Onderwijs – Nieuwe podcasts

  • Welcome to the On the Path Podcast.

    A Conversation on Navigating Life. 

    Join Chris Coker and Colin Creech, as they have honest conversations with fellow travelers on The Path.

    In each episode, they explore the physical, mental, and spiritual health aspects of The Whole Self,

    Striving for personal accountability and a strong community.

    Gain insights, learn from our mistakes, and hear from guests who have mastered these areas.

    Step on The Path, embracing every challenge and success along the way. 

    See You On The Path.

  • P.I.T. Exchange is a new podcast by Currency Research that will delve into the latest in payments, innovation & technology, engaging with the industry’s most innovative thought leaders to provide invaluable knowledge and insights. Tune in to be part of the exchange at the intersection of payments and technology.

    Disclaimer: While we embrace open dialogue and value diverse perspectives, it’s important to note that the views expressed by individuals in our podcast episodes are entirely their own. They may not necessarily align with the views, opinions, or positions of the organization they are associated with.

  • A chatty podcast raising awareness about vocal health and wellbeing, from voice, performance and wellbeing coach Leigh Martyn Thomas and her guests in media, education & the performing arts.

  • Welcome to the Scotland’s Singing for Health Podcast, produced by the Scotland’s Singing for Health Network. Singing for Health groups support the management of a range of conditions and in each episode of the podcast, we will be talking to singers, singing group leaders, researchers and medical practitioners to find out more about the benefits of singing and what singing for health activities are taking place all around Scotland. For more information, please visit out website https://portal.rcs.ac.uk/scotland-singing-for-health-network/.

  • Become a stellar voice teacher and grow your singing studio! Learn from world class voice experts what it takes to be a truly great voice teacher. Gain science backed insight into the voice and learn from those with decades of experience.

  • The artists and  voice coaches Matilda Lindell and Kristy Hunter having fun and open conversations about all things voice! Be ready to dive deep and totally geek out! 

  • Bonjour Friends! Welcome to the Whole Body Optimism Podcast for Healthcare Professionals! Here we dive into the modern way of whole-body clean living. Whole Body Optimism is not just about positive thinking, it’s a way of life. It’s about nourishing not just our minds, because true well-being goes beyond just positive thinking. It’s about nurturing our minds, bodies, and our souls in true harmony. Join the journey of exploring this harmony as we unlock the secrets to living your best and most authentic life. In some episodes, I will focus on reviewing the latest scientific journal articles that I think are exciting, some episodes I will be interviewing healthcare providers and some episodes will feature interviews with experts in clean living. I will also be adding many practical, life hacks, DIY, clean pantry swaps, and simple habits to help you optimize your whole health. Whether you’re looking to boost your energy, improve your mood, enhance your relationships, or simply live your best life, ’Whole Body Optimism’ is here to provide the tools, insights, and motivation you need.
    Be sure to subscribe and click the link in the podcast notes for free tips, tricks, and clean swaps on Instagram and facebook! I get excited when I get a subscribe, like, and a follow! A 3fer! See ya real soon.

    Read the Terms of Use before listening to the Whole Body Optimism Podcast. This podcast is for entertainment, informational, and general educational purposes only and should not be considered to be healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical care. Always seek the advice of your qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

  • Life, Actually is a lifestyle podcast created in 2022 by Belfast-born Londoner & manifestation junkie Rebekah Kane. 

    Weekly episodes discuss manifesting, adulting, relationships, friendships, health & wellness, money & finances, self-help & personal development trends, and all the other things weโ€™ve got to overcome in our twenties.

    Each week we highlight a new topic of figuring-it-out, usually with a focus on get-out-of-your-own-way and a sprinkle of Irish humor. 

    If you are bored of your daily grind, need a push to go after your goals and build your dream life and you are looking for a friend to join you on that journey, then this is the podcast for you.

    Follow Rebekah as she explores adulthood and life in each episode, to see for yourself how life actually can be pretty wonderful.

  • What keeps you awake in the early hours of the morning?
    Everyone can relate to those lonely, vulnerable, dark hours when the soul-searching questions arise about life, work, family, and self. Everyone can. Including the people who seem to have “made it”.
    3:00 AM Conversations is brought to you by the international law firm Hill Dickinson. It’s hosted by Board member and former CEO Peter Jackson and Joanne Radcliff, a Partner from Hill Dickinson’s family law team. Peter and Joanne speak to high achieving guests about what keeps them awake at night and how they handle those moments, so you can apply their insights to your own life.

    If you’ve ever been up at night, with your mind racing and your stomach churning, then this podcast will find some of the answers for you.

  • Start2finish is about starting a journey towards achieving fulfilment  and the guidance to travel through the voyage until reaching the shores of your goals and visions. The mission is reaching the finish line in whatever endeavours of your life. Many of us lose track of our goals or abandon ship due to situations surrounding us or we lose the will power to go on. Hence regularly reminding each other of what is at stake is key to keep us going 

  • A Conversation With Matthew Sanchez is solely dedicated to creating uplifting, intelligent, & liberating conversations with ordinary people. Some of these people I call friends, while others I call family. Weโ€™ll also meet some strangers along the way & learn from their lives as well. My intention is to elevate and motivate each and every person that listens.Hosted by Ausha. See ausha.co/privacy-policy for more information.

  • It can be hard to navigate relationships when you have ADHD. Host Cate Osborn has ADHD, a background in sex education, and a whole lot of questions like “How do I know what I want out of a relationship? How do I remember my friends exist? What can I do to handle conflict better?”

    Tune in to Sorry, I Missed This to learn about topics like social skills, boundaries, communication, intimacy, and sex. Join Cate in unpacking the taboo, painful, and often hilarious challenges of being in a relationship when you have ADHD.

  • The Black Sheep Playground is a podcast in which we question hustle culture, neurotypical nonsense, and liberate ourselves from the idea that there’s a right way to build a business or life.

  • Welcome to The Fearless Artist Podcast where we empower classical musicians to build their own thriving careers. In each episode, we will explore the intersection of artistry and entrepreneurship, teaching you the Fearless Mindset with practical steps and strategies to build a sustainable career.


  • Welcome to the lovelab podcast, your go-to destination for navigating the twists and turns of modern dating and relationships. Hosted by Lindsay Taylor and Ashley Robyn, lovelab digs deep into the heart of what it means to find and nurture love in today's digital age.

    Join us as we cut to the heart of connection, exploring everything from first impressions to lasting commitments. Whether you're single, in a relationship, or navigating the complicated in-between, this is your space to laugh, learn, and love more deeply.

    Each episode will bring you candid conversations, expert insights, and real-life stories that inspire and empower. From setting healthy boundaries to decoding texts to understanding what makes relationships tick, we cover the questions you're asking and the topics you can't get enough of.

    We want to encourage you to do the hard work to discover love, your wayโ€ฆby knowing yourself and building healthy relationships. Finding lasting love and partnership is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, but it all begins with loving YOU!

    Learn more at thelovelab.co and follow us on Instagram @thisislovelab

  • A sacred place where today's visionaries, change makers, and disruptors gather together to question today's narrative and lead with sovereignty. Join Kaylyn, a modern-day priestess for a deep exploration of your own self-discovery, healing, and remembrance. This is a portal way, where you will be invited to reawaken and reclaim your intuitive wisdom, get rooted in the embodiment of your essence, and find the courage to walk your unique soul-led path. May each episode expand you and activate your own soul's codex and reclamation.

    Now Let's Dive In!!

  • "The Wow-Level Life" isn't just a podcast; it's a movement towards living a life that's not just good, but extraordinary. If you're on a mission to live the life you want filled with work you love, so you move toward a life that makes you say "wow" every day, join us. Through inspiring talks and deep conversations, together, we'll delve into powerful principles and unforgettable stories that will heal your wounded wonder, unleash your creative spirit, and set your soul on fire.

  • A Companion Podcastโ„ข๏ธ for the Wacky of Brainโœจ

  • While you wait... isn't just a Human Design podcast. It's also a space for you to come relax, laugh, and practice surrendering with us - Jenna & Jessica. We've been *in the experiment* for years, and now we're sharing our Human Design insights, everyday discoveries, and endless tips & tricks on how to find joy in your own magic and unique journey. So, while you wait for your coffee to brew or your next invitation to arrive - tune in! Time flies when we're chatting.