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  • Show Notes: "Deciphering the Fed: Insights with Speechify & ChatGPT-4"

    Podcast Overview: Dive deep into the economic revelations from the latest research reviews of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. With the combined analytical prowess of Speechify's text-to-speech capabilities and ChatGPT-4's expansive understanding, we break down the dense economic jargon and present insights in a digestible format for everyone.

    Welcome to 'FEDTalk AI' the podcast that cracks the code of dense research reviews straight from the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis. In a world awash with economic data, theories, and ever-evolving policies, navigating intricate research can be a daunting task. But fret not! With the analytical prowess of ChatGPT and the seamless integration of Speechify, we're here to simplify, elucidate, and bring those weighty documents right to your ears in an engaging and digestible manner. Every episode, we'll dive deep, dissecting and decoding complex economic research to help you stay informed, effortlessly. Whether you're an economist, a student, or just someone curious about the Federal Reserve's analyses, this podcast is your gateway to understanding. So, let’s embark on this enlightening journey and dive into the world of economic research, one review at a time!

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    Join us next week as we delve into another economic topic, making it accessible and engaging for all. Stay curious!

  • A place to talk about history, America, and everything that's wrong with the world today.

  • Welcome to "Phil and the Philippines!" Think of this podcast as your go-to guide for everything Filipino. We'll keep it casual and fun while diving into the fascinating stories that shape the Philippines, including some of the darker chapters. Along the way, I'll share my own insights and opinions, making our journey through Philippine history both engaging and enlightening. So, join me on this adventure through the heart and soul of the Philippines!

    Connect with me at [email protected]

  • She Wrote Too is a podcast celebrating the work of female writers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, with an emphasis on those who have been neglected by history. Join hosts Nicola Morgan and Caroline Rance as they unearth some fascinating literature by remarkable women.

  • A chance to look at history's most interesting conspiracy theories.
    History at its best

  • - 1000+ audiobooks, all ad free!

    The author, William Henry Doolittle, was an Expert and Patent Solicitor, Ex-Examiner in the Patent Office and Assistant Commissioner of Patents at Washington, Writer of Inventions, etc. He put together this collection to illustrate a period of remarkable advances in technology across the board. -

  • This audio essay explores fifteen iconic love songs spanning from the 1960s to the early 2000s, analyzing the lyrical themes, musical compositions, and lasting cultural impacts that have established them all as deeply beloved romantic classics across generations.

  • A deeper looking into the significance of international women’s day

  • This over 4,900 word biography explores Drake's upbringing, breakout success in the late 2000s, record-breaking musical achievements, signature style bridging rap and R&B, business empire and cultural influence over the past decade at the forefront of hip hop’s mainstream popularity. The piece analyzes Drake’s enduring creative spirit through reinvention and chart dominance, cementing his legacy as one of the most commercially successful artists of his era.

  • Podcast about the investigation in the mystery of D.B. Cooper

  • در این پادکست درباره‌ی فرقه‌ای خواهید شنید که جهان ما را گروگان گرفته است

  • Filipino history with a Filipino perspective. Sources are available on Support this podcast:

  • SocialFlight Live! is an hour of fascinating discussion with some of the most inspiring people in aviation. Previous guests have included Actor Treat Williams, FAA Surgeon General Susan Northrup, AOPA President Mark Baker, EAA President Jack Pelton, NASA Astronauts David Williams and John Herrington, Cirrus Aircraft Founder Dale Klapmeier, Rod Machado, Barry Schiff, Martha King, Dan Schwinn, SR-71 Pilots, Michael Goulian, Rob Holland, Julie Clark, Kirby Chambliss, Kevin Lacey (Airplane Repo), Ariel Tweto (Flying Wild Alaska), Mikey McBryan (Ice Pilots) and many more.

    Register for our LIVE VIDEO WEB SHOW at It airs every Tuesday evening at 8pm ET.

  • CLNS Media has become a home for sports history enthusiasts & retired athletes, especially NBA players. With CLNS new VOD initiative, the content team have taken this opportunity to launch several new VOD channels throughout the OTT universe. Now a hosting platform for former NBA MVPs, FINALs MVPs, DPOY award recipients, scoring champs and league title holders, a new, exclusive home for this content in the VOD sphere was in order.

    Welcome to the NBA Legends’ Vintage Vault Pods, vidcasts & unique, rarely seen footage.

    Here, you will find new content from the likes of:

    Cedric Maxwell - 2x champ, 1981 Finals MVP
    Michael “Coop” Cooper- 5x champ, 1987 DPOY
    Tony Allen - Defensive Juggernaut & 2008 World Champion
    Jameer Nelson - Longtime Orlando Magic PG
    Bob McAdoo - 3x Champ NBA MVP, League Scoring Champ
    Bob Ryan - Basketball HOF Journalist, Boston Globe

    Frequent appearances from:

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    James Worthy
    Kendrick Perkins
    Mike Gorman
    Doc Rivers
    Dominique Wilkins
    Sean David

  • Mystery of Everything is a captivating and thought-provoking
    podcast that takes you on a journey into the mysterious and
    unexplained realms of our world. Join our hosts, Gabby Bell and Brenna
    Hatter, two accomplished scientists with a passion for unraveling the
    enigmas that have fascinated humanity for centuries.

    Each episode of Mystery of Everything delves deep into the world of cryptids,
    pseudoscience, conspiracies, and more, as Gabby and Brenna apply their
    scientific expertise and vivid imaginations to uncover the truth
    behind these puzzling phenomena. Together, they bring a refreshing
    blend of skepticism, curiosity, and humor to the table, separating
    fact from fiction, and shedding light on the darkest corners of our
    collective imagination all while providing a few laughs.

    So, whether you're a skeptic or a believer, Mystery of Everything promises to
    entertain and enlighten, as they guide you through the labyrinth of
    the unexplained. Join them on this thrilling scientific adventure as
    they seek to uncover the mysteries that continue to baffle and
    captivate us all.

  • Handog ng Pilipinas Indie Podcast & Entertainment Network, isang palabas na maglalahad ng buhay ng mga natatanging bayaning Pilipino, TAAS NOO: Kwento ng mga Bayaning Pilipino. Walong Bayani. Walong Kwento. Para sa Bayan. Taas Noo, Kahit Kanino.

  • A conference to share as much practical and methodological information as possible to give all new researchers in the history of former Soviet States a head start so they could avoid getting bogged down in administrative or organisational difficulties.
    The conference had a strong interdisciplinary focus, incorporating talks on History, Film, Theatre, Visual Art, Literature, Language, Music, Cultural Studies and Memory.

  • Temple Trails talks about historic temples, their structure, the beauty and mysteries behind it. Very few websites and digital platforms give you such rich information about temples, but RJ Vicky brings alive the various elements hidden within the temples and people and places surrounding the monuments. This show also talks about churches, mosques and many other historic structures.

  • A podcast where I share my latest grim fixations. Whether that be the history of the Grim Reaper. Stories about a specific death gods, death deities, psychopomps, etc from around the world and throughout history. Occasionally I dip my toe into paranormal investigation tools, the psychology and physiology surrounding our belief in ghosts and paranormal experiences, and anything else... weird, spooky, and vaguely historical that catches my attention.