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  • Stoked /stōkt/ adj. slang 1 being in a euphoric or elated state aka. Surfer‘s high. Perma-stoked /ˈpərmə, stōkt/ adj. slang 1 permanently stoked. The stoke is your birthright. It cannot be bought, sold, or bartered with. It is a right of passage for all who surf or embrace life. It is the vision at the end of the quest. Once ignited, it can never be extinguished.

    Tune into the Permastoked podcast as Co-Founder & CEO of Freshwater Surf Goods, Derik Hyatt, interviews your favourite surfers and stand up paddleboarders from across the Great Lakes, Canada, the United States and beyond! Take a peak into their lives and find out what keeps them stoked. Other Permastoked guests include: activists, artists, ecologists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, filmmakers, healers, musicians, philanthropists, photographers, seekers, yogis and much more! Learn from these field experts and enthusiasts while also being inspired by their undying passion, insights and rad tales.

  • A show where Tabletop Roleplaying Game enthusiasts Speak Dicely together! Our host, Teni Brant, loves hearing roleplaying stories, debating rules, and discussing how to write better stories for our games. This podcast has an emphasis on Dungeons and Dragons, and is a branch of the Dicely DnD YouTube channel

  • A mature, unofficial issue-by-issue retrospective podcast on Nintendo Power Magazine. Join the Power Boys, a gaggle of guys in their 30s comparing childhood experiences to how the coverage and games hold up today. The banter and asides contain some off-color jokes and adult content, which mostly consist of the hosts making fun of each other. Come for the content, stay for the banter!

  • Hey ya lovely degenerates, a reminder is that this WILL NOT BE CHRONOLOGICAL. And if your audio cuts off, let me know and I will get it fixed! Have a wonderful day and stay foxy. Also, join the fan Discord! https://discord.gg/7CjdDYc As well as that, I also have a GoFundMe to get me on YouTube! Check it out at https://www.gofundme.com/f/buy-me-some-gaming-headphones-so-i-can-start-utbe?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1

  • Sudbury's Real Estate Podcast! Lake City wants you to be the most educated buyer, seller and investor in the Sudbury Real Estate Market. Follow us for weekly market updates, trends and transactions so that you can make sure you are in the best position to buy and sell.David Kurt, host, founder and Broker of Record at Lake City Realty has built this boutique brokerage around challenging the role and Public's Image of Realtors®, one client at a time.Have a listen & hit that bell for all things Sudbury Real Estate.Lake City Realty Ltd., Brokeragedavid@lakecityrealty.ca(705) 677-5272

  • Join us as we take you into the creative world of UpCycling, small business development and personal growth. Perfect podcast for makers, side hustlers, dreamers and do it yourself entrepreneurs! Dave and Jennifer will share practical tips, tricks and tested ideas to help you in your journey. Our goal is to the best eco-friendly podcast in your favourites! Let's keep this conversation going!

  • Welcome to Back to Sq 1 - a podcast hosted by best friends, Derek and Carmen. Join us as we work through life's biggest questions and explore modern topics through our shared lenses of growing up as second-generation Asian Canadians from the suburbs of Toronto. Who do you relate to more? Is it Derek - the entrepreneur, who strives to question the status quo and bachelor searching for the one while being haunted by a dysfunctional childhood? Or is it Carmen - your typical straight A's student who became a dentist, now married but still in search of purpose and happiness?

  • Rage de dés est un podcast québécois de passionnés de jeux de rôle, de Dungeons & Dragons et d'improvisation! Suivez nos aspirants héros dans des mini-séries d'aventures où ils feront face à de multiples défis, monstres, pièges et obstacles.

  • Un podcast pour les amateurs de Tesla, pour ceux qui prévoient en faire l’achat et qui désirent plus d’informations sur le sujet

  • Budget friendly decor & DIY ideas to create a cozy & beautiful home & life you‘ll love! For over a dozen years, Christina Dennis AKA The DIY Mommy has been a home stylist and content creator at TheDIYMommy.com. She loves sharing thrifty home decorating tips and DIY ideas that will add sparkle and style to your space. Find her everywhere with more tips: @thediymommy.

  • Join Cameron Halbert (NoSleeves) and Keso Paghuni as they talk all things hockey.

  • A podcast where we look at the origins of some interesting myths, mythical creatures, legends, stories, monsters, and more. Let's reconstruct age-old stories together.

  • A Dead by Daylight podcast. We also love talking all things horror: Movies, TV, and other horror games.

  • Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals has conversations with other YouTube woodworkers and makers.

  • George Walters is a storyteller and writer of multiple books. He is admired for his ability to draw the reader into his world as he sees it. He has been telling and writing stories for over 30 years; along with being a columnist writing for numerous newspapers and magazines across Canada and the United States. George has inspired generations of readers to use their knowledge to produce their own books. To date he has written eight books with more in the works. He is regarded as one of the top storytellers of all times for his ability to hold a reader or listener’s attention. Due to the flexibility of his work, George’s stories invite people into his world of the past, present, and future.

  • Definitely a Board Game Podcast is two friends, one who is new to the hobby and one who has been part of the hobby for his entire life. Together we are exploring this hobby and having a lot of fun! Join us as we discuss board games, the board game industry, and everything else.

  • Hi friends! Welcome to Where Are We Growing! We're Nicole Larson & Brandon Bennett, and our new podcast comes from our love of plants, mental health awareness, and the crazy corner of the internet called Plant Tok. Each week we discuss a planty topic that you can listen along to and join our journey of growth! FOLLOW US : https://www.WhereAreWeGrowing.buzzsprout.com https://www.instagram.com/wherearewegrowing

  • La clé du condo est un balado où on discute de problèmes et défis rencontrés par les administrateurs de copropriétés.

    À chaque épisode, on tente d’amener des réponses, des pistes de solutions, des idées et des réflexions.

    La clé du condo est une présentation de Depatie Beauchemin Consultants et de Technologies Hoodi.


  • At Hunker, we believe “home” means more than just where you live; it’s an expression of your identity, the place where you are most yourself. Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where, each week, Hunker editorial director Laurie Gunning Grossman chats with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes. We talk about topics such as: How do their homes tell their story? What holds value? What are their non-negotiables? What does “being home” mean to them?

    If you love design and decor, if you’re curious about how people live, or if you’ve been transitioning or transforming your own home, you’ll love these honest conversations.

    For more info, visit Hunker.com/podcast.