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  • Zen master Sudassan
    Spiritual Mystic, Meditation Master , Buddhism, Philosophy, Tantra , yoga Mystism, pyscology, Science and Religions Guide.

  • Ruby and Elijah discussing today's current issues from a Christian perspective.

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  • لكلّ فكرة بعدٌ عقلي لابدّ أن نبحث عنه ، ولكلّ محطة أبعادٌ نظريّة تختلف بيننَا ، تفصيلة للفِكر والرّوح ..

    بودكاست فكري روحّي يتناول قضايا دينيّة وإجتماعية مختلفة مرحبًا بِكُم 💜

    تابعُونَا على الإنستغرام

  • On Air with Rebecca is a Podcast & YouTube channel dedicated to talking about anything and everything - including the topics that people don’t talk about but should. No topic is off the table.

  • What we do today determines the America we live in tomorrow. Jamie Lyn interviews men and women who are moving in Gods solutions on the earth to help bring positive change in every sphere of influence. This slander free podcast is thought provoking, deep and filled with practical ways you can be part of what God is doing in the earth.

  • Espacio creado para hablar de mujer a mujer, entre las que compartimos la experiencia
    de vivir en pareja. Las mujeres amamos hablar entre nosotras, y compartir experiencias parecidas a las nuestras. Encontramos información acerca de conquistar a un hombre, organizar bodas, ser buenas mamás y luego divorciarse… ¿te das cuenta del salto?

    Queremos ser exitosas en nuestro matrimonio al igual que en todas las áreas de nuestra vida, pero tenemos pocas herramientas para superar los obstáculos que se nos presentan en esta aventura de ser esposa.

    En este espacio descubriremos que no estamos solas, que los problemas que yo tengo con mi esposo los tienen también todas las demás. Y que existen muchas maneras de resolverlo. Y juntas nos podemos ayudar.

  • Co-hosts Mike Walsh, Mary McCusker, Marianela Nunez and Kari Janisse interview Catholic leaders from in and around the Diocese of Camden about what brought them to where they are now and how they are bringing the faith to their communities.

  • There once was a time, when ministers weren't afraid to preach the Biblical principles concerning what constitutes good government. They believed that civil and religious liberty were joined together, and if you lose one, then you risked losing the other. They knew that it was a sin to refrain from preaching politics from the pulpit and not the opposite. They knew that the Christian faith is what guaranteed good government, and that government should encourage religion. What happened? Why is it so different today? We need a Black Robe Regiment Revival!

  • Welcome to BEHIND THE GRID podcast where we view Worldviews As Technologies. Here we don’t see them as ‘True’ or ‘False’ but rather we view different paradigms and perspectives with curiosity always looking to see what value we can apply from them towards our own goals. As humanity tunes into this new way of perceiving we will enter a Golden Era of cooperation and harmony across our species. Thank you for joining us today and Much Love to you!

  • On Air with Rebecca is a Podcast & YouTube channel dedicated to talking about anything and everything - including the topics that people don’t talk about but should. No topic is off the table.

  • Information & inspiration to help you with your aspirations in this time of crazy change. Laurie Rivers is a professional astrologer & spiritual coach dedicated to helping the awakened self actualize. Get bonus content on Patreon

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  • As we all navigate through these unchartered, turbulent waters, Rhona Mitra hopes to use her own vessel to unearth and share a few of the beings from around the globe that can hopefully offer us some respite, during these ambiguous times.

    With a view to helping reshape each other, and our relationship with planet earth, the only home we know, Rhona chats with the stewards, the thinkers, and the doers; the true influencers - from those creating real environmental change, to the guardians of the planet’s most endangered species. 

    Accompany Rhona, on her voyage onwards, towards the shores of our undeciphered future, on The Last Ark. 

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  • Listen to Daily Devotion Podcast by Y.E.S. Jesus of Jesus Christ 1God 1Gospel Church Youth Ministry. It is a daily prayer devotion to start your day. It's purpose is to spread Scripture reading in a daily basis to begin your day.

    Join us every morning and let us all be the light and salt in today's Christian generation.

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  • We often live life running on empty, rushing into our sense of being lost, and feeling confused with no guidance in sight. The Emmie Evolving channel hosted by Emmie Nikolina dives deep into the heart of alternative and energetic topics that will hopefully empower you as you seek spiritual truths. Join us every week as we touch on topics that many struggle through quietly. Emmie will choose from YOUR COMMENTS what to speak about the following week. Join us often and share about yourself in the comments! We are live every morning on the Emmie Evolving channel on Youtube. From the deepest depths of our heart's oceans, you are seen and supported.

  • Follow Jack Stafford, student of Metaphysics, as he tries to better understand the teachings given by the Masters through The Aetherius Society: the new cosmic religion for the Aquarian Age, incorporating all yogas, Christian mysticism, theosophy, UFOs, and more. He speaks to other members like himself, as well as outside experts in related areas.

    DISCLAIMER: This is an independent podcast, not produced or fact-checked by The Aetherius Society. For the original teachings, please visit or listen to the official podcasts - 'Aetherius Radio Live' or 'The Spiritual Freedom Show with

  • Lyonne Sundari is a way-shower and guide who teaches from a Non-Dual perspective and intuitively uncovers peoples’ potential to become empowered and awakened to the inherent truth within. She has worked with people from all walks of life as a teacher, healer, and mentor.

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  • Swami Padmanabha is an author, monk and one of the most renowned practitioners of the ancient mystic tradition of Bhakti Yoga in America and Europe.

    His versatility is displayed in different areas, being a prominent speaker, prolific musician, scholar in different disciplines and leader of spiritual communities.

    He was born on November 15th in 1980, in a loving and simple family that gave him a formation with beautiful values ​​and ideals. From a very tender age, a strong thirst in relation to truth and life´s ultimate purpose awakened in Swami, which led him to travel different paths.

    His restless intellect led him to deep studies and contact with different ascetic disciplines. In this search he got in touch with the message of the Hindu Devotional Vedanta (also called bhakti), which would eventually become his spiritual path for life.

    At the age of 19, Swami begins his priestly life and at the age of 28 he officially accepts the order of sannyasa, which teaches about how to move in the world without becoming attached to it.

    Swami Padmanabha keeps developing and encouraging innumerable projects linked to philosophy, psychology, art, and, especially, he carries out a broad campaign of social awareness through multiple discussions, seminars, retreats and articles in social media. He is also engaged in academic circles, giving talks at different universities around the globe.

    When he is not traveling around the world, Swami mainly resides in Godrum, a spiritual community located in a beautiful island in Argentina. From there, he inspires members of the community and visitors who come from different countries with his teachings and personal example. His deep humanity and sharp vision combined with resounding personal integrity, make him an undeniable spiritual referent for the present times we are living.

    Author of Inherent or Inherited: Bhakti in the Jiva According to Gaudiya Vedanta