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  • Dans les centres-villes des grandes municipalités du Québec, les mots « revitaliser » et « dynamiser » sont à la mode. Certains citoyens souhaitent agir pour améliorer leur quartier qui, selon eux, « manque d’amour ». Mais est-ce une bonne idée de revitaliser? Est-ce nécessaire? Est-ce le bon mot? Le balado Revitalisons? est un documentaire audio où le documentariste Jean-François Vachon enquête sur le devenir, les forces et les enjeux du quartier Alexandre, un petit secteur mal connu situé au cœur du centre-ville de Sherbrooke. Peut-on revitaliser ou développer un quartier sans gentrifier? Le soulever en incluant tout le monde?

    Réalisation : Jean-François Vachon

    Prise de son : Jean-François Vachon et David Elias

    Prise de son additionnelle : Jean-René Francoeur et Jean-Sébastien Dutil

    Montage : Jean-François Vachon

    Postproduction : David Elias

    Musique et effets sonores : Epidemic sound, Artlist, Soundchick SFX et Nikolas Roy

    Graphisme et infographie : Marie-Hélène Montighy et Catherine Migneault

    Une production de Jean-François Vachon en collaboration avec la Ville de Sherbrooke

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  • Retro Sports Radio publishes radio broadcasts of classic baseball and football games and moments from the past 100 years in sports history. Hear the greats like Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell, Mel Allen, Harry Caray, and Red Barber with the vintage radio play-by-play.

    Full games are published 5 times a week. Bonus episodes and interview clips will be published on the off-days of Mondays and Thursdays.

    All of the old-time radio broadcasts distributed in this podcast are either in the public domain, have expired copyright, or are freely available in Creative Commons on

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  • On this series powered by the Cariboo Auto Group, we'll be celebrating our community and sharing stories about what makes our slice of interior and northern British Columbia so amazing! Incredible sites from Williams Lake west to Bella Coola, the Goldrush Trail to Barkerville, the beautiful Nazko Valley, the Yellowhead to Prince Rupert and north to Alaska. Stories about the places you can only get to, by car.

  • Uncovering the secrets of Mormon history and culture with more lulz than usual.

  • Bald Tires is a home for the best car stories - the ones that are normally shared sitting around in the garage. Stories about your first car, your best car, your worst car, and the one that you should have kept! Based out of Saskatchewan Canada, expect highlights of vehicles hidden away in garages that could be just down the street or around the corner. Cool Cars are everywhere, you just have to know where to look!

  • The historical and cultural context of music of the Renaissance at home, in court, in Shakespeare's theatre and beyond.

  • The National Park Service (NPS) Southwest Archeology Podcast explores archeological projects and historic preservation at NPS sites in the southwest. Get a behind-the-scenes view of how National Park Service archeology works through interviews with park staff, university researchers, and tribal partners. The show is produced by the Southern Arizona Office, and interviews include both NPS employees and partners.

  • For 50 years, Lew Wasserman ruled Hollywood from the shadows, a symbol of ruthless power in a dark suit, oversized eyeglasses, and a permanent tan. He oversaw seismic innovations in actors' earnings, in the rise of television, in blockbuster movies, in the transformation of film studios into theme parks. The mogul was a critical figure in ending the famed labor strikes of 1960 and 1981. Even more, Wasserman connected Hollywood to political power in a way that endures to this day. Every president from Kennedy to Clinton took his calls. And he was as comfortable dealing with gangsters as with politicians.
    In Glitter and Might, an Audacy original documentary, film historian and best-selling author Shawn Levy unpacks this mystery man's extraordinary life and legacy - and how his impact is still felt today. 

  • Ladies and Gentlethems, welcome to Show Boys! The podcast that brings you a glittery, gritty, FULL FRONTAL GLIMPSE into the world of Boylesque. Now to some, Boylesque is simply male striptease, but your host Chris Harder aims to go beyond antiquated definitions of gender and get deep. Real deep. Together with his guests, Harder will explore questions like, “What did Boylesque look like in the 1950’s? In the 1850’s?” “How is Boylesque related to other cultural institutions like Chippendales, drag, and gay-for-pay sex work?” “Who created the first banana hammock and what’s the biggest banana that ever hammocked?” And finally, “What does Boylesque look like now in 2023, and what’s next?” So ice your nipples and grab the nearest tube of chapstick, because baby, it’s time for SHOW BOYS.

  • Prince Edward Island might be Canada's smallest province, but it has a surprisingly robust music scene. But there's never been a place to listen to all that scene has to offer in one place. Until now. "isletunes" brings the entire kaleidoscope of Island music into one podcast - from rock to pop to punk to rap, soul, and so much more, It's all genres, all decades, all-inclusive, and all PEI. Plus, alongside the province's traditional fiddle music, there are Black, Francophone, LGBTQ, and Mi'kmaq tracks to feast your ears on. While you're taking this radio-style podcast in, host Adam-Michael James also hips you to Island history and a healthy cross section of upcoming live gigs. There's never been anything like it on PEI's the podcast PEI didn't know it needed!

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  • Head back to the 1920s, Prohibition and the Age of Jazz with star/creator Jack Webb in the 1951 Summer replacement radio series featuring clarinet player Pete Kelly and all the trouble he gets into and out of in Kansas during the roaring twenties.

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  • Your weekly guide to all the weird things that have happened in our world—both yesterday and today. Each week, we take a short tour of the strangest news from around the world, dip into wild historical events from the past, and explore one larger tale that’s sure to leave you shaking your head. Hosted by Aaron Mahnke.

  • Discussion about vintage pyrex and other vintage home items as well as interviews with collectors to chat about their stories.

  • Sure, Virginia history includes big moments, big battles, and big names. But the richer history is full of smaller events occurring in the fullness of time. The disenfranchised, the nonconformists, and just regular people making Virginia history. Week in, week out. This Week in Virginia History explores those stories, curated by Nathan Moore and culled from the vast archives at Encyclopedia Virginia.

  • This is an attempt to understand reality - هذه محاولة لفهم الواقع 🧠

  • Just before he was hanged, an indigenous prospector accused of murder set a curse on anyone who searched for his hidden gold. Over a century later, a prospector, a mountaineer, a truth-seeker and a way-shower band together to walk the same paths of those who went looking for Slumach’s cursed gold and never returned.  
    Deadman's Curse: Slumach's Gold is a historical, true crime podcast hosted by Kru Williams from History Television's hit original series Deadman's Curse: The Legend of the Lost Gold. Join Kru and the team as they investigate the curse and legend surrounding the lost gold mine of Pitt Lake. 
    On their quest they're joined by members of the Stó:lō and Katzie First Nations, historians and cultural experts of diverse backgrounds, as they sort fact from fiction and give Slumach a voice from the other side of the veil.

  • Michel Prince discute avec divers collègues du domaine de l'antiquité du Québec. Collectionneurs, pickers, commerçants d'hier et d'aujourd'hui. Ensemble ils discutent de diverses anecdotes.

  • If you’ve been hesitant to take the leap, you can check out the depth and quality of our programming. Each Snapshot provides a 10-15 minute preview of our captivating original episodes, enabling you to experience the compelling content that awaits in our Authentic subscription.

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  • In Keep Canada Weird the Nighttime Podcast's host Jordan Bonaparte and his pal Handsome Aaron Airport seek out and explore the offbeat Canadian news stories from the past week. New episodes are released weekly. Keep Canada Weird is a production of the Nighttime Podcast.