Vrije tijd – Canada – Nieuwe podcasts

  • Voice actor Trevor Devall plays tabletop RPGs solo-style, fulfilling the roles of both player and GM, in the "Me, Myself and Die!" show.

  • Vous aimez tout ce qui entoure l'aviation? Je tenterai de vous parachuter dans mon univers! Passion, liberté et adrénaline seront les piliers de ce nouveau podcast. On y parle d'aviation civile, militaire, ainsi que de simulation de vol et beaucoup plus. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!

  • Boneyards & Boojums is a casual Actual Play podcast of an 1879 campaign. Learn more about 1879 at https://fasagames.com/1879-home/

    The regular characters and cast includes:

    - Madam Truffeni, the Medium: Pam
    - Amos Blackstone, the Big Game Hunter: Noah
    - Jacoby Bucklebury, the Snark Cowboy: Erik
    - Gamemaster: Rob

    The rotating guest characters and cast includes:

    - Missus Cross, the Investigator: Kirsten
    - Dr. Glynis Winter, the Doctor: Dilia
    - Charlotte Tiddlewink, the Weird Scientist: Makoto
    - Lazlo Richards, the Gambler: Sean
    - Pierre, the Brassman: Kenneth

    Some episodes will feature the same cast with alternative characters -- see the show notes for those!

    This podcast does not update according to any predictable schedule. We will tend to release episodes in short bursts.

    # Credits

    1879 is a registered trademark of FASA Corp and used without license. Any use of FASA trademarks or copyrighted material is not intended as a challenge to those trademarks or copyrights.

    More about 1879: https://fasagames.com/1879-home/

  • Motobalado est une tout en français, basée sur la découverte de la moto sous tous ses angles, d'y découvrir des passionnés de motocyclette qui vous partageront leur histoire, leur truc et leur amour pour ce hobby. Vous pourrez découvrir les images reliées aux différents épisodes sur la page Facebook Motobalado! Motobalado c’est une émission francophone 100% dédié à la moto. Sujets proposés: Entretien de moto, esthétique moto, voyage à moto, descriptif de moto, nouveautés moto et passionnés de moto!Site web officiel : https://www.photosignature.ca/motobalado

  • Votre meilleur podcast pour les nouvelles concernant les boardgames, jeux vidéo, tv shows et les films. Critiques, opinions, suggestions et discussions sont à un menu mordant . Pèse sur play et on commence ça!

  • Life can be complicated but simple living doesn’t have to be. The Real Thyme Roots Podcast wants to help you grow your own food and remedies so you and your loved ones can live a Joybilee life! Author/Herbalist/Blogger/Teacher Chris Dalziel from Joybilee hosts this weekly updated show that covers everything from growing and foraging to cooking and preserving and everything else in between. You’ll learn what you need to know about being self-reliant from Chris, co-host Sarah and an array of expert guests. Are you ready to take your wellness into your own hands? Let Chris and the Joybilee family bring you back to the roots...the Real Thyme Roots!

  • We are two bookish friends who love to talk all things books and reading.

  • The Board Game Chats podcast is where Chris and Myron chat with board gamers of all types about board games, what makes board gaming special, why we game and how games impact our lives.

  • We want to celebrate the world of esports, video games, and entertainment. Often people see video games and think it's a waste of time. Or even worse, that it's irrelevant in the mainstream. We see a world that's undervalued, a world that's starting to define pop culture before our very eyes. When we see Mike Trout (MLB) laughing with fans about his Warzone loadout or OBJ (NFL) teaming up to stream with Scump (Call of Duty) we see the merging of two very powerful things: culture and video games are destined to be intertwined.

    Allow yourself to like it. You won't regret it.

  • Two friends and automotive experts make sense of everything car-related for anyone from the everyday driver to the automotive enthusiast. It’s car stuff made simple for Canadians.

  • Lonely TTRPG is a show where I play and review solo TTRPGs.

    Each week, we play another solo TTRPG from across the indie community.

    So join us as we roll, draw, and journal our way through some fantastic games.

    This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis:

    Podcorn - https://podcorn.com/privacy
    Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy

  • The ‘Trolley, Problem, Inc.’ Podcast is a six-part audio series featuring leading figures from the gaming and entertainment industries who are asked four awful philosophical questions and asked to pick the “best” answer from two dreadful choices.

    Find out who would kill one person to save five others, who would stop an old man from receiving a heart transplant and whether or not the little girl playing in the sandpit survives in this entertaining, challenging series of discussions.

    Hosted by Simon Byron and game developer Samuel Read-Graves. Inspiration taken from the PC game ‘Trolley Problem, Inc’ – available on April 21st.

  • Discussion animée par Steve Tardif sur le dindon sauvage,sa chasse ,sa conservation et sa biologie.
    Je suis un chasseur nomade de dindon sauvage qui parcours l’Amérique du nord pour vivre sa passion!

    Suivez-nous sur Facebook au Club Dindon Sauvage Montréal et notre groupe les Turkeynators!

  • A podcast where hosts Steve Krothe and Hawes Burkhardt talk about video games. Yes, another video game podcast hosted by two dudes. Check us out though, it's a lot of fun!

  • Welcome to Little Cabin Knits. A podcast that explores knitting and crafting in my little cabin in the wilds of Alaska. Episodes include: spotlight, Raise a Cuppa, On the Shelf, On the Couch, Personal Skill Set, and A Time For Hygge. You may find me on Ravelry as andersmillknits, with groups on Ravelry as Betweenknitsandpurls and on Instagram as andersmillknits, and betweenknitsandpurls. My website of www.betweenknitsandpurls.com has the complete episode show notes, prompts, mental health topics from self care to discourse on mental health disorders. Please subscribe and leave a review!

  • Hosted by Chris "@lyteforce" Golden - who's joined by Jon Breisnes on the regular - when you tune in to this podcast you'll get to hear all the lessons they're learning, the lessons they continue to learn, and the lessons guests share with them as they navigate this world of nerdy parenthood together.

    Things like potty training, the world of Santa/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny. Or... when or if it's appropriate to introduce Chris's 4-year-old daughter - Babyforce - to the world of Fortnite.

  • What do you hear when you tell someone you’re a family of all sisters? “Oh, your poor dad!”... And they’re probably not wrong. Listen to sisters Jade, Paige, and Baily catch up with each other’s weeks; including their dating lives, sister fights, pop culture, and more.

    Everyone needs a sister to support them or to give it to them straight, become an honorary Brandt sister each Saturday!

  • Drawing from their experience as two of Canada’s most prominent outdoor personalities, hosts Angelo Viola and Peter Bowman explore the environmental topics, issues, and events that matter to the everyday outdoorsman. Joined by a wide variety of guests, ODJ Radio seeks to answer the questions and tell the stories of all those who enjoy being outside. Your stories, your questions, on your schedule

  • On jase ludique c’est le rendez-vous de ceux quiaiment jouer en gang. Un rendez-vous bimensuel sur le monde ludique,les jeux et les joueurs. Une émission animer par des professionnels,mais surtout des passionnés du mondeludique. On jase, on joue, on parle duplaisir et de l’expérience ludique sous toutes ses formes afin departager leplaisir de jouer. L’émission est un collectif qui s’est donnécomme mission de créer un médium où boire de la bière tout enjouant à des jeux est une activité purementsociale, fun et essentiel à toutparty. Après avoir écouté cette émission vous vous demanderezcomment vous avez fait toutes ces années pour avoir des partysle fun sans avoir sorti unjeu.

  • Démystifier le cosplay et faire connaître la scène du cosplay Québécois aux amateurs de cosplay et ceux qui veulent en savoir plus !