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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • Launching May 6th 2024 🚀


    Our founders promise to every listener downloading this podcast is simply this;


    ‘Regardless of your agency choice (or not) please listen to these carefully and honestly crafted episodes, with an open and fair mind. Whether you have chosen your agency, whether your mid journey, whether you've completed your family building experience or perhaps not - dive in and trust some of the experts and hear the unspoken opinions of surrogacy. Guests include human rights lawyers, die hard feminists fighting for women's rights, leading IVF specialists, Leading Obstetric Consultants desperate to improve surrogacy as well as our team. Please utilise the experts valuable words spoken in each episode. With surrogacy on the rise in Mexico City we need to make sure no woman or child is harmed in the process. Surrogacy is daunting enough, and the fear is real - for everyone. So let's do it safely and with respect. We’re always here to answer any questions you have, regardless. Let’s bust those myths, educate and try and offer some guidance. Please listen, share, engage. And best of luck, whatever path you choose’.


    Michael and Wes Johnson-Ellis


    Michael and Wes Johnson-Ellis, Dads to two children via surrogacy with a Mexico City journey planned for 2024, and founders of My Surrogacy Journey They continue to help support and advocate for those needing surrogacy as a way to family build, whilst making sure surrogates that choose to help others do this by their own will - meeting strict social economic assessments as well as clinical, legal and additional social assessments designed to protect everyone. Their passion to set a new standard in Mexico is testament to work they do in public and behind the scenes, to make surrogacy understood and



    This podcast was recorded at My Surrogacy Journey's Mexico City offices in Polanco, edited by Steve Randall and brought to you by Talulah and The Duke Productions.

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  • Children will teach you things about yourself and about the world without even trying and to be a parent you have to continuously re evaluate the world around you. I've interviewed countless working mums and successful business women over my years as a journalist and I've seen how having children feeds into their success and vice versa. So I thought I'd talk to some people with real world expertise and parenting experience to help us navigate the world of the working mother. Can you have it all? Let's find out...

  • Welcome to the Motherhood Podcast. In this series, we are talking about well being during pregnancy and during the first two years of parenthood that follows. We will be sharing research findings, stories from women across Ireland as well as some tips and techniques for supporting well being. This podcast is funded by the Pfizer Independent Medical Education Grant, the Dublin South, Kildare, and West Wicklow Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Working Group, and the RCSI Centre for Positive Health Sciences. For more, visit

  • The Talking Children Podcast© is designed to translate the latest research of a wide range of topics related to communication development in to accessible knowledge and tools that parents, caregivers and professionals can apply to daily interactions with the children in their lives.

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  • Подкаст о материнстве 🤍

    Нас зовут Маша и Настя. Мы близкие подруги.

    У нас маленькие дочки с разницей в три месяца, мы живем в разных странах и много-много общаемся на тему материнства.

    Материнство временами даётся нам непросто. Но несмотря на это, мы находим в материнстве красоту, ресурс и действительно безграничную любовь.

    Когда стали мамами мы поняли, что теперь мы точно взрослые ☺️ но тогда мы еще не знали, что это осознание подарит нам название для нашего подкаста.

    Нам всегда важно было получить поддержку друг от друга, и как-то разговаривая по телефону, пришла идея записать подкаст, где мы сможем поддержать не только друг друга, но и других мам❤️

  • The PAL Doula Podcast exists to provide encouragement and solidarity to moms navigating life after the devastating loss of a baby. Sarah is a birth and bereavement doula, and Mommy to Peanut in Heaven and J in her arms. As such, she approaches pregnancy after loss in a gentle and knowledgeable manner. You can find Sarah on Social Media at @paldoula, or check out the website at

  • Hello there! It's me, Harry Hill!
    With some exciting news - I've got a brand new podcast its called 'Are We There Yet? And is the world's first family friendly podcast designed to get you from A to B.
    Join me, my son Garry and Sarah the A.I Bot as we delve into the childhood memories of a motley crew of comedians, celebrities and cultural icons, and if that wasn't enough there's a fascinating theme in each episode where we speak to an expert on stuff like ants, blood, the moon and more...

  • We bring awareness to the nervous system, to recognise what this feels like from the inside out, so that it becomes easier to navigate towards connected states.

    Join us. We are real parents who live Aware Parenting. Real stories for bringing self reflection into everyday life.

    To find out more about Aware Parenting and the work of Sara Devoy & Vicki Plomer visit:,,

  • Welcome to the 'Parenting with Compassion' Podcast with Dr. Malie Coyne, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Member of the Mental Health Advisory Panel at A Lust For Life charity. This series evolved from Malie's '#COVID19 Special Broadcasts for Parents' which supported parents over 12 weeks during the COVID19 lockdown ( In this series Malie will chat to special guests about their experiences of parenting, messiness and all. As parents, we ALL struggle and sharing our common struggles helps us feel less alone. Treating ourselves with compassion and understanding enables us to do the same for our children. In this way, we help them to feel safe, understood and empowered. This is what 'Parenting with Compassion' is all about.

  • Wilder is seven. He likes microphones.

    Rosie is four. She likes microphones.

    Dad is a grown up. He likes microphones.

  • A podcast featuring young authors from around Ireland sharing the stories, poems and plays created at Fighting Words workshops and in conversation with our facilitators and mentors.

  • In this podcast, we will discuss mindset , mind body connection, communication and learning means, and the importance of practicing purposeful movement as it pertains to autism.

  • ‘Sweet thing’ is a Healthy Schools Banyule podcast series where we talk about the sweet things in life with health professionals and those in the know, to help keep a healthier you.

  • This is a limited series podcast meant to give some friendly advice to new and old pet parents.