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  • Welcome aboard The On Deck Podcast, We are the sailing world information outfitter. You will get to hear from experts inside the marine industry and cruisers alike. Tune in, kick back, and hit the high seas with our regularly updated Podcast.

  • Every episode of Secret Ops goes behind the scenes with industry experts in operations to learn why and how they do what they do. From data science to people ops, revenue ops, and much more— we unveil the world of business operations, one layer at a time.

    Secret Ops is hosted by Ariana Cofone, an operations nerd with 10+ years of experience. Throughout her time in the field, including roles as a Chief Operating Officer, VP of Operations, and Creative Technologist, she observed that people knew they needed operations, but didn’t know what it was. The Secret Ops podcast is her way of bridging that gap and showing all of the work that operators do behind the scenes to make businesses thrive.

    Learn more about the podcast at secret-ops.com and about Ariana at arianacofone.com.

  • “She knows what she knows,” as Jeanne Street so lovingly reminds her
    weekly listeners of her “Angels Don’t Lie” podcast. Jeanne, a God-
    Based spiritual medium, healer and author, shares the loving guidance of Spirit, and loved ones from Heaven, with her worldwide audience and clientele. “Angles Don’t Lie” is a show dedicated to healing and love. Your soul desires to live in unity with love. Support your soul-self by joining the larger conversation at www.jeannestreet.com.

  • Jerri is back and better than ever!

    After surviving a difficult breakup and taking time to reflect on her life, her patterns and the lessons she has been left to learn and grow from, she's ready to share her story in order to connect and help others heal and move forward stronger and wiser!

    Jerri invites all of you who have gone through or are currently in the middle of a difficult breakup as well as those navigating relationships and trying to understand WHY we do the things we do - to join in a journey of self-discovery as she shares personal stories and takes you on her real life adventure of being single again, of dating, of mastering the art of being alone with out being lonely, of learning to set healthy boundaries and never compromising her true self - ever again!

    It's time to take back your personal power, get to know and love yourself and your life again and be FREE to BE!

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  • 你害怕跟別人談錢嗎?你不曉得要怎麼在職場大聲說出自己的價值與價錢嗎?

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  • 人生 Life | 地球 Earth | 愛 Love | 靈魂 Souls

    CC 擔任主持,透過影音 Podcast 帶給千萬靈魂關於人生、地球、愛、和靈魂的深度內容。

    第一季的 Podcast 將邀請「我活著我的人生嗎?」五位作者,更深度地討論關於「人生」相關的內心對話。歡迎『我活著 我的人生嗎?』的讀者參與提問。 您的反饋將成就訪談的內容。現在就留言給作者吧!

    10M Souls 千萬靈魂

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  • A podcast where I share my thoughts on life with the hopes that I could be the friend you need especially when you don’t think you have one. Join me while I figure out my life, too.

  • The One percent Extra fills you with productivity Self development thoughts, and actions that will make your day from being great to awesome.
    It’s just tiny, daily episode of One Percent Extra, I am going to share a time management strategy, personal and self development tips or an answer to a listener’s question. My vision is to help listeners make the most of their time productive, creative and innovative, both at work and at home. The mission is to give listeners practical ideas to feel free and get more done in less time.
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  • The Nichols Mindset unlike any other podcasts you've heard before. On this podcast, you'll get to know everyday people and their perspectives on failure, achievement, overcoming struggles/challenges in life. We hope to understand better what goes on in their mind while going through tough times or achieving success!You can expect many different types of personalities from all walks of life who have experienced something that we can all relate to. From blue & white-collar workers to entrepreneurs, we want everyone's story! Our goal is for the listener (you) to walk away with a new perspective about themselves after listening to each episode.If there's one thing I've learned over the years as an aspiring entrepreneur and digital marketer – Is that adversity brings out the best in us when we face it head-on with courage and humility. And our guests are no exception; they too have faced many challenges along their journey but were able to overcome them because they had a mindset that allowed them not only to survive but thrive during those difficult moments! So join me every other week as I interview these amazing individuals so together we can learn how they overcame some pretty challenging obstacles - just by changing their mindset!Hopefully, this podcast will inspire you towards the path of success with the right mind-frame & perspectives! So tune into the Nichols Mindset Podc

  • Dying to Meet You is an inspirational series where successful people who, on the surface seem to have got it all under control, share their darkest moments when they struggled in silence.

    Listen to this podcast if you feel like you need a dose of inspiration to overcome your own struggles.

  • "Cloth of Heroes" is a podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of military veterans and their journeys from service to civilian life. Hosted by Tom, a 20 Year Army Veteran, episodes features in-depth interviews with veterans from all branches of the military, as they share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

    The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from childhood, to the struggles that veterans face when transitioning to civilian life, to the impact of military service on mental health, business, and relationships. Through these conversations, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices and contributions that veterans make, as well as the resilience and strength that they possess.

    In addition to personal stories, "Cloth of Heroes" also features discussions with experts in the fields of veteran advocacy, mental health, and entrepreneurship. These experts provide insights and resources to help veterans navigate the challenges of civilian life, including finding employment, accessing healthcare, and building successful businesses.

    Whether you're a veteran yourself, a family member or friend of a veteran, or simply interested in learning more about military service, "Cloth of Heroes" offers a powerful and informative perspective on the experiences of those who have served our country. Join us as we honor these men and women and celebrate the courage and sacrifice of our military veterans.

  • 慧律法師,台灣雲林縣人氏,一九五二年出生於雲林縣四湖林厝村,俗名林益謙。俗家務農,幼年的鄉居生活, 使法師養成了勤儉樸素、刻苦耐勞的精神。

    法師自幼聰穎,勤奮向學,高中就讀於台北建國中學,對於哲學與心理學相當感興趣。一九七四年進入台中逢甲 大學就讀,進入了佛學社團普覺社,因此種下了日後出家的因緣。

    法師熱衷於普覺社的各種佛學活動,使其對佛學經義有更進一步的體悟,除了社內的活動外,法師又常利用寒、 暑假參加各寺院所舉辦的佛學營、佛七、齋戒學會等。這一連串的親近道場、鑽研佛經,使法師對佛法更增添一 份孺慕之情。一九七五年元月於南投水里蓮因寺,皈依懺雲法師,法號心謙。

    大學畢業後,法師於高雄「鳳山佛教蓮社淨土專宗研究所」專研淨土宗,體認到只有學習佛的行為,學習佛的智 慧,學習佛的道理,才是永恆不滅的真理,於是決定出家,一九七九年於鳳山佛教蓮社依煮雲法師(一九一九~ 一九八六)座下披剃出家,法號慧律。

  • INSPIRATOR and INSPIRE is a podcast series with a vision to inspire , rekindle and rejuvenate a leader, a speaker and storyteller in you. We interview prominent leaders and speakers, so that our listeners get benefitted from their experience. We also share inspiring stories.

  • Setiap minggu, ikuti sesi soal jawab bersama dengan panelis yang tidak menghakimi pendengar, tak kisahlah latar belakang korang macam mana sekalipun. Kalau ada soalan bersangkutan dengan agama, pasti non-judgemental ustaz/ustazah akan jawab. Follow kami di instagram dan facebook.

  • All good things must come to an end. That was how I said goodbye to my foreign friends who came and went throughout my 9 years in Japan. However, with the help of the internet, join me as I reconnect with them and understand their choices and ways to move to a different country, be it short-term or long-term. 

    Welcome to the Abroad Madness Podcast where every Monday, I share stories and insights from people living your dream life of being in a different country. Whether you are thinking about taking your first step overseas for a trip or moving to another country, there is something for everyone here! Dream it, plan it and do it! See you on Monday!

    IG: https://www.instagram.com/abroadmadness/

    YT: https://www.youtube.com/@abroadmadness/

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  • The Asian Parenting Podcast is hosted by Eshlyn Grace. We’re here to talk about “Parenting stories… Can say meh?” Eshlyn helps parents with toddlers in Singapore to be a better parent in just 20-minutes a week (even if you're feeling busy and exhausted throughout the week) while having a super fun time with your child. In this podcast, our goal is to teach you the skill of sensory play by simplifying child development for you.

  • Listen to Biblical Greek on the go. Each episode contains a short Koine Greek story, and a few simple questions in Koine Greek that you can answer in Koine Greek. See https://biblicaltext.com/study/biblical-greek-mini-stories for scripts.

    Koine Greek describes the type of Ancient Greek spoken at the time of the New Testament church. This podcast focuses specifically on the subset of Ancient Greek that is used in the Biblical Text. Students of Ancient Greek that have an interest in New Testament studies may also find this podcast useful. Biblical Greek is simply the subset of vocabulary and subset of grammatical features that are of interest to students of Biblical Greek.

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