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  • For lovers of thrift, vintage, DIY, collecting, and for anyone who lives for finding one-of-a-kind, amazing treasures, the Get Thrifty podcast – powered by arc Thrift Stores – is a must-listen-to source of inspiration. Join host Maggie Scivicque as she and guests discuss topics ranging from design to reselling to fashion to sustainability. Get all the tips, secrets, and know-how you’ll need to revel in the thrill of the hunt! To learn more, go to www.arcthrift.com and click on the Get Thrifty podcast.

  • Two guys who are passionate about the custom truck scene. Please go check out our YouTube channels. Brian's channel is Grindertv (GTV) and Frank's is Kustom Life. We travel to truck shows all over the country, and sometimes world.

  • A show where interesting beer and even more interesting trivia collide. Pub quiz meets podcast with Dan, Joe & Pri as they review new beers each week and then let quiz master Dan uncover their shocking lack of general knowledge in a themed quiz.

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  • In My Perfect Console, Simon Parkin, New Yorker journalist and video game critic for The Observer invites guests from the worlds of gaming, film and television, music, comedy and more to choose the five video games they would like to immortalise on their very own fictional games machine, and discuss what their choices mean to them.

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  • Welcome to the Bonded Books Podcast where we discuss books, fight over book boyfriends, and the lack of filter is a family trait. If you’re lucky you might even hear one of our dogs barking in the background. Because hey, if we have to deal with them then so do you. We hope to dazzle you with our discussion, while not being hurtful to the authors we feature. Success not guaranteed.

    We are a mother and daughter duo who love to read and discuss books! We are unashamed in our love of escaping reality by flinging ourselves into the arms of book boyfriends at any given moment. On Bonded Books we'll discuss our combined love of vampires, shifters, aliens, fae and more! Stop by for a listen, your TBR list will thank us!

    Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @BondedBooksPodcast. You can also join our Facebook Group: The Parlor.

  • This podcast is for people looking to communicate in a more refined respectful way with horses. I have spent most of my life looking for better ways of achieving lightness, responsiveness and a feeling of being totally connected to my horses. I would love to share my thoughts and thought of my guests on this journey with you.

    You can find more information about Steve Halfpenny on his web page and Facebook page.



  • Welcome to The Capital of Craft, where we talk with makers and thinkers about what it means to be a maker and how it can change your life. I’m your host, Sarah James from Craft Festival and Find a Maker, craft addict, maker and event producer. Please join me as we delve deep into the stories and lives of makers, of all kinds, every Thursday.

  • An outlet to talk about Magic: the Gathering and Commander

  • You know what’s cool? Talking with your best friends about what’s cool! Come listen to us podcast about what’s cool! Cool? Cool.

  • This Podcast covers tabletop wargaming specifically between 1815 and 1933. I will be having guests on to discover what they are working on, having discussions regarding tabletop wargaming and doing some historical deep dives into some of the periods during this wargaming era.

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    Thru Email [email protected]
    On YouTube, search Shot and Shield

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  • A mostly irreverent podcast about the weeks gaming news and any topics we find interesting enough to chat about

  • A lighthearted, completely non-informative podcast discussing all things Boating and Fishing, hosted by Kiwi nautical enthusiasts, Jake Kerr and Christian Jensen.

  • Join the nefarious Count KreepyHead and his 3 man-child minions as the talk about all things collectable that are strange, unusual and scary.

  • There will be lots of tip for you to try in your own business. Advice on marketing, selling and making your jewellery, using tools and materials for you to become a better jeweller. Learn about our mistakes and how we overcome them.

    Andrew is a leading authority on jewellery tools, techniques and the world's local jeweller having spent the last 35 years in jewellery retail, repair and manufacturing and he really knows a thing or two.

    Louise has a long background in retail and healthcare management which means she has plenty of stories and loves sharing her experiences to empower others.

  • A Minecraft podcast run by Creeperdestroy0. Tips on playing Minecraft, getting started, new update reviews, helpful tricks and some tutorials. This podcast is family friendly and accessible to Minecraft players of all abilities. Pocket Edition game play.

  • I podcasten 'Rejs med dit håndværk' kan du høre historie fra håndværker, der har været ud og rejse med deres håndværk.

  • The pop culture and gaming podcast exploring mild, hot, and spicy chills and thrills!


  • Welcome to The d20 Syndicate — A D&D 5E Actual Play Podcast — where we go on adventures so you don’t have to!

    Want to sit around all day playing D&D with your friends, but they’re too busy with “bills” and “marital troubles” to hang out? Are your insufferable children demanding a better bedtime story, but the weight of the world has sapped all of your imagination away? Are you in need of some of the best fantasy storytelling you’ve heard in your life while you're getting straight yoked in the gym? If you’ve shrugged in agreement to any of these questions, The d20 Syndicate is probably the show for you. Sit back, forget about your worries, and escape from your boring everyday life by hanging out with us as we nerd out for your listening pleasure!

  • Torque Factor, brought to you by Professional Tool and Equipment News (PTEN) magazine, is hosted by Scott Brown, an ASE Master Certified Technician. The show brings to the surface technical challenges and solutions in the automotive service industry through interviews with subject matter experts. Our mission: to help service professionals increase their expertise and success rate in dealing with today’s ever-increasingly sophisticated vehicles.

    Subjects covered will include: advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), diagnostics, driveability, OBD-II, secure gateway modules, ECM reprogramming, J2534, scan tool use, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), HVAC systems and refrigerant, R-1234yf, R-134, oscilloscopes, probes, and meters, evaporative emission control system diagnosis, fuel delivery systems, electrification, hybrid systems, the tools and equipment used in the shop, and more – essentially all things in automotive repair.

    Do you have a question or topic you’d like addressed? Email us at: [email protected]

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