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  • Each week midwife, breast cancer survivor and mama, turned embodiment coach, nonprofit founder and CEO, Lisa Malia, will bring you transformative stories, practices and rituals to support you in connecting to your sacred purpose, following your intuition and creating a space to live with deeper clarity and unapologetic joy.

    We dive all the way into the topics of self love, self trust, feminine wisdom, your soul's calling and connection to self to fully embody the vision you have for your life.

    We’re living in a unique time in history that’s calling for us to redefine leadership and the way we live. It’s time to unleash your true self, begin showing up authentically, and harness your innate wisdom, passion and gifts to step into the fullness of the person you were designed to be.

    Our world needs you and your vision to create and embody a new way forward.
    Join Lisa in The Connected Circle, consider it your soul squad of women, navigating all the transitions of life together. To join now head over to her website the link can be found at the very top of the page. Follow her on Instagram @lovelisamalia

  • * Empowerment * Faith * Healing * Fitness/Health for Moms Recovering from Addiction, Empowerment Coaching, Healing for Moms recovering from addiction, Empowerment for Moms in Recovery, Fitness for Moms in recovery

    Hello Mama! Are you in a process of recovery from addiction and feeling stuck, unhappy, discontent with yourself and where you are in life at the moment? Has your life gotten better after letting go of that addiction but yet you struggle mentally to find the gratitude in your everyday life and in being a present mother, wife, friend, etc. ? Does your mind tell you that maybe life was ”easier” when you were in your addiction and that you wouldn‘t be feeling these feelings had you still been using what helped you escape reality? Do you find yourself asking God why you feel this way after changing your whole life around and letting go of that addiction?

    Well Mama you‘re not alone. I identify with all of the above because that was and can still be me at times. But what if I told you that you were called to be the chain breaker in your family? That you have the ability and the authority over your life to break every lie, addiction, feeling of guilt and shame that has kept you and your family stuck in that mindset that you are not worthy of more. That your children can have a whole new experience and life then you ever did and grow up in a healthy, happy home.Yes that‘s right! All through God using you!

    In this podcast there will be words of empowerment, healing, faith, purpose , and victory spoken over your life. My mission of this podcast is to empower you to want to transform yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically so that you can become the best version of yourself.. All you have been through in your past does not define you but rather has shaped you to become the woman God has always destined for you to be.

    Hello My name is Monica Alvarez, child of God, engaged to my best friend, Mom of 2 beautiful babies,empowerment coach, Certified fitness trainer, and woman in recovery. I know the pain of getting clean and still suffering within yourself emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. After being in active drug addiction for 10 years, by Gods grace and love I was able to get clean and found myself finding ways to still self sabotage my life. I let go of the drugs and still was empty inside. I was blessed that God put me in a process of recovery where I started to heal internally from all the wreckage from my past. As a former competitive boxer in my active addiction I found some healing in the process of training and taking care of my body when I got clean.In 2013 I became a Certified Fitness trainer and helped train many women where I saw the impact it had in their lives. Shortly after letting go of the sport of boxing, I made a decision to give back to other women what helped me emotionally cope with life and became a Boxing Fitness trainer. My mission is to help many moms in this process of recovery find healing through empowerment, purpose work and transformation while keeping God in the center of their everyday life. Together we can break the chains together and raise our future world changers!

    If you‘re ready to walk on this path with me then glove up and lets get ready to rock your purpose in this beautiful journey called life.With God anything is possible. Lets go!

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  • "Soldiers Of The Light Ministries" Presents "Life Lessons In Christ" A place to where we can talk about real Life's struggles and issues by applying the Bible in our every day lives. To help us live better lives for Jesus Christ. Support this podcast:

  • A podcast exploring faith, life and culture, hosted by former protestant pastor and Catholic convert Keith Nester. In this Podcast, Keith responds to questions and comments from listeners and shares his unique perspective. Check it out!

  • Sharing what was shared with me over the years for a few minutes, one episode at a time. There will also be bonus episodes not related to my blogs where I will discuss other topics from the heart. My goal is to encourage you so that whatever you say or do, you can do it on purpose, and that whoever you are, you will be on purpose. Please, feel free to leave me a message!

  • Welcome to the Seabreeze Church podcast, where you have access to messages each week from Sunday's service. We're a church in Huntington Beach, CA. Join us on a Sunday at 9:00am or 10:30am. You can find us at

  • We exist to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus together for the Glory of God.

  • The “St Joseph Novena” podcast is a prayerful recitation of a simple, yet beautiful, set of prayers asking for the intercession of St Joseph. Each day, over 9 days, the basic prayer is the same, but each day there is a brief pause (5 seconds) to ask St Joseph for particular help from God. Each day also invokes different aspects of St Joseph‘s loving care and strength. Thanks to "Pray More Novenas" for allowing me to record this wonderful novena. For more info please visit:

  • Justin shares, in story form, his experiences with God and the truths God has led him to.

  • Il s’agit d’un podcast hebdomadaire basé sur la vie chrétienne, qui fortifie tout celui qui l’écouterait.

  • On a rocky outcropping off the northeastern coast of England, the monastery of Lindisfarne once stood as an outpost of religious, philosophic, and intellectual study against the “dark” times of early medieval Europe. Inspired by the foresight and dogged determination of these medieval monks, William Irwin Thompson founded the Lindisfarne Association in 1972 to gather together bold scientists, scholars, artists, and contemplatives to realize a new planetary culture in the face of the political, cultural, and environmental crises of the twentieth century.

    Brought to you by the Schumacher Center for a New Economics, The Lindisfarne Tapes podcast represents some of the most visionary thinking of the time, drawing connections between culture, economics, society, and technology. While the germs of new ideas contained in these tapes are now beginning to take root, they remain an invaluable source of speculative thinking that will continue to inspire our visions of a more just and regenerative future.

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  • In a world where many are vulnerable to uncertainty, getting stuck in an hopeless voice, we are committed to being a voice through which life can be communicated to teenagers and fellow young adults.
    Here is a hope for you.

    Listen in!

    Adepoju Victoria Inioluwa
    Adepoju Victoria Oluwaferanmi

  • Mormon Expression was a weekly discussion of topics dealing with Mormon faith, culture, doctrine and history. It was led by John Larsen and ran from 2009 until 2014. This podcast is hosted with John Larsen's permission, and as a partnership between John and Mormon Stories Podcast. The plan as of August 2021 is for John to appear once/month on Mormon Stories Podcast. Support this podcast:

  • Welcome to Intuition Awakening! Enjoy healing meditations and guided self-hypnosis tracks for your best health and self. I help womxn transform their life through reiki healing, personal coaching and spiritual awakenings. My meditations though are for everyone: beginners to seasoned meditators! Much love and light my friends, have a wonderful, blessed day.


  • Proche du communisme dans sa jeunesse, la journaliste américaine Dorothy Day (1897-1980) vit une lente conversion vers le catholicisme qu'elle considère comme "l'Église des pauvres". Suivez son histoire tout en étant bercé par les rythmes d'une musique américaine en pleine évolution ! Un podcast réalisé par Baudoin de Guillebon, journaliste RCF et co-auteur de "Dorothy Day - La révolution du cœur" (éd. Tallandier, 2018).

  • Oameni, experiență, idei, opinii: podcastul Semnele Timpului. O conversație cu Beni Ghegoiu, care ne provoacă să gândim mai departe. În fiecare săptămână, ne vedem pe canalul YouTube Semnele Timpului și ne auzim pe platformele tale preferate de streaming audio. Ne poți urmări în fiecare sâmbătă, de la ora 16:00, pe Speranța TV. (c) O producție Semnele timpului și Speranța TV, cu sprijinul Radio Vocea Speranței Brașov. Gândește mai departe:​. Conectează-te cu noi pe Facebook:​. Urmărește-ne pe Instagram:

  • let's talk spirituality and everything in between
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