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  • Lindsey Sherman, otherwise known as La La Lindsey, is an Expressive Arts Therapist, as well as a Children's Musician & Storyteller. "Draw Along Stories" encourages the inner artist in all young ones! In each episode La La shares an original story or poem and invites kiddos to draw the images they see in their imagination while listening in. Recommended for children ages 3-7.

  • The Teachers Talking Teaching podcast. We aim to celebrate and elevate the work of teachers in our community - near and far. We hope you enjoy and please subscribe today!

  • Mum as you are is a place for self-compassionate reflection to use what you have within you, right now as you are, perfectly imperfect to find your way through motherhood. I’m Dr Erin Bowe, Clinical & Perinatal Psychologist, Author of More Than a Healthy Baby, course creator and mum of two. This is my second podcast – welcome if you have followed me over from my birth trauma work. This current podcast offering is bite sized, unfancy and unplanned. A roadmap for finding your way back to self-compassion and how to replace numbing and escapism with true, meaningful fun.

  • Happy Paws is a podcast where experts and animals lovers of all stripes and colors can get together to talk about how we can best take care of our beloved furry friends. You’ll be both educated and entertained by credentialed pet experts who will bring you the latest and greatest in improving and protecting animals’ physical and emotional health. And those burning questions you have about why your dog or cat does that weird thing, what it means, and how to fix it? We’ll talk about those, too, by answering listeners’ questions about their pets’ behavior and other needs. Tune in today!

  • Neat parent, parent neat. Let’s discuss how to be Muslim parents, the neat way. www.neatparent.comEmail with comments, questions, or interview requests at [email protected] @neatparent Support this podcast:

  • Tweens-NOT-Kidz Podcast hosted by A.B.Jay targets tweens and covers hard topics that are happening in the world, new trends, highlights tweens in action, educates about business, and so much more. Everything you need to know to be in the know. Stay tuned for new episodes on Wednesday.

  • Do you wish you could hear God’s voice amidst the chaos?Are you struggling to find stillness & quiet time in the busyness of momlife?Do you want to read the bible but find it hard to stay consistent with your child’s unpredictable schedule?Are thoughts and should’s keeping you from being present daily (& sometimes, moment by moment)?I’ve been you, and sometimes, I still am you. But mama, I am here to show you that it is possible to trust God & find time to feel peace in His presence, even as a busy mom.Through this podcast, God’s presence will refresh, surround & transform us as we listen for His voice and follow Him, making use of those tiny cracks in our day.My mission is to journey alongside you as we grow in our faith (leaving nothing out) by being present with God’s word, practicing prayer, pursuing fellowship & sharing powerful testimonies!If you want to learn how to invite God’s peace into your heart, motherhood, and mind, I know this podcast will speak to you. Welcome to a sisterhood of women who are fiercely in love with The Lord & who are committed to openly growing in their faith (with no judgment as we remember how to converse with other adult human beings)!!Aloha Mama! My name is Paige Amber Bacani!!I am blessed to be a lover of Jesus, wife, mama & mentor!!However, I wasn’t always this way…For years I lived life as my own God. I came to know The Lord intimately at a very young age, but as the years passed and were filled with my parents divorce, blended families, lots of moving, abusive relationships, disordered eating, body dysmorphia, and a plethora of my own bad decisions; I became numb to God’s presence, deaf to His voice, and blind to His leading.I also became tormented by spirits of perfectionism, control & criticism…if you can relate, you know how exhausting these vicious cycles are. I was being crushed by the weight of the world that I had created for myself. But I was still not ready to give up my false sense of freedom…I wasn’t ready because I didn’t trust The Lord or His unconditional love for me. I thought I had to earn it & I knew that I hadn’t done that!! I didn’t know the worth that He had placed inside of me. I thought I had to prove myself worthy & I knew that I wasn’t! I didn’t trust that He had plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future. I thought I had to plan, provide for & protect myself!Ultimately, I realized that my mistrust & misunderstanding of God’s character stemmed from the fact that I had no real relationship with Him. I rarely spent time with Him outside of church, except for the occasional emergency prayer!By the grace of God, I finally ran out of strength. My capacity to cope with the war raging inside of me was spent. I couldn’t imagine one more day of living in the unknown & acting like I had it all figured out! So one morning, sitting in my car (that was out of gas), after yet another night of drinking to the point of blackout, I surrendered and told The Lord, “if you really want me, you can have me, I am done doing this life thing on my own” and I have never been the same. The best way I can describe what The Lord has done in & through my life is that, I was one way & now I am completely different. I want that for you..& I understand where you are…Becoming a mom only amplifies our trials. Yet, when we don’t know how to lean on the Lord, we lean even deeper into perfectionism, control & criticism. We run from discipline and say that ‘no time’ or ‘inconsistency’ keeps us from reading His Word & building deeper trust. It’s time to prioritize our relationship with the One who created us, with the One who faithfully puts air in our lungs, with the only One whose presence will bring us the true & lasting peace that our busy mama hearts ache for!! I know it’s hard, but it is so worth it. This is me, five years after fully re-surrendering my life to our God!! I stand in humbled awe at what The Lord has done with my simple surrender & I smile with eager excitement for what is to come for you & for me!My heart is eager with expectant anticipation at how The Lord will move in and through our individual lives & stories, because I trust that He will.”Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!” (Luke 1:45)Slip on your shoes, strap on your little one(s) & lets go for a walk, we have a date with The Lord!!All my love,Your Sister, Paige!!If you have been looking for a wholesome community of women who love The Lord & who intentionally encourage one another, please join us on Facebook!!Facebook | you have any questions you would like answered personally, or maybe even on this podcast, please email me!!Email | [email protected] you are ready to: Grow closer to God & find fulfillment as an overwhelmed wife & mama, please use the link below to pick a time that works best for your schedule & we will seek The Lord together as we learn to: Trust God & feel peace in His presence, through taking practical steps!!Unabridged Faith Coaching Session | you want to connect on social you can find me on instagram!!Instagram | paigeamberbacani

  • I’m on a mission to make this country friendlier.
    Let’s just put it out there - people can be annoying. Family, team-mates, clients, bosses, employees, people you meet in the street, people on line, you, .... yes, you.
    Why do people think and act the way they do? Why do we burn each other without intending to?
    Believe me, I’ve made some classic mistakes, but have also had a lot of success training people to better communicate. International sports teams, top executives, teachers, sales people, politicians and people who just want to get on with people.
    Learn the OPEN FLAME techniques, learn about yourself, enjoy the stories, spread your fire.

  • Hi, I’m Rebecca. I’m 26 and I want a baby but my partner isn’t set just yet. To tide me over, I’m having frank and honest conversations with parents about their pregnancy journeys through to their birth stories. Join me, living vicariously through these brave parents!

  • Are you a parent or caregiver who feels lost in how to help your child? Join licensed mental health professional and registered play therapist, Emily Learing, as she explores topics about children and families to help you to make the best decisions for you and your family. If you are in search of information to help you to become more informed in your decisions as a parent or caregiver, Knowledgeable Parent Podcast is for you.

  • This is a show for working moms who want to balance their ambitious career goals with their life as a mom. Being a career driven woman is hard and confusing after having kids but each week, Certified Professional Life Coach Rebecca Olson will share bite-size stories, tips and strategies to help you regain your confidence, make decisions you trust and create a positive mindset that supports the ambitious life you want to live. Rebecca remembers how challenging it was after returning from maternity leave and will teach you how to be both productive at work and present with your family. If you never want to choose between your career and being a great mom, you’ll find answers and support right here. Learn more at

  • Join Higher Things as we tackle issues facing our youth at school, and how their faith applies to the world around them. This podcast is geared towards those dealing with these issues every day, in Junior High and above.

    Available every morning during the school year at 7am CT through your favorite podcast app, and at 3pm CT on Youtube for the video-cast version.

  • Women Without Kids is a special podcast series created from research interviews for my book of the same title, which will be published in spring 2023. The conversations here are with the authors, philosophers, healers, activists, anthropologists, and social scientists, whose work has helped me make sense of everything it means to be a "woman without kids" today—whatever our reasons for this.

  • Two kids, a robot, and a missing professor... join in on this mysteriously funny audio adventure!

    "Ben and Sophie - Woby's Secret" is the story of two friends, skilled at investigating all the secrets their world holds. In season 1, they stumble upon Woby, a very philosophical robot, while walking Max, their dog, in the forest. Finding Woby turns the lamest, most boring summer vacation ever into an exciting adventure: Where does Woby come from? And why was he abandoned in the forest? These are the big questions to answer - while overcoming many smaller challenges on the way.


    Ben - Dina Dessner | Sophie - Dana Miller | Woby - Shawn Williams Sr. | Sarah - Madison Brunoehler | Michael - Hilary Fingerman | Sophie’s Mom - Hilary Fingerman | Ben’s Dad - Noah James | The Narrator - Jon Armond

    Based on an idea by Max Graf | Written by Catharina Graf | Sound design and mixing by Daniel Gloor | Music by pocketmaster | Cover design by margokorotkova

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  • The Healing Birth Podcast explores the topic of birth trauma and how healing can be found. We’ll share the stories of parents who have journeyed from trauma to healing, and we’ll discuss the insights of birth keepers who support others on their healing path.

    Listeners can expect to be inspired, to find hope and help on their own birthing journeys, and to learn. This podcast is for anyone who intends to give birth, has given birth, or has a passion for birth in all her reverent and sacred offerings.

  • Each week, husband and wife team, Jeff (MA Org.L) and Terra (MA LPC, LMFT) Mattson, will answer your BIG and small questions about raising kids in today’s anxious world.

    With 20 years of experience in marriage and family therapy, professional counseling, leadership development, and pastoral ministry, they bridge the gap between Biblical, clinical, and relational wisdom. Nothing is off the table!

    Though God says he will never leave or forsake us, sometimes we just need a few friends to help us run our race well. Consider the Mattsons your personal parenting coaches, bringing you practical how-tos that will help you lead your children with greater integrity, always rooted in grace, and remind you that YOU are the right person for this job.

  • ‘bohboh’ is a nostalgic nod to the nickname Boh Runga’s parents gave her as a baby meaning  ‘precious’ or ‘treasure’.

    Hosted by Boh, bohboh radio carries through this sentimental storytelling theme, inviting well-known guests to share their most treasured childhood stories, and the precious moments they’re creating with their own children.


    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Reading kids books while entertaining my own kids through pandemic time and beyond!

  • Journalists Katy Glassborow and Babita Sharma met 25 years ago and remain firm friends, sharing each others highs and lows. They spent their careers investigating news stories, including climate change, but when they both became mums the climate headlines left them in a state of fear. How do you parent in a climate emergency? Katy and Babita decided to consult some of the world’s leading climate thinkers on how to rip up 'parenting' and piece it back together to fit our planetary reality. In each episode you'll hear stark truths, honest conversation and advice to help others navigate this crazy time. Join us for more chat #MumWillThePlanetDie. Subscribe to get your weekly dose of climate parenting each Thursday.