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  • The quirky, funny yet informative ramblings of 2 clueless millennial mums doing the best they can and learning on the job. Here we laugh, learn and grow!

  • Raising Black Boys is a podcast dedicated to advancing black boys today into black men and leaders tomorrow. As a father of 3 black boys, I know their success depends on the life lessons I teach them and the example they see in me. If you are a parent, educator, friend or loved one who wants to see black boys compete and succeed, this podcast is for you. Join the convo as we discuss the impact of black culture, faith, education, life skills, politics, and a host of other things on our boys, as we prepare them to sit at the head of the table.

  • Parenting is hard, but being a focused, intentional and conscious parent is even harder. Being there for your kids and trying to teach them all they need to know while also being attuned to yourself is no easy feat, but it can be done and is so worth the time and effort it takes. I not only want to help you be authentic to yourself, but in your parenting, as well. Listen each week as I offer advice, share stories and lot and lots of thoughts on how we can all be self-aware and self-assured in our parenting to be the best parents we want to be and our children need us to be each and every day.

  • Celebrating mums and Mums to be and Dads also. Reflecting on our peculiar journeys and experience to bless someone out there. You own it, you have the right to share it as you feel so to do. So enjoy your journeys. A few words of reflections and uplifting words is what we are about. To spread positivity and Affirmation in a negative world, to reach souls and transform lives to God Kingdom of light. So we shine on brighter and brighter. Enjoy the journey with me. Thank you. Titi aka t24realgrace.

  • We created this show with the hopes of guiding you thru this wonderful mess we call Fatherhood. We will be covering variety of topics that affect you as fathers. Remembering… we are two normal dads who are in no way qualified to diagnose, treat or cure any strange behaviors your children may be experiencing.

  • Meet Evelyn Kasina, a Family IT Consultant equipping and creating awareness to Parents, Guardians and Educators on how to create conducive environments for their children the " digital natives" in this digital age and guiding families on how to make technology work for them.

    I am on a mission to create "Global Digital Champions" through digital literacy and online safety.

  • Fire Starter Mum podcast is dedicated to mums who are change-makers at heart yet feel they’ve lost their inner fire (and want to find it back!).

    It features fire starting conversations with mums and experts around the topics of motherhood identity shift, re-inventing yourself and feeling on fire again!

    Our vibe: we take the mask off, speak our truth and challenge norms about motherhood so that as mums we feel adequate, seen and empowered!

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  • Introducing the "I Am HUMAN. This Is My DOG." podcast - the show devoted to putting the individual back into the dog, as well as their human, while also examining difficult, and oftentimes controversial, animal welfare-related topics that have been largely ignored, but are critical for real progress. For more information, visit: Support this podcast:

  • Is your growing family putting pressure on your already tight budget? Are grocery costs cutting into your savings? Does sticking to the budget sound like an unmovable mountain? And even the thought of going on vacation is but a distant dream?

    I am so excited you found me!

    In this podcast you will partner with God with simple and frugal skills and time management hacks to couple with a budgeting and money management system that is super easy to stick with for the long haul making those fun family weekends attainable.

    Hey, I’m Molly. A wife, stay at home mom and a Jesus lover, and I too have struggled with living and growing a family on one income.

    I’ve attempted to start a few different online businesses that didn’t go anywhere. I’ve created many different budgets only to fail and not follow through. I’ve failed at meal planning and grocery shopping, spending more than we could afford more times than I can count.

    But I didn’t let that stop me! Through trial and error and a lot of help from God, I finally figured out a system and lifestyle that worked for my family even if I didn’t bring in extra income myself. And I’m excited to share it with you!

    If you are ready to create a super simple budget that’s easy to stick with, save money so you can pay off debt and go on a fun family vacation, and live an abundant lifestyle on less, then this is the podcast for you!

    Go grab your budget and bible and let’s get balancing!

    Next Steps:

    Email me at [email protected]

  • Welcome to The Midlife Momma Podcast: Grace for the Next Phase of Parenting. Join me, Pamela Henkelman, a certified life coach and proud momma of five, as we navigate this transformative journey together. Discover practical wisdom and heartfelt discussions on setting boundaries, finding purpose, learning effective communication, and relying on the unwavering strength of your faith. If you are a midlife momma seeking guidance and support in this next phase of parenting, tune in to feel confident, experience peace, and build a stronger connection with your adult child. Check out episode 63, because itโ€™s a fan favorite. Embrace the joy of motherhood with confidence on The Midlife Momma Podcast.

  • Bedtime Stories with Nanna Chelle is a bedtime story podcast for young children. I'm a nanna who lives hours away from my grandchildren, so miss out on the privilege of tucking them in and reading them a bedtime story. I believe this podcast is the next best thing. Mum or dad can take the night off and let Nanna Chelle read to them via audio. The added benefit of hearing my voice is that it promotes connection between grandchild and grandparent, something I hope will strengthen our bond.

    My wish is that this may also bring comfort to any other little ones who may not have their nanna nearby.

  • A podcast where I discuss my personal experiences as a teenage girl in America. Let's struggle together lol

  • Are you a Christian, professional mom who wishes you had more time, space and support to do what you want to do? Are you trying to balance you world -family, work and personal needs? Do you know how tapping into your true power source, God can help?

    If you’ve answered yes to these questions dear one, Victorious Working Mom is the show created for you!

    Hello my Lovely, I am Dr. Nneka Ichoku. I am a Christian mother of five, wife, Board certified osteopathic family physician, empathy mentor and people pleaser in recovery and your new hype-woman.

    I have often felt forgotten by society, Church and Christian ministries in this multi-faceted role I play as Christian mother and professional. I even tried expensive, demanding secular self-care and self-help.

    The sweet relief of ditching perfectionism and resentfulness to surrender to God’s perfecting presence and peace has been life changing! That is why I created this podcast to put a spotlight on those of you who can relate.

    And to share the good news we can all use, we don’t need to stay busy, stressed. Unsupported or overwhelmed.

    The Victorious Working Mom provides a safe space to be seen, heard and supported by those who have walked in your shoes. This who will help you with the balance you need in your life, help you make time for your needs and provide you with a wonderful support community of like-minded professional Christian moms.

    I look forward to welcoming you to our community as we provide topics you have asked for each week (Lord willing).
    Sis, remember God has already given you the Victory whether you feel up or down: you are winning,
    Dr. Nneka

  • CEO of Alex & Thea, creator of Althea collections, and mama of two, Rachelle Martin shares stories, experiences, and solutions for parents to turn their crazy chaos into manageable, enjoyable, and fulfilling lives. Together, we are deep into simplifying parenthood! Support this podcast:

  • Hosted by single-mothers Winnie and Redd-Lily, the Sassy Single Mums podcast sets out to discuss a range of parenting topics to support single-parent households. Each episode will dive into the unique stories of women who are challenging the status quo when it comes to parenting with S-A-S-S and determination.

  • Purpose In Parenting is a podcast for those of us who have found or are discovering our purpose in parenting. It is a hard job, but it is rewarding and we wouldn't choose anything else. We have found our purpose in being a parent, and we are also on a journey to parent with a purpose.