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  • Welcome to the Friendly Frequencies Podcast, hosted by Carmen MacLeod. This is a space for deep conversations about spirituality, personal development, and the beauty of the unknown. The mind, the soul, and the laws of the universe are some of the juicy topics discussed in this podcast. These topics will inspire you to tap into the infinite power that you have as a specimen of this divine universe. Carmen is manifesting her dream life every day, traveling the world as an artist and spreading her message through this podcast.

    New episodes will be released every Wednesday to lift your spirits midway through the week!

    “Because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don't know we don't know.”
    ~ Rumsfeld

  • Chapel Hill Church is a PNW-based community of believers that exists to exalt Jesus, elevate others, and launch disciple-makers. Dive into our weekly rhythm here on the podcast and check us out online at!

  • Two friends from the opposite ends of the globe come together to figure out life, love, and faith in their thirties. What comes next after college, career, and complex relationships? Ang demanding ng adulting ha.

  • Listen to Quran recitation with English translation. Recitation: Shaykh Mishaari Raashid. English: Ibrahaim Walk using Saheeh International Translation.

  • Welcome to Outpost 127
    As we broadcast from our outlying settlement to share stories of you the wanderer, the sojourner, the misfit who are standing firm on the front lines striving side by side for the faith of the Gospel. (Philippians 1:27).

  • Shifting from purely a podcast geared to help men get set free from sexual addiction. I am moving into what is God's will for your life. Basing it off of 1 Thessalonians 4:3, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 and 1 Peter 2:15. In addition to sex, we will be discussing apologetics (to give an answer for why we believe) and the triumphs/issues with the modern church.

  • Cedarville Stories podcast shares the stories of individuals who have been impacted from their experiences at Cedarville University, all for God's glory. Each week you’ll hear unique stories of how Cedarville’s mission of transforming lives through excellent education and intentional discipleship in submission to biblical authority is being lived out in the lives of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of the University.

    Listen in each Wednesday and be blessed by some of the amazing ways God is working in and through the lives of the Cedarville family.

  • In this podcast you’ll be given the roadmap to become successful in sales. In each episode I’ll share my proven sales & leadership lessons, confidence building rituals, and productivity tips!

    You were put here to make a difference and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader along the way! My mission is to empower women to push past limiting beliefs & negative self talk and reach your full potential in business, love, and life.

    Hey I’m Michelle Ballantyne, a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and #avocadotoastenthusiast

    After getting my Masters Degree in London, England, and starting a corporate job, I quickly discovered that that life was not for me! I knew there was a better way of doing things… So I took the big leap and quit, moved to Toronto, Canada and built my first company. Then I moved back to my hometown of Vancouver and built another... and then another.

    Today I’m living my dream helping women all around the world break through those limiting beliefs around sales – and I want you to be my next success story!

    Connect -> [email protected]
    Instagram-> @michellelauraballantyne

    Want to work together? Email: [email protected] to learn more about private sessions, done-with-you courses & retreats!

  • Need GODLY relationship advice? Struggling with your FAITH and relationship with JESUS? Fed-up with being in bondage of the enemy? Are there areas of your life that need authentic HEALING? Sick and tired of “trying all the things” and not getting actual results?I get it! I went from a hot mess to totally blessed. Truth… We all have hidden wounds that lie deep within our wounded soul. These wounds have to be purged, removed, and cleansed with GOD in order to have the thriving relationships we truly desire. Getting to the core “ROOT” of your problems & struggles in your personal and professional life will propel you forward with purpose!Hey friends! I‘m Melia Diana (LPTA, ACSM-CPT, FII-CPTS) International & Best -Selling Author, Certified Christian & Clinical Counselor, Certified Biblical Therapist, Relationship & Dating Coach, and Ministry Founder. YES... I‘ve dug though the trenches with God to bring you the TRUTH in love, prophetic words, inner healing, godly counsel, and authentic biblical support & prayer for your health so you can cultivate thriving relationships. No fluff here, my friends!Podcast for JESUS + Healing + Deliverance + Relationship Goals + Godly Dating Advice + Christian Counseling + Biblical Mindset + Christian Marriage + Trauma Recovery + Prophetic Words + Prayer + Spiritual Warfare + a sprinkle of God‘s Word!Learn what it takes to be a godly woman/man living in an upside-down world. Striving to have a healthy relationship through healing of God’s Word & Biblical Christian counsel. Start healing from trauma ”God’s Way” for your wounded soul with a Kingdom mindset and heart. Gain clarity why your relationships, health, personal life, ministry, business, and/or family life is out of alignment. Get ”Fit4Jesus” and gain wisdom of the 4 vital areas of life that need healing- which are spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. And of course- I‘ll be sprinkling in God’s Word. No more feeling unworthy, undervalued, and alone! We will dig into many areas of Biblical Christian Counseling, spiritual warfare, marriage advice, equally yoked dating tips, inner healing & deliverance, strongholds, mindsets, chronic pain, toxic wound patterns...and so much more! Let’s learn to have godly relationships and heal with GOD; guided by the Holy Spirit. This encouraging podcast will help empower your relationship with yourself, others, and most importantly- JESUS! Be inspired to start hearing from GOD while enhancing your vertical relationship with Jesus. Allow the veil to be lifted from blinded eyes and ears... reclaim your identity in Christ, learn how to blossom into a Proverbs 31 Woman and Ephesians 5 Man! Mend your pain and broken relationships through God‘s living Word. Get mature, non-secular teachings, counseling, coaching, and consulting tips through truthful prophetic words.Are you a busy Christian woman entrepreneur, stay at home Mom or hardworking Dad? Totally understand- you‘ll get powerful bit-size episodes packed with punch! (No worries boys- you can listen, too). This show is for the believer who might have lost their way. A follower of Christ who has been saved for years and ready to know Jesus more intimately. Or curious what this ”JESUS” thing is all about? Praying for clarity and direction to do His will, God clearly told me, “My people don’t fit into categories!” God cares about people... PERIOD! Quite frankly, God does not care about SEO, algorithms, demographics or your Avatar. Just loving on others with His truth that sets us FREE. God calls us to be bold; a source of light in the dark for others to witness. Use our pain for a purpose and utilize our spiritual gifts to bless others. All are outlets to point to Christ and not self. This show is dedicated to bring God’s glory to His Kingdom while helping lost souls mature in their walk with Jesus. Thrive in your relationships, health, and healing progression with God by your side. Equip yourself with the God’s Word, restoring balance back into your life. Having a VERTICAL RELATIONSHIP will directly affect our horizontal relationships. No more Band-Aids or temporary worldly ways that don’t last. You deserve the TRUTH and not more deceit!Blessings xo, MeliaChristian Counseling & Coaching ->’s Books-> Courses->>

  • Throughout centuries and across borders, one thing has remained consistent - women are undervalued and often discriminated against. In my own time and culture, people have tried to define my worth by my body type and my relationship status. But at my lowest, God showed me the light. I created Proverbs 31 Exclusive to speak to women, and maybe even some men, about many things that we face in every day life. We’ll say affirmations, discuss real-life applications of the Bible, and talk about how to achieve our goals. You are an exclusive. A rare gem. Discover who you really are today!

  • Hosted by Crystal Ngumezi, CEO & Founder of The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization, The Modern Day P31 Woman is a Christian Podcast Show exploring what it means and looks like to live a purpose-filled life in a modern society. Using biblical teachings, personal testimonies, and Christian principles, Crystal takes listeners down a journey of self-discovery, purpose, and alignment with God's word. Subscribe today and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! Support this podcast:

  • Jill and Angel are two friends and business associates just trying to keep it real and be a Virtuous Woman. Through podcast Bible studies, where they share their observations and life experiences, Jill and Angel look to encourage other women (and hold each other accountable!).

  • Welcome to THE podcast for busy moms (messy bun and reheated coffee are optional)! This is the space for Christian moms who feel all the guilt but refuse to be Pinterest Perfect. Moms who love like a boss, are authentic and who want to be a boss with some free moments thrown in. Sound like someone you know?

    Let's chat about Biblical truth + wisdom + laughter + productivity strategies to not only help you squeeze in a shower, but enjoy life.

    Kathy Lanham offers a mentoring voice from the other side of motherhood, with encouragement and hope in the journey as well as business strategies for those looking to work from home.

  • A podcast exploring church growth philosophy and strategy.

  • Our goal is to help followers of Jesus dive deep into what it means to be an everyday disciple maker. In these 20 minute episodes, we will talk about culture, practice, and multiplication of disciple making in the local church.

  • A devotional created to aid fellow Christians in their personal worship and devotion time.

  • The Fire Podcast has a mission to bring people face to face with the real Jesus through stories, wisdom, and encouragement. Its end goal is simple: that people would look upon Jesus, surrender their lives to Him, and become empowered with authority to spread His fire everywhere they go. Come join the conversation!If you love this podcast, would you please consider one time or monthly support to help us sustain and grow it so that others can be stirred to hunger for more of the REAL Jesus? Thank you!© Copyright 2022, Fire Movement Support this podcast: