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  • RadioShorty and DJ Hi Kevin are copying everyone else and starting their own podcast. Sean "RadioShorty" has 20+ years of radio broadcasting stories, and Hi Kevin can tell you the funniest dad jokes. This podcast is hosted by DJs, but is for everyone! We want to chat with the most interesting people! Listen with your ears by subscribing on your favorite podcast platform, or watch the debauchery on YouTube and wherever DVDs are sold! Follow @RadioShorty on all socials! Follow @DJHiKevin on all socials! Follow @RadioShortyPodcast on all socials! Support this podcast:

  • An ongoing interview series chronicling the hardcore punk music scene in Orange County, Ca and sometimes elsewhere. They are an addendum to the documentary Orange County Hardcore Scenester. This documentary chronicles the 1990s hardcore punk scene in that area. Stream the documentary here: the DVD here: the Orange County Hardcore Scenester Podcast here: [email protected] provided by Dear Furious. The songs is "r/Complexโ€.

  • Join Sean Watkins and Pete Harper as they meet up with their favorite songwriters, set up some mics, and write a song. There's only one rule: They need to finish a song.

  • Techno Drone the best of:

    Amelie Lens, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, 99999999, Nina Kravitz,

    Ian Carpenter, Philipp Straub, John Digweed, Tale of Us, Methane and

    Much much more....

  • Ice Spice: The Bronx-Born Rapper Taking Over the Music Scene Isis Naija Gaston, known professionally as Ice Spice, is a rising star in the hip-hop world, quickly gaining recognition for her catchy lyrics, laid-back flow, and unapologetic attitude. Here's a deep dive into her life and career: Early Life and Influences:
    Born on January 1, 2000, in the Bronx, New York, Ice Spice grew up surrounded by music.Inspired by New York legends like Sheff G and Pop Smoke, she started rapping in college, meeting producer RiotUSA in 2021 and embarking on her musical journey.She cites Lil' Kim, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Foxy Brown, and Remy Ma as other musical influences, appreciating their strong New York roots and bold personalities.She also draws inspiration from artists outside hip-hop, mentioning Erykah Badu, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Lauryn Hill for their "graceful angelic vibe of timeless beauty."Musical Breakthrough and Style:
    Ice Spice's breakout hit, "Munch (Feelin' U)," released in August 2022, went viral on TikTok, propelling her into the spotlight.The song garnered attention for its catchy melody, playful lyrics, and confident delivery, establishing her signature sound.Her music blends drill and hip-hop, often featuring hard-hitting basslines, laid-back flows, and witty wordplay.Lyrically, she explores themes of self-assurance, female empowerment, relationships, and enjoying life on her own terms.Her music videos are visually distinct, often featuring bright colors, playful outfits, and energetic dance routines.Career Highlights and Achievements:
    After "Munch" went viral, Ice Spice followed up with singles like "Bikini Bottom" and "In Ha Mood," further solidifying her presence in the industry.In November 2022, she signed a joint venture with 10K Projects and Capitol Records, securing a major label deal.Her debut EP, "Like..?", released in February 2023, received critical acclaim and charted on the Billboard 200.She has collaborated with established artists like Lil Tjay and Fivio Foreign, demonstrating her growing influence.She has performed at major festivals like Rolling Loud and SXSW, building a dedicated fanbase.She has amassed a significant social media following, exceeding 2 million followers on Instagram alone.Beyond the Music:
    Ice Spice is known for her outspoken personality and confident online presence.She actively interacts with fans on social media, offering glimpses into her life and creative process.She supports fellow female rappers and advocates for gender equality in the music industry.She champions self-expression and encourages young women to embrace their individuality.What's Next:
    With her talent, drive, and growing momentum, Ice Spice is poised for continued success.Fans can expect new music, collaborations, and performances from the rising star.Her unique sound and confident image position her as a leading figure in the new wave of female rappers.Her impact extends beyond music, inspiring listeners to live authentically and pursue their dreams.Additional Notes:
    Ice Spice's music has sparked debates about authenticity and appropriation within the rap scene.Some critics argue her lyrics lack depth, while others praise her catchy hooks and relatable themes.Regardless of the critiques, her energy, confidence, and undeniable talent are propelling her forward in the music industry.Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. Remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts. And Hey! History buffs, buckle up! Talking Time Machine isn't your dusty textbook lecture. It's where cutting-edge AI throws wild interview parties with history's iconic figures. In the Talking Time Machine podcast: History Gets a High-Tech Twist, Imagine: Napoleon Bonaparte talking French Politics with Louis the 14th! This podcast is futuristically insightful. Our AI host grills historical legends with questions based on real historical context, leading to surprising, thought-provoking, and often mind-blowing answers. Whether you're a history geek, a tech junkie, or just love a good interview, Talking Time Machine has something for you. Talking Time Machine: search, subscribe and (Listen Now!)

  • Welcome to my Podcast! Step into a nostalgic world of vintage music from another room with soothing melodies of classic oldies that will transport you back in time. 
    Kick back, relax, and let the sweet tunes fill the air as you escape into a bygone era. If you're craving that old-fashioned charm and fond memories, don't forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button to stay tuned for more!
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  • Andy Johnson brings you the best in funky house, disco, deep, and classic house. Tune in for some exclusive sets, new music, and classic tracks.

    Andy is a resident on Dance Vibez Radio and you can listen to his show for free via their website or on one of their partner apps.

  • Your weekend kickoff mix - every two weeks on Saturday between 8PM and 10PM exclusively on 98.8MHz Radio MORA in Austria.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • ONE Boy, TWO Voices! …. and they’re both mine!!

    Hello everyone, I’m CORMAC THOMPSON, I’m 15 and I WAS a very successful ‘boy treble’ And since no one else was talking about it, this podcast is about my journey as a young singer experiencing that scary phase when our voice's take on a MIND OF THEIR OWN.

    One minute a boy soprano is soaring over the high notes, to the delight of many and the next... BANG! Your voice CRACKS louder than the school bell and you could give the neighbour’s cat a run for its’ money.

    But here's the thing because no-one’s talking about it! It's like we're all in this secret club of voice-breaking boys, silently suffering through the chaos while everyone else carries on like nothing's happening. Except of course for the keyboard warriors, sharing their pearls of wisdom on your YouTube videos about how ‘puberty will hit your career like a train’ or ‘you’ll have to kill yourself when your voice breaks cos you won’t be able to sing any more’ just charming, for sure.

    So I wanted to help. In this podcast, we DO TALK about it, we NEED to talk about it. So many boys just stop singing and if we can reassure, even just some of them, that it’ll be ok, I’ll be happy.

    So, whether you're a boy and you sing, you’re the parent or the grand - parent or a teacher of a young boy singer or maybe you’re just curious to learn more about this, please JOIN me and Professor Martin Ashley (Author of 'How High Should Boys Sing' and 'Dead Composers and Living Boys') and my regular guests, as we embark on this daunting trek, navigating the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

    Thank you for listening and sharing : -)

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  • Alexander Schmidt, better known as Mr. Smith, is a passionate music lover and talented DJ hailing from Tettnang (Lake Constance), Germany. Alexander discovered his love for mixing in March 2016. Drawing inspiration from renowned trance DJs from around the world, he quickly honed his skills and developed his unique style.

    Alexander gained recognition with his captivating weekly trance Smith Sessions Radio, broadcasted on international stations, reaching trance enthusiasts everywhere.

    So between 2017 and 2022, Alexander further expanded his influence because of joining Crystal Clouds‘ show on Discovertrance Radio. Most importantly he further refined his skills, by cementing his place in the trance music scene.

    In 2018, Alexander took the next step in his musical journey by releasing his first track in collaboration with District 5. The wonderful track is amazingly called “She Moved Through The Fair“, released on the prestigious Silent Shore Records label. It was a chance to showcase Alexander’s ability to blend melodies and emotions seamlessly.

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  • Tresor takes a deep dive into the musical lives of the figures that have defined the storied Berlin club and label. Expect monthly in-depth interviews, hosted by Chloe Lula, with guests from Berlin, Detroit and beyond.

  • Podcast about oldschool music from an oldschool musician's point of view. Dutch spoken,

  • How would you present your favorite bands to someone who had never listened to them? Five Essential Tracks hosts Ben, Jacob, Joel and Josh debate which songs best answer that question. Join us and see if you agree with our selections for the most critical quintet of songs from artists ranging from the popular to the obscure.

  • Epic Albums reviews the albums that define the history of popular music from the 1960s through today. Hosts Mike Gemma and Greg Potter provide the history and their personal reviews of the best, and sometimes the worst, songs from all of the classic albums that matter.

  • In The Female Frequency duikt cultureel ondernemer Adiam Tseggai samen met haar gasten in de verhalen van vrouwelijke iconen uit de muziek. Vrouwen in de hiphop, jazz, soul en funk die hun eigen weg kozen en daarmee een grote stempel hebben gedrukt op de muziek. Hun invloed is essentieel geweest en moet daarom gevierd worden. 

  • Babette Labeij en Diederick Ensink praten in hun wekelijkse podcast over zingen en heel veel andere dingen!
    Deze muzikale ondernemende duizendpoten vinden elkaar wekelijks in muziek, zang en humor.Smaken verschillen, meningen zijn verdeeld en niets maar dan ook niets laten ze onbesproken met altijd hun liefde en passie voor muziek en zang voorop.Laat je groots meeslepen door deze twee muziekfreaks!