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  • The Savvy Young Professional Career and Leadership Podcast is a weekly Show helping Young Professionals Navigate though their career business and life, the savvy way. The weekly show Interviews experts and professionals on topics relevant to anyone seeking to take their career, business and life to the next level.

  • Candid, concise and personal interviews with successful entrepreneurs and leaders – in the time it takes you to drink a cup of tea.

  • Welcome to Bringing Down the HOUSE!, an Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity podcast hosted by Ali Parrish and J'Kalein Madison. Every other Tuesday, Ali and J'Kalein meet with local experts to cover topics related to building homes, communities, and hope in the Cedar Valley!

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  • Welcome to "Harka's Podcast," your gateway to a captivating journey through diverse sectors and intriguing topics! Join me, Harka, as I embark on enlightening conversations with fascinating individuals from Dubai and beyond.

    Explore the world of entertainment, delve into the world of sports, and discover the wonders of geography, history, health, and welfare. Unravel the mysteries of astronomy, dive deep into the realms of science, and examine the intricacies of warfare. Engage in discussions about religion, morality, politics, and so much more.

    Each episode of "Harka's Podcast" is a thought-provoking adventure, where we learn from experts, enthusiasts, and visionaries, gaining insights into various fields that shape our world. Whether you're curious about the stars above, the tales of the past, or the complexities of today's societies, this podcast promises to be an enriching experience.

    So, tune in and join me on this enthralling expedition, as we explore the diverse tapestry of knowledge, passion, and inspiration that makes our world truly fascinating. Subscribe now and be part of the "Harka's Podcast" community!

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  • Welcome to the Atomic Soul Podcast where we explore the very things driving humanity forward. With Jepson Taylor as our trusted guide, we will discover where modern technological innovation meets human nature and explore how the two are shaping the future. This isn’t your average “AI is taking over our civilization” show - it’s something much more rare that’s sure to make you reevaluate your perspective on controversial topics. Each week we’ll hear from the world’s most interesting people, like corporate giant execs and experienced ayahuasca shamans. You can also expect to learn more about the therapeutic effects of psychedelics from those who administer and those who partake. It’s at this very intersection of tech and the brain where we expand our consciousness.

  • The Insider Trading Podcast is your go-to source for in-depth analysis and expert insights on the latest trends and strategies in the world of trading. Join our hosts as they delve into a variety of topics, from macro and micro trend trading to small cap trading, level 2 trading, futures trading, and more. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, the Insider Trading Podcast will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of trading.

  • Hearts Unleashed is a personal and professional development podcast committed to empowering YOU to operate with full freedom, power, and self-expression in every area of life. Life Coach, Speaker, and Author, Abigail Gazda shares hers and other’s journeys and insights to shine a light on the path you are walking towards your fullest life. Having made her own “hot mess” of transformation, Abigail will invite you to get your hands dirty listening to this podcast! After leaving her full time corporate position to start her own business, Gazda shares that entrepreneurship and bravery in life is much like jumping off a cliff and building your plane on the way down! It is as scary as it is thrilling! You will find most of this podcast is about that crazy free fall we all feel some times and you’ll get tips, tricks, and tools, for assembling YOUR aircraft so you can soar.
    In this podcast, you will from men, women, and young people. You’ll hear from people from all industries, with different ideas, contributing to different causes or movements. The purpose of this podcast is to interview and celebrate those living their hearts unleashed and inspire those of you hungry to do so! As you listen to this podcast, our hope is that you hear that one thing from that one person that really flips the switch in your heart that inspires you to take action on your dreams. Because here in the Hearts Unleashed Podcast, we are turning dreamers into doers.

  • The Source is a network for women in business created by BankPlus to provide access to capital, education and networking events. The Source supports women in business at all levels, across varied industries, business sizes and professions. Whether you are starting in business, growing a business, seeking professional development, or have already had success in business, we hope you will go to The Source.

  • Cents of Security is a ”cheat sheet” for young adults to prepare them for financial challenges and decisions likely to creep up on them as they join the workforce. The series was brought to you by young adults, for young adults and created by Interactive Brokers.

  • This podcast series is for listeners who want to become a successful entrepreneur. Kindly listen to all my audios. thanks

  • Fast Company Digest is a short weekly podcast from Fast Company Magazine highlighting essential reads from Tech, Design, Impact and Work Life narrated by Noa app.

  • An educational podcast on teaching, motivating, and inspiring women to live their best life. She Words are motivation messages on MOTHERHOOD, MARRIAGE, and MENTORSHIP. Alicia Ramsey ME.d is an educator, motivational speaker, and currently finishing her Doctoral Degree in Strategic Leadership with a concentration in Leadership Coaching.

  • A podcast that shares the everyday experiences of real managers, discusses their needs and how they address current challenges.

  • Здравейте! Казвам се Велислав Георгиев и това е подкаст в който ще говорим за различните професии и как да станеш успешен, ако избереш някоя от тях. Тук ще те срещна с различни професионалисти, които ще разкажат своя опит и съм сигурен, че това може да бъде едно добро начало за твоята кариера!

    Кой съм аз? В кратката версия, аз съм човек с почти 20 години трудов стаж, като съм бил в различни роли, като в голяма част от времето съм изграждал, обучавал, оценявал и развивал екипи и хора.

    Каква е мисията на "Гледай си работата"? Хората да работят това, което искат и харесват, а не това което трябва!!!

    Защо го правя?

    Да бъда от помощ за хората, които искат да намерят своята професия!
    Да има информация на едно място за всички професии!
    Хората да бъдат горди със своята професия!
    Да помогнем на хората да са щастливи на работното си място!
    Да подобрим качеството на работа- ако харесвам работата си ще давам повече от себе си!
    Да оценяваме работата на другите!

    Благодаря, че ме подкрепяш!

  • Workplace Justice is a podcast discussing workplace issues. We cover topics and examples of various matters in employment law including pregnancy discrimination, how courts define a hostile work environment, whistleblowing, and everything in between. Workplace Justice is brought to you by the New York City employment and civil rights law firm Nisar Law Group. To talk to an employment lawyer at Nisar Law Group, visit or call 212-600-9534 for a free case evaluation.

  • Mein Name ist Eugen Denisenko. Ich bin hauptberuflicher Futures-Trader mit über 7 Jahren Erfahrung, und nehme dich mit auf meine Reise durch die Welt des Tradings. Neben meiner eigenen Geschichte und meinem Weg zum Erfolg, werden wir gemeinsam Themen rund um das Trading erforschen. Wir besprechen Handelsansätze, tauchen tief in die Welt des Mindsets ein und beleuchten alle Aspekte, die für erfolgreiches Trading von Bedeutung sind. Schalte ein und begleite mich auf dieser spannenden Reise, in der wir unser Wissen erweitern und die Geheimnisse des erfolgreichen Tradings gemeinsam entschlüsseln!