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  • Are you ready to create a life on your own terms? For the career-driven, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between, A Life By You podcast shows you how to harness the power of being yourself to streamline your journey to a life you want to lead. Join hosts MJ (Mallory Hank-Johnson/@LifebyMJ) - a project manager by day and wife, mother and influencer all the time - and Jennifer Sawyer - yoga studio owner, mother, wife and founder of - as they share their journeys to build a life worth living.

  • Automating the Chain is the communication bridge that will span the learning gap between business executives and their technical counterparts. We’ll learn from CTOs and experts in industrial automation as they explain their technology in a clear and accessible way.

    We’re focused on empowering technical leaders of organizations by providing them with a platform to educate their team, their community, and the wider population about the latest automation technology providers (both software and hardware) in their industry and why automation is beneficial to businesses and society.

    We’ll also cover the wider positive and negative implications of industrial automation.

    Sponsored by Gulf Relay and SVT Robotics.

  • Each week we share the latest news and information in the world of paid media. Whether you are startup, established business or a consultant/expert you will discover ways to grow your business through paid advertising and stay on top of the constant changes happening as the platforms evolve. Paid Advertising is the fastest way to grow any business when done correctly. The Paid Traffic Lab Podcast provides the shortcuts you need to stay agile and leverage the growing opportunities in paid media. We also provide bonus training on the website related to each of the episodes linked within the show notes each week.

  • Join the Trends Podcast where we explore cool new business ideas and the latest in tech like AI and Crypto. We're your smart friends doing the homework for you. Get the info you need without spending hours on research. You’re in great company with 63,000+ founders who are also finding new opportunities. Press play and let's see what's trending!

  • The Cashing Out M&A podcast (brought to you by Exitwise) is an open dialogue with fellow founders and former business owners sharing real stories and offering honest advice around selling their companies to some of the top acquirers in the world.

    Beyond the entertaining and educational exit stories, host and M&A Advisor, Todd Sullivan is here to help demystify the Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) process. For example:

    - How much is my business worth?
    - What is Net Working Capital?
    - When should I get a Quality of Earnings analysis
    - Should I hire an Investment Banker, M&A Advisor, or Business Broker?
    - When do I talk to my Key Employees about a possible transaction?

    We hope you enjoy... and learn a few things along the way!

  • Отвечаем на самые актуальные вопросы из жизни реальных предпринимателей.

    Видео версия на YouTube:

    Наш телеграм, где можно предложить тему следующего выпуска:


    Наталья Соболева

    Бизнес-консультант, эксперт по продажам, 13 лет управляла бизнесом

    Дарья Лебедева

    Предприниматель, владелица Ивент агенства LebedevaGroup, 8 лет строит большой и успешный бизнес в маленьком городе

    *Инстаграм - запрещённая в РФ экстремистская организация

  • Welcome to ”Beyond the Game: Wealth Mastery for Athletes,” your ultimate playbook for financial growth, both on and off the field. Whether you’re in the locker room or enjoying retirement, our podcast equips professional athletes, both active and retired, with the strategies, insights, and inspirations to create and maintain long-term wealth.

    We’re forging a community where athletes can connect, engage, and learn from each other’s experiences. Every week, we bring you in-depth conversations with top athletes who have mastered the art of wealth creation during and after their illustrious careers. They share their triumphs, setbacks, lessons learned, and the best moves to make on the wealth-building front.

    From investment strategies to financial planning, real estate, entrepreneurship, and beyond, we cover the whole field to help you build a prosperous future, long after the final whistle. Our mission is to empower you to elevate your financial game and secure a winning financial legacy.

    Join us in ”Beyond the Game: Wealth Mastery for Athletes,” where wealth is not a game of chance, but a pursuit of skill, strategy, and camaraderie. You’ve trained to be your best in sport; now, let’s master the game of wealth together.

  • The Real Estate InvestHER Show delivers straight talk and inspiration for current and aspiring female real estate investors to live both balanced and financially free lives. Co-hosts Liz Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli bring on rockstar women investors who open up their lives and share practical tools for growing a rental portfolio, flipping houses, and developing the mindset that allows them to run successful businesses while taking care of their families and – most importantly – taking care of themselves.

  • Pārdod laimīgs podkāstā viesosies pieredzējuši, lieliski un entuziastiski pārdošanas meistari, lai mēs saprastu - kas ir tās īpašības, kas ir tie triki, kas dzīvo cauri laikiem un vieno šos senās profesijas pārstāvjus. Kā cilvēki apguvuši prasmes, kas viņiem palīdz viegli pirkt, vai pārdot? Cilvēki ir bijuši tirgoņi tik sen, cik pastāvējusi pasaule, atcerēsimies to!

  • Подкаст Орешкина - подкаст, на котором молодежь делится опытом.
    Говорим про образование, достижения и путь к ним, саморазвитие и бизнес.

    Цель проекта помочь молодежи узнать о возможностях, которые перед ними открыты, через передачу опыта других людей.

    Подписывайтесь на Telegram-канал Антона Орешкина:
    Смотреть подкасты на YouTube:

    Почта для связи: [email protected]

  • Welcome to "The NFT Pioneers" Podcast. Our goal is to provide you with different perspectives on the NFT space from industry experts and bring on major brands to share how they tackle Web3. We'll always try to challenge the status quo and share controversial ideas. This podcast is brought to you by Nouz.

  • Now more than ever, B2B companies cannot survive without a clear, defined and functional revenue strategy.

    We present - The RevOps & ABM Alignment - a podcast that highlights the stories and expertise of B2B Go-To-Market specialists and their strategies for two highly effective motions - Revenue Operations and Account-Based Marketing.

    Here you can expect to hear from Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Operations specialists that thrive in building revenue models that exceed expectations and allow companies to scale.

    Tune in to this bi-weekly podcast to learn more on how to make RevOps & ABM your ultimate revenue strategy advantage!

  • Komunikācijas aģentūra A.W.Olsen & Partners par aktuālāko korporatīvajā komunikācijā

  • Ja tu esi savas jomas eksperts, koučs, treneris vai kursu veidotājs un gribi attīstīt savu biznesu online virzienā, tad šī būs īstā vieta tev.

    Te tu iegūsi gan iedvesmu, gan praktiskus rīkus, kas ļaus tev ar savām zināšanām palīdzēt vairāk cilvēkiem un procesā nopelnīt vairāk arī pašam.

    Tevi sagaida sarunas ar citiem kursu veidotājiem, lai tu varētu ieskatīties viņu biznesa aizkulisēs un mācīties gan no viņu veiksmēm, gan kļūdām.

    Papildus, tu dzirdēsi saunas ar cilvēkiem, kas palīdzēs tev efektīvāk nodot savas zināšanas, būvēt savu online biznesu un parūpēties par sevi šajā procesā.

  • High Ticket offers are alive and well. Even though the pandemic, people are investing in results. The bigger the ROI, the more they are willing to invest. In this podcast, Emmy Award-Winning Director and Business Consultant, Matthew J Peters, covers what the game is and why it is vital for you to get this right in our current climate..

  • The entrepreneur life is exciting and scary and there are days when you wonder if you’re on the right track. That’s why Sandra Scaiano is bringing you the Long Game podcast. Her philosophy; showing up, doing the work and being all in has served her and her clients for years. She’s unapologetically taking a stand for women who know they’ve got something to offer. This podcast will provide perspective, encouragement and a dose of real. Sandra’s clients depend on her brilliant, always honest insights. Now you can get that too. Show up for the conversation about business and life delivered with Sandra’s Jersey-girl style.

  • One woman's honest take on positivity, growth, mistakes, parenting, business, finance, entrepreneurship and success.

  • Для тех, кто хочет менять, а не ждать изменений, не ныть, а видеть возможности и действовать.