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  • Rental Shortage and Market Conditions
    Economic Pressures on Landlords
    Government Policy Impact
    A few war stories
    May 2024

  • Allie and Adam Lehman of The Wonder Jam bring you interviews from small businesses, artists, friends, and thought leaders. Topics range from marketing, creativity, and business growth, to self-care, technology, and habits.

  • Welcome to "The Agency Podcast," the podcast that delves into the minds of the world's top 1% agency owners. Join us as we explore the secrets behind their remarkable success and gain invaluable insights from their unique journeys.

    Hosted by Jordan Platten, an industry-leading UK Youtuber and agency owner who has generated over $75 million in return on investment for a diverse variety of brands around the globe.

    Each episode of "The Agency Podcast" features in-depth conversations with visionary agency owners who have achieved unparalleled heights in their respective fields. From digital marketing to advertising, branding to PR, we cover a diverse range of agency specialties, ensuring a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for all listeners.

    Through engaging discussions, we uncover the strategies, philosophies, and innovative approaches that set these exceptional entrepreneurs apart. How did they overcome obstacles and build their agencies from the ground up? What bold decisions propelled their growth? What lessons did they learn along the way? Find out as we delve into their triumphs, failures, and everything in between.

    "The Agency Podcast" goes beyond surface-level success stories. We explore the nuances of scaling agencies, managing teams, nurturing client relationships, and staying ahead of industry trends. Whether you're an aspiring agency owner, a seasoned professional seeking fresh perspectives, or simply curious about the inner workings of top-performing agencies, this podcast offers the actionable insights you crave.

    Join us on this captivating journey as we unlock the strategies that drive the world's most successful agencies. Discover firsthand how these extraordinary leaders are shaping the future of the industry and learn how you can apply their wisdom to your own entrepreneurial endeavors.

    If you're ready to challenge the status quo and gain a competitive edge in the world of agencies, subscribe to "The Agency Podcast" and prepare to be inspired. Get ready to unleash your potential, elevate your business acumen, and unlock the secrets to agency success with the remarkable individuals who are reshaping the industry, one groundbreaking idea at a time.

    So, whether you're commuting, working out, or enjoying a moment of quiet reflection, tune in to "The Agency Podcast" and immerse yourself in the captivating stories of those who have conquered the world of agencies and are ready to share their invaluable insights with you.

  • Two dads talk about ads. They're almost qualified to do it and everything.

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  • Welcome to "In Focus," your definitive guide to excelling in the world of video production and marketing. In today's content-driven landscape, everyone knows that video is not just a tool—it's the medium that drives engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty. Whether you're strategising for a global campaign or just looking to elevate your brand's content, we delve into the methodologies, tools, and best practices that can transform your marketing strategy. From the intricacies of storytelling and production techniques to decoding audience analytics and maximizing ROI, "In Focus" is designed for those who are eager to harness the full power of video. Stay ahead of the curve and keep your brand's content strategy in sharp focus. Subscribe now!

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  • Sourav Kumar Musib is a Digital Marketer and Copywriter. His passion for living an entrepreneurial lifestyle led him to be a college dropout by choice. He is an online expert in all forms of Paid advertising: from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads as well as other Social Media Ads also. He also does Affiliate Marketing for fun.

    Helping people to understand different aspects of Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, SMM, SEM, Blogging, Entrepreneurship etc.

  • The podcast from Impact Media which discusses topics related to advertising attention in digital experiences.

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  • You’ve got the makings of a promising, even popular, product line. Amazing. Now what? How do you focus on your craft or build your brand when you’re crazed with sourcing, shipping and, when you can get to it, customer service?

    The answer: Brand Licensing. Celebrities, influencers, entertainment companies, fashion labels and savvy artists who know how it works do what they do best (and what they love) while watching their businesses grow on someone else’s dime.

    The Brand Plus Brand podcast will take the guesswork out of licensing, collaborations and partnership. This is the hustle-no-more business model for creative brands. In this podcast you’ll meet top licensing agents, designers, manufacturers, lawyers, life coaches and other gurus who will inform, inspire and set you on a healthier/easier/more lucrative path to creative and commercial success.

    I’m Julie Turkel, your host and founder of a boutique licensing agency that takes creative clients from seed stage to multi-million dollar lifestyle brand. In a business dominated by corporate trademarks and global corporations, I champion makers and designers because I am one. I love nothing more than to see my clients products sitting on shelves alongside Disney, Martha Stewart - whatever their dream collaboration may be.

    Inspired by my best-selling brand licensing course, Brand Plus Brand serves up practical and strategic advice from my 20+ years in bridging creative talent with national and global partners. I’m your corporate matchmaker and I want to see the indie brands I love thrive.

  • Le podcast dans lequel on documente notre passage de freelance solo à collectif.

    On a monté Eskuad, un collectif de ghostwriters.
    Nous accompagnons les dirigeants d’entreprise à mettre LinkedIn au service de leur business : générer des leads ou développer votre notoriété.

  • I’m Isaac Lee and welcome to The Daily Dropout! On this podcast I share my experiences of Entrepreneurship, Travelling, Wellbeing and everything I learned from dropping out of high school and stepping into ‘the real world’

  • Contractors’ Stories is a deep dive into the lives of home service contractors from all walks of life. Learn what makes successful business owners tick in the home service world. The host, Jim Klauck has been interviewing contractors for 20 years on his radio show, The Check A Pro Radio Show, and now brings the stories of contractors to life in this podcast – Contractors’ Stories. Tune in every week for a new episode, where we learn about the contractor that built the successful home service company.

  • Welcome to Secrets of a Bridal Seamstress Podcast! I’m sharing business systems and strategies specifically tailored to the bridal sewing industry, so you can build your own modern and profitable bridal sewing business. Tune in to hear personal success stories from fellow seamstresses, as well as business and marketing tips from the pros. I’m so glad you’re here, and that we can grow together in this unique and timeless niche!



  • Conversations on intuitively leading and living your most aligned and expansive life with Jennifer Jane Young - Intuitive Business and Leadership Advisor for Heart-Centered, Impact Driven Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Businesses. I’m also a supporter of women’s empowerment and animal rescue work.

    Get ready to unlock your flow and step into your next level of growth and transformation.

    On this podcast, you’ll be hearing stories and insights through the lens of Jenn’s expertise and personal experience and through inspiring conversations with her special guests.

    Jenn will help you navigate your most important asset (your intuition), supporting you in getting unstuck and staying on your most successful and aligned path.

    You will leave with aha moments, deep insights, clarity on your next steps and more importantly an inner knowing that where you are right now is perfectly aligned!

    Life needs you where you are at your best!
    Jennifer Jane Young

    Connect with Jennifer at https://jennife...

  • In the Side Hustle to Six Figure podcast, host and successful e-commerce business owner, Chontelle Fossey, shares how she turned her side hustle into a six-figure business, through focussed marketing, mindset and strategy.
    If you’re looking to leave the 9-5 grind behind, this is the podcast that will equip you with the intel and confidence, to finally do it.

  • The monthly podcast by Yulia features interviews with Entrepreneurs, Authors, & Creatives. By exploring the idea of living your dream, the show guides listeners on the path to actualizing their true potential. Topics focus on business, diversity, women empowerment, culture, social impact, & STE(A)M. Live your best life while making the world a better place.DNL is also a multi-media company consisting of a Creative Agency + Podcast. Amplifying diversity, social impact, & women empowerment. Working with non-profits, startups, & Fortune 500 companies. Visit Support this podcast:

  • "She Owns It,"  hosted by Lina, director of Fōcl Design is your go-to podcast where you'll hear from  inspiring women making their mark in property, design, and construction. Sharing stories, from challenges to victories and everything in between. Whether you're just starting out or already building your career, "She Owns It" is here to offer practical advice, support, and plenty of motivation. 

  • Hello and welcome to my show, the Mothers In Business. My name is Emily and I can’t wait to help you navigate motherhood and running your own business. 
     From one mother to another, I will be your biggest  cheerleader, cheering you on as you navigate everything that falls under being a mother and running your own business.
     We wear so many hats as a mother,  from washing, to cleaning, to the taxi driver, to the grocery shopper, to the accountant, and stopping everything at the drop of a hat to pick up sick kids from daycare, and the list goes on -The fact you are a mother, means you can handle it all

    In this podcast you will hear all things mindset, doing what feels aligned and authentically you, and reassure you are worthy of an amazing life. Plus each episode will start with a little update with my life - including kids, business, travel and all the things you are probably navigating through with your kids + life too.

    Im an ex group fitness owner who gave that 6 figure business up when I had my first son in 2021. I quickly realised how much time kids need, and that motherhood never stops. So I started an online health business that has grown to the top 2% of the company that was more aligned to put motherhood first but still have a career as a driven business women

    Through this podcast I will empower you to go after your dreams and goals and don’t let anyone, and most importantly, motherhood stop you. 
     New episodes will drop every Thursday so make sure you hit that subscribe button to never miss an episode when it drops

  • Welcome to the Kailah Lee Show where we weave together magic, mindset and strategy in business to consciously and collectively, quantum leap to our next-level.

    Here, we're not just entrepreneurs; we're high-frequency creators who casually *break the rules* when it comes to the standard business strategy.

    We’re alchemists of our visions, weaving together the threads of our limitless potential.

    I'm your guide, Kailah Lee, and together, we'll awaken the divinity within your business, igniting the flames of your soulful expansion.

    It's time to lead with your magic, scale with your intuition, and market and sell from the heartbeat of your vision to create an aligned business that sets your soul on fire.


    The intuitive business scale strategist and luxury brand mentor for industry leaders and visionaries.

    I've built my second multi-6-figure brand in less than 8 months, and I’ve helped my clients go from $3k months to $12k months in 90 days in their first year of biz with intention, purpose, and strategy.

    My zone of genius - where I activate my gifts - is scaling brands beyond $50k months through aligned business strategy and high-frequency energetics to quantum leap my client's sales, impact and freedom - without old paradigms of sacrifice.

    This podcast is to help you rapidly expand your business, mind, body, and soul so that you can unlock your highest potential and quantum leap beyond $50k months with ♟️Strategy 💸 Sales 🚀 Scale ✨ Magic

    Nothing is off-limits. We will go deep into conversations that will transform you, and strategies that will create momentum in your biz for you - beyond your wildest dreams.

    I hope you're ready for your Quantum Leap in the next 12 weeks x

  • Set yourself up for success by conquering your morning. Set the pace of your day whilst you become a new person through meditation, skincare, work out and peace of mind. We will form crucial habits and routines 5 days per week to create the lifestyle we’d like to achieve, and wind down in the weekends!!

  • A business podcast dedicated to showing the not-so-glamorous life of entrepreneurship for fitness businesses.
    Each week we will chat about all things business, branding, systems and founder stories about navigating this crazy thing we call business.