics of choosing the right herbs, and progressing through planning and designing the garden, planting and propagation techniques, routine care and maintenance, and the diverse uses of homegrown herbs in cooking, medicine, and crafts. The series culminates with advanced gardening tips, troubleshooting common issues, and a Q&A session addressing listener questions, providing a comprehensive resource for both novice and experienced herb gardeners.