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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • Welcome to Health Youniversity, the podcast dedicated to empowering women as they reclaim their health, through fertility, pregnancy, emotional relationships, perimenopause - all of it!

    I'm your host, Dr. Susan Fox, a women's health expert with over 20 years of experience in helping women and couples move from fertility challenges, to a healthy pregnancy, to navigating life as a new mother and family.

    The first series in our show will focus on fertility.  So if you or someone you love is struggling with her fertility challenges, youโ€™ve found the right place.  Whether you're just thinking of starting a family or are actively trying, this podcast is here to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to turn those dreams into reality.

    As a mother, sister, and friend, I understand the deep longing and emotional complexity that a woman faces.  Her desire for a child, the changes that occur in her body, mind and spirit each cycle, and the courage it takes to be true to all aspects of ourselves as women. 

    My own journey into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine began in my early 20โ€™s, when I struggled with symptoms that left medical doctors perplexed. It wasn't until I received my first acupuncture treatment that I discovered the powerful links between my physical health and my emotional state at the time. This realization shifted my understanding of health and wellness forever.

    At Health Youniversity, we'll explore the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrate them with modern medicine to unravel the complexities that impact our reproductive wellness.

    Each episode of Health Youniversity will bring compassionate conversations, informative discussions, practical tips, and empowering interviews. I'll be joined by experts in the field to share their wisdom, giving you comprehensive solutions that you can apply directly.

    Knowledge is power. That's why education is at the core of Health Youniversity. Together, we'll empower you with the information and tools you need to support your fertility journey and enhance your overall health.

    Are you ready to embark on a transformative and empowering journey with Health Youniversity? Tune in to our podcast on iTunes and Spotify, and let's marry ancient wisdom with modern science -  turning your dreams of family into reality.

    Welcome to Health Youniversity, where your journey to fertility and holistic well-being begins. I'm Dr. Susan Fox, and I can't wait to guide you on this empowering path of self-discovery and wellness. Stay tuned for our newest podcast season, coming soon. 

    Take the fertility quiz: https://www.healthyouniversity.co/fertility-quiz

    Schedule a Fertile Health Assessment: https://www.healthyouniversity.co/programs

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  • What happens when you take a group of opinionated, outspoken diabetes specialists who live
    with diabetes personally and put them in front of a microphone? And what if you put absolutely
    no boundaries on what they’re allowed to say?

    You get: Think Like A Pancreas... THE PODCAST!

    Developed and produced by the world-renowned team of clinicians at Integrated Diabetes
    Services, The Podcast provides a weekly update and critical review of hot topics specifically for
    people with diabetes who use insulin. Host Gary Scheiner MS, CDCES brings a guest expert to
    each podcast to cover everything from product reviews to innovative therapy options to fun and
    interesting things happening in the world of diabetes care.

    The only real limits are what is in the best interest of you, the audience. We won’t hesitate to
    praise what we like and slam what we don’t like, because we’re not obligated to promote any
    particular company, product, or diabetes management approach. What we say is based on
    decades of experience caring for patients along with our own unique personal insight.
    So if you’re ready to hear the (sometimes) hard truth about matters that affect you and your life
    with diabetes, tune in each week. You’re sure to hear something new and useful. Or at least
    you’ll be pleasantly entertained.

  • Journals 101 takes you behind the curtain of academic journal editing and publishing. We talk to editors, authors and publishers about the challenges and rewards of academic publishing, where it has come from and where it is going, and how they see the industry evolving. Although we mostly focus on finance and economics journals, we branch out sometimes! Join me on journey into this (to me anyhow) fascinating industry.

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  • Ready to conquer your career climb? "Conversations at Basecamp" equips you with the toolbox of tomorrow's success. Join Kahilla's co-founders and team as they unpack high-impact power skills, leadership secrets, and game-changing trends. From budding talent to seasoned execs, this is your blueprint for personal and professional triumph. Let's build your Basecamp for ascent, together.

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  • Welcome to the Career Stories Podcast - a place where you can learn more about real life career stories and careers advice from the field.
    I'm Penny Strutton your host. A qualified coach, certified business psychologist and organisational development consultant who works with organisations across the private, public and voluntary sector.
    When choosing a career or switching career, building your knowledge of other careers available is one of the first steps in starting your development journey. It is the interesting routes, choices, opportunities and challenges that I’m looking to explore, to showcase the different avenues we take to achieve the final outcome, or career status.
    This podcast aims to inspire you through deep, real life insight into an array of different jobs, to help invigorate and direct your career journey. There is no perfect route, and that by building on strengths, personality, skills and opportunities that you too can achieve growth in a career that is more suited to you.

  • Welcome to Ms. Duncan Knows! Taking the AP European History exam and want to make sure you are prepared? Ms. Duncan will walk you through an overview of the exam, discuss the details of the separate parts, and share some of her tips along the way. Episodes will include a breakdown of each segment of the exam along with content specific episodes of the most frequently tested concepts on the AP Exam.

  • We talk about all sorts of topics relating to the idea of communication, and why it’s fundamental for life. We try and relate our conversation with our own lives, and hope this resonates with our listeners in some form or fashion.

  • Bringing you the issues and topics being discussed in staffrooms across the country.

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  • The Food Safety Dish is a production dishing on all things food safety, brought to you by National Farmers Union's Local Food Safety Collaborative. We talk with farmer and expert voices on their subject specialties: sharing practical advice, wisdom, and how to incorporate good food safety practices into your own growing operation.

  • The Blood Brothers Podcast encourages and challenges men to engage in the lifelong adventure God is calling them to live of loving Him completely, loving others and teaching others to do the same. We will be sharing interviews and content that will inspire you to walk with Jesus more closely and connect with other brothers in your church and community so you can experience the fulfillment, joy, peace and significance you desire.

  • Josh gives guidance on mortgage loans when buying a house, refinancing or mortgage planning during a divorce.

    Mortgage Originator
    Divorce Specialist, CDLP
    NMLS #286333

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/shaukat-ali4/subscribeThis Podcast is about relationships and simple fixes for every day life problems. My practical approaches are real life tools and simple to understand Guidelines. Just Listen to a few of My Podcasts you may discover some solutions to better your Life.

  • Treine a sua leitura em voz alta .. escutando a Prof. Pri ler! Ouça o áudio com o texto da aula e treine comigo! Você vai ficar fera!!!!

  • Nach ndeirtear gur 3 uimhir dhraรญochtach? Thiocfadh gur mo thrรญรบ chรฉad mo chรฉad is fearr go dtรญ seo. Ach sula dtabhraim faoin turas seo beidh mรฉ ag lorg comhairle รณ chรบpla saoi a shiรบil an bealach romham.

  • Vagina Talks with Sophia Wise One is a podcast where embodied world-changing powerhouses and I turn poison into medicine through the alchemical journey of dismantling the lies we’ve been told about who we are, what we are, what we are supposed to be and do, and what we’ve been doing so that we can remember the truth, share the truth, and eventually become the truth. 

    #CompostingThePatriarchy through all the arts: ceremony, music, body reclamation, visual and sculptural art, liberatory pedagogy and education, plant wisdom, sexual re-education, alchemy, trauma recovery, and subtle vibrational field augmentation, to name a few.

    It’s a landscape of enjoying our own and each other's personal power. Here, we collectively cocreate a planetary culture that is caring, restorative, generative, optimizing, and kind.

  • Welcome to โ€˜My Driving Forceโ€™, a podcast by the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland, about what Drives People to reach their goals and achieve their full potential in life. In this series we will be talking to DDAI Members and friends about what is their Driving Force in Life.

    The Disabled Drivers Association is Irelandโ€™s leading charity which supports Disabled Drivers and Passengers on a national level. We promote independence and equal opportunity through mobility, education, and training. Our services include The EU Parking Card, Motoring Information & Advice, Advocacy and the Shopmobility service.

    Our Mission Statement โ€œThe Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland takes care to present physical disability in the best possible light and strives to show that most physical disabilities can be overcome, and individuals can go on to achieve their full potential, with the benefit of support and trainingโ€.

    Presenter: Richard Ryder, Communications Manager with the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland.



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  • Conversations about finding success in the world while creating a life of peace, prosperity, happiness and fulfillment.