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  • Many Artists rarely transition from being a hobby artist to having a thriving successful art business. Did you know that you can be the most talented artist out there, but still struggle to make art sales if you don’t have the right strategies and mindset in place. Listen in as Natalie Parker, Artist and Creative Entrepreneur, shares with you her very best tips on art and business so that you can finally turn your Art Biz dreams into reality. Natalie dreamed of being a full time Artist for over a decade while she worked as a high school art teacher. On her nights and weekends she diligently built her art business on the side before leaving from her day job at the youthful age of just 36. Natalie now runs a successful 6 figure art business from her home studio and loves to openly share everything she has learnt with her fellow women creatives just like you.

  • Tana Umaga's TEEM Talk podcast. I chat to some of the most inspiring people, who I've met throughout my rugby career, and who have used their talents to not only excel in their chosen fields but have also branched off into the world of business. We talk about how their TEEM has assisted them to achieve their goals.Talent: utilising your strengths and making them work for you; Effort: To develop the work ethic to achieve; Educate: continually learning with an open mind; Motivate: To be Inspired and Inspire others.

  • The New Zealand Herald business team is proud to present Continuous Disclosure, a fortnightly podcast that aims to help you better understand the rapidly changing and ever-evolving global financial market.

    Every second Wednesday at 5am, join a rotating team of NZH business journalists, including Duncan Bridgeman, Liam Dann, Tamsyn Parker and Jamie Gray, as they talk to experts about the latest developments and trends that could impact your portfolio.

  • Our podcast series FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE is both inspired and created from my successful WOMEN CREATE magazines. These women consist of artists, foodies, entrepreneurs, and creators of the unusual and the exceptional. Their personal stores are filled with triumph, perseverance, inspiration, and a love and commitment to community.
    To share their stories join our fellow travelers, your kindred spirits, your very best friends, your new friends, and your yet unknown friends each week on our new podcast series: FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE.

  • The Millennial Real Estate Investor Podcast was started because we love awesome stories of Millennials taking big action in real estate and taking control of their financial future. We interview guests who have taken the leap into the game of real estate and prove that you can do it at any age. Whether you want to earn a little extra money on the side or make investing your full time career, we bring you guests who will show you the road map to your goals.

  • Interviewing hardware industry leaders on their personal journeys and career-defining hardware projects.

  • What if you could hang out with seriously talented Salesforce Product Managers and ask them about the art of designing architectures on the Customer 360 Platform; then take an insight or two to inspire your own growth? That’s what we do each week of this 6-episode mini-series. In each episode of this mini-series, Karishma Lalwani will talk to different Product Managers to answer your questions around topics like Event-Driven Architecture, Data Strategy, and Security Design for an entire enterprise and define why thoughtful design is so important!

  • Tech Intersect, hosted by renowned attorney, law professor, keynote speaker and entrepreneur Tonya M. Evans, is a engaging, informative and lively show that explores the intersections of technology, business and law. No law degree or tech background is required. Just an open mind and an eye focused on the future. Let's meet where law, business and tech intersect! #TechIntersect

  • Microsoft’s “The Network: Media, Entertainment, and Telecommunications Transformed” focuses on how these industries imagine new ways to accelerate innovation and improve customer experiences as more organizations adopt cloud-based services. Host Steve Franklin, Microsoft’s global marketing director for both industries, leads these fascinating conversations.

  • In this series, Cisco explores the possibilities of a more inclusive world and how this impacts not just individuals, but the way in which our businesses, communities and jobs are leveraging technology to make it all possible, now. These podcasts are produced by Bloomberg Media Studios in partnership with Cisco. To learn more about Cisco’s vision for an inclusive future for all, please head to,

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  • On the Brian Breaks Character podcast, we slay the suffering artist myth so you can attract the right attention, get out of your own way, and become so aligned with your spiritual purpose that abundance in all its glorious forms finds you.

    Discover why thousands of creatives and actors turn to Brian Patacca to help them create structure, get more auditions, land fabulous representation and ground themselves in the truth of who they are so they can make an impact and fulfill their purpose every dang day.

    Brian may coach his guests through what's holding them back, slip into the client chair himself, or dig deep into the story of someone who proudly walks the path LEAST taken. No matter what, each episode is packed with tangible takeaways so you can up-level, with purpose, today.

    Whether you’re an actor, creator, filmmaker, butcher, baker, or a candlestick maker, if you believe that creatives can change the world, you’re in the right place.

  • This is a non-profit podcast hosted by Dr. Maple Goh providing career guidance, leadership and role-modelling to resident doctors for medical and non-medical pathways. The main objectives are to promote equity and equal opportunity by highlighting and connecting doctors from diverse backgrounds, and to explore the multitude of careers that can be personalised and shaped to each individual. This podcast was funded by the New Zealand Resident Doctors Association (NZRDA) Education Trust.

  • The economy has a funny way of affecting everything we do and what we value. Through long-form interviews with economists, policymakers and other guests, The New Bazaar explores how the economy is constantly altering the way we live -- and how our choices in life are reflected back into the economy. Hosted by Cardiff Garcia and produced by Aimee Keane, The New Bazaar is a production of Bazaar Audio. 

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  • We bring unicorns to podcasts! ​Veterinary Team Training's podcast is about developing teams. Learn techniques for helping your team, develop your own veterinary leadership skills, and become a happier veterinary team member. Let's talk about the veterinary team!

  • Just like you, Lloyd Ross wasn’t taught anything about money during school, and it wasn’t until he experienced financial difficulty in his adult life that he sought out the simple truths of money that helped him to turn it all around and get he to where he is today.

    Let Lloyd guide you in his podcast, which is quick easy listen with episodes that are to the point. Lloyd has already help hundreds with his book, Money Grows on Trees, now he wants to help you to Plant Your Money Tree and be where you want to be!

  • A podcast brought to you by Move it Mama, hosted by Move it Mama Founder Lisa Fong, and co-hosted by sisters Jess and Char. The Sparkle Pod is a place full of fun, nothing-off-limits banter and sparkle from the three sisters that are Move it Mama and their guests. Whether an episode centred on the sister's themselves or their fun and inspiring guests, each episode of The Sparkle Pod aims to bring you just that; some sparkle sprinkled into your day.

  • Rethink financial news. Monday through Friday, we recap the events shaping the share markets across New Zealand, Australia, and the US. De-jargoned and delivered in 10(ish) minutes.

    Made for you, by Sharesies.

    Investing involves risk. You aren’t guaranteed to make money, and you might lose the money you start with. We don’t provide personalised advice or recommendations. Any information we provide is general only and current at the time.

  • The uncut version to real estate success you won't hear anywhere else. Combining the old school with the new, not talking about where the market is today, but where it's going to be tomorrow. Simple, powerful tips - cut to the chase. Your hosts, Diego Traglia and Aaron Davis sharing no fluff, no theory, just the exact steps to get you the real estate business you’ve always wanted and the life outside your business you’ve wanted too.

  • 46% of Kiwis are worried about money. Whether it is just making it to the next payday, trying to get onto the property ladder, paying down credit card debt or saving for retirement.

    James Blair and Michael Vincent have been in financial services in New Zealand for 20 years combined. Cheques & Balances is a weekly podcast where James and Michael share their insights on how to get ahead financially and achieve financial freedom.

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